A non-MSM account of France’s Yellow-Vest protests


There is something going on in France that the U.S. MSM is working hard to avoid. This obsessive denial always makes me that much more curious. What could the problem be? May I humbly suggest a brief “look under the hood” for yourself. The worst that could happen is the chance one might gain some supplemental context. Reading Ollie Richardson’s piece this morning before coffee gave me a little better understanding of what is happening in cities all across France. Fascinating, I think. I hope others will have a similar experience. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “A non-MSM account of France’s Yellow-Vest protests

  1. The article was interesting. Informative. The comment section provided the counterpoint. There is a narrative presented by both sides of the Yellow Vest movement that sees America as running the show through NATO.

    A more accurate description of reality is the USSA- that people think they know- is a facade for the Globalists and the United Nations. The USSA government was hijacked with the creation of the FED in 1913. If someone prefers a different timeline Amerika became the 4th Reich post world war 2.

    Some argue it’s the Jews that run the world. Some argue it’s Freemasonry. Still others argue it’s the Jesuits and the Royal Families. There is an element of truth to all points-of-view. For example, Jerusalem has indeed become a “cup of trembling” and the one-world religion third temple is a big deal. But so are the creation of an 10 economic zones that will feature a shared currency. And so is the idea of one world government.

    The French Revolution based on liberty, fraternity, and equality was anything but spontaneous. What it did give Europe was 50 years of war

    Today both France and Amerika are captured operations. They are owned and controlled by the Globalists . Arguably, only Israel still has a semblance of democracy for its citizens. “Mene, mene, takel” appeared in written words in Babylon on the walls of the king’s palace over 2600 years ago. It means you (Babylon) have been weighed measured and weighed and found wanting. Destruction is nigh. France and Amerika are being killed by a 1000 different cuts by the game of divide and conquer. There will be no turn around for either country.

    France and Amerika have a unique relationship that most recently been defined by NATO and the dollar being the world reserve currency. What further connects France and the USSA is the rulers of both are controlled behind the curtain, by people who are deeply into occult practices, who, in turn are likely controlled by the same entities, forces, ancient god’s that appear in ancient biblical texts and tablets in Sumer and statues throughout the world.

    The Yellow Vest movement has little chance to succeed even if it’s organic. If it’s not infiltrated and controlled it soon will be. Think Prague 1968. Europe as we once knew it has been infiltrated by globalism and its New World Order doctrines. The YV is one of France’s last breaths. After Amerika is destroyed by a Red Dawn invasion France May indeed ally with Russia. As will Germany. Britain’s fate is less clear.

    Thanks Steve for recently providing us perspectives Venezuela and Paris. I welcome all rebuttals to what I have written.

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    1. I don’t think there will be a Red Dawn invasion of the USA. We’ve already been invaded and conquered long ago. Our owners can reduce the population by other means. Yet we can only speculate the possible options. These movements are a charade, you can tell already the YV is controlled.


  2. USA is the enforcer of the TRIBE or ‘globalist’. UK aka City of London the bank of TRIBE. Vatican City the ‘globalist’ church. All three are separate from their host nation. Key word there ‘HOST’ nation, for the TRIBE is parasitic in every way. They run the show by cunning, ruthless, selfish & soulless actions through a collective hive mentality. Using FEAR: Control the information. Control the money(s) system. Control the lawmaking. Control the armies. Game over.


  3. Thanks to all who have shared their insights. Here is another “on-the-ground” accounting of events in Paris for anyone interested. https://thesaker.is/champs-elysees-war-zone-reporting-the-coming-yellow-vest-crackdown/#comments

    It won’t be long before the military shows the true face of western “culture” for all to see. The majority will quickly order new blinders from Amazon, but won’t be completely able to “un-see” the obvious. Can we call this progress, or will willful ignorance remain the norm?


    1. I’m afraid willful ignorance is here to stay…some people, for some reason, can wake up…but hopefully there may be hope for a few!


  4. Macron is oilier than snake in a vat of Czech Vittal Hops (it’s funny how he always falls in line with America over Venezuela, Syria, ecc. and not realise his own hypocrisy), and here we find his Human Rights Violations —

    Slightly off topic but Tommy Robinson’s, a British far-right activist, real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-LENNON (born 27 November 1982). Imagine that!


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