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It was plain to see yesterday that the fake school shootings in Broward County had captured everyone’s attention, so I delayed the Waco piece I put up yesterday until later next week.

22727CB7-A5BD-40BF-86BC-EACD620AB604Again we are faced with the spectacle of tearless anguish. I mentioned on Facebook how odd it is that these two are not generating real tears, and was told that they are just cried out. You’d think the people behind these tragedies would invest in a bottle of Visine.

Anyway, I put too much sweat equity into the Waco piece to watch it slip away in quietude. Will try again after this tragedy has become ancient history, maybe Wednesday.

14 thoughts on “Note to readers

  1. “…ancient history, maybe Wednesday.” Not far from the truth! Sensible decision, Mark. Will look forward to your work.


  2. Was reading the Secret Sun about this event, which they seem to take as real, but they point out several “syncs” as they call them. Just one example, Ash Wednesday, so the Catholics have the crosses smeared on their foreheads, and the shooter’s name is La Cruz, Spanish for “the cross.”


    1. I read Secret Sun for amusement but Chris Knowles is quite aware of Miles and the like. He has some health issues which changed the tone of SS. His historic research from the past was first rate. These days he seems to be listing the clues that scream hoax but he won’t commit. He’s a little too plugged in to things like the X Files to go full Miles on his readership.


      1. Yes, I’m sure I found them through your comments here. I’ll have to look back in his archives for the historical research you mention.


  3. Pre-Valentine’s Day MSM coverage was actually getting interesting. That had to stop. Uranium One/drugs (opium)/weapons ratlines exposed, $700 billion Pentagon budget, Netanyahu charged with corruption, US sells-out Syrian Kurds, Turkey invades Syria, and “hundreds of Russians killed” (not) in Syria, stocks take a dive, etc. , all running against the grain of American Exceptionalism and conventional wisdom. No, this is not good for business. Florida cleans the (emotional) slate. Next week begins with (fake) President’s Day — a short week, and an opportunity to recoup last week’s losses.

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  4. “cried out”? I know from the experience of a sudden, unexpected, loss that it takes much, much longer to “cry out”. Waves of agony and tears just keep coming. I know everyone is different, but I don’t personally know of anyone whose tears give out that quickly.

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  5. I told myself that I wouldn’t waste the 5 minutes to deconstruct this fable, as it was not worth it. Listing the perpetrator, victims, details, etc. on msm before any investigation could possibly take place outs it for me. Glad to see they went back to gun free zones though to run these. Vegas was a pretty risky place for their actors. No worries, they can easily be replaced.


  6. The original “St Valentine’s Day massacre” was fake too.

    It was used to push through legislation regarding sales and ownership of automatic weapons (“Tommy Guns”, etc)

    It worked.

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      1. maybe they simply destroyed it on purpose and nobody got hurt. Anyway that movie with the burning blimp looks pretty convincing to me. But the fact, that somebody made that movie in the first place also speaks for itself. I knew people who saw the real Hindenburg flying. I also knew people who met Hitler personally and they claimed he had very impressive eyes. They’re all dead now.


      2. Re the Hindenburg:
        If you look closely at the tiny figures running out from the flaming wreckage as it crashes it looks impossible that anyone could have survived that. At least it does to me. Most of them seem to be running out from an area where there were no passengers.


      3. Happened on 5/6 (11) 36 (3 and 3+3) casualties. First source I read claimed 62 survivors (8), Wiki claims 61. I gotta study these numbers more – 13 and 22 turn up too. It is worth a deeper look.


    1. Actually, my grandfather #2 by marriage was an apartment manager there at the time. He said that the bodies all were holding their ID’s when he looked at them, just after the shooting. He also went on to say that if one voted for the correct party they would get a free turkey on the way out the door. He could never figure out how they knew how anyone voted. Says that they tried to recruit him, but he declined.


  7. Another problem has come up while putting the finishing touches on the Battle of the N. Atlantic. I’m afraid I may have to do a separate piece on the Graf Spee and Langsdorf. It is turning into a can of worms all by itself. The more I dig the worse it gets. Great fun though.


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