Words of hope for the five percent

I don’t read much anymore, or better said, I don’t find much worth reading anymore. I love reading. It has been my morning activity for decades, the reason I come bounding down the stairs after awakening at ridiculously early senior citizen hours. (For any who wonder, I am 67 and in excellent health, still able to do all of the very hard work involved in living in a mountain home. Every year my wife and I look at the future and wonder how much longer we can keep this up, and the answer is always … five more years.)

But what is there to read? You can take every book in the current events or history section of the library or at Barnes and Noble and have a bonfire, and nothing of value except paper would be lost.

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Talking Conspiracy with Family & Friends


So it’s Turkey Day in the US of A. Which means many of us will be spending a lot of time today and the next few weeks with family and friends. Some of us might even be brave enough to bring up some conspiracy topic: 9/11, sports, secret celebrity twins. Inevitably we will be dismissed. So I’m posting this to jump start a conversation about effective ways to talk about conspiracies with friends and family. Continue reading “Talking Conspiracy with Family & Friends”