Some movements should go extinct


If you are like me, you read and ingest scientific papers by the bushel. I kid. Generally, I read the abstract if it draws my interest, and occasionally delve into one with the idea that I will keep at it until I am overwhelmed. I am not good at math, and generally the papers are based in mathematics, and so lose me.

(The green line above is temperature variations from the 20th century forward, while the dotted line is CO2 emissions. Notice how they do not correlate.)

A large part of the Climategate scandal had to do with suppression of science via publication of papers that the people at East Anglia did not want published. That continued thereafter, but the result has been a loosening of the scientific journals’ stranglehold on publishing. Papers now find their way to other scientists, some peer reviewed, some not. I don’t find evidence of peer review on this one, but also know that it could not be published in any major journal, as it carries the wrong message. So … buyer beware. It is the price we pay for censorship. (Climategate also gave evidence of peer review itself corrupted by the East Anglia people.)

Anyway, I came across a paper entitled 170 Years of Earth Surface Temperature Data Show No Evidence of Significant Warming, based on data supplied by Thomas K. Bjorklund, University of Houston, Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and under the authorship of Charles Rotter, whose CV I have not located. How they manage to get hold of temperature data from 1850 to include in such a large project … I don’t know. But I found the paper readable by a non-scientist like me.

The paper’s analysis of temperature data (such as it is?) from 1850 to present is that the earth is warming at the rate of 0.07 degrees C per decade in that time, so that in a century we will experience .7 degree C warming, less than one degree, or nothing to get excited about. We could actually use a bit more warming, as this is a very cold planet – have you ever wondered why most Canadians live on the American border? Why they travel so much in the winter? Do you want to live in Norway? Sweden?

Oh, also, the paper states, CO2 has no effect on temperature. None.

The temperature data was analyzed in such a way as to eliminate “noise,” which is things that interrupt normal weather patterns, like volcanoes,  solar variations, and to a degree, ENSO, or the El Nino Southern Oscillation. What is left behind is the natural warming that is going on, none of it anthropogenic.

A paper like this will not be noticed, of course, as Climate Change is a propaganda effort, and nothing more. It has been effective, unfortunately.  Last Saturday I was at our local book store, and offered Michael Crichton’s State of Fear back to them. They did not want it, as they already had too many on hand. They asked which of his books it was, and I said “The one that undresses climate change.” The clerk said “Oh, well, he died before it really started happening.” We are having a cold and early winter here.

Ext Reb

They seem to own the public mind, these climate alarmists, and have brainwashed the kids, and thus we have such stupid enterprises as the Extinction Rebellion, where Millenials show us what morons they are. We can’t do much about this except wait them out. When they learn that the planet is OK, with the usual problems as we have, such as loss of wilderness and over-fishing and particle pollution, but that people are doing quite well compared to prior centuries, they will find something else to piss and moan about.

Germany recently passed legislation that mandates that they reduce carbon emissions by 55 percent of 1990s levels by 2030. Expect Germany soon to be in economic contraction. A large and powerful country like that in contraction affects all of us. But the good news is that China continues to build coal-fired power plants, and for good reason. Where Germany (and the US) step back, China merely steps up. They make our stuff.

Paris accords aside, in terms of CO2, nothing changes, in terms of planet temperature, nothing changes. In terms of balance of power, the US will soon rank 3rd behind China and India while the European Union may fade into obscurity. Put that in your windmill and crank it.

15 thoughts on “Some movements should go extinct

  1. Ranking countries in industrial output, economic or military may not be that important. It seems to resemble our emotional fixation with which party will win the next election? Symbolic. National pride, and all that. How much does it really matter in an increasingly global system which country is leading in one category or another? The overarching trend seems to be toward more, and more effective, global control systems, and less national significance across the various categories we have been conditioned to regard as important.


    1. Life as #2 or #3 is as good as any, no doubt. What I am wondering if this Shift of global manufacturing to China and India is simply a plan being carried out. In the mean time, well developed countries are being decarbonized. Germans will suffer, just as Aussies are right now.


      1. Just returned from a visit to Rome. A little research shows a remarkable pattern that began before the Phoenicians. Carthage (Tunisia) that was founded by Phoenicians. Through trade and military conquest Carthage became a dominant commercial empire, Carthage expanding its influence across northern Africa, into Spain, and much of the Mediterranean. #2 and #3 at the time were the Greeks and Romans.
        Carthage fell after fighting, and ultimately losing to Rome, as a result of fighting the three Punic Wars (264 BC to 146 BC).

        My thought while standing in the Colosseum (BTW, the most popular tourist attraction in the world, with 7.4 million visitors) was, as always it seems lately, “who financed this?” Who financed the Punic Wars? Who collected interest (benefit) from the financing? And, finally, how long has this parlay been going on?

        The way to always win is simple: fund both sides of a conflict you created.

        Fast forward to WWI and WWII, or better yet, the “War on Terror.” What if the principle wagered has been betting on both sides since, let’s arbitrarily pick Babylon, built by Sargon the Great (2334-2279 BCE)? Who knows? We can’t follow the money, but if we could, it might look like a repeating pattern of “lead-pipe-cinch” parlay betting over millennia. The house wins every time.

        “The House” finances China, Russia, USA, and every other “country” in the world today through the BIS bank in Switzerland. Each country has its “patriots” worrying endlessly about who’s #1, while the real action is global.


      2. I guess if you look at it from a herd management pov.. Western countries are burned out on the whole dog and pony show to some degree.. So it would make sense to shift to China et al… Plus bring immigrants into Western countries.

        Still I wonder about these alleged ruling families behind the scenes. I guess they’re intermarried with top Chinese families? And perhaps those are only figureheads anyway? Maybe the bankers or whomever really running China are… Fill in the blank. The same group that’s been running major powers for generations. Phoenicians perhaps, heh.


        1. I certainly do not know. However, the official narrative — “our democracy” and “American exceptionalism” — simply does not fly.


  2. Germans will suffer, just as Aussies are right now.

    I’ve been out of Australia for almost a year but I don’t think things have changed too much since I was last there. I don’t believe Australia — the nation or the individuals within — are doing too badly, ‘economically speaking’. So long as the government keeps importing outrageous numbers of immigrants, there’ll be plenty of jobs to go around.

    Ask anybody who has been to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane lately. ‘Spot the whitey’ is like playing Where’s Wally: one needs a keen eye to find his target. The demographic changes are happening so quickly, only the completely moronic could fail to see what is going on. As chance would have it, most people today are of course completely moronic, especially in the ‘lucky country’.

    Which is to say, Aussies may be suffering, but not because of a decrease in carbon emissions. Ironically, the opposite is the case: an extra few hundred thousand people every year to help boost total ‘carbon emissions’, supported entirely by the so-called ‘progressives’ including the so-called ‘Greens’.

    Orwell was right. Doublethink writ large.

    What A Time To Be Alive.


  3. There is a myth fixed firmly in meme that scientists undergo some kind of brain transplant that makes them much smarter than the rest of us plebs. This is untrue and can be proven to be so. Scientists undergo scientific training in an environment that caters for average intelligence as does all education. It is therefore possible for anyone with average or above intelligence to read understand dissect and challenge what scientists have written – if they have made themselves aware of the technical language used – not difficult. I first tested this in the early 2000s and found it to be true; but that’s another story.
    It is perfectly feasible to challenge scientists who will back-down in the face of a strong and determined argument.
    There is I believe a strange psychology behind all this, shared by scientist and pleb alike, that supposes that somewhere deep within the bowels of academia there is a super-scientist who has all the answers. It’s a bit like the Wizard of Oz.
    Climate Change science is propaganda with an agenda that is not for the benefit of the 99%. Climate Change is yet another variation on the never ending ‘end of the world is nigh’ scenarios that never come to pass.
    Think for yourself
    Trust your mind
    Don’t doubt your own ability


    1. Well said and I’ve reached the same conclusion based on the intuitive logic of the situation. But I haven’t really tested it, to try to master their jargon and challenge them on their own terms. They have the advantage, in terms of keeping plebs out, of specialization, plus vast mountains of literature, plus being paid for their time spent in all that busy-ness. You find that you’re able to quickly get up to any speed on any particular field and go toe to toe with these scholastics? I confess whenever I start to wade into their papers, mine eyes glazeth over…


    2. Also as a side point… True no doubt what you say about the mediocrity of indoctrinated scientists.. But what about the “leading lights”, the master sophists among them.. Not necessarily just the visible ones, but possibly those who operate unseen. The sheep scientists who go with the program, fine; but there are creative minds setting the agenda, perhaps genuinely educated from a young age, aware that science has this propaganda function. Not sure where I’m going with this.. Is any “real” science being done anywhere? Are they using the labor of the herd scientists to any non-propaganda ends at all?
      Fine if you can win a debate with a herd scientist, but maybe we need to expose the sophists who devise the program, somehow… Or expose them to the herd scientists? Deprogram and raise doubt in herd scientists? Sorry, thinking out loud..

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      1. Hi TimR r
        I decided to test my theory early 2000s on a website called TalkOrigins. This is where all the true believers go. I could not believe my eyes at all the success I was having in destroying their arguments. I must have been there for about a year when who should pop-up but Richard Dawkins. He asked me why I was attacking the posters. I had to point out that it was twelve or thirteen of them who were attacking me. I asked him to join them and he declined. It’s that easy, I don’t consider myself a genius in fact I believe most people could do the same thing. Just needs some confidence in your own thinking. Logic.
        Science is a scam like most other things and you are supposed to be hypnotised into accepting the scam.
        Most scientists work for government in one way or another or they are dependent on funding from those like energy production or drugs – they have mortgages and cars.
        Yes, there are high flyers, but I’ve noticed they shine early in their careers and are never heard from again. ‘They’ don’t want scientists actually thinking.
        Maybe some go into DARPA I don’t know.


        1. That’s fascinating. You may be exceptional though. I’ve seen fb arguments, I doubt most people could withstand 12 or 13 science drones sniping at them..! Maybe people here, if highly motivated, could do alright…

          As far high flyers, my sense from reading “stories” about science… E.g. Gary Taubes’ book on the 80s cold fusion debacle… Is that there are “made men” among the scientists, perhaps of literal aristocratic rank in some cases, or at least Intel. And if waves are being made, paradigms shifted etc, It’s done by those guys. The drones are not permitted to do more than color inside the lines perhaps. Or if they show a genius for the agenda, and know the score, maybe they get promoted to higher propaganda levels…


          1. As for the twelve or thirteen, I had plenty of prior practice. Remember there was not much else but message boards and porn on the Internet in the early days. I doubt I could do it today or even want to try.
            “Made Men” You mean scientific advisor to the president, they always do very well. And then there was Carl Sagan – TV personalities show business.
            There were some good ones Thomas Gold, Fred Hoyle but I can’t name anyone current.


  4. Richard Linzden, a meteorologist at MIT who got fed ip and started speaking out (after retirement), says that scientists while in training spend too much time trying to please their professors, and do not achieve what you recommend, to think for themselves and trust their own abilities.


  5. “The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations!!!! ”

    Check out the graphs. Data doesn’t lie like politicians and bankers.


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