Royal Flush.

I’ve been enjoying Dean Henderson’s take on our crazy world recently. He’s authored several books, and appears on numerous video and radio shows spreading the good word to the masses. Love his fighting spirit.

Dean’s most recent blog entry covering the recent hoopla in England with the celebration of WWII (Normandy) and the Trump visit is worth a look, IMO. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Royal Flush.

  1. Went to Dean’s site and left this comment.

    “Parasites are most easily killed by cutting off their food supply.”

    Worked in Venezuela.


  2. Hey Steve, thanks for linking to my article and for your kind words. Glad to see you are still in the fight too!


  3. Thanks Steve…I despise the ‘royals”…what a crock…they are blood-sucking a-holes and it amazes me that people think they are so special. I have heard that “The Queen” is little more than a welfare mom herself. If Kevin Annett is to be believed they are evil to the core.


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