Commenters – Buddy Lives! Lighten up!

For reasons I do not understand, a post that I wrote in May of 2016 is getting lots of hits and comments, most of which are unprintable. We have 1,032 followers on this blog, not by any means a large number. It is, however, enough that attention has been drawn to the Weird Scenes in Clear Lake post where I insinuate, and then state outright in a footnote, that Buddy Holly’s 2/3/1959 death was faked, long with Richie Valens and “The Big Bopper.”

I am wondering, given the low quality of most of the comments that have come in, if this is the the geratric set, aging fans of the former idol. The writing is childish and the anger at me deep and passionate. Here’s an example from this morning:

Holly Comment

Sadly, that is fairly typical. The reference to Otis and Sam are Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. We (Straight and I) did some work on Sam Cooke but I could not be sure of it and backed off. It is permanently “under review.” Cooke’s 1964 death at age 33 was most likely fake, however, as they all are. Otis Redding died at age 26 in 1967, we are told. Ditto.

Why the fake deaths of so many musicians? I’ve often wondered. Here are a couple of my own theories (please add your own):

  • Their careers are not sustainable. They are heavily promoted, and just by power of suggestion, anyone can be made a star. But to carry on a long career, continually churning out new hits on a light helping of real talent is just not practical. I don’t think Buddy Holly wrote his own music, and don’t think he was a very good performer. He had to go. (More about “him” later.)
  • They are monetizing the body of work, “they” being the promoters and record music executives. John Denver, for instance (fake death 10/12/1997), was not putting out anything noteworthy when he died, but his post-‘death” work has sold in the millions. (I have a theory, that Denver did not write his early stuff, and after his record company cut him loose, he gave songwriting a serious effort, which is why so much of his later stuff was bad.)
  • They are reassigned. This is where I lose readers.

Here is where it gets interesting with the Buddy Holly Story. Before I start, I realize that most who read what follows will walk away unconvinced. I am OK with that. I only ask that you not call me names or question my sanity. My conclusions followed my eyes. I did not force any of this on myself. It unveiled itself as I sweated away before a computer screen.

Also, I am not going to bring forth the photo work I did in the past. It is all there in the links provided. At this point, you might want to review the post “Identity Fraud,” which follows what I believe are the reassignments of Buddy Holly, first becoming “Gram Parsons,” and then “David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Yes, there were two Buddy Holly’s, twins, two Gram Parsons, and finally they separated and became two individuals, as I view it.

Straight and I worked the Buddy Holly matter very diligently, and only after time and repeated failures did we discover that if we separated them as a set of twins, we could follow the career path. We had tried and failed countless times with Gram Parsons, and also with (him) them things cleared up – when we understood they were two people. Straight is not here anymore, and I cannot vouch for my memories, but I might be alone on the last part of this journey, David Geffen and Jeff Katzenberg. He may not have been convinced. I am. Weird as it is, these men bear such strong resemblances to both Holly and Parsons that I think they are all but two people.

Each of them, Holly 1, Parsons 1, and Geffen, line up precisely. So too with Holly 2, Parsons 2, and Katzenberg. This was some of the most enlightening work I ever did in the face chopping era, and what it told me is what I believe to this day:

All the world’s a stage. All of our famous people are actors. We don’t know their real names, their real background. They probably come from the families, that thing called the Peerage, the thing that the Mathis Group calls “Jewish” and that I suspect may have Egyptian origins. They are given success without having to earn it, but I must add that some of them, Robin Williams for example, are truly talented. Most are not. They are given roles to fill, slots maybe, and when they are used up, they fake their deaths. Most go on to obscure lives, maybe in Santa Catarina, the Brazilian province that has a European population. Some just live on … in obscurity. Karen Carpenter is still with us, but was (I state delicately) not going to win any beauty contests.

What confuses me and throws me for a loop are the lookalikes, what we call the Matt Damon Batch, and which I refer to as Bokanofsky Brats. This group has grown phenomenally since Straight first uncovered it. If these are men and women from the families, they have all turned out to be of the same mold. (There’s more than one mold – compare, sometime when you are bored, Pierce Brosnan and Charley Sheen. They match each other but are not of the Damon mold.)

I am not going to repeat any work done in the past, as it is too tedious and will only tell me what I already know, that something is going on that is well-known within the powers that run the world, and which I do not understand more than just a little.

But if you are one of those who have been hurtling swear words and insults at me in your unpublished comments, you should lighten up! Buddy lives! Both of them!

22 thoughts on “Commenters – Buddy Lives! Lighten up!

  1. Classic! I sincerely enjoy your writing style Mark. Like water. Flows smoothly wherever it wants to. Just seeing Straight’s name gets my eyes into focus. I have read many a piece on scripted sports and before leaving POM Straight was on a major roll of dark web like deepening proportions unlike Brian Tuohy. I can’t quite explain how but for me Straight’s involvement gives things instant credibility. In other words I’d bank on the accuracy of your Buddy Holly work. No wonder Don McLean always looks guilty of something. Is Don McLean even still alive? Did he run out of American Pie? Maybe he forgot the recipe. For someone who ‘died’ in a tragic plane crash it sure isn’t talked about much. Don’t need PhD. to guess why. Besides Buddy Holly was a wimp and his music sucked. The Big Bopper crushed Buddy Holly in one fell swoop. Chantily Lace wreaks sexy. Peggy Sue wreaks stuffed bras. Is there anyone’s face more tiring to look at nowadays than Matt Damon’s batch? I’d rather step in dog crap than see that smile one more time. Although I will never get tired of The Talented Mr. Ripley. Bam!


    1. I should add that the Mathis group has covered the Holly stuff, and I don’t remmeber if it was before or after what I wrote in 2016, but we went in a direction they did not, so regardless of whether they say his death was fake, which they do, this is original work with Straight and me. I do recall that they said that there was no reason for a nationally famous musician to be in Clear Lake, Iowa.

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  2. Classic conspiracy theorist in heavy denial lighten UP – DOH!

    So, in more conventional (boring) style please re-state which popular entertainers’ early deaths you mischievously think/blindly believe are NOT ‘fake’.

    EG: Robert Johnson, George Gershwin, Will Rogers, Rudolph Valentino, Glen Miller, Hank Wiliiams, Jimmie Rogers, Danny Cedrone, Charlie Parker, James Dean, Danny Cedrone, Chuck Willis, Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, Eddie Cochran, Marilyn Monroe, Sam cooke, Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jim Reeves, Otis Redding & The Markeys, Frankie Lymon, Jayne Mansfield, Brian Jones, Janis joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, John Denver, Andy Gibb, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Marc Bolan, Jim Croce, Randy Rhoads, Mario Lanza, Tammi Terrell, Bruce Lee, Keith Moon, Marvin Gaye, Paul walker, John Coltrane, Jeff Buckley, River Phoenix, John Belushi, Sid Vicious, Michael Hutchence, Heath Ledger, Eddie Guerrero, Ronnie Van Zandt, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Steve Irwin, Aaliyah Haughton, Freddie Mercury, Ricky Wilson, Rick Nelson, John Bonham, Gram Parsons, Tim Buckley, Bon Scott…and counting.

    We await.

    Lurve, X

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    1. I let this comment through since you were a little more rational, and anyway I used you as an example without opportunity to respond. But watch your manners. In reply to your question, I can only speak to the ones I have personally done some work on, fifteen of them, all fake except perhaps (and only tenatively) Ricky Nelson, who did turn up for real in the Social Security Death Index with what appeared to be a real Social Security number. Still, the odds of dying in a small plane crash and being a famous singer at once are infinitely small, so I would not be surprised if Nelson is in Santa Catarina and perhaps even reading this comment. As to the other 14, I will let you guess. One is now a well known newscaster, another a fake pop-psychologist, another a fake college professor of philosophy.

      Your use of the term “conspiracy theorist” tells me that your brain is currently in a torpid state. Your anger, a product of cognitive dissonance, tells me that it wants to be set free. I have hope for you. And again, watch your manners, ot you are gone from this site.

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  3. I have noticed ( here in the UK ) that where these useful tools ( or fools) are concerned :
    1. They often die at an early age.
    2. They often end up doing ‘time’ ( allegedly )
    3. If neither of the above apply they go into a sort of hibernation where they lay low for a good while only to suddenly appear all over the news for various reasons at a later date. This usually results in them acquiring lucrative appearances in the media, be it newspaper/ magazine articles , broadcasting organisations ( think mainly but not solely BBC ) writing books( with the help of ghost writers……………….these are NOT talented people ) or finding themselves a nice little number on some newly created Charity Board. This applies to so many of our ” on the funny list” celebrities.
    I can only come to one conclusion about this and it all boils down to money.
    If they die at an early age, they have usually made a huge amount of money from being unjustifiably famous. I say ‘unjustifiably’ because their amount of talent is generally minimal and it’s only through expensive well hidden promotion that these people have managed to get anywhere in life. At that point they are given a new identity and either cut adrift or given a new ‘role’ to play.

    When they end up doing ‘time.’ These people have become dangerous loose cannons. They don’t actually GO to prison of course but they are effectively silenced. They may even have been ‘stitched up.’
    The ones that come out of hibernation are looking for their ‘ pension.’ We know the PTB hate parting with THEIR money so the taxpayers and gullible consumers have to foot THAT bill.
    I could give you a list as long as your arm for these amazingly successful untalented individuals who disappear from the Public’s eye only to resurface and miraculously are given every opportunity to top up their bank accounts.

    I’m serious.


    1. Humorless POM, given the polite benefit of much doubt and time spent on a bad-joke site.

      Rational response: your mispelt use of the term “comspiracy theorist” among too many more errors, tells us that your brains are possibly permanently disturbed, but not without hope. Your ‘group think ‘ anger, a product of uncritical thinking about clear cause-and-effect, also tells us that you want to be set free. We have hope for you while we tolerate your less than adequate manners, while we HELP your grim site to succeed with some FUN.

      So, please ‘rationally’ address the remaining MANY early deaths. While adding multi-millionaire showman Mike Todd, 46, killed over Grants, New Mexico on Sunday March 22 1958 in his over-loaded Lockheed Lodestar named ‘The Liz’ for his wife Liz Taylor, 21. While Buddy Holly, 21, was in another ‘recent conspiracy ‘ town Salisbury, UK. Before his career and finances seriously stalled in late 1958 and he had to go out on the WDP/Tour From Frozen Hell; to a plane crash which also killed pilot Roger Peterson, 21, very conveniently unaccounted for on your bad-joke site.

      Lurve, X.


        1. Open minds might ask, “Why not?”

          Quote alltime great self-promo Ali in his prime, “Anyone even dreamed they could beat me, they’d better wake up and apologize!”

          Or, now non-PC True Brit Kwik Wit Max Miller, “There’ll never be another one like me. I caught my wife with the baker, well I nearly belted her, after all it’s the butcher we owe dough to!”

          Lurve, X


    2. What a great (potential) cover for laundering massive amounts of “hot” money. If the artist mysteriously dies young, pretty hard to prosecute with no direct witness. Just a theory, but in the EU FIFA case(s) inflated player salaries have been cited as one of various laundering methods.


  4. I assume POM is awakening more people than pissing them off. Especially with all the recent fake shootings and stories in the media that just don’t add up. I had to revisit POM and give chances on some of the stories, i’m still having trouble with the Freddy Mercury/Dr. Phil article, although I am open now to Freddy having a twin. And with many of the mentioned celebs, there just seems to be a high probability they were forced or chose pseudocide.
    I believe the fake deaths/relocation happen to regular people in our local towns too, i’m sure your town has a few. I started looking at people in my local area’s past and seeing people connected to each other passing away too young, with healthy and wealthy family or friends passing within a close time frame of each other. Finding there are military/free mason/banking/ corporate connections with these people and doubt they would refuse to start over somewhere else in a better location. I know online information may not be accurate, but property records and other info can provide leads for discovery. I don’t feel ashamed in digging as I’m finding a lot of info about these people and others still alive that presents why they have it better than everyone else, showing very little signs of merit or talent and deception seems to be apart of their character.


    1. Yes, I understand your skepticism on Freddie/Phil. The thing is, we cannot really know in advance how young people in their flower are going to age. In fact, Freddie and Phil were a match, if I recall, right down to the ears. Further, we have no pictures of Dr. Phil as a young man except one that is not him. Add to that another curiosity – Freddie was not gay, I presume, but they needed a death from AIDS to sell that disease, so they made Freddie gay. Also, Dr. Phil has a son who is a singer in a rock band, and he sings in a falsetto voice. Go figure.

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      1. Yes Jordan McGraw, however I see no resemblance to Freddy, perhaps adopted or planted. Thinking there may be a connection between the wives too, Mary Austin and Robin or Debbie McGraw. But if you are convinced and need no more analysis on that celeb then so be it. I do wonder if Rami Malek is related to Freedy as MM showed they use distant relatives to play the movie parts, none the less I’m sure he’ll win an Oscar.


        1. My comment here is a crap comment because its about the very crap we should avoid (like Big Macs and such) but what the hell- I wonder if Malek will win and then “die” shortly after to further fuck with people and the allusion to AIDS, which, as a charity generator, probably is too valuable to let die, unlike polio, or other guesses at what made people sick in the past, which eventually played out their usefulness and were decommissioned. (I imagine these famous diseases were nothing more than filthy water, over prescribed meds and very bad diets/smoking and drinking).
          Bohemian Rapesody director, Bryan Singer, has been outed by The Atlantic as a serial pedo-rapist and he’s apparently been banished. (He’s been dropped as director of Red Sonja, a super hero who gains her powers after being raped, so I’ve been told. And its certain there is no eager anticipation for such an abomination, but some studio projects are set up to fail to hide all kinds of dirty money)
          This Singer/Malek thing may be an amputation/misdirection to spare more powerful people who are suspicious in this regard. One site, cannot recall (again, this is a crap comment) says that Malek has no projects lined up- a very strange state of affairs for an Oscar favorite.


          1. Re: Bohemian Rhapsody film, why did they go through all the trouble of giving Malek false teeth and bad wigs ecc., but didn’t give him brown contact lens to match Freddie’s eye colour?


        2. As I say, Greg, one, I understand and accept your skepticism. It is natural and wholesome. Two, I did not force my conclusion. It more or less unveiled itself, and I was as shocked as anyone. But I stand by it.


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