It’s an Offensive Bio-weapon!

Here’s the lowdown on the latest biological weapon release. It’s an engineered offensive weapon. It’s related to other so-called pandemics like Ebola, Zika, Sars, AIDS, etc.

NIH knows. CDC knows. The FBI is the lying cover agency of choice. The CIA and all the 5-Eyes counties know. Japan knows. Everyone knows but the commoners being lied to by the MSM.

Population reduction is the objective.

Protect yourself, your government sure won’t. Your government is developing bio-weapons, and selling the technology.

10 thoughts on “It’s an Offensive Bio-weapon!

  1. ”……….Here’s the lowdown on the latest biological weapon release. It’s an engineered offensive weapon. It’s related to other so-called pandemics like Ebola, Zika, Sars, AIDS, etc…………….”
    Er, what other pandemics were they ?
    Ebola, Zika and Sars were just damp squibs whilst AIDS is an umbrella term for a multitude of diseases mostly related to those taking drugs.
    It ‘s NOT a biological weapon . It’s just the good ( bad ) old fashioned flu dressed up to terrify the common herd. Do you think the PTB would really risk themselves and their families by releasing a truly deadly pathogenic virus…………………..even if one existed which it doesn’t ? No, that’s not the way they do things.
    The Powers that Be have already discussed at Davos and Bilderberg where best their money can be invested for huge profits and little scams like the non existent Coronavirus are probably all part of their five year plan.
    Escalating fear is their weapon. Don’t even give it a second’s thought.


  2. A joke I heard here in a bar and liked it:

    “The virus cannot travel by itself to Colombia, so they’re bringing it in with planes”

    I am not following any “news”, but travel restrictions can be real. A large intended outcome of course.


  3. Is this a joke?

    The gov’t has created and released a deadly bioweapon, and the source of this info is…. Youtube?

    This is a joke, right? The blogpost you link is over 12 years old. The blog’s owner/s seem to have forgotten about it, or at least have not leapt to the conclusion you have, seeing as the home page for the blog contains nothing like the alarmism and fear-mongering of your post.

    Wait, scratch that. It’s not a blog. It’s the mouthpiece of a 501c3 PAC.

    Organic Consumers Association, or OCA, has helpfully posted some of their IRS reporting info. OCA claims 3.2 million in revenue for 2017. HALF of that, 1.6 million dollars, went to “Salaries, other compensation, employee benefits”. Sounds like a cushy gig.

    To be fair, perhaps I’m reading that info incorrectly. Their 2017 return lists 337,398 dollars paid out as “Reportable Compensation”. That would then be part of the “salaries, other compensation” bit above. “That’s a lot less than 1.6 million, but we can assume the remaining 1.3 million went towards “employee benefits” as stated above. I cannot help but wonder what kind of “employee benefits” these were. I’m sure they were “organic” whatever else they may have been.

    Of course it’s not all fun and games. 700k went to “Grants and similar amounts paid”, so that’s nice. It’s good to know that around 1/4 of the funds they received went (presumably) where it can do some good. The “Other expenses” total out to over 1 million. It’s anyone’s guess where that money went.

    Their Staff page lists around 3 dozen different names. If I’m generous and assume they’re all paid positions then each person netted around 44k in 2017. (1.6 million in salaries and benefits divided by 36 persons.) But of course OCA claims no such thing, maintaining that only 7 people received “reportable compensation”.

    Ronnie Cummins, the co/founder of OCA, is affiliated with a LOT of 501c3 PACs. Truthout. Common Dreams. Regeneration International. He’s also affiliated with Joseph Mercola, and if you don’t know who he is (as I didn’t) it’s worth checking him out. Bring your wallet. His website is reported to make millions for him each and every year. Helpfully, Dr. Mercola states this on his website: “A portion of the profits generated from the sale of the products I recommend goes to a variety of nonprofit organizations.”

    I’ll give you 3 guesses which relevant-to-your-claim PAC is listed among the 11 he acknowledges.

    Among other things Dr. Mercola sells an “under counter water filter” touted to remove upwards of 99% of the fluoride that may be present in your drinking water.

    The filter must be replaced after approximately 250 gallons of water has flowed through it, at a totally reasonable cost of only 99$ per filter.

    Anyway, what were you saying again? Oh yeah. “Be afraaaaiiiiid! Be verrrrry afraaaaiiiid!!”

    I wonder how long before Dr. Mercola begins selling a “virus filter”? Call me a skeptic but I see what looks like a fear-mongering circle jerk hard at work. Cummins drums up the fear, Mercola profits, profits are shared with Cummins and his ilk, rinse, repeat.


    1. Joki-
      Do you think fluoride concern is unwarranted or manufactured or something? Not arguing, just curious since you seem to see it as a business scam.


      1. My concern is with what I see as an exorbitant cost. 99$ for a filter that lasts for only 125 total minutes of use (at 2gpm, the rate at which my kitchen faucet flows) is not an economically sustainable option. If I were to use that faucet just ten minutes per day then I’d have to replace that filter more than twice per month on average.

        Because I do use my kitchen faucet 10 minutes or more per day I can think of a lot better ways to utilize 200$+ per month than in sending it off to Dr. Mercola for a filter that likely cost him far, far less than the c-note he sells them for.

        Hell, it might be less of an expense to simply buy jugs of distilled water to use in those applications where the fluoride may be a concern. Cooking, brushing your teeth, making a jug of iced tea or pot of coffee, etc. (I’m assuming fluoride is only a potential problem when ingested, and/or that it doesn’t simply penetrate skin on contact, for instance when showering or shaving, etc.)


        1. Yeah I see your point. I have a reverse osmosis one by Berkey that seems a little more cost effective. There does SEEM to be a lot of evidence you should avoid ingesting fluoride for years and years. Of course I drank tap water as a child so that damage is done if it is harmful.

          At least it’s nice to remove the chlorine… That you can sometimes taste in tap water, if you’ve been drinking filtered.


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