The Mathew Shepard killing looks like another hoax

ShepardThis photo appeared on Facebook recently, someone commemorating the 19th year of Matt Shepard’s passing. Since his death was inspiration for major legislation regarding “hate crimes,” I reluctantly thought I should take a look at it.

“Please be real! Please be real!” I thought. I don’t want another project.

It is fishy. Very fishy. Just eighteen months after the Shepard event we would be asked to believe that two psychopathic murderers just happened to be classmates at Columbine. Here are we asked to believe that two kids in Laramie, Wyoming also just happened to be natural-born killers. Such people are rare. That they would hook up in a small town like Laramie, Wyoming … is there something in the water?

I suspect what is up here is stereotyping, as Wyoming is a cowboy state (read “redneck”), so that if a kid is going to be attacked for being gay, that would be the ideal place.

The story is that Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson met Mathew Shepard in a bar, lured him to their truck, drove him to a distant spot and then beat him savagely, leaving him to die.

The evidence against McKinney and Henderson was slam-dunk, and very hard to believe. After their criminal rampage on Shepard, they brought back with them Shepard’s shoes and his credit card along with a blood-smeared gun.

In other words, they wanted to be caught. It’s almost like leaving a drivers licence behind at a mass shooting event.

I suspect that Mathew Shepard, unlike Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, was a real live boy. The interesting connection is Saudi Aramco Oil Company, where Shepard’s father worked, and the boy’s attendance at a school in Switzerland and residence in Dhahran. That is not a normal upbringing. It suggests to me that if Shepard was not killed that night, that he merely changed his identity and disappeared into foreign residency. Switzerland is a very nice place to live.

Let’s examine the red flags in this event:

  • The two boys who attacked Shepard were unbelievably brutal, so much so that I don’t believe it happened. It is the stuff of legend, this notion that cowboys are homophobic and will kill another person just for making an advance. It is stereotypical, and in my view nonsense. A little razzing, maybe, a punch in the mouth possibly, but cold blooded murder? Anything is possible, but this stretches credulity.
  • Two boys just happen to hook up and enjoy killing? The beating they supposedly administered was savage and deliberate. I know, there are bad people in this world, they do bad things. I can possibly see one man brutally torturing and killing another, but not two, not in Laramie. Each would have to be criminally insane, as their girlfriends claim neither was drunk or high.
  • People obviously would have seen them in the bar, and possibly in the parking lot. They were not shy about leaving tracks. Inspector Clouseau could solve this crime.
  • Leaving Shepard to die was foolish, because if he was found and had lived, he would talk. If they are so bloody violent as to leave him in a pile of blood and guts, finishing the job and getting rid of the body should have occurred to them.
  • Bringing incriminating evidence back to Laramie was idiotic. A credit card? What are they going to do, buy some gasoline and alert authorities? His shoes? For what purpose? To pawn off?
  • The two boys, once back in Laramie, started another fight. That served to draw police attention to them. It is like they wanted to be arrested.

Here’s some spook markers: Shepard survived 6 days in a coma, and died at 12:53 a.m. on October 12, 1998. October, as some readers know, was originally the eighth month of the year. Octa = 8 and that plus 1 and 2 = 11. 12:53 adds up to 11. of course, there are 1,440 minutes in a day, and of those 128 add up to 11, so we have a nine percent chance that his time of death was coincidental. Numbers are just evidence, never proof.

There’s more in the spook marker department. Here’s a passage from Wikipedia:

McKinney’s trial took place in October and November 1999. Prosecutor Cal Rerucha alleged that McKinney and Henderson pretended to be gay to gain Shepard’s trust. Price, McKinney’s girlfriend, testified that Henderson and McKinney had “pretended they were gay to get [Shepard] in the truck and rob him”.[11][33]

If Straight were still here, he would be all over that footnote. Again, possibly innocent, but their two favorite numbers, 11 and 33, side by side? It does raise an eyebrow.

Here’s another very interesting passage, complete with spook marker:

The jury found McKinney not guilty of premeditated murder but guilty of felony murder and began to deliberate on the death penalty. Shepard’s parents brokered a deal that resulted in McKinney receiving two consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole.[35] Henderson and McKinney were incarcerated in the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins and were later transferred to other prisons because of overcrowding.[36]

Normally Wiki gives us more details, telling us where a prisoner is and what is inmate number is, even if fake. Here we find that they just went to “other” prisons. I think I know how to read that … they have in their wallets, along with Shepard’s credit card, a Get Out of Jail Free Card.

This was also intriguing:

Reggie Fluty, the first police officer to arrive at the scene, found Shepard alive but covered in blood. The medical gloves issued by the Albany County Sheriff’s Department were faulty, and Fluty’s supply ran out. She decided to use her bare hands to clear an airway in Shepard’s bloody mouth. A day later, she was informed that Shepard was HIV positive and that she might have been exposed to the virus due to cuts on her hands. After taking an AZT regimen for several months, she tested negative for HIV.[21]

Wikipedia is mixing psyops on us. Fluty serves two purposes, first acting as a witness to bloody and beaten body. She also happens to have cuts on her hands, Shepard is HIV positive, so Fluty went on AZT and it worked! If Duesberg is around, someone notify him because as he tells us, AZT has never cured AIDS or harmed an HIV virus, if such a thing even exists.

So what is going on here? It is pretty easy to see that Shepard did not die and his assailants are not in prison. Why the fake event? People in power wanted to pass “hate crime” legislation, and finally got their wish on October 28, 2009, when Obama signed the Mathew Shepard Act.

“Hate crimes” are committed on the basis of a person’s protected characteristics … race, gender, nationality, sexual origination, etc. I regard such laws as vile because they leave the sphere of hard evidence and punish people for a state of mind. How do we know a state of mind? We either speculate based on circumstances, hope for a confession or just guess. And what if a state of mind changes? What if today I hate Jewish people, and tomorrow I marry one? I think it best just to let such matters lie dormant, and arrest and prosecute and imprison people on tangible evidence. “Hate crimes” give far too much discretionary leverage to the state. 

I did not want to write this post, I wanted the Shepard event to have gone down as we are told it went down. That way I would not have to write this piece, and people would not say to me “You think everything is fake, right?”

No, I do not. However, if the Mathew Shepard event was real, I would not write about it.

70 thoughts on “The Mathew Shepard killing looks like another hoax

  1. Good work, Mark. It looks like a standard, agenda-steering fake death.
    “Both men are serving double life sentences in prison.
    Authorities asked “20/20″ not to disclose the prison location.” [ABC 11/26/04]

    Naturally; all of the participants are and have to be lifetime actors with and without change of identity.

    It continues to give in 2017, time to wheel out Judy again –

    The best precis I could find, with more details of the necessary participants in the psy-op – the mountain biker, Aaron Kreifels, the Ivinson Hospital, the girlfriends who bulked out the psy-op, the shunting off to another hospital in Colorado – is the Wyo History official narrative by Jason Marsden ‘link below]


    1. Thank you for the extra details. I appreciate that. I sort of mailed this one in, not wanting to get bogged down in it as I usually do. It was kind of a slam dunk, but I was reading along as if it was all real, and then I saw time of death 12:53 and thought “Damn! Why did they have to go and do that.” It all fell apart after that. Kid’s got a sweet face, doesn’t he.


  2. I saw the play when it premiered in Billings, Montana a month or two (??) after it first came out. The audience was transfixed with how the play was put together. There was no totally lit up stage for this play. I forget what the style of the play is called but as another member of the troupe gets their turn to speak to the audience, a spotlight lights them up and that’s all you see – one person talking, with maybe one stage prop that’s shown (a single run of a barbed wire fence or a sign that said “Pharmacy’) – as if they were showing an interview with a Laramie resident. The rest of the visual of what you see you don’t see, because everything else on stage is black except for the person in the spotlight doing their lines. A very neat presentation. However, something didn’t sit right with the play, or should I say with the ‘feel’ of the whole thing. Not that the folks in Billings and surrounding communities that came to see the play are easily influenced; it just seemed that the horror of what allegedly happened to ‘Matthew’ just seemed weird. I’m struggling to say what I felt. It (the play, the whole troupe, all of it) just seemed out of balance, if that’s even the right term.


    1. It could be in part because people don’t behave like that, the unbridled hatred and cruelty and all have to be ratcheted up to make it believable.

      Did you ever see the movie Blue Velvet, a David Lynch film with Dennis Hopper? These kids, McKinney and Henderson, would have to be like Hopper’s character in real life, and they don’t come off that way at all.


    2. There is also the film, “The Laramie Project.” (The definition of “project” is a collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.) The film was directed by Moises Kaufman who according to IMDB was nominated for the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play for “33 Variations”.
      Rottentomatoes calls the film “Required watching on many college campuses,”


      1. The head writer of the play/film was a woman named Leigh Fondakowski. Peter Fonda appears in the film. Hmmm. Leigh Fondakowski also wrote a book called “Stories from Jonestown”.


        1. That is interesting … Laramie, if you have never been there, is like every town in Wyoming except Cheyenne, small and comfortable. You don’t expect to find spooks. And Jonestown is intimidating. I am thinking it would take months to unravel, which is why I don’t go near it.


          1. They like “small and comfortable” because it’s easy to manage, like Sutherland Springs. Then again, they also like big and messy like Vegas. So, who knows at this point. You’re right though, Jonestown would be a tough nut to crack.
            I believe we’ve written the “transpocalypse” off as a psyop, but I challenge anybody to google “Leigh Fondakowski” and tell me that’s not an MTF tranny.

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  3. The gay overlay in redneck country is/was for libtards on the coasts . An ex, who seems to know everyone in Frisco, she has an old gay cowboy pal who tended herds up there in Montana/Wyoming etc. in the sixties and after Brokeback Mountain was released, he told her he had no trouble getting dates with his fellow herdsmen because men like that preferred separating themselves from the society of women and out there on the lone prairie was the best place to do the Brokeback Boogie with no interference. No one to his knowledge ever got lynched for being queer.
    It’s been my impression that gay life in red states has been naturally segregated because these are men who won’t trouble anyone’s daughter(s) and yet they do manly work just the same. Leave ‘em be, says Aunt Bea. They’re some mother’s son. Race baiting has always been a serious issue, but white men, especially, didn’t generally tell other white men how to conduct their affairs. Hell, apparently Salt Lake City has had a long standing gay sub culture. Who knew?
    And, of course, Hollywood was quick to stage rallies to condemn those hillbillies, with full blown media coverage. The howler was that some actors who insisted they were straight were condemning “their own kind”. It was hard to laugh and vomit at the same time while listening to these crypto-queers.

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    1. “Red” state folks, at least in the south, would generally leave gays alone as long as they weren’t flaunting it openly. Race was different, because of racial mixture which they saw as destroying the future. It’s the same thing as destroying heritage seeds, a destruction of diversity. A deep-rooted survival instinct. It’s essential for TPTB to breed out that instinct as a way to cut off people from their past, removing any vestige of meaning and purpose. Any topic that generates more heat than light, and is verboten in public discourse is a flash point in the agenda.


  4. I like the succinct presentation of this entry by Mark and I’m glad he wrote it. It needed to be investigated.

    It is no coincidence that the movie Brokeback Mountain targeted the last archetype of the strong, independent male – the American cowboy. TPTB are scared of that type of individual who represents (true or not) fierce independence, strength and bravery. (God forbid we have any males amongst us with healthy testosterone levels!)At the time that movie came out, my daughter, a cowgirl type good with horses, was horrified at what Hollywood was doing to the American cowboy. Hey, there’s gay people everywhere, but when Hollywood goes out its way to destroy something, it’s part of a project. Look at what they have done with the theme of slavery – movie after movie of black vs white, to keep race enmity alive. I think a main reason we haven’t seen a full out race war is because basically people are good and don’t want to hurt their neighbor! Hollywood and the holocaust – that subject will be kept alive forever so we stay at each other’s throats and have someone to hate. Along with the Matthew Shepard hoax in Wyoming, we have a complete blackwashing of the red state can do-second amendment loving- independent of spirit-kind of male. To go along with the “men are pigs” project.

    As most people I know have fallen for, Aurora, Sandy Hook and Las Vegas, they have also fallen for the assassination of the conservative white male in red states and applaud it. The most liberal of minded in San Francisco think that red state dwellers are not to be regarded as human beings, and I do know that these “liberals” think their own sh*t don’t stink and that everyone should think like them. It’s very un-liberal like, in all actuality. I have a co-worker who when at any time she hears the word Idaho, starts talking about white supremacy and in-breeding, and how good the work of the SLPC is. If I happen to mention “Oh my friend lives in Idaho,” it gives my colleague a chance to once again chime in, “Oh, that white supremacy place full of racists.” So the psy-ops have worked on her.

    TPTB want us all to be fainting sissies, accepting everything the shadow government/intel agencies and the media throw at us. There’s a few holdouts though, and thank goodness I know a few, but only a very few. They’re as brave as they come, and just so happen to be white and cherish the second amendment. But one does not have to be a straight white male to be welcomed into our small circle – you can be anything as you want as long as you can see through the psy-ops and you possess an independent, questioning streak. Where we go from here remains to be seen. TPTB are pulling out all the stops.

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    1. A deep insight into the modern days’ remnants of age-old projects, Grace. I wanted to add my thoughts, since you’ve mentioned two subjects with multi-purpose goals – slavery and holocaust.

      The issue of slavery is not only about the white supremacy and it’s actually a bad twist to the real issue of slavery from many aspects. Let me start backwards with it in chronological order. The issue of white supremacy over African black people was not designed as such, the biggest moving force behind black slavery was both profit and large demand for workforce by New world’s property owners. While we were taught in schools that white man came to the African coast and then raided that continent to gather black slaves, such story is completely false. It may be disturbing to learn, that the native people of entire African continent knew about slavery and praised it long before the white man arrived there in early 15th century. The African slavery was an ongoing cultural component of their native society, where slaves were mostly prisoners of tribal wars and were important as a labor force for their victorious owners. When white men came in contact with the African tribes, they “only” traded commodities such as guns, cloth and alcohol for slaves.

      Moving back in time and looking at other societies of different skin color and other religions, shows that slavery was actually much more widespread and accepted than you may have ever considered. I was shocked to learn that the word of “slave” stems from the people of Slav-ic tribal origins, which makes my Balkan character personally involved in the search for truth.We, the people of eastern Slavic lands, including the Balkans, were extremely sought after as the slaves.Especially our white and pale -colored women, who had double to triple price against their male slave captives. Another shocking discovery would be that Crimean peninsula, infamous nowadays for the Ukrainian-Russian rogue tensions, was the epicenter of European white slave trade. You may be wondering how that came to be and the answer is – Crimean Tatars, who raided our eastern Slavic territories for centuries, even up to Finland; . There was a large city there at the time in Crimean peninsula, called Jaffa, where captives were sold and then shipped to the slave markets in both Ottoman empire and Europe as well (Spain,Italy).

      There are written words of slavery from ancient sources, indicating that slavery was as well known and socially accepted among Chinese ancient civilization, Egyptians, Sumerians, Assyrians and native American Indians (in north and south of the continent). So conclusively, there is again nothing new to the idea of slavery, especially not in the context of the white man introducing immoral notion of slave ownership to his contemporary social structure. We, the “whites”, were enslaving our own people long before the psyop idea of white supremacy, which only points to the logical fallacy of using it as any reference to the alleged truth.

      A very important issue is as well a misnomer when indicating white supremacy. Considering USA for instance, not all white people are the same and not all white people owned slave ships, plantations and proper funds to develop and sustain such system. I don’t want to reveal too much here, as you’ll be able to read about it at my blog soon, but the story becomes very interesting when looking into the names of people responsible for large-scale slave trade since early ages of recorded history.

      In short words, explaining white-supremacy in the context of black slaves needs to be clarified much more in order to understand PTB at their “divide et impera” attempts. In this aspect, the story of alleged holocaust seems eerily similar to the story of slave labor camps, where slave work was again the single biggest reason of one nation’s economic expansion. Like always, PTB’s grand and global psyops serve to achieve multiple goals in their agendas.


      1. Vexman I enjoy reading your thoughts but had to chime in to correct yet another form of propaganda! “Slav” does not come from “slave”. This is a convenience from English speaking peoples because of surface similarity. A way of putting down slavs. I have gotten this from several Central European friends who are investiagating slavic history. Please also to remember that central Europe covers Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland. Take an atlas and have a look. These countries are central not ‘east’. ‘East’ is Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. See how the lies work?
        Polish wikipedia covers meaning of ‘slav’, in Polish of course. 😉 There are 3 possible meanings of ‘slav’: 1. is part of the family, 2. person who can be understood and 3. famous. why was entire people known by ‘slav’? Because so many slavic names end with ‘slav’. Bronislav. Miroslav. Przemyslav. But this does not mean they were slaves. English is too recent a language for this meaning to stand. The fact that so many believe the propaganda of slav=slave is due to historian called Aleksander Bruckner {}. He is considered a traitor by new wave of Polish historians. Also, he was at University of Vienna at the same time as Sigmund Freud. Hmm. Was ther something in Austrian water? 😉
        Therefore Vexman, maybe your ancestors were famous for something. Or they were loved members of family. Or they were interpreters. But if slavic, not automatically slaves. Keep your head high!


        1. This is a convenience from English speaking peoples because of surface similarity.

          A too simple conjecture. The same similarities exist for other West European languages, like french, spanish, german. One should not exclude the possibility that it is actually the othe way around – the name for an owned servant is derived from a tribe’s name. I don’t claim to know it, but I don’t trust Linguists either. Who pays those tenured “Scientists/Historians” ?

          These countries are central not ‘east’. ‘East’ is Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. See how the lies work?

          This is less a lie, but rather a matter of location. East to WHAT ?

          Polish wikipedia covers meaning of ‘slav’, in Polish of course. 😉 There are 3 possible meanings of ‘slav’: …

          I have trouble with everything wikipedia writes. Like E.A. Blair wrote in “1984”, language is the tool to manipulate the thinking of humans. Wikipedia is curently a main tool to implement this manipulation.
          The only take-away for me – you are probably of Polish descent. 😉 Not that it makes a difference.

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          1. I give Wikipedia only due to convenience. If I gave ‘proper’ references with arguments as noted above, doubt you could easily find the books. thus you could accuse me of making things up! I am not of Polish descent, but find arguments of their new historians to be compelling.


        2. I do not consider Wikipedia as “proper reference”, just the opposite. And the third explanation seems to turn things on the head, again.
          Don’t get me wrong – I do not suggest the english term “slave” comes from “slav”. Because I don’t have any proof. But I don’t see any proof of yours. The book of Brückner supposedly spreads the propagandistic “slaves=slavs”, not the Polish Wiki explanations.

          … but find arguments of their new historians to be compelling.

          According to my experience, “Historian” is just an euphemism for “Professional Liar”. I assume every statement from a recognized historian as false initially. So should you , too.


        3. It’s funny you brought in propaganda as soon as slaves were mentioned. I really wonder what other propaganda issues you tried to point out in your previous attempts-

          Slave in english; schiavo in italian, el esclavo in spanish; esclave in french; Sklave in german. Can you notice the common root of all those words just listed? It’s not just about the English word, obviously. And it’s not about one man’s theory nor propaganda, Slavic people apparently have something to do with terminology of naming slaves in many different european languages.

          You’ve argued about eastern vs central european location in relation to how the lies work, offering again nothing more than your opinion. Apparently you’ve received some info about this issue from your central-EU friends, which should represent an authority in this issue? I sense a case of bad logic, so please re-read again what I’ve written in my previous comment. My reference is to the trade with Slavic captives as the most valuable representatives of the kind- Slavic slaves, which is a fact that can be noticed in many different european languages as I’ve shown above. Bruckner was certainly not the first nor the only one to bring this issue forward, referencing Wikipedia isn’t going to be exactly helpful to your search (or anybody else’s) for an explanation.

          The meaning of names can’t be used to interpret the social position of an individual. While it’s true that we have many names with “-slav” ending (meaning nothing more than “the one who celebrates/worhips”), it doesn’t mean one Miro-slav or Tomi-slav weren’t captured and enslaved. In fact, after quite many text studied, I see it quite the opposite than what you suggest – we, the Slavs, were constantly and repeatedly downplayed and denied / disallowed independent existence throughout recorded history. There is so much that testifies about it, with local records in each individual Slavic country, so I’m convinced you’re not coming from one yourself. Or you would certainly know your own history much better, I believe.

          Anyway, we were Slavic people / tribe ages before any conquerors came along, so I keep my head high, for sure. There are archaeological ruins proving we lived here for thousands of years before any Romans or Ottomans came to plunder and enslave us. There are some records of 3-year long war around 50 B.C , where several Roman legions were sent to defeat us and then transform us into another Roman enclave.


      2. Hopefully your blog post on this matter will include info on WHO ran the slave trade for the American colonies, so people can get over the whole “whitey enslaved me” notion. As you noted above, it was a very profitible endeavor…but I do believe it’s important people know who profited most from it.

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  5. The slave “trade” (property contract) is alive and thriving today. We have been utterly defeated. It is now voluntary, changed from involuntary as it existed before the Civil War. The 13th and 14th amendments made every “citizen” an equal under United States law — none the less, a slave.


  6. Doesn’t anyone open a dictionary anymore? Vexman is correct: the word for “slave” in English and other languages is derived from the name of the tribe known in Greek as sklabenoi, one of the peoples now known as Slavs. The name for Slavs came to be used to denote slaves by association with the fact that the Slavic peoples were frequently enslaved during the Middle Ages, as Vexman notes.

    Much as the word “bugger” is derived from the name for the Bulgarian tribe, by perceived association of those peoples with the Bogomils, who had a reputation for sodomy.

    There, now I returned this thread to the original topic …


  7. Psy-op, after psy-op, after psy-op… Century after century, after century… Don’t you think perhaps the merits fo the rulers were finding out long, long time ago what the people wanted to hear and then go about and delivering it to them? The only way to rule is by lying and deception… I am not the first one nor the last one stating this. REgarding the state of this I think no one said it better than Metallica: “Sad but true”. It’s not what they said, it’s how they said it.

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    1. I am with you here, which is why I like to say (though I don’t always practice what I say) that I float above it all. It is fun to unravel these mysteries. How much killing goes on I don’t know, have no idea how many have died in pointless wars, and have seen AZT used to kill people, so these people are not harmless. They do kill, enslave and impoverish. But I do think it has been like this for eons, or as Kevin Starr says, we have been enslaved by a few hundred families, and there is not much we can do about it.

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      1. Whoa, there Nelly! You skipped a generation. Miles Mathis said it; I’m just an offshoot. But thanks Mark for the quick, albeit fleeting, ego buzz.

        Lawrence Rothman’s comment reminded me of that Kinks song, “Give the People What They Want.” If I were Steve Kelly I would attach the video, but alas:

        Well, it’s been said before, the world is a stage
        A different performance with every age.
        Open the history book to any old page
        Bring on the lions and open the cage.
        Give the people what they want
        The Roman promoters really did things right.
        They needed a show that would clearly excite.
        The attendance was sparse so they put on a fight
        Threw the Christians to the lions, sold out every night
        Give the people what they want
        Give ’em lots of sex, perversion and rape
        Give ’em lots of violence, and plenty to hate
        Give the people what they want
        When Oswald shot Kennedy, he was insane
        But still we watch the re-runs again and again
        We all sit glued while the killer takes aim

        In the long run, which is more deplorable?


      2. Yeah, if you come to peel off a little bit of knowledge regarding the human collective psyche, you do not want to start a revolution. You are just a single individual. They may own your house (mortgage), but they cannot own your mind. I cannot go off-the-grid, I have to pay the bills… in that sense I am a material slave, but once you wake up, they don’t own you… you are on your own. And regarding the group of families, I would not say that it’s been going on for eons either, but certainly since a long time and I will say this: it has been a reduced number of people, but not the same groups throughout several centuries. Evil certainly goes back a long way, but it is not the same group of evil-doers since the beginning. Some families might have ruled for 8 centuries, but then others took over due to natural and artificial causes. The tricks have snowballed but not thru the same groups allover. For example, La Serenissima (Republic of Venice) ruled the West for about 1000 years, then what? Moved westward most likely and before them the Roman families and before them? and after them? The Rockefellers nowadays?… So, Evil has been adding up from quite a while but not through the same families whatsoever. There’s got to be a hall of fame of Evil somewhere I think? Any guess? Isle of Man, Cornwall, Ulster, Londonderry, Transylvania, Tuscany, Valencia, District of Columbia…

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        1. “Don’t be deceived when our revolution
          has been finally stamped out
          and they pat you eternally on the shoulder
          and say that there’s no inequality worth
          speaking of and no more reason for fighting
          because if you believe them they will be completely in charge
          in their marble homes and granite banks
          from which they rob the people of the world
          under the pretense of bringing them culture.
          Watch out, for as soon as it pleases them they’ll send you out
          to protect their gold in wars whose weapons,
          rapidly developed by servile scientists,
          will become more and more deadly
          until they can with a flick of the finger
          tear a million of you to pieces.”
          Flick of the Finger, OASIS.- ….
          Well… It is actually from Marat’s writings, but at the end of this song an off-voice reads aloud.


          1. Yes, we come full circle again (is that like deja vu all over again?) Marat Sadekov, University of Wyoming (Laramie), Department of Political Science.

            Probably a stand-up guy.


    2. Waxing a bit philosophical here: Maybe some of you can expand in another post about why we believe lies, even after learning the Truth (talking about WE as people, humans in general). Part of this has to do with CD (Cognitive Dissonance).
      Why was Theater invented? For a theatrical play to be successful and moving for the audience, it has to be plausible, but not real or so did Aristotle said. A fake story is charming, amusing and relaxing. The truth on the other hand is upsetting.

      Why are we so gullible?
      a) We do not have a clue
      b) We like being flattered
      c) We trust authority
      d) We hear what we want to hear
      e) Truth scares us

      But as a Truther, do not despair, just keep going… Buddha allegedly said: “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting”.

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      1. f) all of the above

        Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”


        1. Yes, f) and then some. As for Marat, well, an unfortunate coincidence, I was talking about the french citizen, Jean-Paul Marat.


  8. A book was written years later saying that one of the killers was also gay and already knew the victim and that the killing was related to money and drug dealing. From the author: ““Aaron and Matthew had a friendship. They’d been involved sexually, they bought and sold drugs from each other. ”

    And the book was pretty credible, apparently, although it made people mad.

    So it seems like there are a few possibilities to consider:

    1) The official story. Rednecks really are murderously homophobic.

    2) Mark’s well-argued take, which is that it was a psyop from start to finish

    3) Mark’s psyop theory with the later book about the drug killing filling the controlled opposition/truth researcher role as sometimes described by Miles Mathis: bringing the story back to life, generating conflict between two sides (progressives “gays are angels” and traditionalists “gays are degenerates,”) but with both sides working to make\ the fake death seem real.


    4) Arguably this might NOT have been a “project” or “psyop” from start to finish, but a drug killing that was spun or willfully misunderstood AFTER the fact into a cause celebre for gay rights, hate speech, etc. Not by intelligence, but by gay activists and coastal liberals who hate flyover country and by lower level petty tyrant big government types. Kind of a “never let a good crisis go to waste” instinct. While TPTB certainly run centrally-planned psyops regularly, the world is also full of “useful idiots.” They automatically do what the controllers want. There are many progressives who honestly think that straight men are bad and hate speech laws are a wonderful idea.

    Check out this article which says this was a drug killing and see what you think.

    As for me, I’m leaning toward option 3. The drug killing makes more sense to me than the original homophobic ultraviolence story. And the statistics show that gay men really are about 1000% more likely to get into crystal meth than straight men of the same age, race, etc. However, Mark’s analysis feels solid. And it’s hard for me to believe that this good-looking, well-traveled, affluent young kid educated in Switzerland descended from A-student to drug dealer quite as quickly as described.

    But option 4 is interesting too. What if, without any efforts from the controllers, lower-level gay activists and lower-level liberal journalists organically convinced themselves and the world that a drug killing was actually the martyrdom of a gay angel? What if a large chunk of the fakery around us is generated by….us….without a sinister controller in sight? What if our conception of reality is influenced more by our political beliefs than by mind controllers? (I’m not suggesting there aren’t mind controllers, just that regular people also work hard to fool each other and themselves.)

    Anyway, here’s the article. It’s full of interesting tidbits, some that sound plausible and some that don’t. Take a peek. Any thoughts?

    One interesting paragraph from the article: “But when Matthew’s friends Walt Boulden and Alex Trout heard of the attack they rushed to the hospital. They contacted the Associated Press and a number of local gay organisations that same day. Boulden, a 46-year-old college instructor who says he was the last person to talk to Matthew before he met McKinney and Henderson, linked the attack to Wyoming legislature’s failure to pass a hate-crimes bill. Boulden later said the assault was identified as a hate crime by a policeman.”


    1. (Buzzer sounds!!!!) The official alternate theory around the Manson BS was that the killings were retribution for a bad drug deal- Frykowski burned some organized criminals from Canada- and the rest of the victims were collateral damage.
      The Shepard “killing” as a drug deal gone bad is the same thing: attesting to the actual murder (regardless of the motive). Those discontent with the official story will always get a reach-around to satisfy their doubts.

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    2. “And it’s hard for me to believe that this good-looking, well-traveled, affluent young kid educated in Switzerland descended from A-student to drug dealer quite as quickly as described.”

      I’ve seen people here in my town fit that description, minus the Switzerland. It doesn’t take long for someone to fall into poverty or die after initial use. Even just booze can really screw someone up, and not just the drug but the legal problems too, dui, divorces, jobloss, etc. Add the increasing Meth and Heroin supplies and it gets worse. You can follow your local commitment report to see the type of crimes the quick demise of people that can’t overcome their addiction to these drugs.


  9. Speaking of small town fakery…

    In the news today, white cop Michael Slager was sentenced to 20 years for shooting black man Walter Scott in the back in 2015. Slager was 33 years old at the time of the shooting. Here’s a link to the video of the shooting. It all happens in the first 15 seconds. Do you guys agree that this video looks fake? The passerby starting to film at the exact moment of the incident, her video perfectly timed to catch some shooting, but the gunshot that counted was conveniently obscured. The shooter and the victim don’t really seem to line up in the video. The shooter looks like he is aiming 30 degrees to the right of his target.


    1. Fake? It’s hilarious! The first time I saw it I was in a public place and looked around to see if anybody else thought it was funny? Apparently, I’ve lost my sense of humor.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Then again, I didn’t believe the “Blair Witch Project” was real in 1999. I guess I’m just ahead of the curve. The curve that unfortunately will never be reached by the 95%.


          1. For more about fake Charleston psyops, visit redsilverj on youtube. He broke down, in several videos, regarding the “emmanuel a.m.e. church massacre”. The work is already pretty much done on that one.


    2. Yes. The Slager shooting Scott thing was pure bullshit. No blood. Johnny-on-the-spot cellphone camera random dude calmly capturing the “event”. Blurry as fuck.


  10. And, exactly 4 months prior to the Shepard event, there was the (reported) vehicular lynching of Robert Byrd, Jr. by “white supremacists”. Here’s a brief description from Human Rights Campaign:

    *June 7, 1998 | James Byrd Jr., 49, of Jasper, Texas, accepts a ride from three white men. Instead of taking him home, the three men beat Byrd behind a convenience store, strip him naked, chain him by the ankles to their pickup truck and dragged him for three miles over rural roads outside Jasper. Forensic evidence suggests that Byrd had been attempting to keep his head up while being dragged, and an autopsy suggests that Byrd was alive during much of the dragging. Byrd dies after his right arm and head are severed after his body hit a culvert. His body had caught a sewage drain on the side of the road, resulting in his decapitation.

    Officials quickly determined that the murderers were members of white supremacist groups, wore body tattoos from Aryan Pride, Nazi symbols and gang symbols of their affiliation with well known racist gangs. It was then documented as a hate crime.*

    Wikipedia makes sure to tell us little tidbit of information: “In a jailhouse letter to Brewer that was intercepted by jail officials, King expressed pride in the crime and said that he realized while committing the murder that he might have to die. “Regardless of the outcome of this, we have made history. Death before dishonor. Sieg Heil!” King wrote.” Wiki even goes so far as to tell us what Brewer ordered for his last meal before his reported “execution”: “…large meal that included two chicken fried steaks, a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, a large bowl of fried okra, a pound of barbecue, three fajitas, a meat lover’s pizza, a pint of ice cream, and a slab of peanut butter fudge with lots of crushed peanuts.”

    So now we get southern males, white supremacists, ex-cons and MEAT EATERS all lumped together with psychopaths. Along with other tell-tale signs of absurdity, it’s so Hollywood-ish, it’s laughable! So the dragging, dismemberment and decapitation of Byrd looks to be part of the same Hate Crimes psyop, doesn’t it?

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  11. With every psyop come alternative explanations, drug deals gone bad, mob murder, love triangle … the idea being to keep the story alive. We must always ask the first and most important question … did anyone die? If there was a funeral, if the mother to this day is advocating LBGT rights, it still evades that question. (Dylan Klebold’s mother gave a Ted Talk, stoic throughout, never a tear.) I remember JFK having a big funeral, and it seems there are competing theories there too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am not in their heads, but the objective here was hate crime legislation. Taken individually these fake events mean little, but as a whole contribute to our state of fear, paranoia and distrust, and need for protection. Just my opinion.


    1. p.s. i mention this because it just happened now and is related to this question of gayness, the strategy of tension, fake death, etc. i’m curious what any of you think. i don’t see any spook markers–no 33rd footnotes on wikipedia. On the other hand, this porn actress does HAVE a wikipedia page, which most don’t.


      1. I can’t believe I’m doing this but here goes. August Ames (AA=11). She was born Mercedes GRAB-OW-ski like she said her grandpa used to do. In an interview, she stated that her “dream car” was a Mercedes because “My very own Mercedes would kill meeeeee.” (Mercedes hung Mercedes on 12.5.17 = 88).

        Wikipedia says that she appeared in almost 290 movies (11) then later states that she appeared in over 270 films. 27+29=56=11. Her career began in November (11). Then Wikipedia (conveniently) provides numerous links to porn sites and also lists her best known “works” which include: “8”Oil Overload, Raw Talent “3”, and Titty Attack “8”. (Titty Attacks 1-7 were sub-par as we all know). She was married to Kev-IN-MOORE. She received negative tweets (NO NOT THAT!) about her comments on 12.3.17 (33, 8).

        My favorite aspect of this ridiculousness is the fact that she was “born” in Antigonish, also the name of an 1899 poem sometimes referred to as “The Little Man Who Wasn’t There”

        “As I was going up the stair
        I met a man who wasn’t there!
        He wasn’t there again today,
        Oh how I wish he’d go away!”

        When I came home last night at three,
        The man was waiting there for me
        But when I looked around the hall,
        I couldn’t see him there at all!
        Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
        Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door…

        Last night I saw upon the stair,
        A little man who wasn’t there,
        He wasn’t there again today
        Oh, how I wish he’d go away…(And all the tranny-looking, plasticine creatures too).

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    2. This deserves a proper anal-ysis (lol). Definitely the porn industry is an important field of social engineering, so I would not be amazed if it is full of psyops. The porn industry can also be connected to the AIDS psyop. Here is a list of porn stars that died from various reasons (the data is probably a bit old and the website a bit strange, but the list can be useful nonetheless)


      1. There was a rumor a while ago among the online MGTOW community that porno flicks in which the male actor had an abnormally huge penis was actually a psyop – Perhaps for the purpose of making men feel insecure and somehow cause more friction between the sexes.


        1. There is some porn online where guys really have a fake freakingly huge dick (like 1+ feet). But that doesn’t mean all the guys do. There’s enough porn out there with less-then-average dick sized guys. Take your p(r)ick. Or not…

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        2. “… and somehow cause more friction between the sexes.”

          I meant to add, no pun intended.

          I would not be surprised if this was a real psyop considering all of the other idiotic projects.


      2. I told this story before but I’ll repeat it here- I would swear on a stack of Korans that I saw a “dead” porn star not three feet from me back in the late 90’s. She was a big deal and connected to the biggest producers of porn in the mid 90’s when porn made 6-ish times more money than “respectable” media and everyone assumed the major studios were actually the movers and shakers behind video porn. Her remains took a long time to ID after her death and it was all just the media’s word for it so my seeing her was not really a shock, even 20 years ago when I was cynical and knew something was gravely wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it. Well, she was naturally beautiful and didn’t hide behind a lot of makeup so when I saw her in sweats it was an easy call, but the look she gave my look of recognition was the most evil stare down I’ll ever experience: “Don’t even think you think you know who I really am, peon, or I will have you killed.” Something like that was how I read her face.
        It would follow that something as lucrative and pervasive and collectively destructive as porn would be controlled by intel. She moved on to other assignments, one of which must have been to test her fan’s gullibility by strolling among them.
        (I’ll leave her stage alias off just in case it was wishful thinking on my part)

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          1. Nope, K-star. Actually, I’ve never heard of Savannah. Her Wiki seems rife with BS so she’s probably been in the Langley steno pool for 20 plus years. (Ooops! Sorry- in these toxic times I should not immediately assume a woman is doing “woman’s work”)

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Yeah, the “it took a long time to ID after her death” aspect made me figure I had missed the target. I took a shot. Great story, btw.


        1. There’s really no reason to leave out any names or info. Someone may be able to add to the story.
          POM readers don’t keep secrets, they expose them!


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