Imagine There’s No Wizard

A question has dominated my thought for a long while now. In this theatrical illusion that is the modern world, who is the Man Behind the Curtain?

Different sites denounce different bad guys. Illuminati. Freemasons. The old aristocratic bloodlines. Bankers. The Vatican. Jews. Or some other tribe of Super-Semites. Putin. Reptilians. Cultural Marxists … Alas, it is an embarrassment of riches.  It can’t be all these groups (real or imagined) working together.  Because the world doesn’t work like that: in human affairs, cooperation is a limited commodity with a short half-life. 

As I sort through the candidates year after year, I am left with the same sinking feeling: that the “revelations” are actually just another pleat in the curtain that hides the ones turning the wheels and pulling levers. (The wheels and levers being the military/police and the civilian intelligence agencies.) No one out there really makes a solid point-by-point case for their identification of Oz the Great and Powerful: either they simply assume it and argue from it axiomatically; or they offer a modicum of inductive thinking built around very selectively cherry-picked data.  It all reeks of red herring …

I was intrigued, therefore, to come across this piece at The Unz Review by Israel Shamir, entitled “Do Spies Run the World?” He invites us to consider the possibility that there isn’t any Mr. Big or Fearless Leader hiding in the darkness behind Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale.  Rather, the intelligence agencies themselves—sometimes squabbling, sometimes colluding—are at the top of the conspiratorial food chain.  He draws examples from history to buttress his contentions.  This is the first time I have come across this theory.

I am not highlighting the Shamir article here because I am thoroughly convinced by it.  Certainly, I have quibbles with points in the exposition.  (He seems to believe, for example, that American presidential elections are truly democratic enterprises and not a form of Kabuki theater; and that Vladmir Putin is a unique person instead of a role filled by several actors.)  I am offering it here because I think it merits discussion.  And so I put it forth for your consideration.

The comments over at The Unz Review are worth wading through as well.  I look forward to your thoughts and analysis here.


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  1. The “intelligence agencies are essentially entertainment, film and employment outfits which recruit the best minds to keep us amused, keep our newspapers and TVs full of created fear, crime, science, terrorism, accidents and scandals. Otherwise we’d get bored. Some of us can see through it. Most can’t. And a good number are employed in this “intelligence” industry, creating our fake reality. What’s not to like?

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  2. Lady Gaga singing Lennin and Plastic Ono Band tune “Imagine” (1971) at 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.

    Imagine there are no countries — just (global) corporations. Corporations are fiercely hierarchical, predatorial ( practicing plunder, pillage, or rapine), parasitic and amoral. It’s “not personal, it’s just business.”

    There is a top (of the pyramid), or multiple tops of multiple pyramids, however structured in particular. The names are unimportant, as the game pieces are interchangeable, replaceable, and temporary.

    I have no absolute proof, but the results indicate, to my satisfaction, at least, a global organization of incredibly evil bastards who march to the same tune — and it ain’t “Imagine.”


    1. “I have no absolute proof, but the results indicate, to my satisfaction, at least, a global organization of incredibly evil bastards who march to the same tune”

      What about these people makes them, in your opinion, ‘incredibly evil’?


  3. I like this article, as it embraces a beehive aspect to our existence, more of a group intelligence than a see and know-all mastery by Jews or grays. He does reference freemasonry, and not being part of that, I have no clue. And beehives have queens. Metaphors fail. But I like the idea of a complex web of people, none omniscient and all aware of the shortcomings of the masses, so that within government we have unacknowledged departments in charge of public mythology and people whose role is to run hoaxes like 911 and Columbine and all of that. It makes more sense than the see-all-know-all spooks we imagine. It is just the department of public mythology, a governing tool.


  4. There is a fatal flaw in all the arguments I’ve read: As human beings we are most loving of our kith and kin – it’s mother nature. The destruction of the Earth that is now in progress is not something natural. I doubt even the rottenest bastard would leave his/her family/children/grandchildren with a lifeless wilderness. Such people don’t work that way, family is important even to the Mafioso. So who are the non-human/s who are running the show?

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    1. Gaia probably chose that name with some thought, that we are not visitors here, but part of here. To a certain degree, we make climate. The only movement I see to remove us all back to a “lifeless wilderness” existence is the AGW movement, the climate alarmists. I’ve been so steeped in this for so many months … the key to climate is how sensitive temperature is to CO2. The answer is not very, in fact, an exponential decline in effect as we inject more and more into the atmosphere. We are not in charge. The main drivers of climate are the sun and the oceans, in that order, as the oceans are driven by solar effects.

      So just say it is the sun, and just that. When we have sunspots, we heat up, when we do not, we cool. We periodically go into ice ages, and are in one now … by definition … because we have ice on the polar caps, masses of it. A sine is a wavelength that moves up and down. Its average is always a straight line. Warming alarmists take the upticks, ignoring context. They have been getting away with that far too long. We might soon have an El Nino, and temperatures will spike, but after that, back to normal. The alarmists will run like crazy with it. But I’ve seen enough. They are propagandists, not scientists.

      We were hiking with another couple last week, and we looked over a vast green expanse from a mountaintop. It was beautiful, and our friend commented on that, and I said that we are in CO2 bonus time, the more, the merrier. A look crossed her face, and I said no more, but I saw they they had reached her, and she was convinced we are burning the planet up. What a way to live! But there is always something in the propaganda air, be it global cooling, AIDS, the population bomb, Soviets and the atomic bomb, and now climate change, that is used to be sure we stay pessimistic. It’s a control mechanism.

      I say screw it! Life is good. Relax, enjoy Canadian wine. This warming period, which started 400 years ago, won’t last. While we have it, get a tan.

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      1. After posting the thread above I immediately realised that it was an invitation for religious abuse – I am not religious. That has not happened (yet). As a researcher, over the years I have become gradually aware of a driving force behind political and by default scientific policy etc., there is an agenda. Who drives that agenda is the most difficult question. People with huge egos seldom agree with other people with huge egos and so it has to be something that scares the s**t out of egos. I leave it to your own imagination.

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      2. When I was a physics undergrad, I worked in a biophysics lab. In our courses, the phrase, “all physics happens at the margin” was thrown about, but NEVER explained. Neither textbook, nor professor, bothered to attempt a comprehensive examination of an overarching scientific concept. It was only when I was on the job did I come to understand what that meant, specifically, no physics happens until a change of energy occurs. Scientists try to create, or map, the initial conditions of the phenomena under study, in order to gauge the aftermath of exogenous, or endgounous, catalysts that make things go in different directions, accelerate or decelerate, increase in temperature, disperse heat, on and on. Bada boom, bada bing. Anyone of normal intelligence can understand that thinking, which is why it isn’t ever explained.

        I wrote that as a way of saying that if a massive synthetic chemical industry is created, and the byproducts of that business seep into our water, air, and soil, then huge amounts of energy and condition changing catalysts are introduced into the environment. Could any of that alter climate patterns? I can’t see why not. Could those chemicals create a catastrophic change in climate? Possibly. After seeing the depleation of the salmon runs in Norcal, from what I’m been told is the increased temperature of streams due to logging practices, it’s hard to believe that man made weather alterations haven’t brought us to where we are now…


    2. Corporations are “people,” at least according to the laws of nations (corporations too). Man (men and women) can be moral, and act with conscience, empathy, love and all those feelings and emotions given to us at birth. Corporations are by definition immoral, amoral, or in some combination, or something similar to both. Not worth arguing the finer points.

      Corporations are “running the show.” We, consciously or unconsciously, have accepted our roles –assigned by corporation-nations — as consumer, shareholder, stakeholder, citizen, and as “people.” These are all nouns (assigned titles) that misrepresent us as simply man. We have ceded our true identity to corporate “personhood.” All fancy titles we attach to our false (corporate) identity prevent us from fully acknowledging and living a life of our own moral responsibility and our proper role in nature. All of us are born in nature, and will die in nature. It is our obvious, but sadly, more often than not, our only conscious connection to the supreme (nature’s) law of the universe. We can choose to follow corporate (man-made) law as consumers, citizens, etc., or the law of nature, but not both.


      1. Steve, this is not meant as an idle question (off-topic though it be).

        In your opinion, is there a way to manage this world without something like the modern laws of incorporation?


        1. Yes. Can we make ego stoop to soul? Is that not our ultimate challenge? Is “I am” not enough? Unfortunately, it involves killing billions of egos, individually, all carefully “groomed” 24/7/365 to dominate man’s (mis)perceptions. The way out is not a group thing. Each ego is uniquely demanding and satisfied. One-by-one exodus is the only path I can see at this moment.

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          1. Sorry, Maarten. Our ego is one small portion of the man’s psyche. Okay? Somehow, living predominantly in and through our ego must change, or the corporate governance we consent to will not change. When we consent to corporate (soulless/immoral/amoral) institutional governance, we are less than man. Self-governance is the alternative.


      2. Researching pages for my website I found that certain technologies were debunked or destroyed before they existed. I had to ask myself how this could possibly happen. Are corporations able to look into the future?


    3. “The destruction of the Earth that is now in progress is not something natural.”

      What ‘destruction of the earth’ are you talking about? Climate Change is a HOAX. All of the images of ‘pollution’ on TV and in textbooks is designed to support an agenda, and that ain’t an agenda of having you know the truth about what is going on. So where does your belief in the notion of ‘earth destruction’ come from?


      1. Jon, I have spent months now on this topic, reading, listening to panel discussions, reading over-my-head papers, even reading Climategate emails.Every claim made by the alarmists is easily countered with real evidence to the contrary. But their techniques are classic propaganda, using emotions and fear, and most importantly, trying to reach and scare children. AGW is taught in the schools, Gore’s movie shown. That’s a crime against humanity, If you want to access the evidence, it is within easy reach, but you have to look for it. It will not come to you, as the media censors everything seen in mainstream. This is America. Hardly anyone will make that effort. How much easier to sit on your but and let the “truth” fall in your lap.


          1. I am far from being a fan of Wiki but most seem to accept it as a source. I personally use it for my own purposes especially when the are obviously wrong, it goes online. In this case I don’t think they are wrong although they do tend to play down anything political. I should have included the military industrial complex who produce more pollution than whole countries and the chem-trails that poison us all. I don’t think it is possible to deny that this is going-on but if you have some contrary evidence then let us know, I’d be interested to see that “they” are lying about the (in our faces) mess they are making.
            My original point was that no human in their right mind would do such things, which logically leads to either a group of psychopathic serial killers or a race malevolent aliens or both.
            I think the answer to this is something no one wants talk about or even know about.

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        1. Cadxx, is it possible, in your opinion, for the authorities to lie about an oil spill and get away with it?

          If your sincere answer is yes, then have you considered the possibility that we are lied to about oil spills (and so forth)?

          If your sincere answer is no, then what is your opinion on 9/11?

          the line of logic I am pursuing here can be applied to ‘deforestation’, ‘extinctions’, and everything else on your list.

          I mean this comment with the greatest of respect and hope that we can arrive at some common understanding here.

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          1. John, I don’t know why your comments are going to moderation. Thanks for your patience.


          2. Hi John le bon
            I’m quite sure that the dark magicians of control can lie about anything they want. But look at it another way: If we take it as granted that air pollution is caused by fossil fuel burning, we don’t have to agree that it also causes global warming. The two are lumped together and it is only assumed that they are the cause of both. It’s possible to separate the two things and look at them independently. Unlike most people I like history and I have a page here that tells how the global warming thing came about — This was at a time when scientists were telling us an ice age was coming:
            The important thing is that you have to change the way your education taught you to think. Science is not the last word – you are. Rationalisation is not the way logic is. Logic is the same as common sense – we were all born with it and education tried to take it away.
            My opinion on 9/11 is that it was a false flag exercise used as an excuse to start a war.

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  5. I agree with the general message that there is no One Wizard, One Ring to Rule Them All, and I don’t believe those simplistic symbolical “pyramids” (triangles mostly) presented by the Alex Jones crowd and brainlessly copied by others.

    That said, this Israel Shamir (Shame-emir?), what’s in the name, focuses only on the lower levels of elitist oligarchy; the spooks, the working bees, to use Mark’s metaphor.

    The Hidden Hand, as Spiridovich (1926!) so aptly called it, is at another level and by definition hidden, so we won’t know who exactly are the people behind the curtains. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Bacteria also didn’t exist until Van Leeuwenhoek started using microscopes.

    I see Freemasonry, Jesuits, Illuminati, B’nai Brith, CFR, Bilderberg, UN, Catholic Church, and other globalist organizations as vehicles, not the endgame, for power hungry Crazy Apes who think they have the right to rule others.

    And in discussions like this you always end up with the concept of jews. The far right Dolfy fanbase (Renegade, DailyStormer) view is wrong; they display an intense hatred for anything and anyone jewish, which is exactly that what the ADL loves to hear as they can use their own illogical schtick against anyone else criticizing jewish power. No it is not “all jews” or “jews alone”. Yet, the overabundance of them is a fact you logically cannot ignore.

    There are some factors that are undisputedly true and too important to avoid (though that seems a current trend in “truth seeker” (are they?) environments I have seen recently):
    – the concept of chosenites (us vs the goyim)
    – the horrible texts of the Talmud (the “hadith” for judaism)
    – the higher probability for psychopathy, a necessary trait to become an elitist oligarch (through selected in-breeding and the next point)
    – the mutilating practice of circumcision (related to the latter)
    – the higher average intelligence (leading to higher positions naturally and combined with psychopathy even more dangerous)
    – the lack of a homeland (which used to be a holy law in judaism; zionism is anti-judaism just because of that point), which led to infiltration and intrigue in several other lands (see Miles Mathis’ excellent exposés of his-story)

    It is no surprise that an Israel Shamir tries to steer away from those inconvenient truths.

    Ab (Fakeologist) and also Mark here seem to think that “the strong overabundance of jews in power positions is completely coincidental”. That doesn’t make sense. Why would the Hidden Hand employ preferably jews in power, when they themselves are somehow not jewish? While at the lower levels we see this kind of nepotism, cronyism and favoritism everywhere, but suddenly when we end up at the curtain itself, behind that, that very human concept disappears? Makes no sense whatsoever.


    1. Gaia, you have a knack for cutting to the pith of a matter, and I appreciate the quality of your reply. You know that I address you with respect, and I trust you will receive my questions in that spirit.

      The issue I cannot sort out is this: Jewish notions of chosenness and the racism of the Talmud are part of a very conservative form of Jewish religion. I myself have never encountered a Jewish colleague or acquaintance who seemed to operate on these premises, even the observant Conservative ones. You mostly have to look to ultra-Orthodox or Hasidic Jews to hear these racist notions expounded. In other words, you have to look at particular Jewish enclaves where prejudice against Gentiles can survive due to lack of encounter with them.

      But those racist notions are part and parcel of a much more encompassing Talmudic lifestyle. My Jewish neighbor down the street does not eat pork, but he does yardwork on Saturday. He does not evince any of the reprehensible ideas of Talmudism as a neighbor or as a professional person. (He has a sterling reputation in the community as a real mensch, for lack of a better word, to all people.). I would hate for any of this opprobrium towards Talmudism to taint him in any way. And in fact, I feel the same for all of the many Jewish colleagues I have known through the years.

      So … Jewish superiority and Gentile non-humanness are aspects of one particular strain of Jewish religiosity. If such Jews are the Hidden Hand, then they must be very observant Jews indeed. But this is precisely the thing I see no evidence for.

      Are there many Jewish people in positions of leadership: politically, academically, scientifically, and culturally? To be sure! As you said, they are intelligent and they come out of a culture that stresses education. (I would say circumcision is irrelevant: it was standard practice in America to circumcise boys of all ethnicities until more recently. I have never heard of a correlation between circumcision and psychopathy.)

      But when I see these people, do they go about with skullcaps and untrimmed beards and fringes and phylacteries and so on? No. Indeed, from all that I can tell, these leaders are largely non-religious. And therefore, less likely to imbibe the spirit of Talmudic hatred.

      Is the Hidden Hand a cabal of Talmudists? One would therefore expect to see them pushing the world in a Talmudic direction. But this again is not what I see. Exhibit #1 you mentioned yourself: the existence of the modern nation-state called Israel, which was founded in direct opposition of the most conservative strains of Judaism. That country was not founded as a Talmudic solution to a Jewish problem; it was founded as a Gentile solution to the perceived Jewish problem of the European nations prior to WW2.

      So this is why I balk at the idea of a Talmudic Hidden Hand. It is a theory which predicts things we do not see happening and vice versa.

      And it also subtly encourages an old and unfortunate prejudice against some acquaintances of mine that I like very much and wish not to see hurt.

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      1. Maarten, why are only videos that expose “a jewish conspiracy” banned from JewTube (owned by Wocjnicki -jewish-, owned in the end by Google -jewish-)?

        Ask yourself that question.

        The fact that not every jew is some schemer, trickster or hoaxer doesn’t mean there is no beef to the question WHY do jewish individuals dominate in those areas?

        I know many lovely catholics, does that mean the Catholic Church is safeguarded from any wrongdoings?

        “6 million” jews (and their families) LIED about the biggest mass murder in human history, touted everywhere, banned from criticism or even mere investigation in quite some countries, and leading to the extortion and especially social shaming of a whole people (Germans).

        The only kindof acceptable counter explanation I have seen is that somehow, by someone, somewhen jews were used as scapegoats by some Hidden Hand, which is ANYTHING BUT Talmudic/Zionist/Judaist/Chosenite.

        But there is no back-up for that claim. While in all levels of society, and especially in the -so-called- developed West, jews dominate and far outstretch their abundance in society in just the most horrific, scheming and lying areas of it.

        Instead of looking for answers why that observation makes sense, the only thing I see at POM, and at Fakeologist (by the owners, not by the contributors) is misdirection.

        And the only thing put against it is “hate”/”antisemitism”. My own fucking family consisted of jews, and I am most interested in this topic without “hatred” or any other silly word put against those people who want to investigate in a nuanced way. Not the real haters (the DailyStormers, the Renegades and the likes), but the ones who refuse to close their eyes for a certain group of people in society.

        One of the first things of “waking up” is to deprogram and to drop formerly held taboos.

        Why is that on just this subject so hard? Why does it need to be either “hate” or “ignorance”? Why not freely express our thoughts and share observations about a Hidden Talmudic Hand that goes way beyond your local doctor, chess player, composer, comedian or kosher butcher?

        Circumcision I think plays a huge role in an early psychopathic programming; basically what those horrible “parents” and rabbis sucking baby boys penises (WTF, if this doesn’t bother you, there must be something wrong) say is “I own you now”

        Circumcision is just as bad as pedophilia and I think it is time we express that outright, without any fears of people who cannot handle arguments and resort to ADLying memes.


    2. Gaia, I don’t imagine the “overabundance” of Jews in public life is a coincidence. 1) I am not sure what a “Jew” is, and 2) I don’t hate them.


      1. “2) I don’t hate them.” I’m not seeing any hate on an individual level and never have. I see a list of reasons for the anti semitic fear mongering charade. With the statistics I see there are a larger percentage of people within Jewish identity groups holding positions of prestige but there is an emphasis on education, networking etc that is at play. Yet which overlooks a percentage that will not make it to a higher tax bracket, plenty of cigarette smokin, beer drinkin, low wage earnin Jews out there. As Maarten stated we have to look at particular Jewish enclaves, which actually do make up a level in the pyramid of what we assume to be the wizard behind the curtain. We can see military/police and the civilian intelligence agencies working together. There is a cooperation, a glue or cement that binds all these groups. Hard to analyze the who and what’s running the show pyramid and get a final satisfying issue resolved feeling about it.

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        1. Do we have a clear understanding of WHAT “the show” is? I believe knowing what will help reveal the who. Why follows what and who, IMO. Like the order of operation in math, one can’t get the correct answer if the order of operation is not followed.

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          1. Don’t you agree that truth seeking is and intrinsically should be a “never-ending journey”? In the end, all we do, intend to do, or consume from others who fall in the first 2 categories, is a hobby. Other people collect stamps, others go hunting ducks, others consume and enjoy They Live propaganda and there is “us”.

            A tiny school of thought in an ocean of lies.

            And even us, we are trying to reach the surface without being swept around by unscrewpulous UNdercurrents [no typos].

            “What is the show?” is an excellent question and should be like the never-to-be-reached asymptotic aspiration, ambition and ambivalence* of the real truth seeker.

            Ambivalence in the sense that our own lives are way more important than “this”. And it is in those own lives, those Gaia/God given years we have on this beautiful ball in some space, we have the chance, choice and prospect to enjoy that to the best of our abilities.

            Travel! And talk to local, real people. And the main thing; listen!

            And part of that is what christians will call biblical, muslims will call quranic, judaists will call torahic, buddhists will call whatever and just anyone can call the most important factor of our being of “Homo sapiens” is curiosity (no, I don’t mean that “rover” on Devon Island, Canada…).

            Yet, knowing that we are neither the owners of the Theater, nor the directors, the actors, the supporting crew or the Chosen Leaders Of The Board Of Trustees, we will never reach the answer to that question…

            La verdad es como el amor. Sólo cuando te abras a ellos, se los sientes.

            Truth is just like love, you cannot teach it, you can only feel it.

            And still, for many, not all, it can be fruitful to get to analyze the appearing actors, to poke into the peculiar plots, to delve deep into demonic, disappointing or demoralizing dramas, and to freely speculate about the “men before the curtain”.

            I simply fail to see the logic behind “every actor in front of the curtain in this theater is related, either by tribal or psychological, but likely by both ways, but suddenly the Masters of Puppets behind the curtain are of a completely different, almost mythologically mysterious ‘other kind'”?

            “Most people do not have a problem with you thinking for yourself, as long as your conclusions are the same as or at least compatible with their beliefs.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana*

            I am a philosopher, a social critic, a satirist, an aphorist, an essayist, a cartoonist, a graphic designer, and an iconoclast. I was born, bred, and is based within the borders of some figment called South Africa.

            I study human beings, and after some of my observations, I either write or draw. I share my observations through satirical aphorisms, essays, books, and cartoons, which I use to unseriously explore serious issues.

            A comedian strives to make people laugh; sometimes, that leaves them thinking; I strive to make people think; sometimes, that leaves them laughing. On the whole, my work is an attempt to link our beliefs, actions, institutions, ignorance, and arrogance, with human suffering.

            I slave to spread liberating messages such as: Life is how you look at it!

            In short [for the millennials with the attention span of a ferret on crystal meth]:

            There are too many unnecessary boundaries in practice, I don’t want to see more of them in thought, do you?

            Why this combination of tribal and psychological, psychopathic and cultist traits, where does this come from and how can we teach the future of mankind to always stay different and free [within the boundaries every individual can determine for him/herself]?

            We are all on the same page, we just use different fonts.


        2. I agree, and the first step in that process is to speak without fear and within reason. The “true antisemites” out there, the Dennis Weiss/Wises, the Andrew Anglins and the Rockwells, seem to be planted. They embrace the ADL agenda of “criticism = hate” and the USHMM stance where “revisionism = denial”.

          Falling in that trap is easy and calls upon the easily misled souls.

          I joined Piece of Mindful, Fakeologist and Hoaxbusterscall to find other freethinking deprogramming minds who are capable of taking on that journey and not afraid of the conscripted, in many cases imagined “abysses of antisemitism”.

          I will outline my thoughts in another (I have done some already, see the Nazionism posts) call at a later stage and link it here.


          1. Hey, Gaia … you have offered a lot of thoughts and questions in one fell swoop; more than I have time to respond to at present. But I promise to take them seriously and offer you my thoughts in return as time allows. Please be patient, and I hope you do not construe my delay as disrespect.

            I hope I am misreading what seems like an angry edge in your writing voice: I trust it is the case that people of goodwill can find themselves holding different opinions. We have varying experiences, exposures, definitions, and research trajectories. I have learned a lot from you, and I hope to learn still more. You believe that there is even more for me to learn on certain subjects and you may well be correct. Throughout this journey of truth-seeking, I have been constantly changing my mind. I have no objection to changing it again, as necessary.


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          2. No problem, take your time, I take mine too. No excuses need for that?!

            On the “anger” part; isn’t the whole sense of existence of a man (sorry, a cisgender XY-chromosome representant) directed anger?

            Why live in a pussified and pissified world dominated by posses who try to con-troll our very human characteristic of emotions?

            Directed anger keeps the snipers and snakes way from our women and children around the wigwams and caves. I won’t forget that.

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  6. The two questions I have struggled with for years now in regards to the Controllers are: Who are they? And Why are they doing this?

    I likely will never know the answers (at least not in this life), but what I continually come back to is an overwhelming sense that they (whoever they are) are simply not human in the sense that I am.

    Humans are undoubtedly capable of evil, violence, treachery, murder but when committed these acts are typically directed at other individuals when a personal connection already exists. The vast majority of humans simply wish to live their lives and be left alone.

    The widespread organization, control and manipulation spanning centuries? Millenia? and aimed at human beings suggests an ingenuity that is supernatural.

    They cannot be motivated solely by money, although they undoubtedly financially exploit us relentlessly. These people have more money than they and their families could ever spend in a 1000 lifetimes. And yet nothing ever seems to satisfy their thirst for chaos, manipulation, control and suffering. More than anything else, they almost seem motivated by a deep sense of hatred. Hatred for humanity. Hatred for the earth. Hatred for animals.

    It also seems to be true that they are at least somewhat obsessed with bloodlines and they stick to their own kind. Honestly, what the hell are they? I don’t believe in the alien or the reptilian conspiracies as those feel like projects to make the truth sound ridiculous. But they are not like us.

    So no matter what group they are hiding behind (Freemasons, jesuits, nazis, etc) my thinking is it really doesn’t matter because they control all of them.

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    1. I was just reading (not really absorbing much) from a book from the 1970s where the author mentions something I had long forgotten – people used to make bomb shelters! The overhanging attitude was a sense of impending doom, and it infected the entire population. That had to be the objective of the propaganda of the time … pessimism, no hope. I realized that the bomb shelter was just a symbol for that time, where today they are achieving the same end with climate change, and to a lesser degree, fake terrorism.

      It is organized from above, and yet we don’t know who is in charge. Something like 911, a massive project involving hundreds, if not thousands of planners, all the way down to Jon Stewart 17 years later urging congress to assist fake first responders, tends to argue against the beehive and for the green curtain. I look at it all and think That this is how they have chosen to govern. They don’t think of us as rational, and at the same time they don’t bother to kill us off. They just keep us in perpetual imbalance to keep us from organizing, or maybe from just being able to think properly. All of the fake school shootings create frightened children who become frightened (and easily herded) adults.

      That has to be the objective, to keep us under thumb by making sure we use our amygdala rather than cerebral cortex to negotiate life. That is all I can make of it. Who are they? We see the faces of the lower ranking ones, the Jon Stewarts and Al Gore’s and Donald Trump’s and Bill Gates, moronic public actors. Above them, I can only think it is people who never show their faces in public, as real power prefers to be hidden. If that sounds conspiratorial, well that’s what it is.


  7. Who are they, and why can’t we see them? A man-made system of laws is the “what is it” that enables the who. It is hiding in plain sight. It is a system of ancient origin.

    This goes directly to Maarten’s recent comment asking if there might not be another way to “…manage this world…” I said in response: “Yes,” but could not in a few words explain, or describe, sufficiently to gain Maarten’s understanding. Only my opinion, of course. I am working on a piece on “management” and “the law.”

    We are a nation of laws, not of men. Is this true? In 1780, John Adams tried to establish the principle of “a government of laws and not of men” in the Connecticut Constitution, and later successfully into the U.S. Constitution. It is a clue, a puzzle piece, IMO, to understanding what and who controls (manages) our lives.


  8. Excellent post, thank you for raising this topic. Is there really a single group at the top? Or have we all been led, one way or another, to believe in something which simply does not exist?

    It is interesting to note that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was written by L Frank Baum, a man with open and acknowledged ties to Theosophy. What is Theosophy? A field of inquiry concerned with mystic, esoteric, and occult ideas across religions and philosophies. In other words, LFB was interested in what we might today call ‘the occult’ and existentialism.

    LFB wrote a book entitled ‘The Master Key’ which was all about how a ‘demon’ could offer wondrous technology, and how this technology took the protagonist of the story (a young boy) away from his family, away from what really matters. Among the technology offered by the demon was a device not dissimilar to the modern smartphone.

    Those of you who have looked into the connections between Silicon Valley, Burning Man, the occult, and what we call ‘modern technology’ may find the Theosophical and techno-interested background of Baum rather noteworthy.

    In Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the characters discover that the Wizard is merely a humbug. The Wizard sends the characters off to solve some problem, and then looks towards to the reader, and asks, ‘how could I not be a humbug when everybody wants me to deceive them so?’

    Baum’s point, via the humbug-Wizard, is that people WANT deception. People WANT to believe a grand wizard sits atop them. Is he good? Is he evil? It matters not, so long as the lemming masses believe that something is above them. Because to believe something else would mean to believe that they are in fact in control of their own destiny, and this is far too much power for the average person to invest in themselves.

    Anybody who wants to read more of what I have written about Baum, Theosophy, and technology, send me an email, mention that you read my work on PoM, and I will make available to you — for free — an article series I published on the Member section my site about a year ago. This comment has only touched upon the tip of the iceberg.

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  9. Google-YouTube’s new “anti-hate speech” policies:


    “[Person with attributes noted above] are dogs” or “[person with attributes noted above] are like animals.”


    Just two passages from the Talmud:

    “The sexual intercourse of a Goi is like to that of a beast.”
    Sanhedrin (74b) Tosephoth

    “The seed of a Goi is worth the same as that of a beast.”
    Kethuboth (3b)

    Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi


  10. I’ve been posting here via my own website – questions from John le Bon and I thought I’d come and have a look at the whole shebang. Having read what you all have to say – what do we know?

    They hate us but they don’t seem to want to kill us all – suggests a dependence?

    They appear to like bloodshed or maybe this is an existential need?

    They like to instill fear, which suggests insecurity or again a need?

    They want us uneducated or educated with lies which seems to suggest their cover can be broken by us knowing something?

    The destruction of the planet is not a concern for them, suggesting it’s not their home planet?

    They seem to have been around for a very long time?

    No one knew they were there until quite recently.

    The bloodline of the Anunnaki is beginning to make more sense.


  11. Okay, I read the article in Unz. Very interesting!

    It reads to me as almost a complaint from traditional government leaders about the power of “the clandestine services” who operate with violence, secrecy, spying, and media propagandizing. And who stopped being tools for governments and started being a spook fraternity who now use their skills in propaganda and coups etc. against their sponsoring governments as often as for them.

    It doesn’t directly state what Mark did, that maybe there isn’t any Mr. Big behind the intelligence agencies, but I agree it did suggest it. The doings of these rogue spies is kind of convoluted and hard to follow and makes you realize, “oh, there are lots of moving parts, lots of struggles, etc.” The level of chaos and competition DOES suggest that some of our conspiratorial thoughts about omniscient tightly controlled elites controlling everything are overblown.

    The author seems to suggest that maybe in better times Presidents and Dictators ran the show, but now the intelligence agencies themselves do? That almost makes me think there IS a Mr. Big, or a committee of Mr. Bigs, maybe the top spooks of the top countries in a sort of fraternity. If not a public Mr. Big (President, Dictator), maybe a private one?

    On one hand, the article suggests that the whole struggle for power behind the scenes is organic and unsettled. And that our fears/beliefs of some Star Chamber behind it all are overblown. On the other hand, the article would CONFIRM some of the beliefs we have that normies don’t. That indeed there ARE conspiracies and propaganda and secrets ARE often kept.

    Anyway, thanks Mark, very thought provoking.


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