Seventeen years after …

SBWell, it is the seventeenth anniversary of 9/11, so this has to be written. Please take time to review Kevin’s article below, The Sewing Circle (Loose Threads) as it is much more interesting than this will be.

It is time to talk about controlled demolition of seven buildings, two of which oddly formed the number 11 and that perhaps sat mostly empty for 33 years, of vicsims and rabbit holes, the devilishly clever misdirection of Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Judy Woods and, of course, Jim Fetzer, who is not very clever but omnipresent in every fake event. All of that matters, and it needs to be discussed, especially on the anniversary …

Man, it is hard to sustain the interest. They got away with it … so, I was standing in line at Starbucks this morning, this one a grocery store outlet where service is much slower, and in front of me were two women, one in nascent obesity, and the other soon to be. “I’ll bet … I’ll bet…” I thought, and as I waited for their drinks to emerge, thought “Aha!” Each of them had ordered up several tablespoons of table sugar in the form of a Starbucks breakfast drink.

What must the conversation have been among Starbucks management and advertisers?

Ad Agency: “If you want repeat business, you have to sell more sugar! Have you ever thought about going into the ice cream business?”

Executive: “Of course. Ice cream is great food, but customers shy away from it because it has the reputation of being a dessert.”

Ad Agency: “Change the image.”

Executive: “But how?”

Ad Agency: “Come on now, this is what we get paid for!”

Executive: “How do we make ice cream nutritious?”

Ad Agency: “Nuwhatus? Don’t ever use that word!”

Executive: “Sorry, my bad. How do we make ice cream a breakfast drink?”

Ad Agency: “Change the name. call it something else. Marketing 101. OK, ladies and gentlemen. Brainstrom time. Give me names … ” [the room comes alive] … Icealicious … candywrappo … whapposilious … whipcremata … ” “Wait! Whapp … I’m getting a vibe here … wrapper … whapper … dapper … mapper … Frap! Ever heard of a chocolate frappe?”

Executive: “Yeah, but it’s ice cream!”

Ad Agency: “No, it’s not ice cream. It’s Italian, fer chrissakes. It ends in a vowel. Frappacina. No wait. I got it. FRAPPUCINO.”

A hush falls over the room. It is the ghost of Don Draper.

Here’s a primer on Starbucks drinks. As a rule of thumb, 4.69 grams equals one teaspoon of table sugar. I’ll list the drink, and then teaspoons of sugar in parenthesis.

Doubleshot Energy Vanilla Drink (5.34)
Bottled Coffee Frappuccino Coffee Drink (6.84)
Bottled Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino Coffee Drink (10.23)
Caramel Iced Coffee (4.26)
Hot Chocolate (9.18)
Peppermint Hot Chocolate (13.02)
Caffè Mocha (7.47)
Cinnamon Dolce Latte (8.52)
Black coffee (0)

That’s all well and good – sugar is fun! On Sunday evening at a family dinner I gulped down apple pie and ice cream, and there must have been ten teaspoons of sugar in it. But the key for Starbucks is repeatability. I enjoyed my dessert because I rarely eat dessert.  It is not a repeatable daily treat. Starbucks depends on habits formed, and just as sexy women sell cars, sugar sells drinks. I used to think that Coca-Cola® (8.32 teaspoons of sugar per can) was the primary driver behind the American obesity problem. Starbucks is giving them a run for the money.

Oh yeah, 9/11 … that is what I am supposed to be writing about on this seventeenth anniversary. Fake event, TV show, no one died stateside, but countless people may have died so far in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria … the beat goes on. Who knows, as our primary source for that information is American news, the same people who brought us 9/11, The TV Show.

36 thoughts on “Seventeen years after …

  1. Brilliant redirect. Just as everyone’s forehead was about to crash through their keyboards rereading 911 whatnot, you go into a skid and tear off in a completely different direction, like Jason Bourne: COFFEE! SUGAR! ICE CREAM! Oh my!
    This is what I term educational satire, or EDSAT 101 as it will be listed in college extension course catalogs.
    Mark, have you ever thought of teaching? Jim Maars taught a course in JFK stuff. POM’s point of view would make a good foundation for a course in media studies. Community colleges might go for a night course like that.

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    1. Or perhaps,Sir Paul McCartney could do a benefit concert at the Freedom Tower for all those poor lost souls…Speaking Words of Wisdom,Let it be…Please, Please...Just Let it be.


    2. Interesting post, Mark. I’ve been off for a while and have some reading here to do on A Piece of Mindful; my favorite blog site. I have certainly missed some good posts and look forward to catching up on your posts as well as, Maarten’s, Steve’s, and Tyrone’s work.
      Thank you, mate

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  2. And 45 years to the day (1973) the coup against Chile’s president, Salvador Allende, began the era of “neo-liberalism.” It was Kissinger’s first, big “color” — any color as long as it’s not “socialist” — revolution. All hail General Augusto Pinochet, and all the puppet governments that have followed. Well played, Henry.

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    1. From a political stance, tautologies a professor’s’ a universal copulation they “PULLED OFF” without even “STICKING it in”…Sadly to be Etched forever in the memory of the unsophisticated world.


  3. A piece about 9/11 and Starbucks, Mark? Puts me in mind of Sarah Silverman on the events of this day in 2001:

    “They were devastating. They were beyond devastating. I don’t want to say especially for these people, or especially for these people, but especially for me, because it happened to be the same exact day that I found out that the soy chai latte was, like, nine hundred calories. I had been drinking them every day. You hear soy, you think healthy. And it’s a lie.”

    Still trying to remember the name of the New Jersey comic who used to call Starbucks confections “gay milkshakes.”


  4. I’ll never forget my surprise to discover that the Starbuck and Folger families of Nantucket were related. Of course, a Folger was involved in the Manson murders.


  5. 9 11 in history:
    Typhoon Gloria kills 330 in ’63, Russian, French and US fake nuke tests, Salvatore Maranzano is murdered by Charles Luciano’s hitmen in ’31, Mountain Meadows Massacre in which Mormons dressed as Indians murder 120 colonists in Utah in 1857, Massacre of Drogheda in 1649……
    Not to mention all the baseball big hitters…….

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  6. And of course, 9/11 is the antipode in the year of 3/11 [33] (“Madrid”, “Fukushima”). I covered a lot of staged events on that day and 9/11 too here, e.g.:

    03/11 2003 – Mother Of All Bombs – MOAB
    09/11 2007 – Father Of All Bombs – FOAB


  7. Hopefully after taking time to remember each and everyone of the lives lost during the terrorist attacks (all those smiles the victims had for everyone, the laughter that over flowed, their love of life,and the many kind words that were constantly spoken to anyone who needed to hear them), and after attending all the candle light vigils you can attend today, you will find it in your heart to donate some of your hard earned cash to a 9/11 memorial fund. We can never forget what happened on this date. Please send cash to me and I will gladly remind you every year about the “tragedy” . Thank You.


  8. sadly they will never ever admit it was a hoax as they did not admit the uncountable previous hoaxes. They will repeat it regularly, teach it in schools, etc. They do the same with religions. We know it’s all fake but still they never admit it officially. People are now allowed to say, they don’t believe in Jesus without any repercussions, which wasn’t the case in my youth even though freedom of religion was the official stand. So don’t expect any progress in the 911 hoax. Fake events and hoaxes are the basis for the political farce we call democracy. There was a fake video recently circulating in Germany showing a group of people late on some empty street where suddenly one person started chasing others. this was sold as “hunting of refugees” in Chemnitz. Some politicians first even admitted it looked fake, now they regret that. Every politician has to take a stand now based on this fake video. It generates politics so to speak. Otherwise there won’t be much to do for them.


    1. You mention this “farce” called democracy. I have come to think of it as the most effective dungeon ever invented. A FB friend complained once that the government treats us as if we do not know how to think for ourselves. “That’s it!” I thought. She imagines she thinks for herself, so even though she is in a jail cell and there is no guard and the key is within easy reach, she will never escape.

      I wonder if the USSR, North and South Korea, East and West Germany were experiments in control to see which was more effective – brutal suppression where everyone knows what is real but cannot speak, or the illusion of liberty where the minds are so deeply brainwashed that they will never come to light. Then when it was decided that democracy was the best prison, the USSR was dismantled, the wall came down, and democracy come to flower everywhere.

      Just a theory.

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      1. The split between Eastern and Western bloc was an experiment and to gain some time and test a few things after the World War. It wasn’t brutal at all. The mass production was still not available as it is today and many things had to be developed first. But TPTB already had a goal in mind. They kept a part of the humans relatively poor to let the other part work on the development of today’s production capacity. As soon as that was done, they started to spread the mass production all over the world. Cold War had to be stopped then. Now what is called a “German car” is being made in former Eastern Block countries. We have Telefunken TV-Sets made in the Turkey, etc. Asian countries produce all he hightech from computer chips to smartphones. Some countries are not suited for the New World and TPTB moved the locals all over the world using fake wars as pretext. It happened in the last decades and this mass migration seems to be completed now. Countries like Libya, Syria, Lebanon are empty and work as movie sets. I recently reread Carroll Quigley “The Evolution of Civilizations”. It’s still a great read with many deep insights. He writes, to generate progress you need surplus. This surplus if spread on many will be wasted. It has to be used to pay for innovations and only then it will generate more surplus. That’s what happened in the cold war.


        1. I grow up in the Eastern Germany and envied the Westerners of course but my life was by no means bad. We were kept busy, often doing lots of unnecessary things but we weren’t unhappy. People can be happy with very little if they don’t see their neighbors having more. I enjoyed a bottle of Coke now ad then and the few oranges I could buy on Xmas. Think Robinson on an empty island. How he enjoyed simple things. Now we all have everything or can have. Everybody has a computer, a TV-set, a car and can travel everywhere. And all this is affordable to the most. And are we more happy? The more people can have the more will they complain.


          1. Hopefully,Everyone woke up feeling safer today after yesterday’s Big 9/11 recap. I’m sure it generated a great deal of revenue...Especially for DD and starbucks,local business booming in those cities…But think of the cost ramping up security and the sham of it all …on the tax payers DIME.


        1. 1848 is widely regarded as the “birth year” of democracy in Europe. It was an interesting time, with industrialization (and thus industrialists) booming, the Spanish Empire had collapsed 3 decades before, Italy was forming and Germany would follow in another 20. In Britain they lived the Victorian era with her many staged “assassination attempts” (she survived 7 or 9 I recall) and the Irish holocaust-called-a-mere-famine by the policorrectors of his-story, creating one of the largest mass emigrations of modern times.

          That age was also interesting as a comparison to “9/11”. As the “terrorists” (many if not all of them controlled) back then were not “the evil muzzies”, but anarchists. The news of the day (newspapers only) in the next decades, running into the early 20th century, was filled with “attacks by anarchists”, opposing this “great democracy”. Just a selection, there were many more…

          1848: Anarchism and Revolution in Europe
          …gives power to those representatives, not of the people, but of particular interests, legitimizing rule by those interests by making it appear that a government elected by universal suffrage represents the interests of the people.

          Rejection of and opposition to representative government and participation in parliamentary politics distinguished the anarchists from other socialist currents and helped lead to the split in the First International between Marx and his followers, who advocated the creation of national political parties to represent the interests of the working class, and the proto-anarchist anti-authoritarian federalists associated with Bakunin.

          Times don’t change. Really.

          Proudhon wrote that the “fundamental, decisive idea” of the Revolution is this: “NO MORE AUTHORITY, neither in the Church, nor in the State, nor in land, nor in money”. He described the law as “spider webs for the rich and powerful, steel chains for the weak and poor, fishing nets in the hands of the government,”

          Good quote.

          Errico Malatesta
          Following Bakunin, Malatesta became a freemason at Naples on 19 October 1875, hoping to influence younger members. However, when the lodge organised a reception honouring Giovanni Nicotera, the Interior Minister, Malatesta left on 18 March 1876 and became anti-Masonic.

          Emma Goldman (June 27 [O.S. June 15], 1869 – May 14, 1940) was an anarchist political activist and writer. She played a pivotal role in the development of anarchist political philosophy [compare: atheism as a religious philosophy, schizowiki writers…] in North America and Europe in the first half of the 20th century.

          Emma Goldman was born into an Orthodox Jewish family in Kovno in the Russian Empire.

          When Emma was a young girl, the Goldman family moved to the village of Papilė, where her father ran an inn. While her sisters worked, she became friends with a servant named Petrushka, who excited her “first erotic sensations”.

          At the age of seven, Goldman moved with her family to the Prussian city of Königsberg.

          The usual sob story about a poor upbringing, but the family could afford to move multiple times. Her “life-long friend” and “one time lover”:

          Alexander Berkman
          (November 21, 1870 – June 28, 1936) was a leading member of the anarchist movement in the early 20th century, famous for both his political activism and his writing.

          Berkman was born in Vilna in the Russian Empire (present-day Vilnius, Lithuania) and immigrated to the United States in 1888. He lived in New York City.

          Berkman was born Ovsei Osipovich Berkman in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius (then called Vilna, and part of the Vilna Governorate in the Russian Empire). He was the youngest of four children born into a well-off Jewish family. Berkman’s father, Osip Berkman, was a successful leather merchant, and his mother, Yetta Berkman (née Natanson), came from a prosperous family.

          July 23, 1892 – Alexander Berkman tries to kill American industrialist Henry Clay Frick in retaliation for Frick’s hiring of Pinkerton detectives to break up the Homestead Strike, resulting in the deaths of seven steelworkers. Although badly wounded, Frick survives, and Berkman is arrested and eventually sentenced to 22 years in prison.

          Frick was a big industrialist and chairman of the Carnegie Steel Company. Grandson and successor of Abraham Overholt, whisky merchant. Co-owned by Andrew Mellon, US Secretary of the Treasury from March 9, 1921, to February 12, 1932, presiding over the boom years of the 1920s and the Wall Street crash of 1929.

          1 rich guy attempting to kill the other rich guy, I assume that was staged.

          Con-troll the opposition is of all times.

          I imagine the people of the day, just as gullible as the crowds of now, would embrace “democracy” (only for men back then) stronger because of that (govern)mind control, just like the patriotism in the 20th century with WWII and the Cold “War” and the later focus after 9/11 “we stand together” speak.


          1. I agree Mark, but there is so much to have as separate posts. And I think under 9/11 it is quite relevant, for the “either you’re with us, or you are with the terrorists” Hegelian dialectic played out.

            In essence, “democracy” was a “New World Order” of the 19th century, so also there another connection with the neocon strategies.

            I am quite sure AAMorris is reading along and he has covered a lot from that time period on other topics (Scotland Yard, Freemasonry, etc.) in his first shows (I haven’t listened to more of them, but they are quite good), so maybe he finds inspiration for it, would be nice if he comments here too. He liked the post Ab made about the Lusitania.


          2. I do not think we are on AA’s reading list … he likes JLB and Fakeologist and Clues but never a mention of us. I have had him on as background while I am working and much of it is in our wheelhouse. He goes off the rails on no outer space, stationary globe, just as Crrow777 does with flat earth. That leaves me wondering about them.

            People come here looking for new content. Don’t be concerned about too many posts.


          3. Ok, the last part is a good inspiration, but as a new writer I don’t want to dominate the blog, it needs a proper balance I think.

            I agree on those topics with you and after recommendations listened to the first 2 parts of his “the solar system does not exist” audios, where 1 major question was answered; he follows the geocentric model and is indecisive about the shape of the Earth. Which can be a red flag, but he is not a FE pusher, like others.

            I still got value from his chats, so that’s important for me. Just like I got that from reading MM, or browsing Cluesforum. Take the good stuff, ditch the bad. I don’t think he is a “spook” or anything, just a guy sharing his thoughts.


  9. Most learning is by repetition. And, there are always new readers entering the Sec. 101 course of study. “Democracy” and its implications will not be exhausted by any amount of tilling the same ground with different perspectives, or that’s how I see it anyway. Just the perennial phony “divided nation” talk as a prelude to “re-uniting” in patriotic orgy over WWIII (already well underway) is another recurring phenomenon that could take up several books. It is as key to our self-imprisonment as debt.


  10. I’m fairly certain AA Morris reads POM. Just a guess, but he may not mention us because his ‘science’ doesn’t play here at all. It’s probably for the best from his POV because then there is no territorial pissing.
    His JFK take is heavily flavored by JFKTV and on one of his first podcasts, he apologized for not citing other authors besides MM on the topic. Again, keeping some distance from POM.
    (He may have mentioned Clues Forum, something he is a big fan of- Also, his early podcasts had him tripping over pronunciation like Mae Brussell used to do. Unlike Mae, this guy has a professional tone- Of course, those are all flags)

    Like Gaia, I take the useful Propergander offers and toss the rest, as I do with other researchers. AA’s Coca Cola podcast was brilliant. My only concern, given I don’t give a fig for science, (so he can agree with King Arthur that the Earth is banana shaped and I’ll just skip ahead and listen), is his output. He is prolific with a capital P, prompting suspicion that he has a staff and may be the voice of a committee, engineered crazy and all to sound like a flawed but amiable human.
    Frankly, I wish I had a staff, but having a group blog is just as good.


    1. To some, a prolific output is a big red flag, but to others you can accomplish quite a lot with reading, having earlier knowledge and research and just “burst” out the stuff that is on your chest.

      When Kevin was a guest writer over at MM, I didn’t consider him part of a “committee”. Nor do I do today.

      Some people have a lot of time on their hands and spend it looking at things in detail.

      AAMorris’s blog posts were too “going all over” for my taste, in his audios he was at least a bit more focused, still diverting a lot, but I guess that comes with:
      – a high intelligence level, making lots of connections quickly, that others may not pick up so quickly
      – lots of research, so you see and reveal links much more than others

      When Ab had him on one day I jumped into the chat and we talked for a short while. It was the same guy as from the audios, no “voice morphing” or anything.

      Cluesforum the same thing. I have met good people there (2 of them led me to MM and via him here, so I am grateful for that), but also there are some dupes there. And with SS and hoi I have my problems. But that doesn’t take away the good info. KHam nailed the Titanic (as famous precursor to the Lusitania) story in just 1 image.

      On JFK, Miles Mathis’s take imho was an 8.5/10. Yours was a 9.8/10, mainly because of how you showed so well how it was a blueprint for all the staged events that followed from it.


  11. AAMorris is but another wannabe fakeologist spreading weird conclusions. For instance, this airplane model he’s showing on his page is a balloon with some engines and a remote control. It works only in a hall. It’s not for outdoor flights. There is this Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg where some passionate tinkerers make such impressive things. I recently watched and photographed again the ISS flying over our house. It is a satellite. Empty of course, without humans on board but still a satellite. I’m also watching Iridium flares occasionally. They flash up for a few seconds when they reflect the sunlight and appear as a spear on pics. Everybody can do this. Balloons can’t fly that high and the higher they fly, the less controllable they are. Weather balloons are just left to explode on certain altitude and fall down to be found via markers. Blimps can’t fly higher than a few thousand feet. They would explode otherwise due to the low pressure. Rocket-videos may all be fake but it does not make rockets impossible. TV-satellites are real so how got they up there?


  12. Back when I was in my Judy Wood delusional period, this guy would show up now and then and leave a long, long comment. He called himself “Emmanuel Goldstein” at that time, from 1984. Some suspected that “he” was Judy Wood in disguise. He used the same photo as seen here. I snapped a photo of his comment as I am not letting him in. He is doing the same work now. He is either Wood or part of the Wood team, and is disinfo.


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  13. From Corbett “Little did we know at the time, 9/11 was not a normal day of blue sky aviation. On the contrary, it was one of the busiest days in the history of American aviation, a dense forest of live fly exercises, drills, simulations, fake radar injects and utter confusion. And that was before the attacks even began. This is the story of 9/11 that you didn’t watch unfold on your TV that fateful day in 2001. This is the story of the 9/11 War Games.”


    1. Thanks … I have watched all but the last. It does not seem to want to load, or just this stupid iPad. Lots of new (for me) information. I’ll go ahead and run these sometime soon as a headline.

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  14. That Russian Olga woman has more interesting content.

    For instance this Russian singer who faked his death, called “the Russian Bob Dylan”; Vladimir Vysotsky, never heard of this 22-22 (V-V) guy, but he was extremely famous in the Soviet era there.

    He allegedly died at the exact age of 42.5 (=11) on 25-7 (=77) 1980.

    Looks gay, while promoted to be a womanizer (think JFK), heavily promoted-yet-banned by the Soviet government, buddies with a gold mining crook who founded his own Masonic lodge, was one of 3 people to own a Mercedes in the USSR (together with famous chess player Karpov and Chrutschev himself), allegedly died from alcohol and drugs and “could not stand anymore at the end of his life”, yet we see him doing acrobatic exercises you and me could not perform in our best shape of life 1 month (!) before his alleged death.

    Like John Lennon who played himself in a movie, this guy also did after his “death”.

    I didn’t know this, but apparently David Bowie acted as his own producer the day after he “died” (in part one of the video)…


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