Wrong King Of Green

New Deal for Nature: Paying the Emperor to Fence the Wind

Northern Gallatin Range, Montana

I’ve been working to protect wilderness on federal public lands in the Northern Rockies for over 40 years. This article illustrates some of the frustration I’ve experienced trying to sort out the perceptions that NGOs are some monolithic unit trying to keep locals out of the protected areas.

Federal laws are not perfect. Loopholes were created for commerce, which are exploited to the max. That doesn’t mean, however, that all wildland conservation is fraudulent, or a waste of time. Somehow, the difference between the evil players and those with a genuine interest in protecting nature need to be exposed for all to see. Even then, people don’t want to see, or hear, the truth. Here we are, stuck in unreality, losing precious fish and wildlife habitat to mining, logging, grazing, energy development, as we argue about the impurity of corporate-sponsored fakes that dominate the narrative.

Wealthy NGOs and their sick, twisted funders are not kings, or gods. They are slave-agents of capital and its many manifestations.

As has been pointed out by some of our readers, I do a lot of bitching. Add this to my pile. NO regrets.

2 thoughts on “Wrong King Of Green

  1. Steve who’s been pointing you do a lot of bitching. If bitching equals winning then take a bow sans tigerblood. Environmental issues are easier to address with the sword not the pen. But you wouldn’t know that the way you pull no punches. Personally I’ve never seen many black eyes delivered by stickin and movin or working the body. Uppercuts roundhouses over hand rights oh my can Steve-O emcee The Shining with the best of them. With Fauxlex on the rise and Mark in need of keeping it on the downlow R&R well enough said right there. Keep hitting them where it hurts the most.


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