Extinction is the New Global Warming. Beware.

Commercialization of earth’s lifeforms is expanding into new territory. Emotion, not facts or evidence, is the primary organizing tool of the corporate controllers behind the scenes. Children will “lead.” Unsuspecting newcomers to the “movement” are the targets/marks. Profit is the goal. Meet the “Extinction Movement” before it is too big to recognize for what it is.

Extinction Rebellion Training, or How to Control Radical Resistance from the ‘Obstructive Left’


Extinction Rebellion Training, or How to Control Radical Resistance from the ‘Obstructive Left,” May 6, 2019, by Cory Morningstar is recommended reading for anyone trying to make sense of the MSM “extinction” hype flooding the airwaves and social media. Like all high-profile campaigns, most of us are only (spoon fed) observing the “tip of the iceberg.”

No, that’s not Willie Nelson.

13 thoughts on “Extinction is the New Global Warming. Beware.

  1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-un-environment-biodiversity/scientists-warn-a-million-species-at-risk-of-extinction-idUSKCN1SC0PJ

    Hey Steve, I value your work so I suffered through the link that had pictures of representatives of at least 7 TRIBES. The rhetoric was jingoism with no substance or goal whatsoever except the ADMITTED problem of “herding cats”. If they can corral the outliers they can have total control of the school of fish. The link above was announced yesterday so I was primed for some kind of ‘extinction’ message in the drivel in the link you provided, however the only extinction I could see that was planned was that of the undividual. They HATE herding cats. Time to release the cats.


    1. Ebola, as I read it, was traced to one hospital with bad sanitation practices, and was cleaned up before the UN people in white lab coats got there. Another hoax.


        1. Yeah, they do fake graphs. Have you by chance seen the Hockey Stick? But what I am seeing here are a few thousand cases with an x axis that has only month but not years. care to be more specific? This does not tell me much. [It looks like a hockey stick!]


  2. http://whale.to/vaccines.html The vaccine connection to highly-publicized “outbreaks” is there for anyone to see. If it makes headlines, it’s most likely linked to a vaccine campaign — one weapon in the great culling underway. 5G will be the next great kill-zone weapons system.


  3. just received this from Patrick Jordan, not sure this is the best place to add it, but it is a very good, short video


    1. Hey Annette, I would have never thought of submitting that but it does have a kind of symmetry to the UN stating that a million species are going to go extinct, in that the principle is the key to all of the Dr. Who episodes:

      Oh! Doctor! What did you do to save the Universe?
      Simple. I just reversed the Polarity.

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  4. Steve can you explain what appears to be all over Milli VaWilli’s gloves. It almost appears purposeful and if you ask me believe it’s supposed to stand for something. What exactly I have no idea. Maybe Steve won’t just explain it away like it’s nothing especially since the genesis of each piece is because Mark and his writers feel on to something.


  5. Sorry Steve I didn’t mean to confuse you. I’m asking if you photoshopped or some over method putting face on woman’s body in photo above? and whether you did or didn’t what website did you find the photo used in your piece? (Photo above the heading No that’s not Willie Nelson). I’d ask the question off camera but I’ve no way to email you or Mark or the other writers privately the way someone can email for example MMG. My intentions are good and I’m certainly not looking to cause myself more problems in my life. Instead I’m looking for more peace in my life and this site has been helpful in that regard.


    1. No, I found it on Google (images) — way down the scroll — doing a little additional research on Greta (upper left in quad title photo), the child star fronting for Climate Change Crisis on all MSM channels. It’s George Soros on her head/body.

      Rico, no worries.


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