Meet the Feigl’s

Twins 2

These photos have been making the rounds today – two players in the baseball minor leagues who look exactly alike and who each have red beards, and who each chose identical eye wear, and who each have the same name, Brady Feigl.

What are the odds? Incalculable, but I tried. First, I took all of the beaches in the world, and then using a Google search added up all of the grains of sand on all of those beaches. To be objective, I used low tide to avoid ocean bottom bias.

I took that number, 1.47 humptakazillion, and measured it against one grain of sand. But I had to give it up. I was still nowhere near the real odds of this happening. I thought about bringing in other planets with beaches to the calculation, but honestly, I just did not believe Wikipedia’s numbers. Too many spook markers.

I remembered some years back that a similar coincidence had happened, this on a British airway, not the big one, but one that flies overseas routes. I remembered this from one of our old blog posts.

Twins 1

Again we have redheaded men with red beards. The math is now overwhelming. Bringing in other galaxies, much less other planets, will still not get us close to the odds of this happening in nature.

I think someone is messing with us. Either that, or there is more, far more to this story than we are told.

8 thoughts on “Meet the Feigl’s

  1. Yep, someone IS messing with our heads…………..or at least trying to. If it IS true that those in the know are doubling up as other people , the PTB need to show that we all have doppelgangers if we look hard enough. It’s normal don’t y’know? We have a conspiracy theorist in the UK , Chris Spivey, who just has to be a disinformation plant. He spends his days matching up the most unlikely candidates for ‘doubling.’ Fred West and his wife, Rose, two evil serial killers matched with Tony Blair ex Prime Minister and his wife Cherie!!! The mind boggles. Mind you, on second thoughts, Tony IS a serial killer of sorts I suppose.

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  2. I believe these are tests to gauge the gullibility of the masses.
    They need to make sure enough people still accept what they’re told without question.

    I can only imagine the fun they have with these sort of things in the back rooms of Langley.

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        1. Indeed, if we can establish that these are two separate men, then clones would be the only explanation, as I diligently sorted out the odds in the post above, my statistical skills on display. Once we have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains …


    1. That is exactly the same thing i believe. I call them “Dummy Tests”. They put some cockamamie idiocy out here for us where the odds of it being true are so slim they cannot even be measured, then scan the Comments sections to see if the people are “a little bit dumber” or “still just as stoopit as usual”. The current “20-dead-in-barely wrecked-limo-that-failed-it’s-last-safety-inspection-was-driven-by-a-non-licensed-chauffeur-and-limo-owned-by-FBI-informant” is one of the best Dummy Tests they’ve come out with yet but there have been some doozys over the years…


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