Phan Thị Kim Phúc: Another long-running psyop

All that follows is but my opinion based on photographic, video and written evidence that has accumulated over the years.

Below the fold is a 1:31 video that could be described as the “making of the Famous Photo, that of Phan Thị Kim Phúc running down a road after a napalm attack on her village. Please be advised that both the photograph and video are of a naked child. This is uncomfortable for all of us, but it is such a well-known photo that we feel at ease in running it here with a mere warning. If that troubles you, please read no further.

The photo is fake. But what is most interesting is that Kim Phúc is still busy today describing her wounds and suffering. She was a hired actress that day, part of a large production that put together the photo. She and photographer Nick Ut, who in my opinion did not shoot the photo (since it appears to be paste-up), are still on the CIA payroll talking about the non-events of that day.

Anyway, here is the iconic fake photo:

Full Photo from Harpers.PNG

Now watch the video. It is short. [YouTube censors strike again. Does anyone doubt that YouTube, like Wikipedia, is part of our disinformation structure?]

Several things about the video don’t wash:

  • Kim Phúc is not in any pain. She is calm, and is being comforted, given water, covered, as if between takes. A girl suffering burns would be agitated, angry, crying, needing comfort, wanting her mother. None of that is apparent.
  • The children are not distraught, but rather looking around for instructions.
  • movie-fx-charred-skinbaby-feetKim Phúc’s “wounds” are obviously latex. Given that, it is easy to see to that the baby being carried at the end of the above clip is also covered with latex. Shown to the left here is an admitted Hollywood special effect simulating charred skin. It looks very much to me like that covering the child and shown to the right.
  • Napalm is meant to kill, and kill quickly. The Dow boys formulated it to adhere to skin so that even jumping in water will not save a person. On contact the temperature is 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature would not result in peeling skin, but rather instantaneous death, instant evaporation of body moisture and a charred corpse hardly recognizable.
  • The soldier taking the photos of the “napalm” bomb dropping is waiting for it, expecting it, and once it is there goes about photographing it with purpose. It is as if he is on duty, and was assigned the task of catching the bombing event on camera.
  • The planes dropping the bombs on that community are not B52s. For reference* at the end of this post is a video of a B52 in action. They are not even close. What we see is more like smaller aircraft widely used during World War II, perhaps surplus from that war. B52s were used to drop napalm in Vietnam. None are apparent.
  • Ergo we don’t know what they dropped, perhaps just incendiaries or smoke bombs used in combat to provide cover for advancing troops. Nothing about it necessarily says “napalm” to me.
  • We don’t know where it was filmed. Of course we are told it is a place called “Trang Bang, District, and of course such a place exists, but this incident could have been filmed in Thailand, South Korea, even California, places under total US military control at that time, where there would be no danger of interruption of a photo shoot.
  • crowd-shotNotice at the very end, in the distance, a crowd is watching the action. I suspect these are spectators and film crew personnel used for setup, special effects, script and everything else that when in to the making of Napalm Girl: The Famous Photo.


I have watched Phan Thị Kim Phúc now in several productions, including a long interview with Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning. Pauley, if she has any journalistic creds at all, is going to want to see the wounds.  (Unless she’s an actress too.) Instead, she does what all American journalists on assignment do – follows the script. There is no rigorous questioning, no incredulity about the possibility of survival of a napalm attack. Instead, Kim Phúc is allowed to tell her story without challenge, basic Propaganda 101.

I have seen quite a few photos of the wounds, some shown below:




Lower left looks like a man’s arm. But set that aside – in none of these photos do we see her face. That’s a basic studio trick, power of suggestion, to assume that since we are talking with Kim Phúc, photos shown will be of Kim Phúc. I am not convinced.

Here is a screen grab of Kim Phúc from the video Vietnam War’s ‘Napalm Girl Receives Laser Treatment 40 Years Later.


The arm, the same one supposedly shown in the photos above, looks quite normal to me.

Here is Kim Phúc in the opening video above, the “making of” video:


Notice how the outer layer of prosthetic skin is peeling off, revealing not a bloody second skin layer as we see when we scrape ourselves, but normal skin underneath.

This leaves me to deal with one troubling photo, where Kim Phúc’s face and back are both shown at once:


I took this photo to Photoshop to monkey with contrast, as the line across the neck appears to me to be an effect to hide pasting of her head atop another body. I applied the same effects to the entire photo, and not just parts of it. Here is what I got:


I raised the contrast on this photo, and look what happened – her back lit up, but not her head. Each is subject to different lighting. I can think of no reason for such odd lighting that highlights her back and excludes her head other than … the back and the head are a blending of two separate photographs. In fact, what we see is the line where they pasted her head on someone else’s body.

If is my studied opinion that Phan Thi Kim Phúc is an actress on long-term assignment. The Famous Photo was seen to have above-average propaganda value, and so became a lifetime assignment for her. She was not burned that day, and is not scarred now.

So let’s go back and examine the original Famous Photo:


We have five children and seven soldiers. We can see from the ‘making of’ video above, that a large crew was on duty, so we most likely have several shots of the kids running down the highway, or numerous ‘takes.’Notice how even though one child in the photo is in obvious and horrible pain and agony, no soldier is even looking her way. It may be that soldiers become war-weary and lose empathy, but all seven? It seems unlikely. It is possible that this photo was shot with the soldiers in it, the children added later in the Langley dark room. That is my guess.

We can see soldiers wandering around in one of the shots:


They are, however, heading towards the supposed napalm incident, and not away as shown in the Famous Photo. The kids are headed away. These are, I gather, the soldiers seen in the photo, but I cannot be certain.  They are too far away from the kids to have been used in the photo, but no other soldiers are apparent in the video except those holding cameras.

It is wet and overcast that day, so that while we occasionally catch a reflection on water, as seen above, there are no shadows cast. None of the soldiers or kids in the Famous Photo cast a shadow or reflection. It is the perfect setting for their task that day – to get good photos of the participants for later pasting onto the backdrop photo taken by the soldier at .37 in the video. Shadows can make photo fakery a very difficult task.

The entire Famous Photo is, in my opinion, a paste-up, a complete fake.


Why? While doing this photo fakery, they were also faking  Hanoi Jane’s visit to North Vietnam. It appears they wanted to enrage the home population, both for AND against the conflict. It appears they wanted us agitated, at each others’ throat. That is an apt way to describe this photo: Agitation propaganda.

Regular propaganda is patient, and is applied steadily over years, decades, generations. Agitprop wants immediate results. It appears the Langley wanted a stirred up population at home,  and they wanted it now.

One final note: President Nixon commented to H.R.Haldeman, “I’m wondering if that was fixed” after seeing the photograph.


*Video of a real B52 in action:

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  1. The kids running towards the camera in the video are not in the right formation for the phamous photograph- When they turn and go back for another take, the girl in white does get in the right running lane- I’m wondering if this was a classified Making of Napalm Girl for interested Intel parties and now its out and how did that happen?


    1. One other thing: The one soldier whose face we briefly glimpse has bushy hair and a mustache- I don’t know what grooming protocols were for American soldiers so that may or may not be a clue-


    2. I forgot to thank you, Tyrone, for bringing this video to our attention in the comments of another post, and thanks to Steve Kelly for the B52 video link, and thanks to Maarten for the NIxon quote.


    3. Something obvious I overlooked – in the Famous Photo, the kids are all running while the soldiers are walking. This means the kids had to pass the soldiers on their escape, and yet still no soldier looks their way.


  2. great post Mark, another historical, iconic moment/photo bites the dust and damn, it won a Pulitzer Prize for photographer Nick Ut


      1. It’s really sad to realize how bogus Pulitzer Prizes must be. The current impostor in the oval office was given a peace prize…of course he doesn’t actually harm anyone, the drones do that….so that must make it OK.


        1. Since American journalism is all fake, it only follows that the prizes they hand out to each other are bogus too. The Nobel Prizes … I don’t know what to make of them, have never thought hard about them. I assume since Obama got the Peace Prize, that it is fake.


  3. Some questions about the Famous Photo …

    That’s a nicely paved and cambered road for rural Vietnam. (See how the puddles are draining to the lined shoulders.) Heck, nice even for the rural USofA in 2016. But maybe not for 1960s California?
    One exception, though: naked girl is stepping on the lone pothole. Well, not so much stepping on as hovering over. Is the look on her face from the pain of stepping barefoot on uneven asphalt? Or surprise that she’s Asian Jesus, walking on top of a puddle?
    Did the girl run around naked all the time? If not, why no farmer’s tan?
    The boy foremost and leftmost. The size of that head … are you kidding me?
    And that piehole … so wide open, but where are his tongue and teeth?
    His arms and one leg are blurry, obviously because he is running. So why isn’t his face blurry, too? Or the faces of the other kids? Near or far, the kids are mostly in focus except for a hand or foot.
    Whereas, the soldiers who do not appear to be running, have faces hard to make out. What kind of camera had such finicky focus?
    It has rained recently … but not a spot of mud on any child’s feet or shins or thighs. Darn clean roads there. Is this Vietnam or Switzerland?

    OK, that’s all for now. I am not a photographer, nor have I been to Vietnam. I trust there are simple answers to all these questions.


    1. Thank you Maarten. Those are really sharp observations. The only one I picked up on was the pothole, but I did not know what to make of it. It did not occur to me that she was in pain because of that. These photos dissemble before our eyes when we look closely.

      We are just scriveners poking through details, occasionally picking up on something. Your instincts are as good or better … we are just some people developing our instincts. You belong and I hope you join us soon.


  4. Great photo! Of course it’s fake. Glad you spotted it. I think you’ll find that well over 99% of all wars are/were faked. That’s actually good news and bad news.


      1. When you catch them time after time faking incidents, both current and past and you start to realize that history (as we know it) is also fake, why think anything is real. Yes, there are tanks and guns and soldiers, but most of these squirmishes were staged (if not all of them). I had two uncles and a grandfather who fought in WW2. We had the pictorial history of WW2 as a kid and I loved reading through each volume. Looking back, how the hell did the cameramen just happen to in the right place at the right time? How difficult would it be to have 18 year olds believe they were in a real battle with real bullets?


      2. Just to add here to what Phillip was implying, a few paragraphs from highly recommended book :
        “This book tells a story that many readers may, for obvious reasons, initially reject. In doing so, they may say that if the far-reaching historical information documented here were true, they would surely have heard about it before.

        Mindful of this, we, as the authors, consider it our responsibility to encourage our readers not only to read this book, but also to visit and study the source documents noted at the bottom of its pages.

        For almost three-quarters of a century, the world has been told that WWII was caused by a psychopath, Adolf Hitler, and his entourage of racist hooligans, the Nazis. The facts are, however, that WWII was a conquest war conducted on behalf of the Chemical, Oil and Drug Cartel with the goal of controlling the multi-trillion dollar
        global markets in the newly-emerging fields of patented chemical products.

        Official documents from the U.S. Congress and the Nuremberg war crimes tribunals unequivocally show that WWII was not only prepared, but also logistically and technically facilitated by the largest and most notorious oil and drug cartel at that time, namely, the German IG Farben cartel, composed of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and other chemical companies. The summary of the indictment from Nuremberg proves that without IG Farben, WWII could not have taken place.

        You will also learn in this book that WWI, the second largest tragedy of the twentieth century, was actually the first attempt at world conquest by these corporate interests. Moreover, after both these military attempts to subjugate Europe and the world had failed, the Oil and Drug Cartel invested in a third attempt: the economic and political conquest of Europe by means of the ‘Brussels EU’”

        It is an excerpt from “THE NAZI ROOTS OF THE ‘BRUSSELS EU’”, you can access it in full here : .

        I don’t know to what extent this war business gets faked and hoaxed, but I can confirm at least partially that in my region of Europe (Slovenia, part of ex Yugoslavia) there have been numerous real victims during and after the Ist and IInd WW. Our local Alps are literally soaked in blood, as major front line was passing there during WWI. My grandpa escaped in 1941 from the train shipment of freshly picked young man on their way to Gonars, fighting on his way back to reach friendly territory, he claimed to have taken few lives himself while trying to survive the total chaos (in his words). I guess not all is faked when it comes to fighting in the trenches, but it’s possible that the real war footage is rather staged while being filmed/photoed. Not all, I’d say, some pics are possibly real war terror caught by some really brave guy.


        1. Similar thoughts here. I lost a close relative in WWII and another was wounded.

          While I am coming to the conclusion that most major “events” and stories during wars are faked, and the final outcome controlled, there does appear to be a large number of young men who die or are wounded. To wave it all off by saying “it’s all a hoax” is foolish.


          1. I absolutely agree, too many young men in my neighborhood died during that war. I grew up in the mid-50’s to mid-60’s knowing the family and boy that would become my husband. We were reacquainted in 1968, shortly after his stint in Vietnam. He had nightmares from that awful war and shrapnel wounds on his legs. My best friend’s sister lost her husband, young man with a football scholarship that decided to “take care of his duty to country” before going to college. The neighbors that lived behind us had a son that was a medic. He was due home, but was delayed for a month and was killed. In my opinion, war is legalized murder. It breaks my heart that young men are still falling for the bullshit propaganda and still signing up to fight the fake war on terror.


          2. I agree Straight. I think if it as two wars going on, the real one being fought by the soldiers, and the other one being shown the people at home to keep them supporting it.

            This Napalm Girl psyop reminds me a little of Dresden, where we were allowed to think that a horrible atrocity was committed by “our side” … Miles had a hard time with that trying to figure out why the Allies would be painted by their own propagandists as monsters. NIxon was said to favor the “mad man” approach, wanting enemies to think he was capable of anything no matter how evil. It is complicated.


            1. I like the two wars concept.

              Part of the purpose may be to introduce shame into the collective conscious of the offending country. Shame and discomfort = $$$

              Also, Ann said “war is legalized murder”. Now we know the true symbolism behind “The Purge” movies.


    1. !!! You’re being unintentionally funny. That was Lookout Mountain studio where they did the moon landings, Photo editing for this job probably came from there.

      By the way, Happy Holidays to you and yours, Swede.


      1. Lookout Mountain Studio deactivated in 1969, probably shortly after the Tate/Manson psyop filming was a rap…their work was done – LOL. The property was turned into a “residential/creative space” The Phan-Thi-Kim-Phuc picture was taken in June 1972…and helped hasten the end of the war. Propaganda to tug at the heart strings….never mind the 58,000 young men we lost to that war that should have never happened….and thousands more that were harmed physically and mentally.


  5. Off topic observation…when out to breakfast recently I heard “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns & Roses. Upon listening to the lyrics for the first time awake, I realized it is a contender for our crypto-NWO controllers anthem. In particular lines that stood out include:

    “We are the people that can find whatever you may need
    If you got the money honey we got your disease

    Welcome to the jungle it gets worse here everyday
    You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play

    You know where you are?
    You’re in the jungle baby, you gonna dieee

    Watch it bring you to your sha na na na na knees knees
    Down in the jungle welcome to the jungle
    Watch it bring you to you
    It’s gonna bring you down, ha!!”


  6. Great post Mark. Amazing how clear things become when methodical reason is applied and the bullshit filters are set to maximum! I have only 1 critique, and it does nothing to change the logical conclusion you have presented: the planes in that video appear to be Douglas A-1 Skyraiders. These planes were indeed introduced in WWII, but were used until 1980 as close support air power. Evidently, they are about impossible to shoot down and by ’65 had dropped 6 million pounds of ordinance on Vietnam. Now, with all the airplane trivia being said, since the whole thing is fake those could have been Tie Fighters shooting blasters and the “iconic” photo would still be ingrained in all the snoozy people’s minds.


    1. Thanks. I know next to nothing about aircraft and know a lot of people are fascinated by them. That shows in this post. I read that B52’s was one of three ways to deliver napalm to its target, and no other aircraft was mentioned.

      Please read Maarten’s comment above. He picked up on other stuff in the photo I missed, such as a cambered road, which would not be found in rural Vietnam. I rushed this thing to publish, as I have other projects going. Should have let it percolate another day, but that’s where comment strings are so helpful.


      1. I didn’t notice the fact that the road was far from the Ho Chi Min trail, but an American type asphalt road, a road, in fact, better than the one i grew up on in rural Michigan in the ’70’s. This video could indeed have been produced anywhere in the US; the Everglades or Hawaii maybe. Or Vietnam; i don’t doubt that combat took place and people were killed and maimed, but it sure seems like the whole operation was another exercise in mind fuckery for everyone involved, other than the dudes making the profits of course. it isn’t all that far fetched to speculate that troops were flown not the South East Asia, but to the Everglades or Hawaii and…AHHH! Where does it end? My wife just brought me a beer and my dog just licked my knee; I know that those things are real; everything else? It’s all debatable. I’m tapping out for the night.


  7. During the time of the Hillary Clinton cattle futures psy op, I was talking about it with a guy who was the pork buyer for Oscar Meyer during the Vietnam War era. As he was telling me how hard it was to predict that market, despite having everything he could ask for at his disposal, he was listing off some of the factors. When he said, “We win a battle in Vietnam, and the price goes up,” I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Grinding up these lives to manipulate market prices… God help us.


  8. As for the road, I suggest we are looking at an air strip- Those were/are thrown down in the strangest of places, and quickly- The natives sun themselves on those things between Air America drug hops- I’d say it was most likely Vietnam in the video/photo but well behind the lines-


  9. Interesting. A lot of the posts in this comment thread say, in passing, in effect “of course the wars are real, but some stuff is fake.” Not exactly rigorous. I think we have to consider the possibility of following this logic thread all the way to its most extreme conclusion. The wars are not real.

    Think about it. There is SO MUCH fakery. Here’s a story about how at least some U.S. tanks in Germany in WWII were….inflatable toys. In The Atlantic. Limited hangout? If some tanks were fake, why not MOST tanks?

    Fake tanks, fake napalm, fake victims. Miles Mathis credibly suggests that nukes are fake and the firebombing of Dresden was fake. And that Presidential assassinations are fake. And the Russian Revolution. And serial killers. And mass shootings. And 9/11? And the holocaust? The mechanisms exist to successfully fake just about everything scary. And it works like a charm. 95 people out of 100 believe every lie hook line and sinker. And get angry with truthers for doubting it.

    If they can fake this much, why on earth would war be real? Real war destroys capital. Why would the owners want that? Why on earth would tanks be real? Taxpayers will pay millions apiece whether the tanks are made out of steel or out of balloons. Imagine how much bigger the profits are when you use balloons.

    What was in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s? Nothing. Rice paddies. There was no loot to loot. Were we fighting communism? Miles Mathis says communism was fake. The real battle then as now and always was for our MINDS. Vietnam divided us, it made us angry. It made us seem like bullies and also like losers. But just in terms of sheer dollars, sheer consumer power, every American was worth about 30 vietnamese people to the controllers. Manipulating American minds wasn’t a SIDE thing they did during the war, it was the MAIN thing they did. The whole point!

    Did people die? Sure, maybe, why not? The controllers are happpy to lie to us and mind control us and tax and exploit us to death. So they cleary aren’t above stealing away human life. But with their mind control grid as good as it is, why even bother?

    People in this thread are saying, “but but but….my uncle, the people in my town, whoever…they died or got injured or went crazy, So the war must be real.” But is it? Miles Mathis suggest that MILLIONS of Americans work for Intelligece. And the rest of us are easily duped. A little LSD in the canteens, some actors, some blanks, some inflatable tanks, some cameras. Bingo! You’re at war. Some of the dead moved to Brazil. Some of the “screwed up” were screwed up by drugs, not by the Viet Cong. And maybe some really were shot and killed. More likely by America controllers

    And just like with the Lincoln assassination and the Kennedy assassination and the OJ trial, they sell thse hoaxes a second time with the Hollywood treatment. SO many war movies. ESPECIALLY about Vietnam.

    I read a great stat…people were 5 times more likely in the 20th century to be killed by their own government than by any war. If that can be believed, it means that the main event is always domestic politics, never international war.

    We should really think about this. War may be yet another hoax. It seems hard to believe. But if they can fool us about so much, why not that? The Vietnam War was TELEVISED. What does that tell you?

    Orwell laid it all out in 1984. Those wars were televised too. And also full of fake history. “We have always been at war with Oceania.”

    There has always been a priestly caste, explaining the world to us in exchange for privilege and power. They used to say, give me your daughter and a tenth of your crop and I will make it rain for you. Now they have gone beyond explaining the unknown and created our entire reality. And they get ALL the money.

    And whoever THEY are, their prize has been the control over rich Western societies. The usurers, the bankers, Intelligence. They were loaded for bear. They didn’t want control of the rice paddies. They wanted to indebt and enslave America permanently.

    People don’t like killing. That’s how I knew Sandy Hook was fake. There is no “disorder” that makes people want to massacre kindergartners. It goes against every instinct in every cell in our bodies. Did we really enter total global war 65 years ago? Did we really happily firebomb civilian populations?

    As a thought exercise, we have to take it all the way. Or we’re limiting our truth exploration by subconsciously ruling out the extreme possibility even as the evidence is pointing toward it.


    1. Well said, Gull.

      I remember visiting the Royal palace in Munich years ago, and trying to wrap my head around the official story that it had been reduced to rubble in the war and completely rebuilt to exactly match the original. I had no idea of all the fakery at the time, but this just seemed unbelievable. Now it seems obvious.

      I’ve never been to Dresden, but talking with someone who has about what MM had written. He said they’ve never rebuilt anything there. That there were still areas of rubble amidst the old buildings. Was that disinformation? It was a casual conversation, and he seemed fairly savvy about what’s going on…


    2. I couldn’t agree with you more if I had written it. Of course it’s all fake. All of our “thoughts” on war were given to us on TV through the “news” and movies. Both of my father’s older brothers were in the European “Theater” in WW2. His one brother used to have a life sized poster of John Wayne hanging up in his house. A direct quote from my father ” what the fuck Kenny? John Wayne wasn’t even in the fucking service!!”


    3. Does anyone remember the hype leading up to Desert Storm? I remember them telling us how Iraq had the 3rd or 4th strongest army in the world. A real force to be reckoned with -or some nonsense like that.

      Well, a buddy of mine just happened to be an Armor Marine during that war. After he got back home I remember him telling me how they didn’t have to fire a single shot along the wy to Iraq. He said at one point way out in the middle of the desert they came upon a small group of Iraqi men wearing street clothes. Suit pants and button down oxfords to be more specific.
      He said as soon as these guys saw their tank they all threw down their weapons, raised their hands and began walking towards them trying to surrender.

      I remember him saying it seemed as if these guys were all just plucked off some city street at random, given a weapons, dropped off in the middle of the desert and told to fight.

      At the time he was telling me this I couldn’t make any sense of it, but it makes perfect sense to me now.


      1. Keep that thought in mind when you consider the so-called American revolutionary war. Can anyone truly believe that a bunch of farmer/settlers fought off and eventually won a war against the largest standing army in the world?? Of course it’s as ridiculous as the idea of Iraq somehow picking a fight with the current U.S forces. The only thing the story has going for it is 200 years of it being drummed into our collective “patriotic” heads!


        1. It is a hard concept. Think of American colonists as Cubans, independent and troublesome. The solution was to allow the Cubans their revolution, and to manage it so that they would think they had won. Then install their leader, demonize him, pretend to attempt to murder him, and pow, you’ve got it, a pesky impertinent population under control without their knowing it. Brilliant.

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    4. Although I agree on many points you made, there is something you may be wrong about. And it may be due to the reason, that you’ve never been in the area, where you can see on TV it’s being bombarded and destroyed. Well, I’ve seen it in my own eyes, we were hiding in cellars on several occasions as the alarm for air raids went off, airplanes flying over and targeting local TV transmitter. That was introduction into what developed into the last Balkan war, with worst escalations over Bosnia territory, where there were even several genocides committed by all 3 sides involved . Maybe you’ve heard about the Sarajevo siege, which was the second longest just after alleged (?) Stalingrad siege. Well, this siege happened just as I entered high-school and I’ve got a chance to meet a refugee Slaven, who managed to escape the madness. He enrolled in the class next to mine and would tell us most horrifying stories from the war zone in his city of Sarajevo, as well as the stories of such human inflicted horror you guys never heard about. I was personally visiting Sarajevo 3 years after the war’s end and can confirm it’s devastation just as seen on TV. It was even more shocking in person in fact. I wanted to see everything, so the local tour guide, survivor of this siege agony, took us to see the tunnel made by hands, going underneath the city to a safe point some 1,5 km away. 1 egg had a price of 10 DM (ex-German currency), which would be cca 5 EUR, people were burning parquet and furniture to stay alive during the winter, eating snails and whatever they could gather while snipers were waiting for a fatal mistake they’d made.

      No, not all is fake. Maybe statistics about it all are 10x inflated, but in relation to total number of killed US soldiers in i.e. Vietnam war that would still add up to approximately 5-6,000 US soldiers KIA. That’s quite a number, isn’t it?

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      1. I apologize for a factual mistake I made above, siege of Sarajevo was THE longest in modern warfare history (from 5 April 1992 to 29 February 1996).


    5. I would say Gull’s comment here is not exactly rigorous. I understand the lure of simply saying “it’s all fake!” But when you have loved ones and close relations who have been undeniably affected by war, it won’t do to suspect them of working for Intelligence or chalk it up to having been duped by some LSD and a light show. Anybody who has taken LSD can tell you it doesn’t work like that. And it certainly wouldn’t work like that for weeks or months on end (a tour of duty, say). No, I’m going to go with Vexman and Miles here: there is almost certainly some exaggeration and no small amount of fakery (for propaganda and other purposes), but most wars appear to be real.

      As for blowing up real stuff, well, it is costly. But it also means all that stuff needs to be rebuilt. As long as you can make sure they keep away from all your most precious stuff, bombs away!

      I for one disagree with the conclusion that there are millions of people working as intelligence agents or operatives. Lots of people get security clearances just for routine clerical work. Personally I see a lot more useful idiocy going on, people supporting the current framework due to brainwashing, than active intelligence work. But hey, I could be wrong.


      1. I think wars, death and destruction are real enough, but that the objectives of war are never openly discussed, and the actual state of the war is never shown the public. So we have two wars, the real one, and the one discussed in the “news.”


  10. Here’s something interesting and revealing from the TV show Black Mirror.

    You know, we give ourselves a bad rap, but we’re genuinely empathetic as a species.
    I mean, we don’t actually really want to kill each other.
    [laughs] Which is a good thing.
    Until your future depends on wiping out the enemy.
    Come on, sit down.
    [groans] I don’t know how much history you studied in school.
    Many years ago, I’m talking early 20th century, most soldiers didn’t even fire their weapons.
    Or if they did, they would just aim over the heads of the enemies.
    They did it on purpose.
    British Army.
    World War I.
    The brigadier, he’d walk the line with a stick and he’d whack his men in order to get them to shoot.
    Even in World War II, in a firefight, only 15%, 20% of the men would pull the trigger.
    The fate of the world at stake and only 15% of them fired.
    Now what does that tell you? It tells me that that war would have been over a whole lot quicker had the military got its shit together.
    So we adapted.
    Better training.
    Better conditioning.
    Then comes the Vietnam War, and the shooting percentage goes up to 85.
    Lot of bullets flying.
    The kills were still low.
    Plus the guys who did get a kill, well, most of them came back all messed up in the head.
    And that’s pretty much how things stayed until Mass came along.
    You see, Mass Well, that’s the ultimate military weapon.
    It helps you with your intel.
    Your targeting.
    Your comms.
    Your conditioning.
    It’s a lot easier to pull the trigger when you’re aiming at the bogeyman, hmm? It’s not just your eyes, though.
    Takes care of your other senses, too.
    You don’t hear the shrieks.
    You don’t smell the blood and the shit.
    They’re human beings.
    Do you have any idea the amount of shit that’s in their DNA? Higher rates of cancer.
    Muscular dystrophy.
    Substandard IQ.
    Criminal tendencies.
    Sexual deviances.
    It’s all there.
    The screening shows it.
    Is that what you want for the next generation? Don’t feel bad about doing your job.
    The villagers won’t do it.
    The folks back home won’t do it.
    They don’t have Mass.
    Mass lets you do it.
    You’re protecting the bloodline.
    And that, my friend, is an honour.
    There’s no honour here.
    It’s just killing.
    – Lying and killing.
    – No one lied to you.
    You knew all of this.
    All along.
    What are you talking about? You agreed to have your Mass implant put in.
    – [laughs] – Set up.
    Every soldier does.
    We can’t just embed it and feed you a dream.
    Your mind would reject it.
    You have to accept it.
    It’s exactly what you did.


  11. While I have no doubt we’re lied to about many of the things that may or may not occur in the wars we fight, past and present. It’s a safe bet to say that, more often than not, we’re fighting for reasons other than what we’ve been told. I can’t however get on board with the notion the Vietnam war was a complete fabrication.

    My father faught in the Vietnam war. He flew the A6 Intruder off the USS Ranger from 1970-1974. He said the majority of his missions involved blowing up the enemy’s infrastructure. He also said that during most these missions they’d encounter heavy resistance and on more than one occasion his aircraft sustained heavy damage from anti aircraft fire. He’s got a Distinguised Flying Cross and two Silver Stars to prove it.


  12. I’ve heard from two completely unrelated sources how the bombing raids were flown along specific routes through VC anti-aircraft guns, when there were other routes that offered no resistance. One was a case of the pilots getting off course somehow and making their run along a different path, finding it clear all the way in and out. They were reprimanded and threatened when they returned.

    So the elites don’t have any problem killing and maiming us this way, and with their drugs (illegal and prescription). My guess is they figure as long as they can manipulate us into doing it to each other, and they aren’t directly involved, they are not to blame.


    1. That is a very good point. Just like when people go out and vote or “vote” on TV programs or movies by buying a ticket. They figure if you’re buying into the violence, they can rationalize selling it to you. It’s ultimately up to us.


    2. As if the pilots were purposely being led into a dangerous situation along a route(the only route) fortified with anti aircaft installations.

      I’ve never heard that before.
      Anythings possible I guess.

      I may probe my father a bit to see what he can tell me about his missions and the routes they took. Perhaps what he tells me will end up supporting what you heard.


    3. Makes me wonder how much truth the POW/MIA bracelets were based on. My dad brought one home to me in 1970 when I was 9 and I wore it a long time, till it broke, and it’s in my jewelry box to this day. I’ve remembered the name all these years, Lt. Cmmdr. Dennis A. Moore. I googled the name and found some info, as well as an essay someone who wore the same name wrote. Wiki says approx 5 million bracelets were distributed over 6 years. Wonder how many times the names were recycled, real or not.


  13. Looking at these things with newly opened eyes- it’s unreal how readily I accepted what the media put under my nose. The Napalm Girl pic is obviously tampered with – that boy’s”piehole” was the first thing that stuck out. But the video! Those kids weren’t running from Napalm, they were barely jogging- and seemed a bit tired from multiple takes! Kim Phuc seemed more concerned about the latex peeling from her hand -and are u supposed to pour water on 3rd degree burns? The baby in the woman’s arms was SLEEPING. But no need to go on… I suspect the scar tissue on this woman is real- she wears too many short-lived shirts+ she’s pretty convincing when she discusses her pain. But I seriously doubt the adult + the child are the same person. There must have been enough actual burn victims from Vietnam who would agree to play a long, profitable role… I’m so glad I found this blog! My world view is changing rapidly – and not a moment too soon…


    1. No need to look backwards … we’re all like that here, having our eyes opened at various times and thinking “man, how could I have missed that!” Welcome to the club.

      Regarding the young girl and the older woman, I did a facial analysis and decided for myself they are the same person. It is not shown here, but I had the same suspicions. Some of these psyops go on for decades, Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, David Berkowitz, Mark David Chapman, for instance, hired to play lifelong roles. The four I named there are not in prison, never were, and our Napalm Girl here was hired on to be the lifelong victim. But the one photo where her head and her wounds were seen together is where it showed up that the lighting was different, and that the head had been Photoshopped on another body.

      Anyway, no need to have unanimous agreement. That’s just my opinion.


  14. Mark, nice redesign. Liking the colors. Reminds me of the NY Mets, which I’m a fan… Anyway, I was wondering, what was your Vietnam War experience? Were you drafted? Yes/No? How come? Thanks for sharing.


    1. I was given number 335 or 336 in the lottery, meaning Mom would have gone first. Before that, I had a student exemption. I was a right-wing Republican at that time and supported the war, mind you. A hypocrite to boot.


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