Law enforcement in our climate of fear


This is an event that happened during the week of March 19th near Red Lodge, Montana. This is a small community at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, and is about fifty miles from Billings, where I was born and raised, and from which I escaped in 2001.


According to news reports, Thomas Joseph Schifferns occasionally lived with James McGregor and his common law wife, Shiloh Moncada. McGregor’s body was found near a trailhead in the mountainous area west of Red Lodge. He had been shot and his body dragged, but was easily discovered by police. McGregor’s truck was stuck at the trail head, and Moncada claims his safe was open and empty.

Schifferns is accused of murder and is being held on $1 million bond in Billings.

So far, it all seems plausible. People have killed for less money. I want to just leave this alone except for the things that caught my eye: On the night that the body was found, police (actually a SWAT team, more like militarized police) shut down the highway that leads out of Red Lodge between mile markers 56 and 60. Schifferns is said to be 33 years old, and McGregor 69. Those are all spook markers.

Of course, those are all real numbers too. I was once 33 years old and many people reach the age of 69. Every major highway has mile markers at 56 and 60. So if indeed this is a real event, then all I am looking at is a coincidence, and I am over-thinking.

Here’s some more information: Apparently, Schifferns drove McGregor to the trailhead, and murdered him there, and dragged the body 100 yards away. This had to have been on the 19th or earlier, since Moncada reporting him missing on the 19th. Then the truck got stuck. The body was discovered on the 21st, at least two days after the murder.


Kristen Garcia is a friend of Schifferns. He sought her out and told her he had “ruined his life” and asked her to drive him to Texas or to buy him a bus ticket. She took him to Wal-Mart (in Billings) where he bought camping supplies and a cell phone, apparently planning to go to warmer climes. (Camping in Montana right now is ill-advised.) She then took him to Columbus, north and east of Red Lodge, where he confessed to her that he had murdered a man. His reason was that McGregor had been “disrespectful” and was “homeless.” He did not say money was his motive, and since we know that Schifferns occasionally lived with McGregor and his common law wife, we know McGregor was not homeless.

I understand that people who have done stupid things are often in panic mode. So let’s say that I had done the murder, and emptied the safe. What would I do?

First, I would not tell anyone. That is really important. Secondly, I would leave the area. That could be a problem if I don’t own a car. It is currently bitterly cold in Red Lodge, so hitch-hiking is out of the question. I would consider stealing a car. I might “borrow” Kristen’s car to get some distance between me and Red Lodge, knowing that I would eventually have to  ditch it. If that is impossible, only then I would consider a bus ticket, but would use Billings as the place to purchase it. The reason: It is a bigger city, and the bus depot there is usually trafficked by homeless people in need of money. There I would pay someone to buy me a bus ticket. (Drivers check that the ticket is valid, but not for an ID. That is only done at the ticket counter.)

So Schifferns is not terribly bright, and cannot think clearly, and screwed up. He got caught in Roberts, Montana, an even smaller town between Red Lodge and Billings. That should be the end of the story, and I should let it go.

Why can’t I? Three reasons: One, the SWAT team response. McGregor was reported missing, his body found two days later. It is safe to assume the murder happened on or before Monday. The murderer had long left the scene. Why call in SWAT?

Second: Closing down the highway.  Having a two-day jump on everyone, it is safe to assume he left the area. But a four mile stretch of highway was closed off, mile posts 56-60, this announced on all local news.

Third, not mentioned before: They closed down all Red Lodge schools on Thursday morning. Apparently they were afraid that Schifferns might also be a mass killer. (In reality, they now have every school kid in the country frightened, their objective no doubt, so why not pour on a little more fear?)

OK, I understand it could all be real, that Schifferns really could have murdered McGregor and has Schiffer brains, so did not know how to leave the area. It could have been a well-planned crime that went awry because the truck, which was to serve as a getaway vehicle, got stuck at the trailhead. What I do not understand is the highway closure, the use of SWAT, and the school shutdown. That appears to me to be unnecessary fear mongering.

We were in Copenhagen, Denmark a couple of years ago, and in the area called Freetown Christiania, a kind of hippie hangout (for lack of a better word), there was supposedly a policeman murdered. We walked in Freetown the day after, and there was no sign anywhere of an event like that, everything business-as-usual, but that does not mean it did not happen. The following day we were in Copenhagen proper, and the entire square we were in was surrounded by police. It was an impressive display, and I could not understand why. There was no law-enforcement purpose. I finally decided it was for two reasons: One to emphasize that a cop had been killed, and two, a show of force. It was otherwise nonsensical.

It could be that in our climate of fear, every event is now hyped and SWAT is meant to be part of every crime. I wish I knew. I  know they do fake events as well. If this event is real, their presence was unnecessary.

PS: I should have mentioned this earlier as I had it in mind as I put this post together. It is a comment from Jared Magneson on February 22, an identical situation where a guy had committed suicide, and that brought out a massive police response, even evacuating Jared from his home on a chilly evening. It is a very insightful comment, and can be read here. (You might have to scroll up or down a bit to find it. It is nearby that link.)

19 thoughts on “Law enforcement in our climate of fear

    1. It is sure enough him in the picture, and finally found a birth date 11/21/84, so he is indeed 33 years old (in a leap year 11/21 is the 326th day of the year, 3+2+6 = 11. JFK was fake-killed on 11/22, a non leap year, so the day was double-spooked, 326 (11) and 11+22=33.)

      Enough of the numbers!

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        1. Brief scan of Garcia’s and some of the Shifferns FB pages posts, photos, and nothing on Thomas.
          To address the third point they located the suspect on S Hauser street with the elementy school behind the house. So I assume the suspect was Thomas Shifferns but then why the bus ticket, wouldn’t he have to leave the same day as the ticket purchase?
          From the Carbon Copy: “McQuillan added the decision to close Red Lodge schools was first made in conjunction with school officials and done so because of the situations close proximity to the schools and not knowing how long this operation was going to take.”


    1. Looking at the mug shots on the Billings Gazette web site, Shifferns looks like he’s been pasted on a neutral background. In another story on the site, about a man robbing ATM’s, his mug shots look the same, pasted onto a blank background. There must be some legal twitch or aesthetic concerns or height charts are no longer required. Or something else… Both stories feature well fed, healthy looking men. Military?


        1. My sense, then, is that mug shots sent to the press don’t have to follow precise protocols. Like photos in general, mug shots are not admissible evidence as is. They are now considered prejudicial to juries so are not used in trials. Since no one in the press is under oath, mug shots can be used in any way the publishing source cares to. For example:


  1. The Loughner/Fester mug shot was pasted all over the front pages and it didn’t take long for the Beck resemblance to make the rounds on the net. Since Tuscon is crap from the get go, this seems like just another taunt to test just how gullible the public is. Pics of Loughner look like a picture bank was raided and several dudes who looked the type were used to play Loughner in the press. Fester was one of the outliers of this photo batch.
    Speaking of Tuscon, I took a trip down memory lane and went back through Clues Forum’s lengthy thread on the Giffords fraud. Dallas Goldbug shows up as a member around page 20. They eventually root him out, but what’s rather depressing is that many of the photos used in that thread have disappeared because various photo hosting sites went under, or something. It’s like walking through a complex of abandoned buildings, soon to be razed to make room for a freeway junction.


    1. Speaking of Tucson, have you seen the film The Thirteenth Floor?

      One of the main characters discovers a clue that his world is not what he has been led to believe. Curious, he decides to drive out to Tucson, and as he makes his way across the desert, he sees fewer and fewer other humans, until soon he is alone.

      When he reaches his intended destination, what he finds ‘shakes him to the core of his miserable soul’.

      I now use that scene of the film as an analogy for what happened when I spent considerable time trying to find primary sources for what we are told about ancient history (ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, etc).

      So it is all somewhat of a ‘synchronicity’ for me to now see Tucson make such an appearance in this post.

      ‘Take a trip out to Tucson’…


  2. Is there a single policy regarding publication of ‘mugshots’ in the US or does it vary from state to state? I’m reminded of a rather amusing development in a certain YouTube ‘community’* last year, whereby a prominent ‘truth teller’ and ‘christian’ was revealed to have previously been convicted for sex offences, and his mugshot was available for all to see (if they knew where to look).

    *It kinda rhymes with ‘brat smirf’. Don’t judge me, I’m not one of them and never was, but I am open to questioning the official cosmology which most of our fellow earthlings seem to take for granted.


    1. Everyone wears a mask. My life is a search for authentic and genuine people. Our ‘truth’ community is a group of real people but we are infiltrated with frauds and low level spooks, so we have trouble trusting one another.


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