More “Red Meat” for America

serveimage.jpgCould not resist sharing this. 
Of course, it’s not hard to see why artists and poets are the first to be rounded up when nationalism boils over.
And if you’re not sure what to get Uncle Grumpy for Christmas, there’s always the Trumpy Bear to consider.
I’ll leave you all with this mini-montage as the country watches (and worships) football, and fights in the stands and living rooms  about who’s more patriotic.  Rhymes with idiotic. 
Won’t somebody give me a cheeseburger?

8 thoughts on “More “Red Meat” for America

  1. Hello Steve. This is a general comment for all you at the blog.
    A few days ago, a commenter asked about Mr. Weinstein’s removal, followed very quickly by many other men. The commenter, sorry can’t remember the name, wanted to know what it was about. I have been thinking about this ever since and here is my 2 cents worth. I think the PTB are wiping the board of all who represented the ‘old way.’ All the men will go and in it’s place will be more women and more open lgbt people. We will start to see them reading the news, interviewing famous people, winning awards, making movies. I do not have any thing against these people, all deserve to live, but I think they are being made use of. Im sure we will see a clearer agenda in a years’ time. 2018 may be an interesting year, and we may look back and think about Mr. Weinstein as one of the ‘good guys’ in the future! Maybe he said, you want to bring in who to make movies? No way Im not having any of that! And he got cleaned of the board.
    Some think this is some kind of PTB fight. You had your turn, now its mine. I don’t think so. I feel this is the next step in an agreed plan. Part of the ‘all men are pigs’ plan. Dont trust men! Only trust lgbts! And our children start to see all this as normal and maybe even worse, something to be desired. Boys feel ashamed and girls will only trust those they cant have children with. To divide and de-populate.
    thank you for your blog and sorry if I have posted in the wrong place.


    1. It is quite a spectacle, no one gets a day in court, just accusation and you are done. These women are not the victims they claim to be, and many are just told to say what they say. Has to be a psyop. Most starlets, if they are not frigid, sleep their way to the top, if they can find any producers or actors who are not gay.


  2. Not sure if it’s a parody – forgive me, I’m not American (fortunately…).
    But if not, it reminds me heavily on the leadership cult in socialist countries, including the national variant. Say, Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il .
    Extrovert, theatric fall guys. Good luck, Americans …


    1. Parody, yes. Spoof, by means of satiric or ironic imitation. What is left for those of us bored out of out f$%*ing minds (for a lifetime) by “literalists” with plaques on the wall and fancy titles? Now, when everybody “gets a medal” for breathing, the space for free expression is shrinking; so please, pardon my occasional need to howl at the moon.


  3. The rollout into politics seems perfectly on cue, with the senate race in Alabama. Republican Roy Moore’s got women coming out of the woodwork, and commercials talking about him having been “banned by a shopping mall for soliciting sex from 14 year olds” and other Republican bigshots saying they won’t vote for him.

    Moore rose to prominence by battling for the ten commandments to be posted in the state house several years ago, pulling in a lot of support for the gesture from evangelicals who fall for the Ralph Reed type of nonsense over and over. Moore always seemed off, and now they get to hit us with a double whammy, a self righteous “Christian” who is really a dirty old man.

    These scripts require a long memory to follow the plot, but are becoming pretty predictable.


    1. We need humor to maintain sanity in this dark time.

      How true.
      I like Trumpy too, only shipment and customs make him too expensive for me 😉
      And unfortunately, I can’t tell about my sentiments regarding Adi Bear …


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