Judge Lance Ito and martial … law


Some of the best fun I had back when Straight and I were unearthing zombies and twins was the intriguing resemblance between Bruce Lee and Judge Lance Ito. Looking back I see I’ve collected and organized and sized the photos, but either left it at that or deleted the post. Since I have long thought this was some of our best work, I doubt that I deleted the post, but I have indeed gotten rid of many, so it is possible.

I recall being convinced that Lee had indeed portrayed Lance Ito in the OJ Simpson trial, primarily because it is so wonderfully absurd. They were taunting us, and it appears at times that damn near the entire LAPD and justice system were in on the joke.

Slow White Bronco

For starters, how many remember the joke, “What do OJ Simpson and John Elway have in common?” (One drove a slow white Bronco, the other is a slow white Bronco.) But how many people really think that OJ was driving that vehicle? I don’t. It was a TV show, and was timed to air right during NBA finals, at a time when black viewership would be very high. Since the whole thing was a hoax, this was merely the rollout, so to speak. [11/17/19: News to me, mentioned in a comment below, the Bronco was said to have been driven by Al Cowlings, with OJ flat in the back seat. More likely, OJ was home watching the scene on his TV.]

First, let’s take a look at the OJ Simpson trial, not through my eyes, but those of Miles Mathis back in his pre-genealogy phase. His paper, The OJ Simpson Trial was Faked, first appeared in November of 2014, five years ago, with a few revisions along the way, including an assertion about a year ago that OJ is gay. The evidence he presents is intriguing, but gayness is not something that can be proved without admission or independent testimony, and no one is talking. Hence it is pointless to speculate about it. But it figures in, as I see it, so I will refer back to it.

Mathis sees a man in the photo below, and frankly, so do it. It is of Nicole Brown-Simpson. He shows another like it that has five o’clock shadow.

Nicole is a man

I routinely chase anyone who wants to talk about trannies out of here, and am not opening that can of worms for general discussion. But this is weird – take a look below at the portion outlined in red.

Nicole is a man with red line

It is almost as if we are looking at a young man’s face pasted into a woman’s hair and body. Notice the different skin tone.

I thought the best way to proceed was to get some photos of Nicole Brown Simpson at her feminine best. I learned that there are just not that many of her, and that for the most part, they are taken with her standing beside OJ. Here’s a collage of those photos.

Nicole OJ Collage

There are many more photos of the two together, but in most of them she is wearing the same outfits as above, meaning that the bulk of the photos of them come from just a few public appearances. Her smiles for the most part look fake, that is, smiles are in the eyes, and those are angry eyes that I see. The subtext of a man dressed as a woman comes through in some of these, but I do not conclude thereby that this is a tranny. In fact, it is not that at all. It is merely a woman who does not like the man she is standing next to.

What I wanted was a photo of Nicole that highlighted her feminine qualities.


Nicole looking feminine

11/17/19: The photo I originally used here of Nicole spouting feminine qualities was, according to a commenter below, that of Tawny Kitaen. She was a woman who left her boyfriend, rock guitarist Robin Crosby to date OJ. The lesson for me here is to never rely on just eyes to compare photos. There’s not much I can do with the photo above in the way of comparison, so I just took the fact that it was shown on the Internet and labeled as Nicole to convince me that it was Nicole. That was a mistake.

But the original impressions still stand. Tawny Kitaen has no interest in OJ, judging by body language, legs heavily crossed away from him, leaning away. The rumors around the affair was that Nicole had gotten fat while pregnant and that OJ, a “womanizer,” canoodled with her. Everything is possible, but this photo says otherwise. I am reminded that the reputation of “womanizer” for high-profile people often is a disguise.

Back to the original mission, to find a photo of Nicole Brown Simpson where she exudes femininity. I have not had much luck but offer these two:

Nicole looking feminine 2

The photo on the left was for a magazine spread, and thus is not trustworthy, probably heavily worked over. On the right, I see evidence that she is a woman. I am not getting “feminine” from that photo. Nicole Brown, as I view her, was not attractive in any Hollywood sense. She did bear OJ two children, so the marriage was consummated. It was said to be a rocky one, and I accept that to be true, but not for stated reasons. Why these two were selected for this monstrous psyop … I do not know.

However, the OJ-Nicole relationship reminds me of a friend of mine from decades ago, I will call him “Willis.” He was, as I see in my rear-view-mirror, a repressed homosexual. Girls liked him, he dated girls, even got engaged a couple of times, but always did something that put the girl in a position where she was forced to end the engagement. He did not want to be the one to do it. His last (ex) girlfriend (at least, while I knew him) played shortstop for a women’s softball team, and had little in the way of feminine attributes. In retrospect, I regard Willis as a tortured man, as to be a homosexual in his group of friends and family would mean ostracism. So he subconsciously selected women who he then forced to reject him, and finally settled on a butch. He never did marry.

That’s all I can make of the above impression we take from photos of OJ and Nicole. And it is a limited sample, but all I could find. (I did not limit the selection, but the selection was limited.) There are photos of her with her family, one of which I will discuss below. But for her marriage to OJ it is as if, in the Internet photo world, she only appeared in public with this high-profile athlete and movie star on a few occasions. In most of the photos with him she is in forced-smile mode (as is he), and not dressed to highlight her femininity. Could it be possible that this was not so much a hired beard for OJ as a naturally selected marriage where each needed a beard?

Also, and this goes back to Freud, there is a school of thought that says that much of the violence in the world comes about due to repressed homosexuality. In that vein, I can see OJ hating his bearded life and wife, and possibly being angry enough to murder her. But it would not be in a jealous rage. It would simply be self-loathing turned outward. This would imply what OJ really did murder Nicole. However …

Enter Denise

Brown DeniseDenise Brown, like Nicole, was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Their father was Louis Hezekiah Brown, Jr., and mother Juditha Anne, nee Baur. We might take note here that names don’t get more Jewish than Hezekiah, and that Baur is German, and also Ashkenazi Jewish. Nicole (1959) is said to be two years younger than Denise (1957).

Clayborn Brown from GeniI won’t be doing genealogy here other than to note that Louis Hezekaih Brown can be traced back to Clayborn Brown of Virginia, born August 18, 1740. Juditha Anne Baur is scrubbed. Nicole turns up at Geni.com, Denise does not. There’s a reason for that, I think, and that is that Nicole and Denise are the same person. So we are dealing with Jewish people. Again. Is OJ Jewish? I doubt it. His ancestors, Durdens and Potters, are not in the list of Jewish last names. Maybe he’s a convert. [Side note: Check out this page, where you will find my name listed as a Jewish surname. Why am I not running the world?)

How about a face split?

OJ Nicole 3

That is “Denise” on our left side of the face, and Nicole on the right. You can say what you want about face chopping, but I like it. It tells me a lot of stuff. Here it is telling me that Nicole Brown Simpson did not die on June 12, 1994. She merely changed her name. The two faces in this photo line up precisely. Take a look at the dimples, the teeth. Denise is Nicole. Did we know that from the Mathis piece? Probably. But I think I just proved it.

Before someone suggests that this happens because Nicole and Denise are sisters, I must advise that the two would be merely sisters, and not twins. Siblings normally bear familial resemblance, but are easily distinguished. They don’t look alike, and their features don’t line up like seen above.

Denise Tanya

Tanya BrownDenise Brown 3For example, above is the same procedure applied to “Denise” and her real sister, Tanya.  Note, to the left here how very close together Tanya’s eyes are compared to Denise’s, to the right. When doing facial analysis as I do, I set the pupils at one inch apart. As a consequence, when eyes are narrow-set like Tanya’s, her entire skull blows up bigger than in real life and compared to Denise’s. As you can see above, the two, though sisters, do not line up. They do bear a resemblance, as siblings do, but are clearly two people.

So Nicole Brown Simpson, possibly not even married to OJ Simpson (the two might have been chosen for this psyop years in advance, but their wedding date is 2/2/85), did not die, OJ did not murder her, Ron Goldman merely assumed a new identity, and OJ’s lover Kato Kaelen (if Mathis is correct about OJ being gay) was in on it from the beginning, explaining his odd behavior (it was all a joke) and residency at the OJ Simpson home.

This was one gigantic psyop, and it seems to serve no purpose other than distraction. OJ has merrily gone along with it, allowing his public reputation to be destroyed. Like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, each innocent of their alleged crimes, they allow this to happen. Some time I have to look into Masonic shaming rituals. Someone once mentioned to me that public shaming is often done en route to the 33rd degree. That is all I can make of it at this time.

Nicole and sisters fake photo

This photo is of Nicole (right) and two of her her sisters, Dominique (?) to her right, and then Tanya of narrow-set eyes. Old goose-neck on the very end is “Denise,” added to this photo via Photoshop. I see a strong line between Tanya’s left sleeve and Denise’s blouse, a sign of tampering. I have a sneaking hunch that this shot originally included another sister or brother or Juditha, the mother, occupying Denise’s spot. Denise’s head was crudely attached. The does not rest right on a too-long neck. This photo is a joke.

11/17/19: Below is another Brown family photo I found, offered up at a Nicole “memorial” site:

Nicole and sisters fake photo 2

I believe, starting far left, we are looking at Dominique, Denise, Nicole, Juditha, Tanya, and Louis. Three other siblings, Rolf Bauer, Margit Carr and Wendy Kirk, are not shown in any photos that I have found, and perhaps have opted not to be part of this family and its public deceit. I cannot say that with any certainty, of course. They are, however, ghosts on the Internet.

First impressions here, Nicole looks a bit pudgy, but in later life she will slim down and come across as attractive in photos. As evidence towards this I offer the girl in the photo to Nicole’s right, said to be Denise, but actually just another photo of Nicole in a slimmer state, dark hair added to make her into “Denise.” After all, this is a photo of a young girl, and Nicole was 35 when she became Denise. Below is another face split, taken directly from the photo above:

Denise Nicole 3

There’s a bit of difference in the chin, but in my experience, when the person is the same,  that is usually due the depth of the opening of the mouth. The face appears wide, but that is due to head angles. It is alignment of features I seek. Also, note how “Denise” is well lit while Nicole has only one shiny spot … different photos pasted together cause that discrepancy, as I see it. Each was shot under different lighting. In my judgment, this “family” photo was produced to insert Denise into the picture, removing someone else, perhaps Rolf, Margit, or Wendy.

If you’ve come this far and are yet to read the Mathis paper on this matter, I suggest you do so now. Because he is right. OJ didn’t kill anyone, Nicole became Denise, and everyone is lying about everything except perhaps Dominique Brown, who is invisible on the Internet. Perhaps she wanted no part of it. The Mathis piece is a good bit of work.

But stop and think, if the murder was fake, then the famous trial was fake, that means that the judge was probably, like Marcia Clark, the chief prosecutor, a hired actor.

Judge Lance Ito in Charge of Martial Law?

I don’t know where I got the idea that Bruce Lee, who faked his heath in 1973 in Hong Kong, became Judge Lance Ito. It did not originate with me, so I have to assume it came from Straight. That guy had eyes that saw more than anyone I have ever known.

But let’s start with a few dates: Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940, in San Francisco. Lance Ito is said to have been born on August 2, 1950. That’s almost ten years in age difference, meaning that Ito would be 69, and Lee 78.

Ito 7I have encountered these problems before. I do not assume that either date is accurate. Normally, all other things under consideration, I split the difference. To the left here is a photo of Ito on a CSPAN appearance in December of 2018. This is probably as recent as I will find. He is on CSPAN speaking about Japanese internment camps. He could easily be in his seventies, though he looks to have lived a clean life.

Where Lee was said to be Chinese, Ito is said to be Japanese. How to tell the difference? Frankly, he could he either. Here is a discussion on the subject, and it is not always easy, even for Asians. Since both Lee and Ito were born in California, they grew up American. The point is that if Lee and Ito are the same man, as I contend, then he could be of either Japanese or Chinese descent. Or a mixture.

I am going to do some face splits here. But first a note – I have a large file of photos, and I did a lot of work on this way back when, and Straight was insistent that “Bruce Lee” was a set of twins. I had difficulty with the faces, and had in fact divided them into two groups, Twin One and Twin Two. But I am not going down that road. It is too much work and fraught with uncertainty. I do find that Ito fits much better into group two than one, but that proves nothing. It could just be camera angles.



Is it appearing a little less weird now to make this assertion? I am picking up the same head shape, eye level, eye brows, and if you look closely at the top images, hair part.

11/17/19: I understand this is risky work, based mostly on my trust that Straight had such a good eye. Anytime we are dealing with people at different ages, there is going to be difficulty. But a person’s face is fully formed by late teens, and while aging will cause it to fill out, the basic positioning of the features relative to one another does not change.

Further understand that given that Nicole Brown Simpson, as shown above, did not die, and merely changed her identity, we can safely assert that the OJ trial was a large hoax, thereby placing “Lance Ito” in the middle of a lie. If he was a real man independent of Bruce Lee, he was deeply compromised. More likely, in my view, he was just an actor.

I went looking for some details around Ito the Judge, and struck gold. I found a NBC news piece that was loaded with hints and clues that Judge Lance Ito, outside of the Simpson trial, was a ghost.

“He is so humble. It’s kind of amazing, considering the spotlight he got put on,” said Sergio Robleto, the former commanding officer of the LAPD homicide unit who was also a detective.

A man who was head of LAPD homicide would surely know that the Simpson trial was fake, and that there was no murder. He would also know to cover for the fake judge who refuses to give interviews. Robleto goes on to talk about meeting Ito in 1978, in other words, filling in the backstory.

A spokesperson at the Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed that Ito retired on Jan. 5 [2015]. [Former LA County District Attorney Robert] Philibosian said he quietly spent the last 20 years on the ninth floor of the criminal courts building, where high-powered cases involving major murders, robberies, and rapes are tried.

We are told that murders, robberies and rapes require a judge with high-caliber expertise. I would find it just the opposite, that those types of crime, where eye-witness testimony and physical evidence are the drivers, would require less expertise, than say corporate disputes or criminal conspiracies or even bankruptcies. I would judge that any number of qualified men and women could preside over the trials that we are told were routed to Ito because they were “high-powered.”

“There’s separate security to get in there. He was assigned there because of his high level of expertise,” Philibosian said.

In other words, he comes and goes through a private entrance. No one sees him.

In the two decades since, Ito’s signature facial hair has turned gray, and the name plate outside of his courtroom has been stolen more times than he can count by thieves who want a piece of history.

And, oh yeah, his office has no name plate on it.

That very much appears to me to be a ghost, a man who played a role in the OJ trial in 1994, and then went back to his regular life. So oddly enough, Bruce Lee is alive, living in LA, and occasionally steps back into the Lance Ito shoes for public appearances.

I will close with words from Straight in a post he wrote in January of 2017, shortly before departure. (You’ll note that if you go to that post the photos have been removed. I do not know how or why that happens.)

A few months ago Maarten brilliantly pointed out that many of our zombies have similar names before and after death. In this case, Bruce Lee has the same number of letters in the first and last name as Lance Ito. The name Lance Ito has an English Gematria of 474, 47 and 74 being prominent spook numbers. Other words with an English Gematria of 474 include “murder”, “sword”, “Orlando“, “Ukraine“, and “Lincoln“.

Another definition of Lance is the sharp spear used by soldiers to stab enemies. Ito translates as “Aim” in Japanese, the supposed country of Ito’s birth. So another translation of Lance Ito is “Aim the Spear”. Is the spear aimed at OJ, or could the translation be as simple as “Stab It”, further planting the idea that OJ stabbed Nicole Brown Simpson to death, while objectifying Nicole as an “It”?

My mind does not work like that, and I do not do English Gematria, or Gematria in any language for that matter. It is too easy to fill in the blanks with confirmation bias. But I thought it appropriate, since it was Straight who brought this beautiful tale of public deceit to our attention, that I should close with his words.

Footnote, 11/17/19: With considerable embarrassment I was shown that I had used a photo of Mike Myers playing Judge Ito in a skit, and have had to make some changes in facial comparisons. Right and left profiles are fraught with danger, and I have to stop using them. I will focus more on ears, as they have a unique shape. With a full frontal face I can rely on pupil distance as an independent gauge in sizing the skull, but from a side view, I don’t have that gauge. I have tried, using distance from ear lobe to nose tip, eye corner to top of lip, but the Myers mistake shows me that it is not reliable. As I noted in a comment below, ““Having too much faith in our capabilities can hinder development. Self-doubt plays a decisive role in our intellectual maturity.” (Carl Seger, cited by David Lagercranz). In reworking this post, I see that my writing was loaded with certainty in an uncertain adventure. It is, as always, a perilous path, a learning experience, and something I intend to keep doing, improving my skills as times goes on, and accepting and owning mistakes.

11 thoughts on “Judge Lance Ito and martial … law

  1. Lance Ito was the judge in the Charles Keating Savings and loan Trial . This means that the Keating trial was fake also . Keating did not do a day in prison and the government was in on the savings and loan fraud .


  2. A few errors with this article is the driver of the white bronco was Al Cowlings, OJ was supposedly laying down in the back seat. The gif photo shows Michael Myers from the SNL skit on the OJ trial, not the actual Judge Lance Ito. Also the woman in the cleavage photo is Tawny Kitaen. Tawny ended a 7 year relationship with rock guitarist Robin Crosby to date OJ. I believe Robin Crosby faked his death.


  3. The man in the gif is indeed Mike Myers. Oh shit. I will have to do some more work on side angles using the real Ito. We both know that OJ was not in the white Bronco. You are probably right about cleavage girl.

    Two out of three for you. Thanks, I have to say, even as it sucks to be shown to be wrong.


  4. “Having too much faith in our capabilities can hinder development. Self-doubt plays a decisive role in our intellectual maturity.” (Carl Seger, cited by David Lagercranz)

    I’ve got more work to do here, but have to step back and observe that there is, with this commenter, hard knowledge of the events. It is as if an overseer has stepped in to correct details. What I got right, he left alone. It’s a little creepy.


  5. Per Waki:
    “(LA Angels pitcher Chuck) Finley was married to actress Tawny Kitaen from 1997 to 2002. He filed for divorce three days after Kitaen was charged with committing domestic violence against him, having beaten him with a stiletto heel. They have two daughters, Wynter and Raine. Tawny Finley, in a declaration to the Orange County Superior Court, claimed Finley used steroids amongst other drugs. She also claimed he bragged about being able to circumvent MLB’s testing policy.[3] When told of his wife’s accusations, which also included heavy marijuana use and alcohol abuse, Finley replied: “I can’t believe she left out the cross-dressing.”
    Forget it Jake. It’s La La Land.


  6. Ok Judge Ito was trotted out for publuc appearances from time to time. My Ex went to a Gala at the LA Law Library and in front of him in the buffet line was the judge. This was in 2014. He was cracking jokes and ate a large amount of food. Having gone to the Gala for over 20 years it was the only time my Ex ever saw Judge Ito at any type of Law social gathering.
    Wonder why he had to make an appearance in 2014? Was that the twentieth anniversary of the hoax?


    1. Once someone is dead (or in prison) in the public eye, we do not recognize them even if we trip over them. If Bruce Lee had not played the part of Lance Ito, who would recognize him after years of aging? Same with so many others … John Belushi, Jimi Hendrix, John Denver, Abigail Folger, Prince … the “Elvis sightings” were probably just that, but people are programmed not to trust their own instincts. The better question is why they fake their deaths. We can speculate, but do not know . All the world’s a stage.

      I deal a lot with people. So do you. The programming is pretty deep. There’s no reaching them, and they are pretty easy to fool. Only a very few of us get to experience life in an awakened state. No one cares. We are no threat. Just enjoy, Charlie. Please don’t imagine our knowing things makes any difference. I know you better.


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