The Magic Bulldozer

I am grateful to JC, an infrequent commenter (and severe critic), for finding the original of this blog post in the Wayback Machine. I originally published in on 4/13/17, and then like all blog material, it faded into obscurity. I was working on a piece on John Brown, the Civil War agent provocateur, and noticed that part of his public stage play was a hostage event. One of the hostages was Lewis Washington, George’s g-grand-nephew. That does not happen, of course – bloodliners are not taken hostage, not for real. But they do occasionally allow their names to be used in fake events, as with Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Patty Hearst. So too must have Lewis allowed his name to be used.

I intended to link that to the article on Dennis when I found, to my amazement, that the Magic Bulldozer piece had disappeared! Not only was it not in the blog archive, the link to it had disappeared from the sidebar. I have been blogging since 2006, and this had never happened before. Someone had gotten into the blog and physically made it go away. To do so would require hacking skills, or juice – enough juice to seek a favor from WordPress, an outfit in which I hold little trust.  This company probably exists to contain the opposition, to be ready to clamp down should the order come down, should the opposition get out of hand. We bloggers, all of us, exist at the mercy of such companies.

DoomedContrary to suspicion of people aware of our true state of existence, there is not much censorship of the type of work as we do on this blog. We are pretty much left alone, though like Snoopy, there is always a specter of danger. Imagine a school ground and all the children merrily running around the playground. The reason they are so free and happy is that there is a fence. In the science of censorship, the fence does not protect those inside it – rather those outside it.

There is the real system of censorship in our country. It is ominous and foreboding, and operates in absolute obscurity. That is the only way that censorship is effective, when people do not know it exists.

The beauty of this system is that people like me have freedom to write as we please. The ugly of it is that I am fenced in, and nothing here ever makes its way into the mainstream. The machinations of censorship are hidden in failure to turn up in search engines, removal from blogroll on “respectable” outlets, and the unspeakable and oblivious silence of people who imagine themselves intelligent because their native curiosity has been shut down – “Whatcha got there – a conspiracy theory?” . Americans are so deeply inured to the propaganda system that they cannot find this place, and don’t know what to make of it if they stumble upon it.

The censorship of the Magic Bulldozer piece was the first ever, and merely confirms to me that this man is juiced, of the peerage, and immune to open criticism. I have received private correspondence from Statin Island, and am not sure if it can be trusted, but it claims that DW is an arrogant “spook” who tramples on others who get in his way. It also implies that he lacks talent, though not necssarily in business. He did manage to shut down labor unions in Butte, Montana, of all places, and that takes some talent.

I did not say what I suspected in the original piece, where I made note of his charitable activities, that such public displays of generosity are usually intended to buy both respect and silence.

I will say it now. Oh wait, I just did. Anyway, here it is again. Let’s see if it disappears again.

The Magic Bulldozer

This post falls under the heading “clearing the platter,” something that has been sitting on my credenza behind me for weeks and weeks. It is of interest, perhaps, to citizens of Montana. It has to do with the most powerful man in that state, one whom most Montanans do not know. His name is Dennis Washington.

Bullock family

The The governor of Montana is Steve Bullock. He’s kind of nothing, as seen in his very busy Facebook page, headed by the photo seen above. It’s fairly typical of the hogwash surrounding politicians, pimping their families. This is a professional and very fake photo, the campfire obviously an added effect.

Bullock is a Democrat twice elected now in this very right-wing state, just another indication that elections are either fake or rigged. His personal convictions probably range from “I’ve got these lines to read here” to “I’d better smile and be genuine for this here staged event.” That’s just how politics works.


Dennis Washington Yacht

Bullock, however, would know Dennis Washington, the richest man in Montana, and maybe even has his phone number. Dennis for sure has his. Perhaps he even gets calls from Dennis on his yacht, seen above. I say that without resentment, but do want the readers to know that this secretive man is very wealthy. There are no oceans near Missoula, Montana, last I checked.

Dennis WashingtonI became curious about Dennis because of the last name. I know that our founding fathers, all of them, were Freemasons, many connected to British royalty, and that George Washington was the richest man in the colonies. We are told he was a childless man, perhaps sterile (ironic for the father of a country). However, he had siblings, and his mother, a Ball, came from a powerful bloodline. So I assume the Washington line has been preserved, and thought it possible that Dennis is of that stock.

But then again, the name “Washington,” by itself might mean nothing. It could as meaningful as a slave name taken by many African-Americans, along with “Lincoln” and “Jefferson.”

I would have let it go, but after I went to his Wikipedia page, to see if he is important enough to be lied about, thought him to be a person of interest.

Following graduation from high school, he worked in construction in Alaska and Montana. He began his business career at age 30 in 1964, with a $30,000 loan and a single bulldozer[citation needed]. He created Washington Construction, which worked primarily on highway contracts and by 1969 was the largest contractor in Montana.

In the 1970s he moved into mining and dam construction. In 1986 he acquired a copper and molybdenum mine at Butte, Montana. He successfully reopened the mine and it became a very profitable operation. This success helped him diversify into railroads, marine services, coastal shipping, aviation and real estate. In 1996 Washington Construction acquired global construction and engineering company Morrison-Knudsen Corporation of Boise, Idaho, creating Washington Group International.

I would have dropped it there save three problems: One, he has no parentage given. In other words, his genealogy has been wiped clean. You can easily find my parents, and I am just a regular person, but the richest man in Montana … hidden from view.

Secondly, the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana [and adjacent properties], the source of his mining riches, is a Rockefeller property. Yes, I know, it has been handed down, was once part of ARCO, another Rockefeller company, so that its landing in the pocket of a Washington seems appropriate. Perhaps it never changed hands at all. That would be fairly typical of the bloodlines, to appoint managers of commonly held assets, and label them “owners,” as with Jobs, Zuckerberg, Gates, Musk.

Thirdly, the embedded “33” above contained in the words “30 in 1964, with a $30,000 loan” tells me that Mr. Washington is not self-made, did not stumble on a bulldozer one day, and was not destitute in 1964. He did not claw his way to the top, but rather was lifted there by friends, ancestors, bloodline. “33” is a Freemason tag, and is used widely around the world to signal to Freemasons that “We are here.”  He did not start out poor, but rather emerged from the shadows a full-fledged millionaire, now billionaire. That is what the embedded ’33’ tells me.

With some help from some very nice people at the Montana Historical Society, I was able to learn that Dennis’s father, Roy F. Washington, died in 1989. Dennis has a sister, and that there are at least two pallbearers bearing the Washington name, Kyle and Kevin. I assume they too will (or have already) stumble upon the magical bulldozer.

Roy’s obituary, taken from the Missoulian, the local newspaper of that city once part of the Rockefeller/Anaconda Company brand, fails to give us one piece of information I found quite interesting: Roy’s name was not “Roy.” It was not “Ray” either. It was “Royal.” It does tell us that Roy was US Navy, was involved in worldwide construction projects, and was project manager for various dams including Paiona, Crawford and Rifle here in Colorado. Apparently he did this without ever have been handed a magical bulldozer.

Royal’s father was William Washington, born about 1884 in Texas. He was a farmer, we are told. Royal was born in Kalispell, and Dennis in Spokane. There’s an Alaska connection there, Roy’s  wife, Renee Tulay, which is perhaps why Dennis spent time in that state.

And this:

“[Roy] was a member of the 32nd Degree Scottish Rite …”

There are only 33 degrees to be had, hinted at in the Wikipedia page. I don’t know enough about Freemasonry to judge what it means to attain the 32nd degree, however. I assume most lodges in small towns are way down in the degrees. To achieve 32nd degree in Montana must be significant.


Here is the problem I face, the reason I am just clearing the platter here: With genealogy, it is one lead after another after another, each a little more obscure than the one before. If I were good at it, I might be able to trace Dennis Washington back to the original Ball line that gave us George and siblings. But I am not good at it. I don’t have the necessary sideways vision that comes with years of practice. I leave that to any others who are interested in this self-made man who arose from humble origins and took a bulldozer and turned it into billions.

And I want to close on a positive note: Dennis Washington has a stadium named after him in Missoula, Montana, where the University of Montana Grizzlies play. He’s been featured for his charitable work, and has been generous with many causes. Often enough, for wealthy people, that is merely a way of buying silence and respect, but let’s not be totally cynical here. I am not putting demon horns on him. He is, I suspect, merely shrouded, his bloodline far more in his favor that his abilities. I thank him for all of the good deeds he has done with that fortune, self-made or handed down. I will remain forever curious about his real origins and the real reasons for his success.

PS: You can bet this piece is saved now. On paper.

PPS: Here are the comments that were deleted with the original piece.

13 Responses to The magic bulldozer

  1. Greg says:

    “I don’t have the necessary sideways vision that comes with years of practice.” I hear Miles Mathis is pretty good at that stuff.


  2. Jesse says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the very good and informative article. The following is not aiming at comparing but, this is the most “Miles-esque” article lately for someone that wrote “MM bite me” just a few hours ago, though. What gives?


    • I have my intemperate moments, but did not want to leave that line hanging in perpetuity, MM has no clue who Dennis Washington is, has done no research on this matter. The George Washington/Ball connection is spelled out in Wikipedia. So this is entirely my own work.


  3. Jesse says:

    Excellent. That’s what we now do… “The false world has gone into overdrive, and for the most part I suggest you simply turn it off. Or, watch it only to deconstruct it for fun” .- MM


    • I have a hard time with that attitude. I am reminded of the 7th Day Adventists, who claimed that Jesus would return to earth between 1843 and 1845 or so. It is eschatological, or end-times thinking. I do not think end times are near, and that we will go forward just as we always have. I am just having fun.


      • CJD says:

        Ahhh, “The End Is Near.” We weren’t allowed much of a respite with the end of the “Cold War” were we? From one precipice to the next- always on the verge of it- but never falling over. The great economic collapse . . . The big meteor . . . giant volcanoes . . . the super plague . . . Climate change . . . Ozone layer . . . Alien invasion . . . peak oil . . .

        Did I miss any?


      • tyronemccloskey says:

        This link requires serious navigation but I find this stuff as exciting as my old JFK stuff-
        Punchline: The year 2017 AD/CE we are in should be 1317 AD/CE- Yes, there is 700 years too many of the first millenium…


  4. I once (late 1980s) had the good fortune to see Dennis’s bulldozer in Rattlesnake Creek (Missoula). I called a photographer I knew at the Missoulian. His photo and story ran in the paper — illegal, of course — but doubt anything happened beyond the mild embarrassment. I love bulldozer stories.


  5. Big Swede says:

    Actually Mark the “happy moment” Bullock outing is fake. We saw numerous pictures of our Gov with his wife right before the election. I remember seeing him with his son on the field at the Cat Griz game and wondered at the time where was his wife? Looks to me she was at home pissed off.


      • Thanks Swede – the second link wonders “So why are Bullock’s Angel and other Lee editors so hellbent on protecting Bullock?” The answer is obvious: Politicians are not elected, that part is fake. They are rather put in place to serve oligarchs. They are protected by Lee because Lee, once a Rockefeller/Anaconda Company property (and probably still of that lineage) protects oligarchs. That is its function.

        Years ago, when I was still in diapers intellectually speaking, we found that Governor Marc Racicot was nowhere to be found when there was a cancer crisis in Libby. It looked really bad, and then lo and behold, in all Lee newspapers there appeared a photo of him, looking concerned as he looked at a map of Libby. The inference, Racicot is in Libby and on the job. I doubt the map or the man were anywhere near Libby, but Lee was protecting him. It is true of “both” parties.


6 thoughts on “The Magic Bulldozer

  1. An important part of the American narrative involves rags to riches narratives. Class distinctions are masked by upward mobility and the potential for class warfare is diminished. Because social harmony is preserved we ought not be too critical of such narratives. They serve a purpose. Despite reality, the masses continue to work, blaming themselves for financial setbacks. Horatio Alger was the prototype.


    1. Are you saying that because slavery is now voluntary that the false (“our democracy”) narrative is a good thing? I also respectfully take issue with your presumption of “upward mobility.” The whole point of class/status is to deny — and separate citizens from — the only true harmony and equality, which is found only in Nature, not in any of the so-called man-made “rights” granted by false-corporate-gods working for the church or state.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe Pixar can turn your title into reality?

    30k loan at 30, getting state contracts…were there no other dozers in MT then?

    “Finally, in 1964, Montana would be able to build roads using modern machines, rather than employing vagabonds and wayward Coolies using picks and shovels, thanks to a little-known go-getter by the name of…”


    1. Yep – and the 30 and 30, or 33 jumped out at me. His rise to the largest road contractor in the state from on lowly bulldozer is suspiciously like Cartman’s underpants solution: He is stealing them to make money. His plan is this: 1 – steal underpants, 2 – ???, 3 – $$$. The middle of Washington’s career, after acquiring the bulldozer, is ???.


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