What to make of this?

Italy mandatory 33 minutes

OK, I get that this is brainwashing, child abuse in my mind. This kind of indoctrination is what gets us intolerable brats like little Greta Thunberg.

What a con job they are doing on kids! But that is all taken for granted. We cannot stop this massive propaganda campaign. What struck me, however, was the bottom line, where kids will get “about 33 hours” in their curricula. There’s that damned number again. Why now “about 30? Why 33?

Some time ago I was watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, who had Billy Crystal on, the reason I watched. At a certain point in the interview Crystal talked about a tour he was doing, and turned to the camera and said “33 cities.” It felt weird, as if he was deliberately using that number.

That number always catches my eye. It is indeed a signal. In Italy, it tells us that those who are running the climate scam are indeed crooked, knowingly so.


9 thoughts on “What to make of this?

  1. Our overlords have a really bad case of OCD?

    Did you notice in these hearings a few days ago, the woman who was “a 33 year career diplomat”… She had the feels, as the kids say, bc Trump fired her.


  2. NPR reports that tonight’s debate will be held at Tyler Perry’s Atlanta film studio, which is… wait for it… 330 acres.

    There was a comment here some time back about a movie with a Miles character.. Was it The Architect? That has a Miles Moss who is a caricature of a dreamy, arrogant, idealistic artist. Although contra Mathis, this Miles is a modernist. Pretty funny movie, well written up until the end, which didn’t really follow plausibly from the preceding events.


    1. Adding… (SPOILER ALERT)

      This Miles Moss presents himself under false pretenses, taking credit for the work of a deceased architect. And in general playing a “fake it til you make it” game to build his career and get the girl. Kind of interesting to wonder if the writers are aware of Mathis, and if they’re just springboarding off that, or actually know any inside information. (I reiterate that I personally am agnostic on the question of Mathis.)


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