Perhaps it is not evil, just stupid

I was xc skiing today and had time to think and reflect. I think they key here is the conference held in NYC in October … see posts below. Suppose these are real people, and not spooks, but people who believe that we can have a virus pandemic, having studied Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain) and Stephen King (The Stand). If that is the case, they want to test our preparedness and measure the fallout of such a pandemic. So they decide, with government approvals around the world, to run a drill. News media, as always is compliant.

What are they measuring? Market responses, public cooperation, medical care capability, police and military preparedness, other stuff I cannot think of as I tap this out and drink a Voodoo Ranger. But if they merely tell us it is a drill, they do not get good feedback. As far as the public is concerned, we must think it is real.

I like that idea because it takes the evil out of it, and merely relegates it to groupthink and stupidity. The idea that we can have a virus pandemic is unlikely. Keep in mind, viruses do exist, have been isolated and purified … chicken pox, mumps, rubella, common cold, influenza, etc. I am not an all-or-none thinker, especially having suffered three weeks earlier this year with an upper resperatory infection, aka, a cold. It was not bacterial, I was not infected by toxins. That leaves a virus.

All of these outbreaks follow a normal pattern, spread, containment, taking a toll on the vulnerable. Flu kills thousdands each year just in the US, but does not harm people who are healthy.

If I am right about this, everything we see is scripted, hence the spook markers, 33s and 8s and 11s up the ying yang. And, most encouraging, if our commenter Anna from Italy is real, then the drill is scheduled to end in April.

PS: This would also explain why the virus was never isolated or purified. They just grabbed something off the shelf and ran with it. Now China and the US are arguing about where it originated, classic misdirection.

40 thoughts on “Perhaps it is not evil, just stupid

  1. Whatever it is they are really amping it up. NBA suspended. No fans at March Madness, which could get cancelled or suspended. Never thought they would take it this far.


  2. It’s obviously somewhat like you say, Mark. Unfortunately we will never know. They’re closing some schools here in Little Rock even though no reported cases yet.


      1. Yes! When I saw that I just laughed. Such a hilarious marker of fraud. A wink and a nod to the connected, and to researchers like us.

        Tom Hanks! COME ON!


  3. “It was not bacterial, I was not infected by toxins. That leaves a virus.”
    No, Mark, you’ve got the common cold, which is simply caused by temperature shock damaging your oversensitive mucous membrane. This usually never happens in the summer time because then we don’t use the heating, our mucous membrane does not get stressed by extremely dry air and can better deal with different temperatures. Bacteria do not cause any sickness, viruses were never isolated and no infection was ever done or observed. It’s all based on suggestions. The current Corona simulation is a test if or how far the orders of TPTB will be followed simultaneously in the entire world. It’s like a fake fire alarm. It has to be done occasionally to test the efficiency of the protocol. It’s an inconvenience for some, sure, other than that, nobody gets harmed. It’s mostly talk.

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  4. An “inconvenience for some”? Excuse me?
    Barbara, I’ve been reading all your comments here throughout the years, and although I found myself agreeing with you on many things, I still find you a little over the top at times.
    What we’re going through in Italy is not just a simple “inconvenience” to please your Prime Minister, who is an absolute monster, but something planned long, long ago by people like Merkel and her higher in hierarchy based in the UK, America and a certain Middle Eastern country I don’t even care to name.
    It is the suspension of all our fundamental rights in the name of something which doesn’t even exist, or if it exists is causing less dead people than an earthquake.
    In a normal country only sick people are quarantined to protect the healthy, but in my country, a freaking american colony and a slave to European Union run by Macron & Merkel, healthy people are being shut in their houses for other 3 and a half weeks while your country allows this whole american troops b******t to go on and presses us to sign the MES deal.

    But then again, you’re the one convinced that TPTB love us so so much they would never harm anybody. Deluded much?

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    1. Always be wary of someone who claims to have all the answers. Above, it is not just arguing that viruses do not cause illness, it is some kind of nonsense about mucous membranes for the common cold. Oh okay, you have all the answers. My mucus membranes got dry and temperature sensitive, riiight…


      1. One of my comments has gone to moderation, dunno why. Anyways, I still have to understand if BMüller is a scientist who ended up working in a bank or a bank employee who plays the scientist.

        I mean I’ ve been doing my own research about the topics you talk about and many others but in all fairness the more I study the less certainties I have.

        What makes all these people so sure about something remains a mystery to me. I don’t have any scientific background and even though I understand that official science is mostly crap, I’m not sure about anything in this world, let alone how bacteria and viruses operate in the human body.

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    2. I happen to know that in Italy people are allowed for shopping and only advised to stay at home. It’s a test for obedience. You can try not to obey. They won’t shot you. I would demonstrate publicly if I was an Italian. Why don’t you? Don’t complain. You’re not hungry or freezing. You are just advised to stay at home. You are not forced.


      1. You’re right Müller, how could I be so silly? You happen to know just…EVERYTHING.
        My bad.
        At the end of the day is all about a roof over your head, food on the table and not freezing, right?

        Btw, am I really interested in arguing with a German about disobedience?

        Nah, don’t think so.


    3. Unlike unimaginative Anna

      What if highly imaginative Milton Friedman never thought, “What if I create, bound-to-fail ‘Greed is God’ economics?”

      What if?


  5. We must be looking at a script, because doing things like shutting down Sports Seasons are indefinite. Closing schools and closing shops, these are indefinite actions with no real end in sight. Nobody would ever do that because of a bug that has a fatality rate in the range of regular influenza. It’s a WEAK bug. Why the panic? By design. Someone out there must know when this all is scheduled to end, because they would never go so bonkers to kill their own economy if it might be a permanent thing. The last few days will go down in history right along with the Dutch tulip mania as one of the greatest unwarranted panics of all time.

    I am just waiting for the script to run out. Maybe it will be a vaccine and we will all be cured and we will get to give the pharmaceutical company is a big pat on the back. If this were a movie (which it really is), then the next part of the script would be the part where some kind of magical drug comes along and cures us all.

    I am just in awe every single day of how much further they are taking this. We are talking about a bug that results in a few sniffles and mild fever. None of the reaction makes any sense.

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    1. Hi Fauxlex, latest news from Italy: One of the WHO representatives in my country said this morning that “this is going to be a long war, Italian people better get used to it”.
      Yesterday the German Health Minister said that “the longer this virus lasts, the better”.

      These are absolute psychopaths and I’m now 100% sure that April 3rd won’t be the end of a nightmare for us but the beginning of a new one, possibly even worse.

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      1. Anna, something to do with WordPress and not me, but if your comments go to moderation, be patient. I will set them free. Today I will be away from computer all day. I do not know why this has happened. Fauxlex, do you have access to comments? If so, check the moderation bin now and again today and release any that should be released.


        1. People who complain about the moderation really need to take a look at some of the ridiculous spam that we get, by the way. In their imagination, I am about 50 other commenters and we’re all in on it together carrying on our comment discussions for show only.

          There are sick people out there and if we let everything go, it would be a wasteland very quickly. If you are a genuine person who feels like contributing, do not be afraid. We appreciate feedback, just don’t be unnecessarily nasty or uncalled for, which is how any community should police itself.

          Anna, you are so very welcome here.


      2. By the way, Anna, one reason for moderation is more than two links, but you’ve not done that. So here is no reason I know for your comments to be diverted. just keep the faith … no one is banning or looking over your shoulder. Keep reporting to us.


    2. Most of the “panic” that I have seen has been top-down… Officials and authorities over-reacting and canceling events, plane travel, etc. I’m told that regular people have comically made a run on toilet paper. But personally most people I know are laughing about it… Or trying to be the responsible adults and take whatever reasonable measures one would if you believed the reported numbers, or alleged potential to overwhelm hospital capacity. They are still going out to bars, as I did last night with a large group of cartoon heads. And the bar was packed with others out enjoying themselves. I saw no “panic” lol. Unfortunately, of course, if their employers make them stay home, or sports and other events are cancelled, I guess THEY will at some future point be accused of having “panicked”.


      1. Granted I am in Alabama which has few or no officially confirmed cases, so maybe regular people still feel it’s “over there.”


      2. The problem is, panic at the top renders lesser panic at the bottom pretty irrelevant. Shutting down major parts of society makes it a major action. I just can’t believe the level they are taking this.


      3. Also, I think we are surrounded by different normal people because the ones I talk to seem to be pretty freaked out and I have to calm them down and remind them that the bug is basically just a cold.


    3. You could be onto something with unwarranted panic of all time. China just came out and said they have reached the peak and are starting to let people reopen businesses. No new cases outside Wuhan and very few inside. So if China is already declaring it over then wher does that leave us?


  6. Mark- It’s funny, a “normie” friend gave me basically the same theory last night after I expressed some skepticism. A big drill, a test, with the public left in the dark.

    I could definitely buy that being the case for many of the participants— it ties to the “noble lie” Chris Kendall has discussed recently. Many of the experts are probably sincerely brainwashed into the current science of disease/ pandemic, and would see the need to test the global response system, as you say. But other players on the world stage might have other agendas as well.


      1. This is definitely 911 territory. We could have some rights taken away after this one. My wife, who is not into conspiracies, had an interesting idea. What if this is all to promote less personal interaction among humans. “Screens” have already started this process. Not sure what the goal of that would be but not the craziest idea. I’m one to believe that all their “events” have one major goal. Heck, this could just be an excuse to correct the stock market. Will the simple handshake become a thing of the past?


        1. I have noticed the push for screen time over human interaction as well. That was happening anyway, but it seems like they’re trying to force the issue and see if it’s already feasible to scale that up.. Maybe see how people take to it. And how the infrastructure handles it.


  7. I’ve been thinking a lot about this. The “panic” is historic. Where I am from, the primary state University just canceled all classroom instruction and is moving to online remote coursework despite their being no cases anywhere in our state and the young being mostly unaffected by COVID19 (supposedly). So why disrupt life to such a degree?

    Here are some random things I have heard about COVID, no idea if any of them are true:

    1) There is no Patient Zero. This outbreak occurred simultaneously in different places with no logical connection. For example, the first confirmed case in the United States was a resident in an assisted living facility in the Seattle, Washington area. This person has not left that facility in some time and there is no record of being visited by anyone who recently traveled internationally. How did this person contract the virus?

    2) Men are much more likely to die from the virus than women.

    3) Smokers are extremely more likely to die from the virus than non-smokers.

    4) The “Don’t panic” rhetoric has been rolled out in such a way as to cause more panic.

    5) Stateside nurses and medical professionals have been offered ridiculous sums of money to go to Italy to help in the crisis there. Not sure how they will get there as we now have an international travel ban.

    6) I have a friend in southern Italy who doesn’t seem too terribly worried about it as she knows no one who has been sick, but has been talking about all of the requirements that the local population is now having to deal with due to the whole country being on lock-down.

    All of these random things make me think there is something going on and maybe this particular strain of what we normally call the flu is killing more people than what is normal.

    P.S. In other news, I just got back from skiing at Big Sky…it was my first time visiting Montana. Had a wonderful dinner at Montana Aleworks there in Bozeman.


    1. The virus has not been isolated or purified, ergo any test they are using is not reliable. It is supposedly resting in a clump of RNA, but if there is any science behind it at all, to “purify” it means to isolate it by itself and free of all contaminants. Hard to believe, but this has never been done with HIV either. Ergo, “HIV positive” is meaningless.

      If we cannot be sure there is a virus, then we cannot say it is harmless or harmful, that it affects men or smokers more than others. All we can really legitimately suspect is that a cold is making the rounds, and some really malevolent people have decided to use it to create a panic. I can to wait for them to claim that it was caused by climate change.


        1. Oh I like him fine. I would be perfectly willing to jump the fence and join him if only someone could explain to me my cold in January, and other viral-blamed diseases that were discovered long before viruses became a psyop. I have an open mind. BM’s mere temperature differences are not convincing, to say the least.


          1. Perhaps you have placed the burden of proof on the wrong parties. People got colds long before the electron microscope was invented by leo szilard.


    2. Hi LofCaudio.

      The most suspicious thing about the virus in my country is that Southern Italy and the island I live on (Sardinia, btw), haven’t really been affected by the virus. Just a few cases (so the media say) no one’s died and they’re currently in intensive care. In the northern regions instead, the virus spread within a few days making over 9000 people, if I remember correctly, infected with over 140 dead (but not OF Covid-19 be warned, but WITH Covid-19 to worsen other pre existing illnesses in elderly people).
      Why has the virus spread so much in the North but regions like Tuscany for instance, that have large communities of Chinese people who own factories, shops and businesses there, have nearly zero infected people?
      The Milan area was the first to be on lock-down, around 50.000 people.

      Something doesn’t add up obviously. I believe, and I’m not the only one, that there is a plan to destroy the business of all companies and factories based in Northern Italy because the vast majority of companies, factories and corporation offices are based in the three largest regions of the North.

      Unless they’re preparing a big surprise for the south as well, we’re on lock-down but not as worried about the virus as the guys up north.


      1. Could the virus (whether real or not) be a smokescreen for something else going on in Italy that they don’t want people to know about?

        Military operation? Back when Obama sent a bunch of US troops to Africa to ‘’fight’’ Ebola, I thought maybe it was an excuse to steal resources or something like that. I wonder if something similar could be going on in Italy and/ or China.


  8. Mass testing. Honeypot? What a slick way to mine genetic markers from unsuspecting proles.
    Who wants to give the WHO and federal CDC et al. that information? Google and Facebook mine the psyche and social markers, while “health organizations” go for the unique biologicals. Add some 5G electro-magnetic voodoo and you’ve got a trans-human thingamajig. Multiply, and divide. Soooo sweet.


  9. Greetings: Based on some observations over the past 3 weeks since Mark’s initial post, I’d like to suggest that it is both evil & stupid; the perpetrators’ intents are evil, & the general populace is too lazy, unaware, uneducated &/or too stupid to realize what’s going on.

    Piggybacking on some of the suggestions above, this is beginning to feel like a massive social experiment. Our movements have been greatly restricted, social settings (restaurants, shopping malls, parks, beaches, etc.) have been closed with threats of prosecution for “social disobedience” if we ignore the “temporary” laws (got that while being ordered off the beach last week) & even the freedom to interact with one another by touching, hugging, etc., through some nonsense called “social distancing”.

    Several of these restrictions tie in to the basic human psyche. There is a need for human interaction & touch; this was demonstrated in orphanages with babies who were interacted with & those who were not (I cannot remember which child psych book I read that in, but will see if I can find it if documentation is requested). Is “someone” measuring how the populace reacts to universal deprivation? Is this a “how well do you follow instructions” exercise? Is this nonsense going to be extended to see how long/well we can do without? Is this a study to see which kills us first – stress or deprivation?

    I am alarmed at the direction that this all appears to be heading & appalled by how many accept whatever comes out of the media as gospel truth. I’ve started getting the looks reserved for child molesters & serial rapists if dare to suggest in public that this is a hoax. I’ve been called “selfish” b/c I “might bring something home” by being out of doors.

    The only positive thing that’s come out of this is that I have more time to sit on my back porch, practice my accordion & REALLY annoy my neighbors. 🙂


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