Greta busted

Greta on train

This is hilarious, and thanks to Motorhead who supplied the link.

If you are at all attune to hoaxes, it is revealing. Greta Thunberg in the (professionally staged) photo above looks forlorn, sitting with baggage at the doorway of a rail car as she rides through Germany. As Deutsche Bahn, the operator of the railway, Tweeted after Greta made her suffering public …

“Dear #Greta, thank you for supporting our railway in the fight against climate change! We are happy that you travelled with us in the ICE 174. And that with 100 percent eco electricity. It would have been even better if you had also mentioned how friendly and competent the team [was that] looked after you in your seat in First Class.”

Greta has handlers. they have manufactured her image. She is but an actress, a kid who knows nothing and cares even less about the state of the planet. At last, a blog (not a news outlet), has exposed her. “Real” journalists don’t go there.

By the way, when she went from Sweden to New York last summer before her petulant speech before the UN, she was said to have ridden over on a small and uncomfortable solar powered vessel. I suspected then and know now that she made the trip by other means, in disguise, on an airliner, and in first class. She’s a fraud.

13 thoughts on “Greta busted

  1. Greta is older than 16 . She is a small adult 25 or so . I have met small adults like her before . Yes She Greta is an actress !


    1. As you might guess, links are all grayed out now. We should download these videso when we come upon them. One of my posts was about so-called Napalm Girl and how that whole event in Vietnam was staged. There was a very telling video with it, now grayed. Had I the sense to download!


      1. What’s unique about Hogg is that public perception of his phoniness reached such a critical mass, MSM had to confront it directly. In addition to articles and videos that make debunking the Hogg-is-a-crisis-actor claim their main theme, a lot of MSM content mentions it in passing when dealing with a different subject. Seems like the point is to flood the front page of any web search for “David Hogg crisis actor” with mainstream scolding of anyone who dares to even think such a vile thing. My impression is that they had bigger plans for him, but he has largely faded into the background because his phoniness was so transparent. Why have so many more people seen through him than Greta? Was he too good looking? Or do just as many people see through Greta, but MSM has taken a different tack trying to sell her as credible (e.g. Person of the Year award)?


        1. Actually, I’m not even sure I believe my own comment about Hogg. Maybe he was deliberately set up to draw the attention of “conspiracy theorists” who could then be soundly blackwashed for bullying kids (just as those who don’t buy Sandy Hook are monsters attacking parents of dead kids). Also interesting that “conspiracy theory” has been so aggressively associated with radical right wing politics (with Trump and Alex Jones providing valuable assistance). It used to be that those who questioned mainstream media’s version of reality were crazy liberal hippies. Now we’re crazy neocon Republicans.


    2. they are greyed out but over a year ago I remember seeing a vid on some site, not youtube, where a guy in a classroom standing next to hogg mocking him that he was like 25 and only been there a few months or so, the look on hogg’s face after he said that was the look of death at the guy


    1. No, of course not. I only know how easy it would be for our incurious and corrupt news media to show photos of her getting on and off that boat, nothing in between. But no one will either investigate or admit anything. This story, where she was busted, gives evidence that she is being staged and used by higher powers.


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