More on Freddie/Dr. Phil

I just spent half an hour with a left profile of Freddie Mercury and one of Dr. Phil. I think the work is intriguing but not convincing. Freddie had an imposing face that jives nicely with Phil’s, but I could not make the ears work. Also, Phil has developed both a long nose and chin in the intervening years. All of this creates doubt.

I refer you back to earlier work, and accept that people are not convinced. I am agnostic on the subject. I just can’t stick the landing.

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Freddie Mercury became Dr. Phil McGraw: Case Closed

1/21/17 Addendum: In the comments below (thank you JM), we learn that Dr. Phil has a son who is a rocker, and who sings in falsetto voice. Dr. Phil has no idea where he got the talent. (See the video by scrolling down here.)  It is typical flashy rock, heavily overproduced to mask the absence of any real talent.


I’ve gotten criticism at Fakeologist at various times for the work we do here – I take the brunt of it since I do the most posting. They do not like my face chops, and yesterday a woman in their ongoing podcast said that she does not trust me.

My answer to all of that is “You’re wise.” I don’t expect to be trusted, especially given the nonsense and noise that the disinfo agent Dallas Goldbug has spread around. I want to be scrutinized, doubted, and I want to advance in photo analysis so that the techniques draw more confidence. I appreciate that Fakeologist has reprinted articles by all the authors here, and that I can usually go there when looking for some new material to satisfy my eternal quest not to be bored. I accept both their criticism and distrust as normal and wholesome.

Today is the final chapter in the Freddie Mercury/Dr. Phil McGraw Zombie case. I have done all of the photo analysis, but will close this piece with what I believe to be a clincher. Just as with Bill Hicks/Alex Jones it took an overlay of teeth to convince skeptics they were the same man, I think I can pull a similar feat with these two.

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Dr. Phil Revisited

As I sit down to write, I do not know how this project will end.The match-up between Freddie Mercury and Dr. Phil in the original post was so dead-on, except for the ears. Now that I know that Freddie was twins/replicas, that problem is receding.

tom-brady-matt-damonI say “twins/replicas” because we are in transition in outlook here. There is a large program in place wherein duplicate people are somehow manufactured. I hesitate to use the word “clone,” but there have been hints in the back-and-forth among the writers here of farms or factories where people of a certain mold are turned out. See, for example, Straight’s piece on Matt Damon lookalikes. It is shocking. Since he wrote that, at his suggestion, I ran Matt Damon against quarterback Tom Brady. Except for ear height, they match up almost perfectly!

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