One last climate post

“There are not enough morally brave men in stock. We are out of moral-courage material.” (Mark Twain, United States of Lyncherdom)

I just got done listening to Mark Steyn speaking before the Heartland Institute. He’s a smart, charming and entertaining speaker. Also, he is a courageous man. Michael Mann has sued him for saying that the Hockey Stick is science fraud. It is a SLAP suit more than real, trying to get Steyn to stfu, but Mann has grabbed a wolf by the ears. This is a free speech case, and not about science. Typical of the climate hoax crowd, Mann wants to be immune from criticism. Steyn has counter-sued using anti-SLAP laws.

I decided last evening that I would write only one more climate piece, and then move along. I am still going to continue reading and exploring the subject, as it has been a fascinating journey. I did not know that the Roman Empire arose during a period of time when the planet was much warmer than now, or to couple the Italian Renaissance with the Medieval Warm Period.  I did not know that the Little Ice Age ended in such recent history, the mid-to-late nineteenth century. This is fun stuff.

I am going to stop writing about it however, because I am sick and tired of lying liars, and this blog is not a science blog.

Not all climate scientists are liars, of course. But it is interesting that only one man, Steve McIntyre, a Canadian mining statistician, asked Mann for his data. You would think that climate scientists would be all over it, but none were. His work was done in an apparent vacuum.

Here’s a passage from the book Inconvenient Facts, by Gregory Whitestone, page 107, concerning global warming’s evil twin, ocean acidification:

“A controversial and widely cited paper on the subject [of ocean acidification] is Feeley (2006) showing a graph linking decreasing pH to increasing CO2. …

Ocean PH
Descending blue line is ocean pH

… An enterprising young PhD candidate at the University of New Mexico by the name of Mike Wallace looked closely into the work of Feeley and his co-authors, finding that the supposedly “historic” data was nothing of the sort. Wallace observed that Feeley had only used real-world measured data from 1990-2015. He had ignored the real-world measurements dating back at least a century.

Feeley’s graph was generated using climate modeling for the pre-1990 portion of the curve, rather than actual measurements. When Wallace graphed the actual data, the “acidifying” trend produced by the model disappeared.

Wallace questioned Feeley’s co-author, Sabine, about why real-world measurements had been ignored. He was told that, if he continued this line of questioning, “You will not last long in your career.”

I am no expert, no scientist. I can’t speak to any of that. I don’t know what the green line on that graph, “Aloha seawater pCO2 insitu (uatm)” means. I am just tired of the attitude, the manner in which skeptics are treated, the loose science and careerism that has trumped real science. I know how Diogenes felt.

Below is a depiction of climate scientists, as I see them.


The force that keeps climate scientists inside the fences is money. These are probably honest men and women, but the need to earn money and have a career has a way of pointing the mind in a certain direction. There’s no National Science Foundation grants available for skeptics. If a scientist comes upon data that upsets the climate change narrative, it can be easily ignored. That’s all that Mann did with the Hockey Stick – he cherry picked, massaged, and transformed the data to suit his needs. (He eliminated the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age in the process, and claims to this day that these things never happened.)

That is but one part of my disgust. Another part is just a nagging suspicion about which I sincerely hope to be discovered wrong.

First, an anecdote. I once active in the Montana Wilderness Association, now easily seen to be in industry front group. I did not see that then. One of the leaders was a man named John Gatchell, and the story on him was that he was once part of the timber industry, but became disgusted and bolted, joining the conservation movement. He might still be with the group, as he was the last time I checked, but that was a long time ago.

Recently I watched a video in which Judith Curry and Patrick Moore debated Michael Mann on climate science. This happened in June of 2018.

Wait a minute! If Mann is what I think he is, serving a different and unseen master and agenda, then he is not going to engage in free and open debate. But he will appear opposite controlled opposition. Curry supposedly served on and then left the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and Patrick Moore was the former president of Greenpeace in Canada.

What do Gatchell, Curry and Moore have in common? They all jumped ship. Maybe that is all real, but it could be a ‘tell’ of sorts, jumping from one side to another. I am wary of controlled opposition. It is all around us. Let’s hope that is not what we are looking at. Curry especially appears to be doing good work.

Finally, we all know (at least at this blog) that YouTube is heavily censored, as is Wikipedia. I find it strange that climate skeptics are featured prominently in both mediums. This makes me a little skeptical about Climategate too. Is the whole of the skeptic movement to clear up the science of climatology a mere distraction? Was Climategate bait? Is the whole climate debate meant to be a “look here, not there” sideshow?

There is nothing scientific about the IPCC.  There’s an agenda there, maybe best expressed as keeping undeveloped areas of the world undeveloped. CO2 contributes a small percentage of the warming that is going on, and plays a large role in the greening of our planet, improving crop yields, helping to diminish wildfires and droughts. It is providing food abundance, which means more people living longer and healthier lives.

Is that what the IPCC wants to end? Is that what the Hockey Stick is meant to slap? Human progress?

One final thought. In another post I showed a graph of the last 10,000 years based on Greenland ice cores, which I regard as reliable science.

Warm periods

I added that red line. Remember, I am an accountant, not a scientist, and that this graph represents only 11,000 years, hardly a blip in the planet’s history. I also know that interglacial periods typically last 10-15,000 years. That is what we are in, and that is what the graph depicts, the current interglacial period. We are 11,000 years into it. That red line is hitting on the high points of the warm periods of our relatively recent past. It appears to me that we have reached a warm peak 3,500 years ago, and are now cooling. If past is future, another ice age is inevitable. Maybe we need to keep pumping CO2 into the atmosphere to stave off a big freeze.

That’s it. I’m done now. No more writing about climate, Climategate, or the lies and the lying liars who tell them.

9 thoughts on “One last climate post

  1. In 1993 I received my B.A. in Environmental Studies from Sonoma State University. The same University Larry Allen Hall of Fame offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys went to college. I chose Environmental Studies as my major because it made sense to care about one’s environment so why not get paid for it. Well I became so obsessed with things like not throwing away aluminum cans that I knew I had to get out of the field otherwise I was going to make myself crazy worrying about everything in the environment. So after I graduated I got my masters in psychology. During my internship is a youth of family counselor I began to realize I was worrying too much about my clients and it was affecting my own life and this was not healthy either so I jumped ship on that one too. I ended up settling on a 23-year career for Kaiser Permanente using my degrees and my uncanny ability to do whatever my boss asked me to do (which seems so hard for others in the workplace for some unknown reason) to further myself up the administrative ladder. My mouth eventually got me fired from Kaiser since I never read the FYI memos on when to Hold’em know when to fold them but it’s all good. I guess the purpose of my comment is to say back then on campus in 1993 and throughout most everywhere else was this global warming concept and how we need to worry about it. Well global warming was not something I worried about for no reason other than it was too complicated for me to understand so I didn’t bother. And here we are 25 years later and global warming or I guess climate change is trending again yet the packaging of it seems to leave much desired. Planet X is a lot more exciting than all other real or environmental issues combined. I’ll never forget my buddy calling me telling me to quit my job sell my house sell my car and head to Oregon to the highest mountain top bringing books on how to survive on bird seed with me and that he would be joining up with me very soon after. All this due to his believing a giant Fireball was on his way to hit him in the face. He actually convinced his roommate to move to Oregon who later became a firefighter while he stayed behind supposedly to take care of the other guys girlfriend until they were packed and ready to join him. Well I met her and let me tell you he was wise to leave her behind. She’s a complete bitch and probably sucks in bed like most women these days who think Fifty Shades of Grey is a turn on? Funny how things work out due to the X Factor. Yes it’s been hotter with much less rain in recent years. But my Dad having passed away this last August has changed my climate forever no matter what the weather is like outside. The magic is gone.

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    1. Interesting … I like that line, …” he stayed behind supposedly to take care of the other guys girlfriend…”. That never works.

      The planet is in fine shape, but we are not without problems. Steve Kelly, our writer, has dedicated his life to preserving wildlands. That’s a serious problem with forces attacking what is left from all angles. It’s worthy work. Others fight the various public land agencies and unnecessary projects like timber harvests to make the forest “healthy,” and use the courts effectively. I think recycling is a good idea, I hate wasting things.

      There’s a coffee maker out there called the Kuerig, which shoots water through little aluminum pods, which are then discarded. It is amazing waste. We save the pods, and put a new seal on them, reusing them maybe 30-40 times before they fall apart. It works, and reduces the cost of a pod from maybe $1.25 down to $.20 (the seals cost $.14 each). Might you guess what I did for a living?

      Anyway, enjoyed your comment, and thanks.


    1. “Indeed, the Columbia reporters learned that Exxon had understood and accepted the validity of climate science long before embarking on its denial campaign, and in the fall of 2015 they published their discoveries in The Los Angeles Times.4 Around the same time, another team of reporters from the website InsideClimate News began publishing the results of similar research.”

      This is a Snopes-like move, a confidence game, to reaffirm that IPCC climate research is valid science. By putting Exxon in the denier camp, they are upping the credibility of IPCC. If Exxon is indeed playing along, as it appears, then you are right. They are both faking it.

      Right off the bat I had trouble … RFF and Exxon, two separate entities?


      1. Works in war and politics. Why not a global energy (school) play? Invest all those retirement funds into “re-new-ables.” Pump and dump; laugh on the way to the bank. Suckers walk.


  2. Mark there are two reasons I know the planet’s in fine shape: Mark Tokarski and MMG. By choice I believe what you share. It makes sense. I apply as needed to my life. You concluded I discovered another Bokaknovski Brat he/she Amanda Peet. I grew up on Dale Carnegie how to stop worrying and how to start living. No way my Mom would let a book by anyone looking like Ayn Rand in our house especially looking like one of the men playing women in Hollywood from way back you did pieces on. And I’m glad for that. My grandmother’s maiden name on my Mom’s side is Kelly and we have Kelly Family reunions every year. I generally enjoy Steve Kelly’s comments and pieces although lately seems he’s putting a lot of wink wink in his pipe and smoking it. I can’t remember the first time I said pump and dump. I may have never said it so I better get on that sucker.


  3. Steve said that the renewable energy scams are targeting retirees (the young have no $ nor future) for investing. The CC (climate crisis or ’33’) is the hook for the suckers (carp in most fresh waters here in ;merica) to fall for.


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