The black advantage

This is a risky post in that I open myself up for accusations of racism, so let me start by saying that I do not care what your skin color is. I can find many reasons to dislike you, but that won’t be one of them.

I have had many friends and acquaintances over time who called themselves liberals and/or Democrats. I was one myself for a brief period. They were given this man, Barack Obama, who by two separate lines is descended from Edward I, King of England (d. 1307) and William I the Lion, King of Scotland (d. 1214).  The former lineage includes James Madison, the latter, as I recall, John McCain.

That is pretty standard for our presidents, all but one (Van Buren) descended from British royalty. This is just an aside, but indicates to me that the American Revolution was a farce. The Brits (at least the aristocracy) have among them some cagey and smart people. When they sense a rebellion in the works, they don’t always use direct confrontation to put it down. Instead they retreat into the tapestry of time and are the shadow behind the leaders of the new government. I saw this done by Americans in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez. Josh did some nice work on Mahatma Gandhi, same strategy apparent. The MM group found Americans playing the same game with Fidel Castro. I sense a similar stink around Nelson Mandela.

The important feature about Barack Obama was that he was half African-American, making him uniquely useful. He was placed in the presidency to pull some nasty business on us, to put in place legislation that created a financial prison from which Americans cannot escape without leaving the grid. He did other stuff too – continuing the occupation of Afghanistan, setting a precedent for the murder of an American citizen without due process, and taking ownership of the Climate Crisis hoax. But I want to focus on the Affordable Care Act, called Obamacare, briefly. No Republican could have pulled that off.

Obamacare is neither right nor left, but rather corporate, and not “corporate socialism,” but rather fascism. Turning our entire health care system over to a few private corporations is the definition of fascism, the marriage of the corporation and the state. It is a financial prison because all of us (before escaping to Medicare) are forced to buy expensive and crappy health insurance policies from private companies. We are weighed down by premiums, often exceeding $10,000 per year. Add to that the “MOOP,” or maximum-out-of-pocket, currently $7,900/$15,800 for individual/family.

This means that as structured, a family can spend upwards of $25,000 before their insurance company is obligated to pay out $1. There are severe fines and penalties in place for failure to buckle under to this system. It is tyranny.

Baucus FowlerLet’s be real – Obama did not write it, did not shepherd its passage. He merely stood there and became the symbol for legislation that was written by a committee of private insurers headed by Liz Fowler (seen over Baucus’ left shoulder in this photo).  She was a former Wellpoint executive now working for Johnson & Johnson. She left that position to work “under” Max Baucus (in reality she was the one on top) to oversee passage, and then moved to the White House to oversee implementation. (Knowing Max Baucus as I do, I suspect he had the hots for her. He was practicality drooling in praise when she left his office for the White House.)

Here is where the importance of being black plays in. I knew many liberals and Democrats in 2008 when Obama was raised to the presidency, and they were all wallowing in smug moral superiority. They had achieved something unprecedented, electing a black man to the office. With that annoying attitude in place, they turned off their brains, if ever they had been on. They blindly supported the man, and ergo supported passage of ACA, and to this day imagine that Obamacare is a good thing for us.

This is why I suspect that Obama was spotted, nurtured, given a fake background and a few ghost-written books. He had a good podium presence, spoke well, had a made-for-TV family (if it is real), and was used to cram this incredibly corrupt legislation down our throats. There was a chance, albeit a slight one, for real reform of our health care system at that time. California had jumped on board with single payer (vetoed by Jerry Brown), and it could have been the beginning of a trend. Obamacare ended any hope for reform.

Donald Trump, positioned to act as the anti-Obama, threatened to do away with Obamacare. He is not serious. He knows, as does everyone in office in DC, that it is here to stay. In this sense Trump is acting as controlled opposition.

Democrats now tell me that Obamacare fixed many problems, like preexisting conditions. It did so, but only in a racketeering sense, as every problem it solved was first caused by the health insurance industry. But Democrats are so smug about that, imagining that they first elected a visionary leader, and then remedied a huge national ailment. I am not prejudiced against black people or any other, but I do find Democrats hard to live with. They are so incredibly annoying.

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    As we usually discover the truth much later. At the time of the public unveiling, most public policy is developed at some think-tank, behind closed doors years, if not decades earlier. Apparently, this would be the case with Obamacare. Although the Heritage Foundation now denies its creation of primary constituent elements of Obamacare, it was first to promote the individual mandate and tax structure that drives the plan. These “big government” (fascist) principles were published as early as 1989 and used later to destroy “Hillarycare” early in Pres. Bill Clinton’s first term.

    Somebody remind me, why do we Americans believe in democracy? The grandest-of-grand denial of facts out there.

    Obama embraced whatever the Pentagon, CIA, NSA and every other deadly policy that crossed his desk. Same as Trump. President’s, contrary to G.W. Bush’s delusions, decide nothing of any importance. School play, cast of thousands.

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  2. Democrats and Republicans are equally hard to live with. I do not think there is a Miles Mathis group. The writing style is consistent of one person. No one has ever come close to proving that MM has a team behind him. (Ego maybe?)I wish people would be more supportive of one another. Especially since there are so few people in the world who have a clue. Breaking down one another only hurts the cause. So annoying!

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    1. We are not fools here, and know how to read clues and judge behaviors. Your assertion is is neither evidence nor convincing. The idea that one little man in Taos has busted open science, cosmology, quantum mechanics, history, genealogy, and at the same time is an accomplished artist … c’mon. What do you take us for. Given that level of deceit, a hidden objective is in play. Ergo, “he” is MMG until we determine that objective to be noble. As Kevin Starr said when he left here, he may be a limited hangout, but is the best one going.

      His writer’s voice seems more consistent now than before, but at the same time, many more writers appear. One of them referred to himself in third person, then corrected it, but I think we have the record in the comments here.

      PS: Can’t help but note here the initials MM, also apply to Michael Mann.


  3. PS: I find Republicans more tolerable than Democrats because they do not have to lie as much about their beliefs and objectives. Democrats are cynical and stealthy, seldom saying anything they believe to be true. Bernie Sanders is the perfect example.

    But I did not mean to imply that I am a partisan. I believe in neither party, and see the only use of third parties to be a lever to manipulate elections.


  4. According to Tim Dowling on geneanet (who is related to everybody, anyone famous that is), Martin Van Buren is a nephew [23rd generation] of king John of England, via his mother Eleonore of Aquitaine; a descendant of a second cousin of King John, via Fulk of Anjou; a descendant of a third cousin, etc.

    Max Keiser, yes of controlled opposition RT, has some interesting articles on obamacare, here’s just one:


    1. Good article. The very notion of for-profit health care is our undoing. Best bet, stay healthy until you die. [Not surprised about Van Buren … the only reason I know the stuff about Obama and Madison is the work of Gary Boyd Roberts. I do not do genealogy.]


  5. I thought with the word “risky” this would lead into Black race issues instead of Obama, although I agree, Obamacare has gotta go. Seems for me the last decade probably longer, there is a push to make Everyone Black. Fashion, music, movies, popular culture etc seems to be geared toward Black themes and “memes”. Most of the young white girls in my area have mixed kids and unmarried of course, unsure why they couldn’t or refuse to find a white guy to mate with. They really have no ambition to protect their ancestor’s culture. White people are becoming a minority, towns near my area have become mainly people that are Latino, Black or mixed race. There’s always a push for equality in the news yet most blacks are the majority in certain areas, treated decently, have jobs, and make decent money, even while somehow benefiting from the welfare system which includes free insurance. Seems to be some sort of victim mentality agenda until any opposition is erased. Never any reports about the rich blacks only the poor ones and how bad they have it, never any mentions of white poverty in the news. Of course if anyone makes a comment like this anywhere, it’s deemed hateful and racist.
    A mixed race, secular, low IQ, open area prison seems to be the objective….


  6. I cannot worry about stuff like that, as it seems a perilous path. People are people, there is no race, virtually all of us are born capable, but the school system is used to keep us mediocre and submissive. Here in Colorado they did another fake school shooting this week. The victims of such hoaxes are the kids and their parents, who are scared shitless. In such an environment, there is no way they will ever break free intellectually. Fear is a powerful weapon. This is some heartless, cruel manipulation going on. I watch in horror.


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