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It has only been a few years since I bought into this stuff, so I understand how people get sucked in. The JFK assassination was one of the most intensely rabbit-holed events of my lifetime, and the industry still thrives. There is one site in particular that seems to be charged with keeping the story alive, called Black Op Radio*. It has been going on going on 18 years now, and runs hours and hours of programming.

The host of the Black Op is Len Osanic, and I have to suspect that at some point in time he has come to understand that there is a large community out here who understand the JFK assassination was fake. That would indeed make for some interesting programming, but nothing like that ever happens. Instead, the shows delve and re-delve and repeat the “evidence”, and never seem to solve the riddle. You’d think that in the 54 years since the event, someone somewhere out there would have reached a conclusion. But no.



One very good thing I learned from BAR is this: William Pepper, supposedly the defense attorney for Sirhan Sirhan, is a big fake, as is James Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. Pepper came on the show one time to announce that he feared a plot to kill Sirhan was in the offing,  which would mean that extra guards should be placed around his home, as Sirhan is not in jail.  And Douglass … I have a cousin who does some proofreading for him, and when I supplied her with a copy of Tyrone’s JFKTV, I never heard from her again. She much prefers life in the rabbit hole. Douglass’s treatment of JFK is obscene, practically canonizing him a saint. That is truly unspeakable.

If indeed Osanic is a spook, and keeping the juggler’s balls in the air is his assigned task, I have to say that he is very good at his job. But man, it looks like work, so boring, same people, same subject week in and week out for almost two decades. If, on the other hand, Osanic is the real deal, and really believes JFK was offed, he should open the door to the real skeptics, those of us who have (with help from people like MM and Tyrone) solved the mystery and moved on with our lives.

*Link goes only to 2018 shows, but all shows are archived back to 2000.

24 thoughts on “Black Op Radio

  1. The JFK topic aggravates me like no other. It’s been 54 years and people still believe the ridiculous myth about JFK fighting the Federal Reserve, which is laughable as it takes very little time to prove that the exact opposite is true…by repealing the Silver Purchase Act, the Fed’s power was greatly enhanced. I’m so tired of this executive order nonsense too…JFK’s lame EO merely amended a prior EO from 1951. Ugh, it’s so irritating. Apparently it just feels too good to believe we had some honorable president looking out for us…most people have zero interest in reconsidering their deification of JFK.

    Anyway, for those who are open-minded, I always first show them that JFK was a fraud and there’d be no reason to assassinate him. Only then do I bring up the staged killing. Of course then there’s the topic of Lem Billings and how JFK was the furthest thing from a “womanizer” but that’s a lot of truth to drop on someone! Most can’t handle it.


  2. The most telling thing about Osanic is that he was hand picked by Lt. Col. L. Fletcher Prouty to be the caretaker of Prouty’s legacy. I don’t think the Lt. Col. would have an amateur taking on that kind of responsibility. In fact, BOR may have been designed to keep Prouty’s name alive amongst the traffic of personas on that show. The damned thing is Jim DiEugenio seems so authentic. But, he came out of the LA/Hollywood environs and is a real cinephile so he may just be a very good actor. He is certainly prolific as a writer and may be a candidate for a committee front, but I won’t press that point.


    1. BTW, I just went over to DiEugenio’s site, for the first time since it changed from CTKA and had the day’s best laugh: All four of the assassinated heroes (JFK/RFK/MLK/Malcolm X) are pictured at the top of the first page and they are all touching their faces as if in the process of lying.


  3. it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. I recently commented on an article about pensions in Germany. Our government likes to suggests it is saving money for our future, but in reality it spends all the money it takes from us immediately on current issues. It even always spends more that it gets. The pensions are always payed from current tax income and it doesn’t matter if its called tax or pension or insurance fund or whatever. It’s the same money. We pay it and they pay us back some of it immediately. The rest is spend on common issues or gets to people who does not work anymore. It’s called “the churning society” and it is a very simple system. I think it actually applies for every civilized country now. And I got hundreds of negative comments suggesting I should reread the article where it says, there is a law to keep an amount of the pension contributions as security, etc. They don’t get it. Every money the government takes from you is gone even before it was taken from you. That way we are forced to work our entire life. People just don’t want to realize why they fear about their retirement time and are willing to give their hard earned money to the government instead of saving it themselves for their future. Even knowing they will never get back what they previously payed as pension contribution.


    1. The money is hidden in investments and shady accounting structures. It’s international.

      ” You see, you in the UK also have the same criminal hiding (obfuscation) of these assets as we do in America, by applying future liabilities to current asset totals, and excluding the actual value of assets on the budget report for the people.”

      “My last article explains this scam in America, here:” – clint > richardson


      1. I loved that article, Steve, and having governmental accounting explained to me at last. I sat through those classes in college, and it was pure torture! At a low level, we accountants are useful in making order out of chaos, but at high levels the AICPA is window dressing behind which exists a monumental confidence game.


    2. I used to write about scams like the Social Security Trust Fund, an American fraud. Even Alan Greenspan, no fan of Social Security, said the Trust Fund is real because it is a legal claim on future assets, and those assets are real. Ergo, TF real!

      In a sense that is true, and yet as I see it, there is no intent by anyone ever to make that claim on those assets. Social Security, as you say, is a current rollover of wealth among people of limited means. The Trust Fund is merely a statement of excess tax collections from lower and middle income people, since only the first $100,000+ in income is subject to the tax, and all forms of privilege income based on ownership of assets (dividends, capital gains, interest, royalties) are exempt from that tax.

      I quit writing about it because no one read it. Too fucking complicated. Let the scam continue.


      1. It’s actually not complicated at all. All the numbers are available on the government’s own website. There are currently ZERO FUNDS in the so-called SS Trust Fund. It merely contains IOUs aka Treasury Bonds. This would be like if I wrote myself a trillion dollar check and stuck it in a drawer and then said I have a trillion dollar trust fund.

        Every penny collected in SS taxes is immediately used to pay the current recipients of Social Security. There is a name for this scheme. Oh yeah, a Ponzi scheme. Bottom line is that the “fund” is imaginary. To access the “fund” the government has to redeem the Treasury Bonds, which is a bit tough since they’re the ones who issued the bonds. Therefore, they have to find new buyers for newly-issued Treasury Bonds to replace the ones being “redeemed.” Again, it’s just a basic Ponzi scheme.


  4. MM’s theory is ridiculous. Anyone who is familiar at all with the extremely vile Catholic “church” should know that Kennedy was indeed removed. To think that the Kennedy’s run the world is laughable at best. Any real researcher knows that ALL roads lead back to Rome!


    1. I think you’re doing a baby/bathwater thing … a lot of people are not married to the underground ruling council theory, including me. Seeing how JFK was glamorized and lionized, I wonder if he was not put there for the sake of being assassinated, to have an icon and matinee idol killed before our eyes to traumatize us. Expectations would be on Robert and John Jr. to solve the murder, so they had to be fake-killed too.


    2. Who said the Kennedys “run the world?” Certainly not MM. There are other prominent families that also had children die at a young age. The DuPonts are one of them. If there is an underground ruling body type of thing, the Kennedys would only be a part of it and perhaps only for the US. That’s a far cry from “running the world.” Anyway, MM is not totally committed to that theory, especially after he discovered the relationship between JFK and Lem Billings. It’s possible JFK simply retired from public life and that’s it.


  5. I am happy to openly state that I do not believe Kennedy died on that fateful day in Dallas. I can fully understand why this will seem like an offensive thing to say, to anybody who has not already spent considerable time entertaining this notion for themselves.

    Let’s suppose, for the sake of argument, that he did die that day.

    What then do we make of the uncanny ‘coincidences’ involved in the event?

    The following video is only five minutes long, and the link I provide is skipped ahead to the good bit (about 90 seconds in). If you are interested in what some people describe as the ‘esoteric’ it will be well worth your time.


    1. There are a ton of numerology/gematria connections for this event. That video mentioned Kill King 33. The event occurred on 11/22…11+22 = 33. Using the Pythagorean system, Kennedy = 33…Lee Oswald = 33. Using the Chaldean number system, Dallas Texas = 33.


      1. In addition, there were the three tramps in Dallas that day. They symbolized the three ruffians in the Masonic allegory of Hiram Abiff. Furthermore, Dealey Plaza is named after George Dealey, a 33rd degree Freemason, and Zapruder was Jewish and a 33rd degree Freemason. Imagine that. I’m not sure why more people can’t see through this fairytale. Honestly, I think it’s more fun for them to believe in some murder conspiracy. A staged hoax just isn’t as exciting I guess.


        1. There is also this:

          “James Robert Leavelle (born August 23, 1920) is a World War II veteran and the former Dallas, Texas, homicide detective who was escorting Lee Harvey Oswald through the basement of Dallas Police headquarters when Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby. Several photographs—including one that won a Pulitzer Prize—were taken of Oswald just before Ruby pulled the trigger. The photos show Leavelle wearing a tan suit, in sharp contrast to the other detective (L. C. Graves), who is wearing a black suit.”

          That last sentence jumped out at me. Why would the author stress color contrast? It reads as a clue.

          Consider this:

          “The High Priestess sitting between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin (which has a particular meaning to Freemasonry)”

          “The High Priestess is identified with the Shekhinah, the female indwelling presence of the divine. She wears plain blue robes and sits with her hands in her lap. She has a lunar crescent at her feet, ‘a horned diadem on her head, with a globe in the middle place’ similar to the crown of the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, but with the horns having a shape more like half-crescents, and a large cross on her breast. The scroll in her hands, partly covered by her mantle, bears the letters TORA (meaning ‘divine law’). She is seated between the white and black pillars—’J’ and ‘B’ for Jachin and Boaz—of the mystic Temple of Solomon. The veil of the Temple is behind her: it is embroidered with palm leaves and pomegranates.”


  6. I’m kind of surprised that none of the historians ever got the inside joke of Oswald using the Carcano. Probably one of the worst rifles for accuracy ever produced. Of course, we were only told that the scope was not sighted. I can assure you that it would not have made any difference. I hope they all got a good laugh out of it back at the Carousel Club while they were slapping backs and giggling. I still stand by my guess that Ruby stood for drinks.


  7. Steve Kelly, thank you for outting Painfultruth2017. Hey Painfultruth2017, what 2017 truth is painful?
    Telling it?
    Glancing at your blog that’s my best guess.


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