Another alleged school shooting.  Another police drill (“6 weeks ago”) according to MSM reporting.  “Fire drill today” just before the alleged shooting according to MSM.  How many “active shooter drills” do we need?  How many coincide handsomely with mass- school-shooting stories in the MSM.   Today’s number:  54 (9) – the date, and the school’s name (Stoneman Douglas) is a match.   Fear!!!  Order out of chaos.  Create the problem; solve the problem.  Repeat.  More gun control legislation waiting in the wings.  More Chertoff Group, LLC (founded 2009) security contracts — more active shooter drills.  Repeat.  Where it stops, nobody knows.

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  1. My first thought today when I saw this. They should be put behind bars for life manufacturing these flags ….and involving children. The truth will be revealed and very soon now and when that happens all eyes will be opened. And it will be impossible to close them again.

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  2. Instant media coverage = instant red flag. I’ve already engaged in five or six debates and expose’s on this one, and it’s not even been twelve hours. Someone tried to use “helicopter evac footage” as their proof, so I showed them this “footage” as proof the US actually won Vietnam. It’s pathetic.

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  3. Wikipedia already has an article:


    A couple of my favorite parts so far:

    “[Nikolas] Cruz was a member of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. A former classmate said he had a lot of anger management issues and often joked about guns and gun-related violence, including ‘shooting up establishments’.”

    “As the school is at least 40% Jewish, Chabad rabbis associated with the school have coordinated an evening of prayer, consolation and memorial.”


  4. Sheriff Scott Israel is the 1st Jewish sheriff in Florida. Israel presided over his first shooting incident on Jan 6, 2o17. This is his second. Sandy Hook script being repeated with slight variation.

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  5. The 2018 mass casualty shooting season has officially begun.

    Just like clockwork.

    I love how we ALWAYS get a break from there things over the holidays. Psychotic killers are so thoughtful like that.

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    1. “I love how we ALWAYS get a break from there things over the holidays.”

      Perhaps you guys are given a break in the northern hemisphere, but one of our greatest ‘mass killings’ here in Australia was timed to fit in with Christmas a few years ago: the Sydney Siege.

      Interestingly, the ‘siege’ took place just metres from the street used to shoot the classic scene from The Matrix wherein Morpheus explains to Neo how ‘most people are not ready to be unplugged’ because they are ‘hopelessly dependent on the system’.

      We live in a bizarre world.


      1. They’re careful not to disrupt the holiday shopping season over here.

        Are you of the opinion the “Sydney Siege” was a real event where people actually died?


        1. I let John answer that, but you can check his video on YT.

          The Berlin Christmas market attack (2016)? The Underwear Bomber on a Christmas flight to the US (2009)? The Bastille Day (!) Nice attack (2016)? The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey (1995) (Christmas) that Mark analyzed?

          First vicsims of the Zodiac Killer, just before Christmas, second vicsims on Independence Day. Halloween is a big psyop and DCP date too. The New Year attack on the gay nightclub in Istanbul…

          There are loads of examples of psyops carried out during holiday seasons I think (you can sort on dates):


          (if you have ideas about more additions, the list is far from complete, please let us know here or over at Fakeologist)

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          1. I was specifically referring to mass casualty shooting in the U.S.

            S.H. occured Dec 14th which is typically the last day of school before Holiday break in this country, but aside from that I’m unaware of a similar type event taking place in this country during the few days leading up to Dec 25th or after.
            Of course, I could be wrong, but it seems to be the case from what I’m able to remember.


  6. This latest school shooting psyop “happened” on Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday and at the 10 year “anniversary” of the Northern Illinois University shooting. Parkland was the name of a movie about the JFK psyop.

    Strange blurry photos released in the press, psyop programming links to Sandy Hoax, 41 people fitting in a Florida closet [???], children texting ABC and Reuters [??] and much more:


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  7. The worst part isn’t that they do these fake shootings, although that is bad.
    No…the worst part, for me at least, is having to sit back and watch everyone I know fall for it hook, line and sinker.

    I have a feeling it won’t be long before we see major reform to the gun laws in our country.

    Stupid sheeple!!!

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    1. I share your sentiments exactly! The latest “mass shooting” I can happily ignore. I’m not particularly crazy about guns, but I’m not afraid of them either. What really gets me and almost frightens me is scrolling through my Facebook feed after one of these “events.”

      Maybe my optimism was misplaced or at least premature, but I thought Sandy Hook allowed more people a glimpse behind the curtains. I thought (hoped, I guess) more of my friends/ family/ acquaintances would have emerged from the hypnosis by now. As it stands, I still don’t know even one person in real life who even questions these events.

      I can’t really express how validating it is to know there are, in fact, others out there who can see what’s going on and how insidious this is, even though I’ve never met any of you.

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      1. And here it is again…the clamoring for O negative blood in my local media is in full force in the wake of yesterday’s “shooting.” Just so, so odd. We know they don’t need it, so God only knows what they actually want it for. Part of me is actually beginning to wonder if the acquiring of negative blood is in fact one of the primary objectives of these psy-ops. Just when I thought our controllers could not possibly be anymore creepy and deranged than they already are.

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  8. guys this was real my friend’s dad was there and he was shot in the leg and is lucky to be alive so please show some respect

    Seriously though, I haven’t even bothered looking into this one. I probably won’t. Real or fake, what difference does it make?

    The lemming masses will believe it, some of them will even become emotionally invested in the ‘tragedy’ for as long as the telescreens cover the story, and then it will be as good as forgotten by the time the next ‘mass shooting’ comes along to dominate the ‘news cycle’.

    Have many commenters here read much Baudrillard? His treatise ‘Simulacra and Simulation’ is a key prop shown early in the film The Matrix, and lately I have been studying a compendium entitled ‘Selected Writings’ which includes S&S as well as a range of Baudrillard’s work spanning several decades.

    Although I can’t praise the entirety of Baudrillard’s canon, one of the things his writings have led me to ponder more seriously is the notion that, for most of the people around us in our day-to-day lives, there truly is no real beyond the the television (and other mass media).

    That is, while some of us might sit around and debate the ‘objective truth’ (or otherwise) of an event like this most recent shooting, the vast majority of people cannot and will not ever make a distinction between ‘what they are shown’, and what ‘what they are shown’ is supposed to represent.

    In other words, whether or not one rejects as ‘fake’ the footage and images of an event, the other creatures with whom one deals will never be able to engage in serious reflection on the matter at hand, because the representations on the screen are every bit as ‘real’ to them as your front door and garden are to you.

    You might ask, how is this any different from simply saying that the masses cannot discern subjective from objective? In many ways, this is a fair retort. At the same time it seems to me that, in the past, I was guilty of analysing these events through the lens of ‘what is objectively true?’, and then projecting this subjective/objective distinction onto the humans around me — now I accept that, in a very significant way, this event is ‘real’ in the sense that it is presented as real which is the only reality which most of my fellow earthlings will ever engage with.

    Looking at things from a different angle, consider this: were it not for these ‘fake’ events, how many of us would have spent any serious time pondering our own epistemological frameworks? The truth is that every single major media event I have previously rejected as ‘fake’, all I was rejecting as fake was the representation.

    I have no empirical (i.e. direct experience) of any of the events in question, and likely never will. In the meantime, I engage in the discussion about the event, with other people who are similarly analysing the representation rather than the ‘thing in and of itself’.

    Which leads me to ponder: what do we mean when we say that an event like this is ‘not real’? Which part of reality is not real? By engaging with the representations, are we allowing ourselves to make ‘real’ something which only exists when we give it our attention in the first place?

    As an aside, I have never seen a news bulletin begin with the words, ‘everything you are about to see is real’. They just cut to the reporters who begin speaking, and every implication that they are speaking the ‘truth’ about what I would term ‘objective reality’ is in fact merely my own subjective projection onto what they are doing.

    As Walenski explains in Dark City, ‘There is no case, there never was. It’s all just a big joke’.

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    1. Wise words and some important ideas that are discussed much to infrequently in these circles. Also, it seems the universal, but unmentioned assumption among people examining these events is that it would be preferable for the mass public to know the actual truth. I don’t think people take the time to consider what that kind of world would look like.


  9. What I find disturbing is what about the “peripheral normies” involved? Local EMT’s, paramedics, police, nurses, etc., see something not quite right, and don’t say anything?

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        1. Wow….just wow.

          To quote something I read in an article supposedly from a retired Florida surgeon in reference to the LV hoax…

          “The arrogance of it all!”

          “When a handful of powerful wicked men like this control the banks, the global mainstream media and the government, no one can effectively now speak up to criticize, because when they do their words will never be published or heard.”

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          1. I suspect there are competing groups or factions within the TPTB (MM discusses this in one of his articles I think). One group may be trying to discredit, expose or destroy another group. This article may be an indication of that, but who knows. Or it just may be that the TPTB wants to brand all of the naysayers as kooks and send a message to anyone who dares to expose the truth.


            1. “I suspect there are competing groups or factions within the TPTB (MM discusses this in one of his articles I think). One group may be trying to discredit, expose or destroy another group. This article may be an indication of that, but who knows.”

              One can only hope a scenario like this truely exists.

              I tend to believe they’re trying to discredit and discourage dissenters.


          2. Curious for a guy, wait, it’s 54. Curious for a man that emphasizes bios, professions and lineage of individuals to push a paper from a totally anonymous writer, it might as well come from the very own Central Agency of Intelligentsia, you just don’t know… or do you?. At least former guest writers had s2pid pseudonyms.


          3. Rothman- I don’t blame you for asking those pointed questions regarding MM’s latest entry by guest writer. How hard is it to create a pseudonym? Not hard at all. And after reading that paper I had the thought “suppose MM is CIA”? Of course it’s all possible – as you say , we really don’t know but you are asking the very questions that crossed my mind as soon as i read that latest paper on MM site. Of course I always have the thought that MM is a white hat even if he’s intelligence and that there might be (fingers forcefully crossed) some forces working for good and that MM is in that category. As others have shared, it is mildly encouraging to envision that there could be a turf war between intelligence agencies. Some also say these hoaxes are going to blow wide open and be exposed for what they are. On that account, I am pessimistic.


    1. That is also what I find really strange. I glanced at a MSM news feed on my computer this morning and saw a photo a of a woman hugging another (as in consoling her) and her face showed NO EMOTION. This whole mess is going to crack wide open and even the blind are going to see these FF for what they are. I have no doubt ….would just like it to be sooner than later.

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    2. I didn’t see the whole speech, but in the clip NPR played of it Trump’s first words were thanking the police, teachers and emergency workers…


  10. I do wonder what the agenda is other than fomenting fear. I immediately dismissed this one when they had the suspect’s name, photos, and back-story of him being violent, gun-loving, with a history of threatening behavior all within an hour of the alleged shooting…another cardboard character pasted into the story. How convenient!

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    1. Fear is an important component, but few people realize that most of the firearms manufacturers in the US are owned by giant corporations. Every time one of these made for TV movies comes out, all the idiots start screaming gun control and BOOM! gun sales go through the roof. Sales have been very slow since Trump was selected, so they gave the industry a shot in the arm.

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    2. “Fomenting fear” is the primary agenda, it seems. Why? To instill learned helplessness within the psyches of the masses, so the common citizen will continue to trust, support and be dependent on “authorities”–the police, military/defense forces and the EMT/fire/medical services to protect, rescue and save them. All the while fostering intense suspicion of others, neighbors and strangers alike: ‘Who knows when that guy down the street will snap and come to kill me and my family? Better take precautions and always be on the lookout for those crazies! Can’t trust anybody!’ Of course, there’s also the profit factor: a frightened citizenry is more easily manipulated into supporting more laws and taxes which facilitates the incessant growth and militarization of local law enforcement, modernizing emergency services, and the building of more judicial and correctional facilities, public and private. Plus, it drives up gun and ammunition sales. (It’s job security, at least for some.) I don’t believe there’s ever going to be a large-scale confiscation of firearms; in fact, quite the opposite is happening. How better to get people to arm themselves to the max than to make them believe their guns will be taken away? It’s part of the psy-op, using reverse psychology. Many believe they’ll need to protect themselves when the (inevitable) civil war, martial law/government takeover, economic collapse, zombie apocalypse, etc., takes place. A frightened and anxiety-ridden populace is being driven to isolate themselves, get medicated, purchase prepping commodities and, of course, “go shopping” to provide themselves with plenty of distractions and comforts, especially sugar, drugs and alcohol. (Next time you’re in a store, take a look in the other shopping carts at the amount of junk food and alcohol being purchased. It’s inconceivable!)

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      1. You nailed it, Carri. And judging by this comment thread, it’s working splendidly. (That’s not a comment on the commenters, but on what they are reporting. Since I don’t watch MSM this and YouTube are my only source of information.)


      2. I agree with most of your assessment Carri. However, I do think one of the primary goals is gun confiscation.

        There are lots of ways for them to scare people and keep them fearful, but they chose to do it with guns, over and over again. There’s are reason for that, believe me.

        Go ask an Aussie if he ever thought they’d take away their guns.

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  11. That’s why I like the term “staged”. A theater play is real, but it is a story, with actors, directors, producers and an audience. No audience, no stage play. It is not fake, in the sense that it is completely CGI or so.

    The word “fake” is really strong and vague at the same time, I agree with JLB on that.

    And it is also true that other people have a hard time separating between that what they see on television or in other “media” and their own lives. The closer to home, or experience, the stronger that cognitive dissonance gets. Everybody has been to school and we have encountered “creepy” students there. Many people have been to Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York City, Sydney, etc. so those staged events create a false feeling of familiarity, much more than “yet another bombing in Baghdad”.

    I think Wallace posts a very interesting and challenging question; how deeply involved are the peripheral actors in these events? And how do they filter out people that can spill the beans. Can we just apply for a role in an emergency service or something and make people aware there on the ground?

    At the Las Vegas shooting there’s footage where part of the audience repeatedly scream “those are not real bullets!”, “this is not real, guys”, while others, crisis actors or just gullible believers are saying it is real. A great video that shows that and many more points is linked at the Fakeopedia page about the Vegas shooting.

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    1. Thanks, didn’t know about that one. May be real, family matters can be real. Or may be false; closed area, private event.

      Little link to (JFK’s) Parkland:

      “Tan Do shot himself in the head and was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead”

      “A police statement issued Sunday did not identify those wounded.” – huh?

      “Brimmer said about 30 friends and family members attended the private party. The roller rink was not open to the public at that time, and no employees were targeted or hurt in the shooting, Brimmer added.

      Nearby witnesses reported seeing individuals fleeing the skating rink, some of whom still had their [roller] skates on, others barefoot.”


      1. Let’s pretend they’re all real for a moment.

        Why would some of them be reported on while others are practically ignored?

        Are we to believe there’s certain criteria that must be met before they decide whether or not to send a reporter down in a satellite truck?
        Do they hold a quick meeting to decide?

        And how would they know initially if an event would meet such a pre-determined criteria, as these things would surely be chaotic and the details sketchy at first.

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          1. Matrixfree

            No doubt, manufacturing news leaves little time for the reporting of actual news.

            Also, with real shootings, there’s no guarantee the event can be used to promote the agenda at hand.

            Real witnesses can’t always be counted on to hit the major talking points and sometimes dramatic images are not to be had.
            Last but not least, in a real shooting event there’s no way to insure the gun control activism that always follows.

            In short, they’re not going to waste their time on something they can’t completely control and benefit from.

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    1. Hey at least the false flags are at full staff.
      Me im just pissed cause ive been in vegas all week on business and its quiet as a funeral here. I always miss out on the good spectacles


  12. Just curious, are there any current or former/retired law enforcement, FBI, ATF, military, etc., reading this blog and others like it? Are current law enforcement in contact with officers in other jurisdictions and talk amongst themselves about what is going on? Due to the prevalence of these events, is there a lot of chatter/ gossip about this stuff among people in these lines of work? This stuff is ridiculous.

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    1. I imagine it goes down like this.

      The chief of a local department hand picks a couple dozen officers he knows he can trust.
      The justice department then briefs the men on the details of the operation, asking for their complete cooperation.

      If you’re a cop and the justice department asks for your cooperation and silence you’re going to comply. If not, your job and career is over with.

      As shown with Newtown., these local police departments are rewarded with free tacticle gear, equipment and large sums of money in the form of Federal Grants for their participation in these operations . That money is no doubt contingent on everyone cooperating and remaining silent.
      No cop is ever going to go rouge and risk all that.

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      1. The thing about cops being in on it should not sound so surprising to anyone. Surely they do psych evaluations on them in the recruiting stage and manage to find many willing scumbags that are easily attracted to having a badge and a gun. Pretty sure part of the psychological profile is a certain moral flexibility.

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          1. I think they like having THEIR right to bare arms. They couldn’t give a fuck about the citizenry. I was in the marines, I know how most of those fucking idiots think.

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        1. My take on this is that recruiting locals for a specific project would be too risky and unreliable. The cops and other responders involved must be spooks to begin with. There are more spooks out there than even the clued-in researchers realize. For example, entire neighborhoods, even small towns (like Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc) are taken over (or nearly so) by spook families. Spooks in larger cities also infiltrate police forces, coroner offices, court systems and other local agencies and function as “moles” who can be called upon for specific projects when needed. The same goes for the “witnesses,” news media and other players.

          I don’t see any other way for psy-ops like this to be pulled off. Remember, they need more than just a few cops. They need medical/hospital personnel, ambulance drivers, coroners, witnesses, not to mention the local news media puppets and others. It seems unrealistic to me that they could simply move into an area and recruit all these people on the spot. There would be way too many variables and unknowns and problems with people talking, etc. Not only the people directly involved but their friends, families, co-workers, etc. It would be too easy for such temp recruits to post something on internet forums or blogs, upload YouTube videos, etc. and this would have to be monitored and dealt with. It would be a big mess.

          Unless someone can explain to me how these things could be pulled off over and over with no leaks using temp recruits, I have to go with the “homegrown spooks” explanation.


          1. I believe these operations are sold to local municipalities as hyper-realistic training drills with a twist.

            These municipalies are then rewarded for their participation with large sums of money in the form of fedral grants and new police/medical equipment.

            This is evidenced in the case of Newton, CT.
            Since the make-believe Sandy Hook school shooting, the federal government has given the town of Newtown more than $17 million in aid/medical/police equipment. When you include money raised through charities, Newton has recieved over 45 million dollars total.
            That’s quite an insentive to remain silent if you ask me.

            And I’m guessing all that money and equipment is contingent upon everyone cooperating and remaining silent.
            No doubt all participants are made to sign strict nondisclosure agreements which carry heavy fines and or imprisonment if violated.

            It’s important we never underestimate the human survival instinct.
            When it comes down to it, people are going to do what’s necessary to save themselves.
            You threaten a person’s career, whether that be a police officer or a doctor, and you threaten his ability to support himself and his family, he’s going to do whatever’s necessary to save his own skin and survive.
            Add to that the threat of stiff fines and or jail time and he’ll never speak a word of it to anyone.

            It’s as simple as that.

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          2. One thing to keep in mind is that every local politician, police chief, and probably even low level deputy has violated the law and can be sent up the river at any time for it. Even if they haven’t, it’s pretty easy to set them up for a fall.

            The smarter ones have to have seen through Sandy Hook, Orlando, Boston, etc., and if their town gets tapped for a “drill” they know they better go along with it. Although there are probably plenty of thoroughly corrupt places for the Feds to choose without having to risk a “hero.”

            And as someone else has mentioned, we’re all so dependent on a paycheck, as well as social connections, etc. Even if they are brave enough to try and buck the system, they’re not only risking all that, but likely a divorce and loss of custody of children, or even threats on their families.

            No doubt they’re told that such drills are necessary because the populace is too dumb to realize what a dangerous world we live in, and need to be whipped into line, and this is enough “sugar” to make the medicine go down. They can salve their consciences with this enough, chased with a bit of booze or prescription drugs…

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      2. This makes sense to me. I’m also thinking the local, low-level participants are personally rewarded financially as well. Who knows how much more money they make than their non-perp peers, but I’m guessing it’s significant.

        The other thing I wonder is if there is some psychological element at play here with the low-level participants that we’re missing. Something similar to what motivates 99% of those who enter the military with the goal of facing combat to “fight terrorism.” Who knows what they are told or brainwashed to believe. I get a sense they think they are privy to some information we don’t have and are being patriotic or something.

        I honestly don’t know. Just some thoughts. I’m just a homeschooling mom with no military or police background so I’m completely speculating.

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    1. “No doubt all participants are made to sign strict nondisclosure agreements which carry heavy fines and or imprisonment if violated.”

      Imprisonment for violating an NDA? I don’t think so. That might apply to military personnel with a security clearance who reveal military secrets but not to civilians. And, violating an NDA is not easy to prove and in many cases is unenforceable.


      Sure they might lose their job but only IF it’s known who talked. Let’s say I am a participant in a psy-op and I tell somebody in a bar that it was all fake and that person then posts on an internet forum that he met someone involved and that person told him it was all fake but gives no name. How is an NDA going to be enforceable in court? How are they going to know who to fire? They won’t even know who talked.


      1. In this day and age witI Google, Facebook and all the apps people download on their phones where they agree to allow accesses to their phones camera, microphone, contact lists etc…?

        You don’t think they can trace back to the cop what his drunken buddy is blabbing about all over the internet?

        I bet they could.


        1. How are they going to trace it? Not a “buddy” — just somebody in a bar talking. Or, somebody on a bus or some stranger most anywhere.

          No, it’s just too easy to blab. It’s going to take more than an NDA or threats of losing one’s job to keep things quiet. The people involved have to be more than just normal citizens who’ve been bribed and/or threatened.


          1. Let’s say some guy who works as an EMT decided to talk amd that he even came here to POM to tell the story.

            That’s about as far as it would ever go.

            We all know the MSM wouldn’t touch the story. Not even the controlled opposition, like Alex Jones, would touch it.
            He wouldn’t be able to go to the local police or the Feds either for obvious reasons.

            So he’d probably end up losing his job for basically nothing.

            Where’s the incentive if someone wanted to blow the whistle?

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    1. “Let’s say some guy who works as an EMT decided to talk amd that he even came here to POM to tell the story.

      That’s about as far as it would ever go.

      We all know the MSM wouldn’t touch the story. Not even the controlled opposition, like Alex Jones, would touch it.
      He wouldn’t be able to go to the local police or the Feds either for obvious reasons.

      So he’d probably end up losing his job for basically nothing.

      Where’s the incentive if someone wanted to blow the whistle?”

      You’re evidently not reading (or understanding) what I’m writing so I won’t bother answering your specific comments except to say you’re missing my point once again.

      If you want to believe that NDAs and threats of unemployment explain the complete silence of insiders then so be it.

      I don’t.


      1. No, I understand completel.

        That comment was random speculation and wasn’t intended to be a rebuttal to your response.
        I’ll pay more attention to where I’m typing my comments from now on.

        As for your earlier comment, you’re probably right about the ineffectiveness of a NDA , but I do think the threat of losing ones job and career would be enough to keep a lot of people quiet.

        Who do you suppose these people are if they’re not actual members of the local police department or local EMTs?

        Don’t you think they be running a similar risk of someone from the police or EMTs talking if replacements were brought in for this event?

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        1. I didn’t say they were “replacements brought in .” I’m sure they’re NOT.

          I also didn’t say they weren’t members of the local police. I’m sure they ARE.

          I’ll give you a hint: a little burrowing animal.


          1. You think so? My idea is that they bring their own “actors” in; posing as police, medical personnel, etc. Just schedule the jobs, not a big deal at all. Those groups are infiltrated anyway.

            What struck me with this particular “event” were the 20 something fire trucks, why? If there is no fire or bombs or anything?

            I guess they were the most infiltrated unit and just turned up to block the streets.

            Looking into a staged event when it unfolds gives a good view of how they do it. No matter how “boring” they are when you look at them later, I agree with also that view.

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  13. all the news are but a sort of a stage play. It’s all scripted. Some of the news are more dramatic, but other less dramatic news are also totally invented by some story writers and sold to us as reality.
    I just took some headlines from the USA-today page:
    – Washington : Inaugural committee paid Melania adviser firm $26M
    – ‘Transparent’ star fired after harassment inquiry Nation Now
    – Constantly hungry? Your brain may be working against you
    – Your birth year may affect how hard the flu can hit you
    – Drive-thru workers get lovely surprise
    Does anyone believe anything of it is real? It’s all scripted, some of it is staged. Other news are just derived from the fake news. Why they stage the dramatic events on holidays? Wrong question. The right question is: why are they holidays in the first place? Why do we still have to celebrate Xmas or even Sabbath which has its Christian version encoded in the “Week-End”? We could perfectly live in a world where everybody works for 4-5 days and then has 2-3 days free without that 7 days split into 5/2 pattern. Some of us who work in shifts already do that. Some of us work on holidays too. Don’t you think the life would be easier if we wouldn’t be forced into such patterns? Such things are simply methods of herd control. And (scripted) news are a part of it.

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  14. Reposting a comment from the Northerntruthseeker blog. It describes these school shootings as honeytraps for MSM journalists to fall in. Very plausible wetting strategy, indeed.


    ‪greencrow‬ said…
    Hi NTS

    My POV on why the False Flags are so chock-a-block full of “red flags” and things that don’t add up is because ONE of the main goals of all false flags is what I call a “media drill”. They leave blatant inconsistencies in the official story and evidence in the wide open as “bait” for journalists in the M$M to see. If, the so-called M$M “journalists” take the bait–and publish a story about the inconsistencies…they’re immediately out of a job. That’s how the perps have kept the M$M in line ever since 9/11. It’s a way of routing all potential truth tellers OUT of the main$tream media. And it has worked splendidly!!!
    February 15, 2018 at 2:10 PM


  15. Thanks to the tip by CluedIn over at Cluesforum:

    A horrible 1984 meets Minority Report precrime fascist scenario unfolding…:

    “So what I’m asking our lawmakers to do is go back to places like Tallahassee or places like Washington, D.C. — give police the power — if they see something on social media, if they see graphic pictures of rifles and blood and gore and guns and bombs — if they see something with horrific language — if they see a person talking about, I want to grow up to be a serial killer — we need to have the power to take that person and bring them before mental health professionals at that particular time, involuntarily, and have them examined.”


    Sick, truly sick.


  16. I was having a friendly discussion about these events over on another forum and Qannon kept creeping into the conversation.

    Will someone please help me to understand why it’s easier for people to believe in the Qannon “deep state” nonsense, rather than believing these are all staged drills with no real deaths?

    They’d rather believe in something that reads like a Jason Bourne script rather then to have to believe the MSM is controlled and purposely lying to them. As if thats somehow more outrageous….please.


    1. Maybe they think that the “deep state” scenario involves less people, so it is easier to control the situation. In reality it is probably almost impossible to have real madmen that shoot real people. Even the scenario where a crazy person is just a patsy and other shooters (multiple shooters) do the killing seems complicated.


  17. Like the oxygen mask drill before each commercial flight: “Secure your own oxygen… first.” In the end, learning new things that interrupt the “natural” level, or homeostatic level, of cognitive dissonance within our artificial society is a choice made by each individual. There is no “changing” society. It happens, or not, one at a time. And please, keep your seat belt fastened at all times until the pilot turns off the fasten-seat-belt sign.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. How many have seen the video “Sutherland Springs Gone Wild?”

    The video seems genuine to me.

    In the video he approaches a family member of one of the supposed victims and hands her a flyer with information on how to collect a $100,000. reward someone is offering for anyone who can provide legal proof someone actually died that day in that church in the manner we were told.

    Pay attention to the deputy Sherrif of that community and the way he responds when asked point blank if the shooting really happened. I think you’ll agree his reaction and response would have been a lot different if this had actually happened in the community he serves to protect.

    I hope the link still works, as the video keeps getting removed. If the link is dead you can do a search of “Sutherland Springs Gone Wild” and find it elsewhere hopefully.



    1. Doesn’t seem like any of these people would act the way they do in the video if the event was for real. A lot of these small towns are highly corrupt to begin with, probably even filing applications to bid for a “drill.”


    1. The NRA is not interested. The NRA is basically a way to dupe gun owners into registering in a database, at least I guess that is their real purpose.


  19. I probably mentioned in my comments from previous posts that I believe that “white terrorism” will be a more common scenario in the near future. The reason for the increase in “evil whites” will probably be connected to “whites loosing power”. The Nazi psyop did most of the work to bring multiculturalism in white countries. The white terrorist scenarios are just the psyops that seal the deal. There is something special in the years after 2015 (some people would consider 2012 a milestone). They accelerated many things and there is the possibility that 2018 will be a climax point.

    I found this interesting quote from an article:” What people fail to mention, however, is that Douglas High School is more than 40% Jewish, Cruz believed that Jews were part of a conspiracy to unseat white people from power, and the shooting was potentially an anti-Semitic hate crime.” You can see the rest at https://medium.com/@natalielifson/the-florida-douglas-high-school-shooting-was-an-anti-semitic-hate-crime-e1977d46bcef . The shooter is the complete evil white because he hates blacks, Muslims and Jews. Well he is almost complete. There is more room for improvement since you can also hate Hispanics, Asians, Natives and more than 30 genders.


    1. This was the push that was needed for HB 2261 to be passed. The continual mentioning of the percentage of Jewish students is helping the Zionists prove there point that Anti-semitism is according to them on the rise. In fact it is at its all time lowest since 1999 according to the Anti Defamation league, they must not have got the email from the Simon W center and Bnai Bnirth who are pushing the bill thru Congress. I think the usual reasons for the Holiday Hoax are still valid-fear, gun sales, more control of public spaces, distrust of anyone different – but I think this was mainly to help push that agenda. There is a growing awareness of the Palestinian plight and all over the world people are boycotting Israeli goods and making their disapproval of the Genocide of Palestine by the Israeli government known. I think this was one way to position the Zionists back into their favorite position as a victim.
      I am not anti Semitic and I hope this does not come across as that. I am anti Zionists and with their influence in the US government, I don’t doubt this was to push their agenda.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. There was a horrible shooting in Bozeman where a woman shot her husband and baby and then herself. We found out she was suffering from postpartum depression. I wondered right away if it was drug interactions, as quacks jump form one medication to another and don’t allow for half-lives … anyway, I think the mass shootings are mostly made up events, so antidepressant drugs, which were also said to have been a factor at Columbine, would not factor in, in my view.


    1. Kevin, that is not Robbie Parker, yet Gene Rosen, still the easiest entry point into hoaxing, but yes, right. Note the cuts in the video posted.


      1. GAIA,

        For somebody who relishes running around casting dispersions, you just revealed yourself to me to be a fucking clueless and tactless twit. Well, I already knew that last part.

        Time for a break. Happy commenting everybody, I have work to do.


        1. Kevin: You are saying something I have been wanting to say for a long time but hesitated doing so because I don’t want to be a target. I’ve been reading and observing for quite a while, and not much has escaped my eye when it comes to “G”. I’ve also noticed that some of the main contributors here have not said a word and keep giving G a pass , even when he goes off the rails… except you. Thank you. I haven’t seen much if anything from BMSeattle since he got into a tiff with G who liked to spout a lot of stuff critical of MM’s science while never ever citing any qualifications that bolstered his rants. BMSeattle (Brandon) called him out as have you. Again, thanks.


          1. “who liked to spout a lot of stuff critical of MM’s science while never ever citing any qualifications that bolstered his rants.”

            That’s just Mathis’s point, in all his recent papers. There ARE NO qualifications that need to be cited, only a logical, scientific counter to any of Mathis’s points. Yet we almost never see anything remotely like a polemic counter to Mathis’s physics – of which I’ve been a student for half a decade, now. I’ve argued thousands of times with dolts and dullards who simply refuse to even read his papers, and have never run across anyone countering a Mathisian theory with anything but character attacks, on me or on Mathis. I’ve not once found anyone reply with a math error I or Miles made, or a theory falsification, or anything of the sort. They cannot argue. Even those folks with multiple degrees in physics or biology or whatever lose – and they should be able to topple me, at least, if not Mathis. Yet they fail, every time I’ve argued his physics.

            I’m certainly not taking “Gaia'”‘s side here, just pointing out that qualifications aren’t necessary or even relevant in theory discussion. Only the points matter, not who is making them. If “Gaia” couldn’t counter his points, then his points stand. I missed the thread(s) you were talking about but I’d gladly throw in my two cents if it seems fun.


          2. Jared: I have a lot of respect for your work and comments. You have, for me, the “qualications” to address intelligently, without bias, issues pertaining to physics/science . You just don’t spout off stuff off the top of your head – your work is rooted as far as I can see in a good scientific foundation. I didn’t mean to imply that ‘qualifications’ meant that only someone with advanced degrees and pedigrees could discuss physics or the big science questions of the day , but it seems to me that having a good foundation in science and math (which you and Miles have) is helpful. I personally bristle at someone taking potshots and lobbing criticisms about stuff they don’t know a thing about and if they do think they know something about it then it would be nice if they stated their case clearly to underpin their argument. I love the research that Miles does on all fronts and the follow up that you offer shedding light on MM’s physics/charge field theories. So I hope that clarifies where I am coming from. I wish you much success!


    2. I haven’t confirmed this but people are saying that website, Classmates.com, shows the actor in the video above with the last name Hogg as graduating from a high school in California back in 2015.


  20. Here is a decent rundown on many inconsistencies with the shooting:


    It mentions the SWAT team training nearby but doesn’t mention the drill scheduled for the school the SAME day where students said they were told to expect things like “fake screams” and “bodies being taken out.” It also says it doesn’t think it was a hoax. OK, so then why all these anomalies?


  21. Here’s an interesting bit of information from a guy I was talking to on another forum website.

    He goes by the name Ben H, and here’s what he said…

    “I downloaded a free app many years ago that monitors official scanner radio activity across the US. You can pay for some that monitor radio chatter from around the world. You can set user thresholds that will send you alerts when a certain number of people are actively listening in an area at any given time.

    I learn of “events” many minutes before you would generally learn of them from traditional news outlets.

    Listening in to this latest ‘massacre’ from the first alert I got, and since I’m at home without a job right now, I’ll tell you I heard absolutely NO indication that the officials on site at that high school in Florida communicated in the slightest manner that it was a real shooting. All the radio chatter I heard that day was routine training. I even got an alert earlier, when the students said they had a drill. I listened for maybe ten minutes then and realized it for what it was. The second “drill” was a bit more lively, but was what it was. A training drill.

    I can’t back that up. I’m not so tech savvy. But I’m sure if someone had the skills they could recover all that radio chatter I listened to.”

    Is he saying there was a drill earlier the same day and then later was the actual event he says also sounded like a drill?
    That’s the way I interpret what he wrote.

    I’m waiting for clarification from him and I’ll report back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Real fieldwork, kudos to you Jack. Also see the link I posted about JLB’s view on the Sydney Siege before.

      People are awakening up to this staged event en masse, even those who may have been asleep with Sandy Hoax:

      check the comments.


    2. Here’s some more from my conversation with Ben H. Still. I still haven’t got a response back from him about whether or not he heard another active shooter drill taking place earlier the same day.

      “I say again, download a decent scanner app to your phone. Set your alert threshold between 3 and 5 thousand listeners. You will be able to tell really quickly which of these catastrophes are real live scenarios, and which are just mundane drills being sold as catastrophes. I see nothing wrong with a little counter surveillance!

      One I missed, even though I heard the alert, I didn’t get up to listen was the LV shooting. I won’t miss any more!!”


        1. I spoke with this Ben H. again and here’s what else he had to say….

          If nothing else, the scanner app he speaks of might prove itself to be a useful tool in the identification and early detection of future staged events.

          “But yes, the free app I have is called scanner radio I think. It often resets it’s own threshold so that I get alerts that amount to nothing more than a grocery store robbery in notown, USA.

          The first alert I got that day was definitely a drill. I don’t know if it was the fire drill or not. I was very surprised it alerted for a drill. It did make me wonder why so many radios were on air listening in the area. It alerted to the local emergency services channel the first time. Dispatch and responding officials were all quite calm. Dispatch said something about it would only last 20 minutes, so I turned it off and reset the threshold back to around 4000 listeners. Oh, listeners are tracked through broadcastify.com, if that helps.

          The second alert was a couple hours later and the threshold pinged on the local sheriff’s office I think. Maybe police. This one was alittle different. Some excited chatter. I heard the question of how many shooters several times but I never got the sense it might be a real shooting. It sounded like another drill to me. I’m positive it was another drill.”


          1. If I understand this correctly, he sets his threshold to 4000 listeners, meaning he will only be alerted to events that have at least 4000 people listening in.
            So naturally he was supprised and baffled when he recieved the first alert that day for a non-emergency training exercise.

            Apparently there were quite a few people with scanners interested in what was going on in Parkland, FL that day. Enough that it triggered Ben’s alert for a routine non emergency training exercise 2 hours before the supposed shooting took place. To me this might suggest a certain level of foreknowledge.


  22. @ Grace and @Jared, I have nothing against you two, you may have anything against me, I don’t care.

    My criticism against Miles Mathis’ science stuff is not about his mathematics (sound), physics (idem), but against taking the position that “relativity theory is real, it is just poorly understood [and even Einstein acknowledged that]” as stated here: http://milesmathis.com/rel1.html.

    Or, in his own words:
    “Let me first say that I know that Relativity is true.
    Einstein was absolutely correct in that. But his theory, as he presented it, was still flawed and incomplete. Even Einstein knew this. He told his followers explicitly that no theory was ever finished, and especially not his.”

    It is stepping in half-way in my opinion, taking “space” data seriously (NASA cum suis, Pinoneer quoted in that same article) and/or taking the magic mathematics seriously at least in part.

    I have no problems with Miles Mathis as a person, at all. I am in email communication with him. I have no problems with his hoax papers either. We disagree on points and that is just fine. Just like I disagree with Mark on points, but respect the platform he created here and hopefully we will finally talk together soon. I like his research on many topics, though I disagree with the zombie idea.

    The only benchmark for me is Flat Earth, being an obvious hook-line-sinker scam. And even there I have spent months of my life looking into that.

    @Jared, you can just call me Gaia, instead of “Gaia”. Thanks.


  23. It would be interesting if a “normie nurse (or doctor)” working at a hospital where the fake shooting victims are allegedly being treated could do their own little investigation (i.e., check medical records, see the actual fake victim, etc.) and spill the beans on a blog like this. How easy or difficult would it be for a nurse or doctor, although not directly involved with their care, to check on these patients?:



    1. At best the doctor or nurse will tell the story to his/her family or close friends. Maybe they will become more aware of the general situation, beyond the shenanigans at the specific hospital. Telling the story on this blog will not benefit the general public. If they go to the police


  24. I was catching up on the latest Lenny P from Sandy Hook nonsense, and stumbled on to this blog that was talking about early debunks of Sandy Hook. The author was writing about a dude that lived in Newton and who happened to know a number of the actors in the charade called Sandy Hook.
    The reason I am bringing it up is that he found out something that I found extremely interesting and it made me see another reason why people would willing participate in these hoaxes.
    Here’s a couple of paragraphs from the blog talking about the crisis actors and I will put the link underneath so everyone can do their own research.
    From the blog;

    “And you know one thing that I heard that made a lot of sense to me…. a video he did on the subject….he was really shaken up….he had just spoken to someone and wouldn’t reveal any details…but he had found out that these crisis actor parents and crisis actor family members at Sandy hook had all been informed about the incoming planetary body….the one they’ve known about since the 80′s which is almost upon us now….anyways they had been told about it and promised a spot for them and their families in the underground cities….the ones they’ve built funneling billions of our tax dollars to all these years. So finding out about this cataclysm thats coming….and being promised a spot on the ark if you will…along with money….the govt launders the payment through the go fund me and any donations gained from the public are icing on the cake.”

    Another interesting tidbit, and I don’t know if it’s true but it sheds some light on the planning process of these hoaxes.

    ” Anyways my friend told me that back in 2008 this family member suddenly had loads of $ rolling in…he didn’t know where it was coming from…but his family member was boasting about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they were being paid to participate in a future event…a fake event that would be covered by the media as real…one that would be used to get Americans to give up their guns. He didn’t understand what his family member meant at the time but when it finally happened FOUR years later in 2012 and his family member played an important role…he knew that was it. So this tells us it was being planned at least as far back as 2008 and these ppl were being paid HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS…from our taxes no doubt. ”


    I felt that this blog gave a fresh perspective to the motivation and thinking of the crisis actors that hadn’t been fully hashed out here. If it is to be believed it’s a nice window into the planning & timing aspect of these rancid psyops.


    1. I suspect the crisis actors, technical people, lower level spooks, etc., involved in these fake events are given both a “carrot and stick” motivation to keep quiet and to follow orders – The TPTB may pay them off with a large salary and favors (the “carrots”), and threats of career, financial and social ruination, and perhaps even death (the “sticks”) (what would stop them from committing murder? – they control and dominate everything already), to facilitate their minion’s loyalty and compliance.


      1. What about all the funerals and fake crying by parents? Is that considered part of the drill? Wonder what “dignity” health says to that. What a nasty web they are weaving….


  25. The link above from Dignity Health Organization was to a flyer announcing and looking for participants for an active shooter drill involving, among others, the Long Beach, CA police dept and Carnival Cruise Lines, cheduled for the end of March.

    It appears they may have caught wind it was being circulated and killed the link.

    Good thing I took a screenshot though.


    1. Yeah, great you did it.

      Mark, what about the idea of having a dedicated thread/blog post where people can post those upcoming drills? I bet there are thousands, in the US alone. Once people spot it, like Jack’s eye did, we can save them centralized. And once they really pull of an event we have it documented that it was “””predicted”””…


    1. I dunno if this necessarily means anything but this suggestive headline just popped up on the Yahoo homepage today:

      You Won’t Believe These Disgusting Things That Happen on Cruise Ships


      Possible priming for a particularly gory psyop? In the featured photo, it looks kinda like the guy’s head is detached from his body and floating in the water. Maybe an ISIS event?

      I see that the vessel named Carnival Imagination will be departing from the Port of Long Beach on March 29, the day after the scheduled drill:


      And we had some recent “cruise ship terror” foreshadowing in the news:


      And this gory story from a couple years ago aboard the Carnival Ecstasy:



      1. Carnival is digging it’s own grave with this nonsense. I hope people stay away with their pocket books…….


      2. I dunno if this is just a matter of the algorithm feeding me these stories but there was some more cruise line drama on the Yahoo homepage today. This time aboard the Norwegian Epic:


        The idea of passengers falling from tall “ship buildings” recalls the 9/11 jumpers, adding some more possible priming for a future terrorist event?

        This report from Inside Edition goes more into the older story from 2012 of Sarah Kirby who reportedly survived a long fall from a ship. The infrared video of her plummet reminds me a lot of the 9/11 jumper footage:


        Also in the first article, “Code Oscar” is mentioned which is apparently the official alert for “man overboard.” Following last weekend’s Oscars broadcast, could this be a little hint at future “drama and acting” to come?

        Speaking of fictional nautical narratives, I see a remake of the 80s Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russel movie Overboard just happens to be scheduled for release on April 13, a couple weeks after the scheduled drill at the Port of Long Beach:


        In the Wiki entry, it says that the Friday the 13th release date was changed from 4/20, which is an important date for psyops. Here’s the trailer:

        They’ve flipped the gender roles for this remake with the male character being an emotionally abusive bastard which falls in line with the current #MeToo movement (In the previous version Goldie Hawn played the abusive “rich bitch.”).

        I dunno if any of this means anything but I see a number of themes tying together here involving cruise ships, all with this scheduled drill in Long Beach on the horizon. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!


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