Coronavirus is an opportunity for investors

I generally have no time for TV “doctors” who go by their first name, Dr. Phil, for instance, a total fraud, and here, Dr. Drew. So I listened reluctantly and then with pleasant surprise as he told the members of a TV panel that the press needs to shut up about Cornonavirus. It’s a mild respiratory infection that has probably infected hundreds of thousands of us. Thanks to people like Michael Crichton and Stephen King, we are always on the lookout for a pandemic that is going to kill half of us.

If you, like me, find these TV panel shows annoying in the extreme, it might be because of Ben Franklin’s observation that “the empty barrel makes the most noise.” TV talkers are annoying empty-headed monsters. It was gratifying for Dr. Drew to be so blunt.

I might have had this infection myself. I am in kind of a golden age of my life where I am immune to just about everything going around, having had mild cases of most colds and even some influenza. I rarely get sick, and expect not to be affected by things going around. So I was very surprised in January to develop swollen glands, and to suffer hacking, sneezing, coughing up afterbirth for a period of nearly three weeks. I didn’t go to a doctor, as it was just a damned cold that would take care of itself, and it did. But I wonder now if it was just this latest virus. (My wife was a preschool teacher when we met, and consequently had gotten everything going around in those disease factories. She did not catch it.)

So I wonder now if “Coronavirus” is really something new, or just a new name for an old disease. If it is the latter, why is it being hyped? Jump to the last paragraph below for one possible answer.

An “epidemic” is a local phenomenon where a disease infects many people. A “pandemic” is a spread of this disease to other continents. Coronavirus has spread to other continents, but the numbers are modest. So far, it is not a big deal.

Usually the people who die from diseases making the rounds are “immune-compromised,” as for instance, people whose immune systems are broken down by lifestyles such as alcoholism or extreme inactivity … couch potatoes. AIDS, though not caused by HIV, is a real syndrome that results from poverty or lifestyle choices. Mere old age itself can put people at risk. Dr. Drew mentions the thousands of people who die from influenza each year. Though it sounds harsh, these people are going to die earlier than the rest of us by some agent, be it flu or mere colds. Their bodies are not well-prepared for invasion by foreign agents.

With arrow

The historic “pandemics” that have occurred usually have aspects that are not well understood. I inserted the arrow on the right of the Greenland GISP2 above, as that is the point in time when the world experienced the Black Death. What else was going on at that time? We were coming out of the Medieval Warm Period and heading into the Little Ice Age. The climate was getting colder, growing seasons shortened, less food was available, and people were suffering anyway. They were susceptible to disease. It could well be a rat that got off a ship that started the whole thing, but many rats got off many ships in earlier times, and did not leave millions of dead behind. It was other factors that combined to create the plague.

Readers of this blog will be familiar with discussion of the Spanish flu in the aftermath of World War I, and the hidden evidence that it was exacerbated by a new wonder drug, aspirin. It was wildly over-prescribed. Otherwise, that may well have been just another flu season.

And finally, anyone who follows markets knows that savvy investors make a lot of money when they go up, as they have, but also when they go down. In the wake of 9/11, which readers here know to be a staged event, we learned there was short-selling going on with stocks like American and United Airlines. “Short-selling” is a technique where investors borrow the stock from investment houses and sell it, and then, after it has fallen, buy it back on the open market and repay the loan, pocketing the difference. It is a highly risky strategy unless one happens to know a stock is going to fall.

Just sayin’

32 thoughts on “Coronavirus is an opportunity for investors

  1. ”……….Here’s the lowdown on the latest biological weapon release. It’s an engineered offensive weapon. It’s related to other so-called pandemics like Ebola, Zika, Sars, AIDS, etc…………….”
    Er, what other pandemics were they ?
    Ebola, Zika and Sars were just damp squibs whilst AIDS is an umbrella term for a multitude of diseases mostly related to those taking drugs.
    It ‘s NOT a biological weapon . It’s just the good ( bad ) old fashioned flu dressed up to terrify the common herd. Do you think the PTB would really risk themselves and their families by releasing a truly deadly pathogenic virus…………………..even if one existed which it doesn’t ? No, that’s not the way they do things.
    The Powers that Be have already discussed at Davos and Bilderberg where best their money can be invested for huge profits and little scams like the non existent Coronavirus are probably all part of their five year plan.
    Escalating fear is their weapon. Don’t even give it a second’s thought.

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  2. Great write up! I had the same thing!!! Took three weeks to go away. Am fairly certain this weak little bug has already spread across all of humanity and it’s nothing to be freaking out about. The scare tactics are really out of control. The Chinese stats are garbage. It is extremely weak.


  3. I agree by the way that it’s all a scam. They would not release a bug with far less than 1% fatality if they were aiming for population thinning. Perhaps the Chinese wanted to install martial law and the Western countries said OK because they will be able to hype it up to sell a new vaccine. Win-win for the powers that be.


  4. Old age will be a factor when the pandemic finally hits its stride.

    From England’s NHS. ‘Treating the elderly would be sacrificed if coronavirus overwhelms UK’: NHS would prioritise critical care for those most likely to survive rather than most vulnerable patients, senior doctors admit.”


      1. No Mark, those evil people trying to thin out our numbers to just 99.8% of us. Our supplies of chicken noodle soup, Sprite, and Dayquil can hardly withstand such a tremendous shock. Personally, I think we should be panicking more.


  5. 1000 mg of Vitamin C w/each meal. Amino acids & glutamine supplements to retain muscle mass. Green tea. 2 grams of clean protein per 1 pound of body weight. You DO train for size & strength don’t you? Have you taken your vaccine shot’s comrade? Vhy not?! And you vill NOT oppose the roll out of 5G…..


  6. This was planned. It is offense. It is weaponized. We (goyim) are the enemy. Vaccines kill!

    “CEPI is the key organization, which is slated a play a central role in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

    Of significance, CEPI was founded in Davos in 2017 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust (A British Multibillion Humanitarian Foundation), and the World Economic Forum (WEF). The governments of Norway and India have committed themselves to providing funding to CEPI of which they are members.

    Both the Gates Foundation and the WEF were partners in the John Hopkins National Security October 2019 nCoV-2019 Pandemic Simulation Exercise. And now they are leading the Worldwide vaccination campaign to curb the COVID-19.

    Concluding Remarks

    While COVID-19 (alias nCoV-2019) constitutes a multi-billion corporate bonanza for Big Pharma, it has also contributed to precipitating humanity into a dangerous and unfolding global process of economic, social and geopolitical destabilization.”

    • Michel Chossudovsky

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    1. You forgot the Jews Steve. They’re fast tracking the vaccine ahead of US efforts.

      But more importantly, the mask has been lifted off governments ability to protect constituents health and well being.

      “Now there are indications the virus is spreading in California. The pathogen could turn against the entire progressive agenda too. If the epidemic toppled Trump, would it even matter if Bernie Sanders won? A president Bernie would have no free stuff to give away. There would be no medical care to dole out — as China’s patients can testify. Colleges might free, but physically closed. The whole city of Hong Kong is already homeschooling, with the city’s 800,000 students officially studying online.”

      “”These are actualities to set against the promises of politicians. In global terms, the coronavirus epidemic has reduced trust in One World institutions even further than they had fallen already. The bat from Wuhan that trashed the tourism trade, sank the cruise ship industry, cancelled myriad events, crippled global supply chains, and upended politics is the single most dramatic example of the Butterfly Effect in history.”-Richard Hernanadez

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      1. Does society freak out every flu season? No. This is madness, this fear mongering that I’m seeing here in these comments. “They” may have done this for profits and for social control, but for the love of God can we stop acting like adding a new bug to the cold and flu season (already a multitude of bugs) is something that should be making social order crumble??? If they wanted to thin us out, they wouldn’t have released some weak little bug that doesn’t kill anyone who isn’t already a collection of maladies. Even the estimates of mortality rate of 0.9% seem dramatically overstated, and the Chinese stats (which have been shown to be garbage) are just to scare you. There are articles now…oh my God, Coronavirus kills 10% of people with cancer!!! Well guess what, the flu kills 20-40% of people with cancer!!!

        Stop. Feeding. This. Panic. You are a complete hypocrite if you are going berserk about this illness but you don’t say a peep to anybody about the regular flu bug every year. This bug is nothing really to be concerned about that you shouldn’t have already been concerned about. Flu season happens every year. Society does not crumble.

        Knock it off already. Buy some Sprite and some Kleenex and quit it with this. You’re feeding the beast of fear.

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        1. Just another sick political tactic… Astonishing, How well the “Fear Factor” works. Whoever throws the most shit in the game wins. The loser gets to be VP. and the bystanders just cough and say, “We agree”.

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      2. Swede,
        I will not single out “the jews” because I think that is a mistake and a conditioned response to blind us to the role and scope of the Crown and its composition.

        I have no idea if this is accurate, but it is a way to conceptualize the Order of global power, and it extends into various “royal families” of Europe, Asia, North America and beyond, and the Vatican, as best as I can discern. Here’s a list to contemplate, including jews and non-jews for your review:
        They are the 13 bloodline families:

        The Astor Bloodline
        The Bundy Bloodline
        The Collins Bloodline
        The DuPont Bloodline
        The Freeman Bloodline
        The Kennedy Bloodline
        The Li Bloodline
        The Onassis Bloodline
        The Rockefeller Bloodline
        The Rothschild Bloodline
        The Russell Bloodline
        The Van Duyn Bloodline
        The Merovingian Bloodline
        The Disney Bloodline
        The Reynolds bloodline

        Highly speculative? No more than blaming “the jews” for the 21st Century global debt-slave system that must be overthrown.

        From “The Art of War” : “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; … if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.” – Sun Tzu (6th century BC) (not a jew).

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        1. The 13 families mentioned above profit off the backs of others, wouldn’t you think?

          A Rand quote for you and Mark.

          When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you … you may know that your society is doomed.
          Ayn Rand

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          1. I don’t much truck in centralized aristocracy. Of course there are landed gentry that have held power for many generations, as with the Van Rensselear’s and Van Cortland’s, for example, but the idea that they hold such enormous power as to run the world is hard to fathom, the world being so very big. They just have a lot of power that naturally goes with land and wealth. I once got a citation from Fish and Game for trespassing (unknowingly) on a rancher’s land near Absarokee. I could not beleive that F&G was riding fence line for the landowner, but that’s how it works. The agencies are subsumed by those with land and power.

            I love it when Rand devotees throw her quotes at me. She made a lot of predictions, none coming true. That doesn’t have much effect on a true believer.

            When are you going Galt on us?


  7. • House of Borja
    • House of Breakspeare
    • House of Somaglia
    • House of Orsini
    • House of Conti
    • House of Chigi
    • House of Colonna
    • House of Farnese
    • House of Medici
    • House of Gaetani
    • House of Pamphili
    • House of Este
    • House of Aldobrandini These 13 are left alone far too often.

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  8. Not sure what that means, not even sure what “globalization” is other than a tendency due to better transportation and technology for people to know more about the world around us. Time you headed down that path, Swede! It’s a big, complicated and fascinating world. Ayn Rand didn’t even get a scintilla of right. She messed it all up with her reductionist philosophy. “Things should be made as simple as possible, but not more so.”


    1. An example of Globalization would be the European Union where some governing committee in Brussels imposing its will on other nations eliminating their status as sovereign nations.

      Which of course leads to a dilution of a nations culture and identity by imposing forced immigration under the guise of diversification.

      A good example of what not to do with open borders (globalization) as it pertains to infectious diseases/viruses would be Obamas handling of the H1N1 pandemic in 2006. By the time the Obama adm classified it as a full blown emergency millions had been infected and 1000 had died.

      By the way the H1N1 came across our border from Mexico because of our lax border enforcement at the time.


      1. You speak of “globalization” is if it is someone’s plan. I do think that colonialism still exists – ever wonder why all of our presidents except one (Van Buren) are descended from British royalty? Ever read the treaty that ended the Revolutionary War? It isn’t written in a manner that leaves the impression that our side won. So maybe submerged colonization makes more sense than globalization, which is and alwasy has been with us.

        Do you realize how unimportant little virus scares like H1N1 and Corona are? You said it yourself – “millions infected” and 1000 dead. That’s more like a mild cold making the rounds. The common flu hammers us far worse than that. The idea that borders can prevent spread of germs is ludicrous.

        I tend to agree that the EU is a bad deal for members, much like our own states that are forbidden to leave the US once joining. Gotcha! However, it is nice for tourists over there, common currency and unmanned borders.


  9. Does anyone else think vaccines could serve a dual role as both the ‘’saviour’’ and the vehicle through which various illnesses are planted into the population in the first place? Sounds nuts, but I recently read The River by Edward Hooper, and he makes an interesting case for the OPV vaccination campaign in the 1950’s as the origin of the HIV virus.

    It occurs to me that it would be very easy to experiment on us by putting different things into those yearly flu shots that are so important for our ‘’public health.’’

    This particular virus (if there even is one) seems to be more for political/ social engineering purposes rather than anything else, but it would be nice to hear from someone actually from the area of China where this was said to have begun to find out what it’s actually like there. Of course, if the Chinese are half as brainwashed and indoctrinated as we are in the US then it wouldn’t help much even having a first-hand account.

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  10. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that an Asian film called Parasite won the Oscar for Best Picture only a week or so before a new Asian SuperBug was announced?

    I know a parasite and a virus are not the same thing. And I know that Korea is not China. I just find it… interesting.

    Also interesting is that the brave “whistleblower” doctor who allegedly first noticed the virus died from it. Poetic, that. I smell movie rights being signed.

    Of further interest is the speed with which new information is being offered up for public consumption. Details that I’d have thought hard to come by are as if prepacked, ready for soundbites.

    President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho has done his part to cast a wide net of noise interference over anyone attempting to investigate by helpfully using the word “hoax” repeatedly.

    Meanwhile sporting events are being cancelled, public gatherings banned and plenty of people appear to be self-isolating.

    By now I’m wondering when this “event” is going to be used to enforce mandatory vaccinations. Meaning beyond those circumstances where it’s already been “normalized”, i.e. public schooling and the like. Not today, not tomorrow. Hell maybe not until next year. But sometime sooner rather than later. Because if there’s one thing we can all agree to be utterly terrified of it’s the unvaccinated.


  11. I would really, really stock up on non perishables & at least a shot gun w/both shot & deer slugs in the USA starting now. Its time to recognize something is going down soon.


    1. The witty all knowing MOTORHEAD is buying into the MSM fear? Stocking up on perishables and shotguns are soo 2006ish, buy hey how soon Motherhead? Looks like TPTB are trying to get the subject to change with today’s oil dump. Another short term mid east conflict, then baseball season gets going, then the election day and nobodies talking about bad mexican beer anymore.


      1. Ha!No I don’t troll, I rock n roll, lol. Actually find it odd that you think the fit is going to hit the shan over the mainstream media hyped up out of control flu season. Especially since you’ve posted some good wit on other topics. The media hype is the problem, not the virus. I thought everyone that posts on this blog would see thru it. I’m paying attention on how they are going to wind it down, possible middle east conflict or another fake shooting that takes over the headlines. No worries here.


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