Freddie Mercury became Dr. Phil McGraw: Case Closed

1/21/17 Addendum: In the comments below (thank you JM), we learn that Dr. Phil has a son who is a rocker, and who sings in falsetto voice. Dr. Phil has no idea where he got the talent. (See the video by scrolling down here.)  It is typical flashy rock, heavily overproduced to mask the absence of any real talent.


I’ve gotten criticism at Fakeologist at various times for the work we do here – I take the brunt of it since I do the most posting. They do not like my face chops, and yesterday a woman in their ongoing podcast said that she does not trust me.

My answer to all of that is “You’re wise.” I don’t expect to be trusted, especially given the nonsense and noise that the disinfo agent Dallas Goldbug has spread around. I want to be scrutinized, doubted, and I want to advance in photo analysis so that the techniques draw more confidence. I appreciate that Fakeologist has reprinted articles by all the authors here, and that I can usually go there when looking for some new material to satisfy my eternal quest not to be bored. I accept both their criticism and distrust as normal and wholesome.

Today is the final chapter in the Freddie Mercury/Dr. Phil McGraw Zombie case. I have done all of the photo analysis, but will close this piece with what I believe to be a clincher. Just as with Bill Hicks/Alex Jones it took an overlay of teeth to convince skeptics they were the same man, I think I can pull a similar feat with these two.

The problem with the first match of these two was that I was working with two sets of twins (one, actually). I mixed and matched, and the ears were off. That threw the whole project into doubt. So for starters, I will compare Dr. Phil, Twin One, with Mercury, Twin One:


I choose the leftmost Freddie to overlay on all of the Phil’s:


I see the same shape skull, alignment of nose, eyes, ears and mouth. It so happens that Mercury always had his mouth closed due to his dental situation, and Phil always has his mouth open due to his full of shit situation. That results in a slight misalignment of chins.

Here follows the Twin Two analysis:



This time, because of its straight-on nature, I will use the second photo in the Freddie set for comparisons:


Nothing troubles me. These are the same men in both sets, the only difference that Phil is 25 years older now than when Mercury faked his death. Our technique presumes that skull shapes and positioning of facial features do not change as we age. This is evidence to that effect.


[Post-publishing note: I just looked again at the fourth photo – it appears that I have Twin One and Twin Two there. That is a mistake. I will just leave it there with this note, as I am very tired of this project. The other three  chops make the case sufficiently. These men are very hard to tell apart.]


Finally, I went looking for profile photos so I could do an overlay, and found two – one each of Freddie and Phil:

Because I judged Twin One to be the primary performer, I am thinking these two photos are of Twin One, but I am not sure. It could be two, and I cannot tell from a side angle. To align them I measured the distance between the farthest-back point of the ear on each to the tip of the nose, adjusting them to the same. I then made sure that the tip of their foreheads aligned with the tip of their chins since in a straight up and down line. I then overlaid them in PhotoShop, Adjusting the opacity so that gradually Freddie transforms into Phil. Here’s what I got:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note how the upper ear does not change throughout that entire presentation. That ought to nail it.  (Our ear lobes grow, normally about .22 centimeters millimeters per year, so that Phil’s should have grown about 8/10 of an inch, an indeed they have.)

Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case. The acting set of twins originally known as Farrokh Bulsara played two parts, Freddie Mercury, who faked his death in 1991, and Dr. Phil McGraw, TV psychologist, who is yet to fake his. We await the day.


PS: “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” (Marshall McLuhan, as quoted on Fakeologist, 11/17/2016)


See also: Freddie Mercury Revisited, Dr. Phil Revisited

One thought on “Freddie Mercury became Dr. Phil McGraw: Case Closed

  1. on the last one…… the inside of the ear……almost as good as a finger print….the inside of you ear almost never changes as you age…..there is no change at all when you do the transformation. Plastic surgery can change almost everything else. No one bothers changing the inside of the ear. Might even have and ear tuck but the inside would not be changed. I had someone on another video mention that Dr Phil had been a singer…..but that she would let us figure that out ourselve…….which lead me here. Thank for the info. I think we have a lot of this going on.


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