More on Freddie/Dr. Phil

I just spent half an hour with a left profile of Freddie Mercury and one of Dr. Phil. I think the work is intriguing but not convincing. Freddie had an imposing face that jives nicely with Phil’s, but I could not make the ears work. Also, Phil has developed both a long nose and chin in the intervening years. All of this creates doubt.

I refer you back to earlier work, and accept that people are not convinced. I am agnostic on the subject. I just can’t stick the landing.

Two things needs to be made clear, however. One, Freddie Mercury did not die of AIDS. I’ve done tons of work on the subject of AIDS, and am convinced it was a psyop designed to drive the sexes apart, making us distrustful and unwilling to marry and have children, part of the overall population control thrust.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, however, is real. The word “acquired” is deliberately misleading. AIDS is not caused by HIV and is not contagious. It is a lifestyle disease, and is currently in use in the ongoing war on Africa, now coupled with climate change. There is a real fear among the elite that Africa will develop.

To sell AIDS as a real and deadly disease, they needed high profile people to die from it. They chose Freddie Mercury, and before that Rock Hudson.

Why Freddie? I don’t know. He was a very good singer, and Queen certainly had a quality body of work. Who knows? I have seen many musical projects come to an early end for unknown reasons.

(Magic Johnson was chosen as well, but backed away, refusing to take AZT. He thereby escaped but has never publicly said anything about the efficacy of AZT. That is probably the deal he struck, to keep his mouth shut. He was never sick.)

Queen was probably a project, like the Beatles, given that Mercury advanced AIDS and Brian Mays is now an astrophysicist – both could be just actors, but with Freddie, that voice … too good to just cast aside, in my view.

I will give you two photos from the Dr. Phil collection below.

That’s it. All other available photos are of the current Dr. Phil. There is nothing from childhood and nothing between these, seemingly-high school, and his emergence on the scene. Number 79 on the left does not begin to line up, and is not Phil. The hairline, receding as it is on what – an 18-year old? – appears to have been added in the darkroom.  The photo on the right is much closer. This makes me wonder why the No. 79 photo, which is very crudely done, is left standing. However, on the photo on the right, the chins do not line up, and I have checked and rechecked the measurements. But close is close enough I guess. If I line up the eyes, nose and mouth, the chin hangs too low, but it is otherwise a match.

1 Phil 1

All that said, I am backing away from this project and all my misspent hours. I don’t know what happened to Freddie, and I don’t know who Phil is for real, and I don’t think they are the same guy. It is just a lingering suspicion unsupported by hard evidence. Mea culpa, and in the end, who cares.

29 thoughts on “More on Freddie/Dr. Phil

  1. just for grins, here is a video about what they got right in the movie and what they got wrong…BTW, I saw the movie and really liked it


  2. Good you came to this insight.

    In an investigation as this (“sleuthing”) you come across new data disproving former hypotheses.

    We were talking about Jesse “James” and “Oprah” Winfrey.
    I suspect, but cannot prove it (enough) that Jesse Robinson is Orpah Robinson’s half-brother.


    1. Oops, forgot you’d be reading this, and doing a little face rubbing. I am not sure it is not right. I just can’t make it so, and, it is not as far fetched as it seems. It is a bizarro elite that run our perceptions, and this one is bizarre enough, but not the best. Bruce Lee/lance Ito takes that cake.

      So can the ‘it just can’t be so’ stuff. A lot of strange shit goes on.Nothing in politics is real, most entertainers are juiced and only lightly talented, and can die on command.


      1. So now you are saying Freddie and Phil are not the same person? However you do bring to light some very valid points. Aside from getting people in a room and torturing them into confessing we’ll never know. Queen made a substantial amount of money, they had talent and played their instruments yet just like other groups, they may not have wrote the songs so the money would not be theirs. I’m looking over the credits, May/Mercury/Deacon/Taylor, yet songwriter names can just be a front for the real writers. I researched the ex wives didn’t find anything. There are quite a few Bulsaras in Texas.


        1. I am saying I cannot offer strong enough evidence. I worked it. I suspect, but cannot convince even myself, so well done is it.

          I doubt any groups write their own music, discussed many times here. It is too much a coincidence to have that ability and the ability to perform and play instruments (though Freddie, like McCartney, is merely a chord banger, which takes practice, but not a skilled pianist). In addition, popular music is the anthem of the era, pushing the themes that our overlords want pushed, so that kids working in the garage bands aren’t going to be tuned in and are instead going to be writing songs about girls and cars, not men sitting in death row after murdering someone, or nuanced layered songs about drugs and homoerotica.


          1. Mark good piece well done. I’m a fan of your occasional who cares last words too. For me reading that is my needed reminder not to forget about what’s really important. Mark the reason Freddie Mercury appeared as possibly Dr. Phil to you is because by your own admission you don’t follow these types of musicians per se. Otherwise at first glance it’s somewhat understandable why you took more than just a look or two at the possibility. However Freddie Mercury practically invented rock star gay using aggressive yet subtle flaming persona. If you saw any live footage of Queen say 1985 Wembley Stadium you would know immediately Dr. Phil could never perform anywhere close to that. No exaggeration Freddie Mercury is operatic poetry in motion onstage. Dr. Phil sleeps in his suit while Freddie only needed pair of white sweats sleeveless tshirt adidas tennis shoes and wristbands. Dr. Phil looks like big dude. Picturing him facially without moustache and extra weight Dr. Phil more resembles or looks related to someone very famous such as Paul Hornung Green Bay Packer Hall of Famer or even Marlon Brando.


          2. One guy I ve followed is Gino Vannelli – so he writes all his songs , great singer , all round musician – a big reason he can do what he does is because of a very supportive family and extended family – that network right from the getgo is in stark contrast to others mentioned whom you dont really know where they are coming from – they are ‘managed’ – seemed to start from Elvis ….


            1. I just looked at photos of him, and nowhere do I see him playing an instrument. Is that right? My theory, which is shaky at best, is that the odds say that one person will probably not have all of the following: good looks, stage performing ability, a good singing voice, the abiity to write music, and the ability to play musical instruments. The closest I have seen in my lifetime is Glen Campbell, who did it all but did not write (or pretend to write) his own music.


  3. This is a worthy comment … I never took the trouble to examine the physiques of the two men. I just assumed Freddie did not age well. There are objective means by which I can make comparisons, and I think I will do that. One of the reasons McCartney (Mike) has held on as a rock star is that he kept a trim body. The hair is not real, he’s probably had plastic surgery, but if he had aged like his brother, Paul, (Halliday), he’d have been set aside years ago. I saw Crosby, Stills and Nash on the Tonight Show doing Teach Your Children – they weren’t very good, all three played rhythm guitar (did the group have a bass player?), but all had doubled in size, three aged overweight galoots, and without lip sync, hopelessly non-entertaining. No concerts ahead for them.

    We at one time had people come here to claim that various people were different in size, one being Bill O’Reilly and Bobby Fuller. I was able to find an objective standard, length of forearm or some other way, I forget now how I did it, but found them to be the same height.

    Dr. Phil, with excellent teeth, has (had … he’s becoming unattractive with that chin and nose protruding as they do) a sculptured face and commanding presence, so I don’t rule out the man who captivated people with his onstage charisma and magnificent voice was merely repurposed. But damn, I miss that voice. And don’t forget, Queen served a larger purpose than just music, to normalize gay and integrate them into society. Say what you will, as living in the closet must be torture, they were a project.

    I’ll keep working in it. Maybe I will stumble on some Rosetta Stone.


  4. They are all actor’s. The onstage Freddie and the studio Freddie were probably different people. There is a movie about Freddie. That says a lot.
    No old pics of Dr Phil who came out of the Oprah factory. That is enough evidence right there for me.


  5. these type things make the site so untrustworthy, not one of your” this person is that person” has been remotely close but for some reason there will always be “posters” agreeing with you, either they are fake are just afraid to say anything negative because they dont want you come down on them, banned, or not get posted. this molds compliance forcing someone to behave in a fashion they do not want to.


    1. For your opinions, your best and only source to “trust” is that area between your ears. As to the real (or hidden) motives of others, again, you have to form an opinion based on intuition, reason and evidence. If you are looking for a place to blindly place your trust, look elsewhere. It you trust yourself, you’ll be comfortable here.


      1. Me before Epstein’s death: Conspiracy theories are facile misdirections favored by people who crave simplistic explanations to soothe their own feelings of powerlessness.

        Me now: The Illuminati whacked Epstein.

        Everything’s on the table.


        1. The term “conspiracy theory” has no content! It is an empty phrase used as a thought-stopping device. Most always in our times its use as a “thought-stopper” is redundant. (BTW, why do you accept “Epstein’s” “death” as real? You obviously have not thought much about it. You saw it in the news and uncritically accepted it all as true. Where is thought?)


          1. You have me at a disadvantage. I have not followed the story, and assume it is false anyway. I don’t bother to investigate anymore. Ever since that Klieg light fell out of the sky and nearly hit me, I’ve been very skeptical.


          2. It is all so highly improbable. The story that the camera malfunctioned gives the lie to the whole thing. I am not going to waste time on it. I assume that Epstein is alive somewhere else now (if he was even a real person) (perhaps Santa Catalonia in Brazil), and that there was no pedophile ring, and that the purpose of this whole scam was to convince us that pedophile rings really exist. That is Pizzagate in a nutshell.

            There is pedophilia. Don’t get me wrong. They just have a hard time seeking each other out and forming organizations, if you think about it. It’s a private malfunction.


          3. It is just the state of being, people who are curious and those who are not, people who read, and those who do not. What I don’t get, Swede, is how your functional illiteracy is some kind of asset.


  6. There is decent photos of the ‘recently departed’ (Jeffy) & the dead body on the gurney. Facial (~cough~) photos that can be compared.


      1. Sometimes my post’s are allowed. Or delayed. Or deleted. Or ridiculed & my rebuttal is muted. I do not troll, yet my stuff is. Will this reply see the light of day?


        1. I don’t do anything other than release your comments when they are put in moderation. Some go there, others not. I do not know why. You are not alone in this regard – LeBon’s comments always go there, and I do nothing to cause that.

          Rebut away.


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