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  1. This coronavirus artificial panic has left me really feeling deflated. They are capable of making any ridiculous thing into reality. They are in complete control. It is just so deflating, and like we are powerless. Whatever the coronavirus is, it is no more deadly than influenza. Society does not shut down every year because of the flu. 60 million people get the flu every year and we go on. What I am witnessing right now is nothing short of a complete social panic, artificially constructed from the top down. It does not matter that the bug only kills half of a percent. It does not matter that the illness amounts to a few sniffles, a cold. The Panic is real and the quarantines are real and the shutdown’s are real. This is so much bigger than we could have predicted it would be. I am just so disheartened by it all. I am prepared to get my sniffles, I just wish that there was any sanity left in this world.


    1. When you think about it, it is just fear they are selling. That has always been the case. I was a child during the Cold War, and they told us the Russians had missiles pointed at us. Fear. The Columbine Massacre, fake, was used to implant fear in children, just as the Cold War was in my youth. If you read my piece about that event, I start out by saying “Stop being afraid.” Jonestown, fake, was about fear. fear is being used to sell climate change – always something distant and invisible, and CO2 for Christ’s sake, a harmless trace gas. They have such power that they got the EPA to declare it a pollutant even as every classroom in the country has four or five times the outdoor quantity in the air.

      The power they have is not new. The virus is spread by means of TV remote controls. Stop using them. Easy to say, but the population is and always has been a herd of sheep. Be grateful you broke free, treasure that freedom.


      1. So glad I’ve broken free. I’m still not sure if it’s even a real virus or if viruses exist. Just not sure. It’s hard to believe anything that the best they can do is show you a cartoon picture of it. From viruses to satellites. My only real world experience would be my kids when they get sick. I have two kids. 14 years of them getting sick periodically. I never take any precautions. I would sleep with them, drink after them, handle snotty tissues. I don’t EVER use hand sanitizer. It kills all the good bacteria. But not once in the last 14 years have I gotten sick because of them. Nor has either sibling gotten sick. My wife maybe twice in 14 years, but really no proof if it was from the kids. If viruses really were as contagious as they say, then they would spread exponentially and could never be contained.


        1. The idea of a “virus” gets very close to the essence of life, DNA and RNA. This is where those who suspect there are no viruses draw their ammunition. With Coronavirus, if you read this paper put up by AB linked below, you’ll see the author claims that the virus is really just a little clump of RNA that is either present or not in people, either does or does not cause any harm to the host, appears and reappears in tests after disappearing. The job of the virologist is to isolate the virus from contaminants, like RNA, so that it can be studied alone under the electron microscope. This is called the “purification” process. This has not been done. Consequently, we do not know what they are testing for, or if people test positive, what they have. What are the consequences of testing positive? Something, sometimes, nothing sometimes. People who test negative have symptoms, people who test positive do not, in many cases.

          Click to access CoronavirusPanic.pdf

          Takes about 45 minutes of focused reading, well worth your time. I have not looked into David Crowe and will not do so. His words either stand on their own or not.


      2. Tons of “significantly enhanced our cleaning and sanitation efforts” emails this week, from every big store I shopped at, even some local businesses. However i’m still seeing dirty cluttered aisles and garbage cans filled to the brim at places. There is supposed to be an increase in minimum wage in June again like there was in January, so hopefully that will raise the bar in customer service and custodian expectations.


      3. Yeah, I am not afraid. We are the rare ones who are released from the propaganda. What IS startling though is just how easy it is for them to do this. With the stock market sell-off, I’m starting to think that might be the whole point. Push us into a new crisis. Everyone who knows the script is taking advantage. The average idiot is overwhelmed by the fear of it all. Just one of those days where I am so deflated. I can’t believe what they’re doing. It’s wrong, this manufactured panic. It is just plain wrong.


          1. Kyle: I saw the writing on the wall too but felt powerless to act. I also thought it couldn’t get this bad. It’s madness and insanity infecting the world, not some stupid flu virus.


          2. I actually bought stock in Royal Caribbean and Carnival earlier this week. Seemed like a good idea at the time, as I thought we had reached the height of panic. Obviously, I couldn’t have been more wrong, and my stocks are already down about 30%. Oh well, gotta hold onto them for awhile now.


          3. Did you see that 1.7 trillion injection today? Will it continue or dump next week. A better question is why not just give USA citizens 1.7 trillion so they can spend it. Seems like a lot of wasted digital fiat notes for a small spike at 15 minutes into the close a Friday, and this right after they declared a ban on travel. Hmm! May have to start a position and go long on oil.

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              1. Greetings: Never waste a good crisis (or a great panic). Another name for COVID-19 is SARS 2. We survived SARS 1 (another virus out of China) several years ago; I guess since that one didn’t accomplish the desired end result, TPTB are trying again. Of course, it’s all BS. Same game, only the names have been changed.


          4. To those talking about the Fed’s more than $1 Trillion injection, you don’t understand how these things work. The Fed doesn’t just create $ and spend it. It uses the made-up “money” to buy debt securities, primarily Treasury Bills/Bonds and mortgage-back securities. The government has already borrowed and spent the $. The Fed is simply monetizing government debt, which encourages even bigger deficits. Also, before anyone brings up the lie about the Fed “lending” money to the government at an interest rate, you should know that the exact opposite is true. The Fed buys the debt from primary dealers in the open market, and the interest received on the Fed’s holdings of US debt is returned to the government every year.


          5. Jimmy, is that public knowledge or just an opinion? Interesting. The whole interest thing is definitely a level 1 conspiracy theory. Which I’m finding are usually wrong.


      4. Unlike unimaginative Anna

        What if highly imaginative Milton Friedman never thought, “What if I create, bound-to-fail ‘Greed is God’ economics?”

        What if?


    2. I am right there also, feeling demoralized and dumbfounded at the hysteria around me. There is so much pressure to isolate and conform. They never shut down anything that I can recall back when that guy supposedly had Ebola in Dallas.


      1. Well and just use your head…

        Tens of millions of people get influenza every year. Know how we get through it? By not panicking. By realizing that it’s common and we will be fine.

        Do major corporations completely shut down? Absolutely not. We are seeing something unique here. Something important is happening. I’m not exactly sure what it’s all about yet.



        1. Good insight. Something important is happening. I feel like you’re right that it’s something we don’t know about yet.

          The guesses so far are things like: crash economy for money, scare people for control, push big pharma/forced vaccinations, test new emergency government powers/increase gov’t control, take down Trump, distract the populace from something else, scapegoat a germ for a market crash made inevitable by the Federal Reserve, push for cashless society, etc etc etc.

          And any of those may be PART of what’s happening. But maybe there’s something bigger that we haven’t thought about yet. You’re right, they NEVER shut things down like this. And also we’ve seen a LOT of big CEOs retire in a big hurry.

          Anyway, it will be interesting to see. We should keep our eyes peeled. It’s possible that something big will be revealed, but it’s also possible that the big thing is what the virus is distracting FROM. So we should be careful to look BEYOND the virus, to NOT look only where the magicians are telling us to.

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          1. Sports tend to be the outlet of the average person, so using the virus panic to shut down sport is highly concerning and proof they WANT panic. Exactly…do not look where the magician tells you to look.


          2. I think sports would a) be a distraction from the panic and b) a lack of it amplifies the panic. As I wrote elsewhere I think they are being compensated handsomely for this, hence their very cavalier attitude, and their haste, to shut everything down.

            By the way, the first NBA player that was diagnosed was about to play a game with his team at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. That’s one of the shale companies that is supposedly going to be hit hard by the drop in oil prices (unless oil goes back up at some point relatively soon. I don’t think). I don’t think the location of this first “diagnosis” in the NBA is a coincidence. Nothing is.


  2. Today is a dark day for those like us, who can see through it. There could never be more proof positive that they are in complete control than this.

    I am guessing this will be over by May, since the NFL has not canceled anything. Like they know something that the rest of us don’t.

    I agree viruses as carriers of illness is a sketchy subject. Not sure what to believe. Clearly people are getting sick with something. Wonder if the Wuhan virus was just a pretext for each local government to let loose their own bug. What a dark day. Absurdity abounds. The powers that be keep winning, and we keep being a tiny minority of people who see how utterly ridiculous this whole thing is.

    How much worse could it get? Canceled elections? Martial law? Yeah, let’s collapse society because of a minor respiratory illness. Unbelievable. Shit.


      1. Anecdotally, yes. I do admit that it’s only anecdotally. So I’m neither here nor there about whether this is 100% “fake”. I lean towards the idea that corona is a very real something. No idea what. Above my limited, self-taught knowledge.


          1. Reading the paper and I agree. This morning I said this whole thing should be remembered on par with Dutch tulip mania as one of the greatest panics of all time. Viruses as carriers for illness is very sketchy, but people are clearly getting sick with something. This could just mean a very exotic pathogen of some kind.

            I have come to believe whatever we’re currently calling coronavirus has already spread everywhere, and yes…this test we’re using to define cases is a complete boondoggle. People are not dropping dead, and the number of unreported cases is likely astronomical…thereby implying a fatality rate on par with the common cold.

            The world is having a mass freak-out about a few damned sniffles and headaches. It’s peak absurdity for me. I’ll bet anyone $100 right now that they’ll cancel the Olympics next. Thus cementing the absurdity in the history books. Ah yes, that was the year they shut society down over some sniffles.


          2. Every year the common cold goes around. It is an upper reparatory infection. They cannot cure it or prevent it with vaccines. I do not understand it. Virologists attempt to pin it on that source, but their work leaves much to be desired. But we are led to believe they have isolated the culprit and developed a test to detect it. I do not believe this. The place to look for dishonesty is in the labs that produce test results. If the “virus” has been neither isolated or purified, then labs cannot possibly be finding it.

            Do they send out kits for labs to use? If so, could these kits be rigged to achieve positive tests when no one really knows anything? Do not underestimate the potential for human stupidity here. They can rig elections because the machines they use to count votes are rigged and easily change the outcomes.

            I am just blowing hot air here, but I think of all the thousands of people who work the polls on election night, thinking they are doing good work and assuring honest outcomes, while the real business of elections is done elsewhere. Could it be that all the people who are working laboratories and testing sputum are using kits that are rigged to achieve previously known results? That would certainly be part of the scripting if this is a scripted event, to place rigged results in certain places at certain times.

            Again, hot air. Really pissed that they canceled baseball. It’s a freakin’ open air event in Spring Training, and for most of the regular season too. Got me where it hurts.


            1. The tests aren’t rigged, but rather (per the paper) arbitrary and meaningless. They do not show any real meaningful result. Being sick doesn’t inherently mean a positive, and being healthy doesn’t inherently mean a negative. The PCR cutoff of 37 cycles is totally arbitrary. Clearly, they are measuring something inherent that was already there. Not a disease that is passed on. I have no idea what people are getting sick with, but something is going around worse than usual. Coronavirus is just a name used to control us. These quarantines and shutdowns are 100% real. This is not a drill. They are going live with something big. The script is written. Heck if I know what is next, and that is why this is so disastrously deflating to me. Society is officially upside down, and the masses are brain dead. It doesn’t even have to make sense anymore. This sure as hell doesn’t make a bit of sense.

              Again, when 60 million people get the flu every year do we have a collective freak out? This does not make the least bit of sense, but is being driven so hard from the top that resistance is FUTILE. I don’t see how we can spin a positive out of these latest developments.


        1. I usually read the latest news in Italy on the official press website, called Ansa.it and one thing that struck me in the last couple of days is that below all articles regarding the virus pandemic there is one talking about AI. Ansa website actually supports the studies about artificial intelligence. I find it weird, and it surely means something.
          I know that Chinese authorities are currently using elmets with some sort of infrared that are able to measure people’s temperature at a distance as they pass by, and other highly technological measures to contain the virus.
          To me, it all looks like that TPTB want to kill as many elderly people as possible as they’re no longer productive, and through universal mandatory vaccines insert a microchip that they can control by remote.
          I don’t know if any of you has watched the TV series “West World”, but I fear they’re trying to do something like that in the near future.


          1. Unlike unimaginative Anna

            What if highly imaginative Milton Friedman never thought, “What if I create, bound-to-fail ‘Greed is God’ economics?”

            What if?


  3. To Fauxlex (and others) who may be feeling deflated by TPTB flexing their power…

    I agree. Pretty impressive. Even more than terrorism or “climate,” this is one where dissenters like us are demonized not just by the propagandists, but by the masses. In that way the Virus Crisis is like Sandy Hook….normies think that skepticism is “wrong.”

    BUT, to look on the bright side… No-One Trusts the Fake News anymore. That’s WHY they had to bring out the big guns of “deadly global pandemic.” Terrorism, school shootings, Russian interference, etc. People are increasingly skeptical, and even the non-skeptical are unmoved…they just tune it out.

    We might view the TPTB “need” to do this now as a sign not of strength, but of weakness.

    It is indeed depressing to watch otherwise sensible people get infected by this mindvirus. But the silver lining is that TPTB’s other baloney wasn’t selling so they HAD to appeal to people’s germophobia.

    Here are two relevant and well-written paragraphs from Celia Farber. Depressing, yes, but you can see the silver lining too:

    “The mass media doesn’t just profit off their relentless terror pollution, they also get to torture you. They get to “own” your mind and soul, inject and project right into it, mediate, frighten, confuse you, cause you to abandon your hopes, as learned helplessness finally sets in. The only good thing about Corona terror is that it gives you a slight respite from climate change terror. Hopefully, you see the never changing pattern: You are but a receptor site for para-governmental transnational corporate demoralization campaigns.

    Can you feel what they are doing? They are seizing back what they consider “their” power, back from all the events that stole it from them, since 2016: Brexit, Wikileaks, Hillary’s defeat, Russiagate’s implosion, the international rise of populism, traditionalism, the rejection of radicalism. How did they do it? The only way it can be done: With a “novel virus.” One that could be, as Bill Gates put it so lustily, “…a once-in-a-century pathogen.”


    1. Put bluntly, I disagree. But I admire your optimism? If they can do this and push past any rational framework, then we are well and truly screwed. Society is officially past the point where up is down, and nobody realizes or cares.

      We are pawns. Less than, actually. I completely disagree with you that they have a need to “take back” something. They never had anything taken from them…Brexit, Trump…false idols, man. They never had anything taken from them and now they’re taking more from us in increasingly absurd ways. The average braindead zombie out there either falls for it, doesn’t care, or gets caught up in a false idol like that. They have won, they are winning, and they will always win, because we are ants to them.


    2. Charlie, I totally agree with you in part. There has definitely been a shift since Trump took office. More people have doubts for sure. And then Trump saying “fake news” all the time. What the fuck is that about. I know he’s not necasarrily saying what we’re saying but just the utterance of “fake news” is perplexing to me.


        1. Agree. What I mean is that why are they letting Trump even say “fake news”. We know he’s a pawn. I know he’s misleading people when he says it. But why? Something to that.


          1. Probably it’s to blackwash the term by association with such a sketchy character. And to blackwash skepticism of experts.

            Yes Trump has his fans, but they are being maneuvered as part of the dialectic. With Trump as their contolled opposition leader, they are being managed and misdirected.

            They are shifting the dialectic. Merging the “conservatives” with the “conspiracy” crowd. Jones has moved towards Rush, Rush has moved towards Jones. They both are pro Trump.

            Most conspiracy theory is and always has been top down controlled anyway.. But the internet has spread it more rapidly and further. But they saw that coming and were ahead of it, guiding it. Note the ramp up in movies with Matrix like themes preceding the rise of conspiracy culture online.


          2. I get that they’re doing all that. I just don’t know why they would risk having that phrase so out there. Maybe the general public is that stupid that they don’t even worry about people going beyond the death by association and into the further truth.


      1. He’s letting you know that the news is fake. It’s fake BOTH in “our way” (outright hoaxes, fakery, etc.) and in HIS way (“they are treating me unfairly.”) Both the attacks AGAINST Trump from the news AND the counterattacks from Trump (“you’re lying”) have clued people in more to the fakery. Trust in mainstream media is now VERY low, and that’s an improvement.


        1. Maybe an improvement. We just get it from other sources now. Namely entertainers and athletes. And they’re all spewing shit also.


        2. Yes, Trump is controlled opposition. Of course. Alternative heroic knights from the fringes don’t get to become President.

          BUT, lots can be gleaned from controlled opposition. Trump has made it MUCH more obvious to people that the news is fake, that the globalists are in control, that the “elites” are HOSTILE to the interests of middle-class Americans, etc.

          While Trump IS Controlled Opposition, the real opposition made him necessary. Which is something notable. Yes, he takes REAL populist energy and dissipates it. But to do so he had to validate it a little bit first. Which is also something notable.

          It’s true, most people will never wake up and we’re unlikely to ever overthrow the controllers. But MORE are waking up, a little bit. And thus the spell is weakened.

          And TO BE awake or partly awake ourselves is its own reward even if we can’t bring everyone with us.

          80% of people are non-player-characters. And always will be.


          1. I’m sorry Charlie but I just couldn’t be farther from you on this. More people are not waking up, more are going to sleep. You are feeding a false narrative to say that Trump has had a net positive impact for those like us. Yes, 80% are not in the game, but at this point 19.5% of the remaining people are deluded in some way or another. Enough about Trump already. The orange diet coke gremlin is not good for us. How you can classify this situation as awakening anyone is baffling.

            I completely, completely disagree. This situation is sending even more people deeper down their avenues of misdirection, and solidifying those who are asleep. There is no gain for those like us, except that we are an increasing rarity.


          2. I’m surprised you’re so adamant, Fauxlex. I’m not making claims of a grand awakening nor of Trump as a hero. All I’m saying is that he has helped increase skepticism of the mainstream media. That’s helpful in nudging the world SLIGHTLY in the direction of truth. The Internet plus Trump have at least managed to lower some people’s trust in the pronouncements of the New York Times. And that’s not a bad thing.

            We agree most people won’t wake up, that Trump is a false idol to those who “believe” in him, and that this Coronavirus terror hoax is a bad thing that proves what gullible sheep most people are.

            I agree with you….it’s very depressing to see how easily scared the masses are by fearmongering of invisible germs. And it IS an impressive show of power by the propagandists….

            But it’s also true that other fearmongering stuff has lately lost a bit of effectiveness, from overuse if not an increase in skepticism. Russian interference, school shootings, Islamic terror, etc etc—it’s all become boring and unscary to at least some of the people. So they had to break out the Next Big Thing and get people back fear-watching the TV news. Which, I’ll grant you, is working! Sadly.


            1. I was deeply asleep when Trump was elected. I became so frustrated and angry about Trump blabbing about “fake news” that I finally wanted to understand how anyone could believe that man news could be fake. The thought was preposterous to me. I began researching and shock of shocks, I learned he was half right. I also discovered man is mostly BS. Why was he allowed to say it? It’s a truth drop, and they are quite common. The beauty of a truth drop is that few people recognize them. Trump says “fake news” and liberals get triggered to be angry while conservatives gloat about how evil the liberals were for slanting the news in their (liberal’s) favor. Beyond this, there are truth drops galore in the public narrative. We just seldom look for them.


  4. I think they always tell us what they’re doing. They mock us with their obviousness. In this case I think it’s the fact that the damn thing,real or not, is not even deadly. They straight up tell us in most articles that the virus is mild and some people won’t even know they have it. Hello!!!


    1. Also noticing that all the celebrities and whoever are pushing getting tested. So there’s something about the testing.


      1. I noticed that as well, that they really seem to want people to contact the health authorities if they get sick so they can test them. Makes me wonder what they are actually looking/ testing for. More DNA testing?

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          1. I don’t think they need to do this to accomplish that. I also have to wonder, given the general level of intelligence I see, what would be the purpose. It was said long before my birth that God must love stupid people, as he makes so many if them.


            1. Just a thought. Let’s see if they really ramp up with everyone “getting tested”. As for what would be the purpose, I mean…a DNA database? The things that could be gleaned from that are huge. It’s a long shot, but if the next page in the script is “getting tested”, then we’ll know.


  5. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/yes-cancel-shit-no-don-160042956.html


    I don’t give a shit whether the imaginary numbers say this is SLIGHTLY more fatal than the flu. The number of unreported cases globally, if we take this to be a real thing, are astronomical. In countries where they aggressively test, they show fatality of 0.6%. Cut that number at least in half to consider unreported cases. You’ll be lucky to have an honest fatality rate of 0.2%. This is on par with flu, which goes widespread every freaking year. People are RIGHT to make the flu comparison. It’s a deadly bug that infects hundreds of millions of people in the US alone each year, and we do not cancel society because of it. People are being subtly nudged, via ridiculous media like the above, to consent to the panic. Manufactured consent. Here, look at some misleading numbers so you can feel GOOD about yourself when you panic.

    Not to mention that the real truth is that the tests are garbage. This is truly just an artificial social panic.


  6. actually the more media push on, the less people seem to care. Here in Frankfurt I haven’t seen a person wearing a mask in days. The smell of disinfectants is also gone. It’s just the media alone. Also companies have to implement new orders. Some big banks try to do all the work via home office. This may be one of the reasons of this simulation. To test the capability of the infrastructure for mass home office traffic. Some states in Germany (Bavaria) just decided to close their schools for two weeks. It doesn’t really matter. This two weeks more of vacation won’t make a difference. They may shorten the summer vacation for this yet. Nothing of all this actions is actually visible here. People go to work, for shopping, walking in the parks. They may cancel some bigger events yet, but there was a soccer game here recently also some live concerts. People talk about it but other than that, they didn’t change their daily routines.


  7. This virus hoax was meant for China, Italy and Iran, not really for the rest of the world, although some side effects are seen everywhere, it’s about credibility, but nothing compared to what’s going on here.
    Germany and France are not really included in the hoax as they’re the perfect allies to the Anglo-Americans who plotted the whole thing.
    Talking about disobedience.

    At this stage some of the (apparent) reasons of the “test” are clear: Punishing the country that’s considered a danger to the american economy (China) and the “unruly” ones (Iran, Italy which signed a commercial deal with China last year) .

    So, from other European countries I never expected for a second a change in their lifestyle because of a virus that doesn’t even exist (and the Italian government knows that perfectly, but as I said before they’re slaves to the EU and USA drooling dogs).


    1. I hope you are right about it remaining those three countries. I don’t want them to ramp this up any further than already has been done.


    2. Unlike unimaginative Anna

      What if highly imaginative Milton Friedman never thought, “What if I create, bound-to-fail ‘Greed is God’ economics?”

      What if?


    1. That was probably just another flu season typically having more deaths as a percentage due to poorer sanitation of the time. There was also an added factor, a new wonder drug, aspirin, was wildly overprescribed, adding greatly to the death toll. That part was iatrogenic.


      1. Maybe a bit more than ‘seasonal’.

        Pre-mass media radio, newspaper rags only, plus many asprin o/ds, it lasted one-month short of 3-years – January 1918 thru December 1920.

        See ya’ll c. Jan 2023?


  8. Canceling of March Madness, NBA, and Spring Training is a deliberate slap in the face, possibly meant to to get our attention about how seriously we are supposed to be taking it. At open air games in Arizona, the only thing any one might catch is a foul ball. In my view, they are not collecting a DNA database … Occam’s Razor. Silly me, I have no clue why they would want such a thing.

    There is no virus, but labs are identifying something, making virology, like astrophysics and cosmology and Darwinian evolution and nutrition, just another bankrupt pseudoscience. Virology came alive in the 1960s in search of a cancer cure, but none was found. Now they are just following the money. If you imagine, as I have, that white lab coat people are our best and brightest, think again. They get caught up in groupthink and chasing the money, just like other professions. (We also stereotype Asian scientists as brilliant. They are just like us.)

    So I am waiting for the other shoe to fall, just like everyone. I’m yet to hear a plausible explanation. If you’re thinking command and control and loss of civil liberties, think again. That is fait accompli. Climate change with its focus kn CO2 is an attack on industrialized society and wealth accumulation coupled with racism. I thought this might be a way to augment that, slapping down travel restrictions and public gatherings. I fear the “other shoe” might be that these affronts are meant to be permanent.

    But I don’t know, and am suffering fear, like everyone. It is time to invoke Don Corleone’s words to Johnny Fontaine, “You can act like a man!!!”


    1. There has been a lot made of “getting tested” that continues to make me highly skeptical about the motivation for that. Especially since the test is such garbage. I continue to believe that we are witnessing a major happening and its ultimately purpose is still a mystery to us.


        1. One possible theory I’ve read is to enhance facial recognition software in public places. Not saying this is the ultgoal, but the six feet distancing is odd.


    2. I’m actually starting to worry that new travel restrictions could be the point of this? Could/would they limit or even halt travel, particularly international travel, for the long term or indefinitely? I’m sure the controllers hate that many of us are able to travel around the world and have enjoyable vacations, but don’t they make money on our travel too?

      The school closings are alarming to me. Didn’t see that coming at first. They have pushing vaccine mandates hard at the state level for years now to crank up the heat on homeschoolers and get as many kids as possible in school. It’s all baffling. Unless they just want to crash the economy. Then it all makes sense if you’re a sociopath who stands to profit from that sort of thing, I suppose.


  9. It’s a test/simulation. They want to see how far can they go. I don’t believe in the numbers, be it the death number or the sick ones. It’s easy to fabricate. All this measures would not help anything if there really was any deadly virus out there killing people. What sense does it make to keep children at home but let parents go to work? What sense does it make to advise to stay at home for 14 days but not all people at the same time. They say, it is to “reduce” the infection rate. They don’t say it is to fight the virus. This is convenient, because if there is no infection rate at all, some day (probably in April) they will just announce that they’ve won and everything is fine again. It’s a similar scare to the atom bomb scare 50 years ago. It keeps people scared from something they will never experience and only know from some media announcements. Well, they are supposedly closing more schools in Germany now. I’m still working as always. They can’t keep children out of school for to long, so this will have to end within a month or so.


    1. Totally agree on this one also Barb. They closed the schools here in central Arkansas. My wife just went to work. She could easily bring it home. I’m going to McDonald’s here in a bit. I could bring it home. If this thing is “airborne” than there is no containment. And like you said they will probably say it’s contained in April. That’s proof it’s all fake. They couldn’t contain it if real!


  10. Anna, old people are very useful to the system via our health care. They don’t consume much, but they generate lot’s medicare which means bills for doctors, hospitals drugstores, retirement homes, etc. It’s always taxpayers money. Imagine, all this old people would die. How many jobs had to be canceled? Same for sick people. Of course if old or chronically ill persons get cold, they can develop pneumonia and die. But not in the numbers they claim to happen. And the fear from sickness always helps the sickness to develop. Every cancer starts with the diagnosis. People don’t die from cancer but from the treatment.


    1. Totally agree with you on this one Barb. Older people are cash cows for hospitals. They bleed them of their life savings. Why would they want to kill them off?


      1. Hey! I resemble your remarks! I am one month short of 70. Today played nine games of ping pong with my grandson, winning one and tying one (we lost track of the score). House rules are as follows: A legal serve is one tossed in the air and struck by the paddle without any assistance from the non-paddle hand. This rule, however, does not apply to senior citizens. Any ball that goes off the wall or ceiling and lands in play is in play.

        This old person is useful in that young man’s life. Don’t be quick to write us off. I also figured out that Coronavirus is a hoax. How many younger people have done so?


  11. Well, I have an easy answer to that knowing my country’s (fake) public debt:
    They wanna get rid of old people as the government’s tired of paying them pensions. Also, they’re a social burden in terms of hospital check ups, specialist visits, time spent in hospital as patients occupying beds and so on. We have universal healthcare here, but hospitals don’t have great capacity and at the moment doctors are saying that whenever they’ll have to choose who to put in intensive care first between the young and the old with Covid-19, they’ll pick the young ones.
    Maybe I’m wrong but I see young people, even children as cash cows for Big Pharma these days: Through vaccines, junk food, smartphone radiations and so on, they get them chronically ill for longer, then they’ll kill them off too when no longer productive.
    Keep in mind that many 40+ years old are unemployed in Italy, and can’t find any other jobs so they’ve been on a special social welfare (citizen’s welfare) since May 2019. The 5 star Movement approved this law, it should last until 2021. To do this, Italy had to ask the ECB for more money, that meaning further debt and deficit.

    Something I find interesting is that this morning an Italian independent journalist who runs a YouTube information channel, said during an interview to another journalist that the map of the areas most struck by the virus in China, Iran and Italy was superimposed on the map showing the areas where air pollution is major in those countries: They correspond perfectly.
    What to make of this?


    1. Anna,

      The slave masters are changing the terms of the contract once again with the active or passive (silent) consent of the enslaved.

      “The sayers and practitioners of each fictional art create their own unique, formal, official language. We can better comprehend these terms of art if we always remember their temporary, even proprietary nature, that they can be changed at any time to suit the needs of the state and its courts (creator gods), and that this is the case simply because those words carry no meaning and describe nothing in Reality. What is Real self-evidently needs no representation, unless what is attempting
      to measure the Real seeks a fictional consideration and subversion of the Real, and thus desires that some valuation in mammon be placed upon it. The words of that language alone defines the art.” – Clint, http://www.strawmanstory.info/ p. 55

      “In the law of nations though, it is always the creators of money, the mint, treasury, and central bank that reigns supreme, for the whole legal game and all its laws revolve around a national currency and the valuation of all things in it, in mammon.” Id. p. 58

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken


      1. I know, Steve.
        Problem is people believe the official narrative and any attempt to engage them in a more articulate and logical reasoning about anything is time wasted, unfortunately.
        These days I’m seeing people changing their mind from day to night about freedom of speech and constitutional rights out of sheer terror of getting infected; they now invoke even more severe containment measures.

        You can’t turn a sheep into a wolf, even if you teach it to howl.

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        1. What if Century 21 thus far, had no:
          1) US/UK Mass Media manipulated False-Flag 9/11 mass killing their own?
          2) Self-justified ongoing mid-East fake wars mass killing millions more for Oil, crudely masked as so called ‘Democracy’?
          3) Causing an ongoing massed migrants EU-crisis, and Isis?
          4) U$/UK Bank$ters World crash ’08 ongoing, stealing trillions while trashing billions of jobs, homes, and lives Worldwide?

          What if?


          1. Unlike unimaginative Anna

            What if highly imaginative Milton Friedman never thought, “What if I create, bound-to-fail ‘Greed is God’ economics?”

            What if?


  12. I haven’t read the Crowe paper.. But tests in general, my impression is many of them are only deployed if you come in presenting symptoms. Then, the symptoms plus a positive on the test, equals a diagnosis of some illness.

    However, if say 30% of healthy (no symptom) people would ALSO test positive… Or even some tests might have 90% positive in the healthy population… Then you see that it’s meaningless, just a way of impressing the sick patient that they have been “diagnosed.”


    1. You should read it. What that paper leads to is a conclusion that this test is finding something inherent within the human body and not necessarily A transmissible pathogen. Some perfectly healthy people test positive, and some very sick people test negative. The sickest of the people are not any more likely to test positive than the less sick. The cutoff for being considered positive is a completely arbitrary number of Cycles with some people going back and forth between testing positive and negative many times. Basically, it shows that the test is not actually finding what it claims to find. Testing positive might indicate something inherent within the human body. It might be RNA sequences that are inherently found in all of us at a certain concentration. The test intentionally stops searching after 40 Cycles, probably because they do not want everyone to eventually test positive after enough Cycles. This would be proof that we all have these RNA sequences present. It would show that they are not dealing with the actual root cause of the sickness.

      As far as I am concerned, the test results can be completely thrown out. Random people will test positive everywhere regardless of whether they’ve had contact with someone from Wuhan. It has nothing to do with a transmissible pathogen. This makes me then question all of the fatality rate numbers and the idea that we are dealing with a real pathogen at all. They probably created a test that they knew a couple percent of the population would inherently test positive for so that it fit into their playbook for this fake media panic with quarantines and canceled events.

      I am at the point where I think this is a particularly bad cold and flu season where possibly a few additional pathogens were released to ensure that this would be a particularly nasty cold season and then the coronavirus Panic was long-planned. I am very concerned about what they are actually testing for when they claim to run this test. I do not know why they are interested in these particular RNA sequences, but it could be for a completely different reason and they are in need of testing the public at Large.


  13. What if Century 21 thus far, had no:
    1) US/UK Mass Media manipulated False-Flag 9/11 mass killing their own?
    2) Self-justified ongoing mid-East fake wars mass killing millions more for Oil, crudely masked as so called ‘Democracy’?
    3) Causing an ongoing massed migrants EU-crisis, and Isis?
    4) U$/UK Bank$ters World crash ’08 ongoing, stealing trillions while trashing billions of jobs, homes, and lives Worldwide?

    What if?


  14. Hi everyone. Been following this blog for a while and MM too, but first time commenting. Hopefully I can make some productive contributions to what’s being discussed here and my apologies if my thoughts seem random… I’m going to try to collate a lot of what I’ve been thinking about this “virus” in the past few days into one post rather than flooding the message board with comments.

    I will also mention that I am in Anna’s general neighborhood as I am in Greece, so let’s begin with that. The entire country, as of this writing, has fewer than 200 “confirmed cases” and, I believe, 1 death (which could have been from the flu or anything else). Schools and universities have been nevertheless closed since Tuesday. However, life went on as normal. I was out every day… the trains and buses and businesses were just as crowded as always and in my area at least, the local supermarket was well-stocked with toilet paper.

    So, what happened? TPTB saw this and they did not like it one bit. So today, right before the weekend and after the end of business hours, they announced that effective tomorrow, most businesses will be closed or extremely limited in their operation. Only supermarkets, pharmacies and bakeries will remain open, and restaurants and cafes only for take-out and delivery. Does that make any sense to any of you? It sure doesn’t to me. But also, libraries will be closed. Archaeological sites and museums will be closed — in a country that relies heavily on tourism. Bars and nightclubs are, of course, closed as well. They haven’t quarantined people inside their homes yet but they might be building towards that, not to mention that now there isn’t a whole lot to do outdoors other than walk around (I believe even parks are officially “closed” though I’m not sure how and if this will be enforced).

    The “health” minister, in fact, flat-out stated during his press conference, sitting alongside the government’s “coronavirus czar” (one of the “best and brightest,” Harvard grad of course), that Greeks were not following the guidelines of the state and of the medical professionals (that is, they weren’t “self-distancing” enough and were more or less carrying on as before), necessitating this more drastic action.

    That was followed up shortly thereafter by the news that the wife of the government’s spokesman has contracted the coronavirus. And this brings me to my next topic, which is universal: note the very high number of public figures, celebrities, and generally well-known people who claim to have the virus, and place their numbers in comparison with the overall “count” of “confirmed cases.”

    So, starting with Greece: we have as of now 190 confirmed cases nationwide in a country of 11 million. That is 0.00001727272% of the population, or somewhere thereabouts. Now, out of those 190 cases, who are some of the individuals who we are told have the coronavirus? We have, for instance, an oligarch by the name of Marinakis (major shipowner, major media owner, owner of the country’s largest soccer club), whose media outlets — even more than the others which are already highly sensational — has been running the fear factor non-stop. One of his online sites published an article a few days ago by a “leftist” journalist, essentially calling for everything to be shut down. Pretty much every article on his sites keeps repeating some variation of the phrase “you don’t play around with people’s health.” The oligarch came out with his “diagnosis” a few days before his soccer club had its most important European match in over two decades. This ensured the match would take place behind closed doors, with no fans in attendance (even though it was going to be a sold-out stadium).

    So we have the oligarch. We also have the wife of the government spokesman. We also have the president of Piraeus Bank, one of Greece’s four major banks. We also have a journalist at Kathimerini, Greece’s “newspaper of record,” which is also the official partner of the New York Times in Greece. We also have a journalist at national state broadcaster ERT. We also have a “top model” and major Instagram “influencer.” The first suspected case in Greece came at a private high school where the “rich boys” go to school. I believe the first 1 or 2 confirmed cases in educational institutions both came at the same U.S.-affiliated private college.

    So now, allow me to ask everyone here: for a “virus” that has infected 0.00001727272% of the population so far, what are the odds that out of that 0.00001727272% you will have so many high-profile people?

    Also, take note that in June 2019, Greece’s penal code was revamped, and a paragraph that was snuck into the new penal code foresees criminal penalties for anyone who disobeys government orders during a health emergency. How serendipitous that they thought of including that in the new penal code at the time that they did, right?

    Let’s extend that now to internationally. Someone really should start making a list of all the celebrities, public figures, politicians, etc. who claim to have contracted this virus. Just off the top of my head this list already includes:

    Tom Hanks AND his wife Rita Wilson (who by the way were both recently given honorary Greek citizenship)
    Justin Trudeau’s wife
    The British health minister
    Former NATO chief Javier Solana
    Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell (NBA stars, teammates on the Utah Jazz)
    Lindsey Graham
    Those recent CPAC attendees
    The mayor of Miami
    The wife of the president of the University of Texas (MM’s alma mater!) and another family member
    Brazilian president Bolsonaro, although I believe they later took back that one — but some other major Brazilian politician did “officially” catch it — interesting as the southern hemisphere overall has very few cases
    High ranking Vatican officials, high ranking Iranian officials, etc.
    Various soccer stars on Italian clubs, primarily Juventus, which plays in Turin (north Italy).

    You also have Charles Barkley claiming that he has been tested and so on and so forth.

    Now, if we look at the stats, worldwide outside of China, we have as of now 60,000 “cases” out of a population of approximately 6.5 billion. That comes out to something around 0.00000923076% — an even smaller percentage than the already tiny percentage mentioned above for Greece. So, what are the odds that out of this 0.00000923076%, you have so many high-profile cases (I am sure there are more, with national-level figures in many countries that may not be nationally known just as Lindsey Graham or CPAC attendees or the mayor of Miami are not likely to be widely known outside the U.S.).

    Does any of this add up to any of you? Someone better in statistics than I am could perhaps weigh in, but it seems to me that the odds of this happening naturally are infinitesimally low.

    Now, allow me to close out this post with some final things that may be of interest and which may generate discussion. Perhaps Anna from Italy can weigh in as she would know her country better than I would. Here is a scientific paper highlighting the high incidence of “ordinary” flu cases in Italy over a recent five-year period: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1201971219303285. Reasons are provided in this scientific article as to why the mortality rate for the flu is relatively high in Italy compared to other countries. Could these same factors be contributing to the “coronavirus” deaths in Italy? That’s one thing.

    Now, the response I’ve gotten to that is that this is worse than the flu, and that in Italy the proof of this is that the intensive care units (ICUs) are completely full for the first time since WW2, and that the flu never created such conditions in Italian hospitals. Furthermore, we are told continuously about the excellent state of the Italian health care system (this may be the case but I find it hard to believe — in Greece it’s been ravaged by austerity, for instance, and Italy has had economic hard times too, even if northern Italy is the “rich” part of the country). The best response I have seen to these arguments so far comes from here: https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/03/13/italy-icu-wards-are-overflowing/. He may be surmising here but if it is true that even “ordinary” cases of suspected “coronavirus” are taken to the ICU, well, that would fill up those beds pretty fast, wouldn’t it? And that would then create a panic and give the media more panic porn fodder, would it not? So I think there’s something to that.

    Something else, also from today, which seems to have flown largely under the radar but which I consider to be significant, though exactly how is as of yet unclear: Bill Gates resigned from the boards of BOTH Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway today (see https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/13/bill-gates-leaves-microsoft-board.html). I am sure everyone here is aware of Gates’ 2018 statement about a once-in-a-century pandemic. That he would resign from these prominent positions during such a supposed “pandemic” is interesting indeed though I can only theorize as to what may be going on.

    Regarding the WHO’s rush to declare this a “pandemic,” the arguments that I have seen is that this is a “new” virus and that it has spread to a significant percentage of the world’s countries. Of course, I believe as of a day or two ago, when this declaration was made, 130 of the world’s countries had no more than 10 reported cases, some had zero. We are told that this is some sort of “super virus” that can live on surfaces for hours (isn’t that also supposedly true of the “flu virus” too though?) and can travel far through the air, hence the six-foot “social distancing” (again, wouldn’t that be the case with anything that you could catch if someone, say, sneezes in your direction?). So what is “new” about the “novel coronavirus” and what makes it a “pandemic”? Another argument I have heard is that since it is “new,” nobody has antibodies for it. But if we accepted the standard theory about viruses as fact for a moment, by definition every time we get sick with the common cold or flu, we have been infected by some viral strain that we have not previously been exposed to (thus being “new”) and that we have no antibodies for as a result. So again, what makes this new, or different, or a pandemic?

    If we go by numbers alone, official sources (such as https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-disease-2019-vs-the-flu) admit that in a given year, there are anywhere between 291,000 and 696,000 flu deaths worldwide. The counterargument to all of that is that “coronavirus has a much higher mortality rate.” The figures I saw for this were all over the map: from 3X more fatal to 50X more fatal. In the past day or two they seem to be settling on 10X more fatal, though their math still does not add up: when they use percentages, they say 3% of cases are fatal whereas 0.1% of flu cases are, which is a difference of much more than 10X. When they just do a comparison without percentages, they seem to have settled at 10X and in one source that I found, https://hudsonalpha.org/separating-myth-from-fact-around-coronavirus, they finally use the figures 0.1% for flu and around 1% for “coronavirus”). However, how do we know what the “death rate” really is if there is no accurate test for this thing. More to the point, does the flu have a “test”? How about the common cold? How do we know that this thing spreads “faster” than the “regular” flu? And if for most people, “coronavirus” symptoms will be mild to almost non-existant, many of them won’t be tested, or won’t be diagnosed. Or it’s possible, as I saw in some of the comments, that these tests just spit out false positives… maybe they have been programmed to detect a certain percentage of “positive” cases. I mean, who knows. Even if the “coronavirus,” or whatever this is (if it even exists) is at some level “deadlier,” even if it a 0.5% rate instead of 0.1% rate, if the numbers remain at the current amazingly low levels (around 145k cases worldwide including China, where we are being told that it is levelling off), wouldn’t the flu, just by raw numbers and casualties alone, be deadlier? Yet that is not what we are getting from the “Official MSM narrative,” is it now?

    How do we know, for instance, that this isn’t just one of the annual strains/mutations of the flu that has been reclassified as something “new”?

    So back to that “pandemic” issue, it seems that even if “coronavirus” is real in some way, that the WHO has made this declaration based on assumptions and based on surmising or projecting its impact, instead of looking at what its impact has actually been up until now. And here’s some food for thought regarding that: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/425m-in-world-bank-catastrophe-bonds-set-to-default-if-coronavirus-declared-a-pandemic-by-june (note the visual, a photo of some official wearing a useless surgical mask…optics are important!), and a video by Dr. Francis Boyle, who claims that there was/is a WHO facility right there in Wuhan and that it was likely produced there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsyujjitOFM.

    We also have the UK mayoral/local council elections postponed for 12 (!) months. Why 12? Why not 3 or 6 or some other shorter time span? https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/03/13/coronavirus-london-mayoral-election-suspended-12-months/.

    Finally, if you want to see some real ridiculousness, take a look at a couple of postings that have gone “viral” regarding the coronavirus and its huge danger and how the whole world needs to do what Italy has now done with a nationwide lockdown because “it’s coming and will be SCARY.”

    Here’s a long-winded “paper” by someone who has no medical qualifications (but who is a storyteller), telling us essentially to OBEY, and already translated into well over a dozen languages (by who?): https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca?fbclid=IwAR2_Hz_62VqfePOyFYqTvXCdSWigvMSeh-HZZBfJ450Inxg37RkHyZqawqg. Until earlier today, his featured article on his medium.com profile was “How to deliver your funny speech.”

    Then we have some British woman, supposedly living in Bergamo, Italy, who went viral for a post of hers on FB (https://www.facebook.com/cristina.higgins.7) on March 10, again basically saying that the Italian example is correct and it must be enforced NOW by other countries. This immediately got her a BBC appearance, while in her most recent post as of the time I am writing this, she references Italian TV La7, writing the following (I love that absurd quote at the end):

    “In this 10-minute video produced by La7.it, a television station in Italy, you can hear directly from the doctors, nurses, medical staff and patients who are on the frontlines in Italy battling the Coronavirus. Their words are a powerful testimony of the crisis we are experiencing in Italy, and that many other countries have yet to suffer.

    Attached you will find a transcript and translation of the video. If anyone out there has the know-how to put this translation in the video as subtitles, I invite you to do so.
    The last interview is with Daniele, a 48 year old otherwise healthy man, who speaks to the Italian people from his hospital bed in Cremona, Italy. If you read nothing else, please consider his words:

    “I want to tell all of you who are watching right now that this is not a joke. These new norms must be respected. I got it and I am 48 years old, a sportsy person, healthy, and I don’t have any type of pre-condition. If I got it then anyone can get it. Respect the rules, stay home, don’t go out. I have to say good-bye now because I am tired.”

    Perfect, just perfect.

    Then we had that British doctor, who posted this long series of tweets referencing what he claimed a friend of his, an unnamed doctor in Italy, was telling him about the situation in Italian hospitals. All panic porn all the time. Then we have this, another friend referencing another friend, a nurse in the Boston area, again with all the usual panic rhetoric: https://www.facebook.com/ali.weinberg.7/posts/10157345924782602.

    All of this and a lot of other stuff, all written with a remarkably similar writing style and using the same buzzwords, have gone “viral.” Get it, “viral”? What a farce this world we live in is sometimes.

    Finally, as I end this very long posting, I can’t help but notice the very cavalier attitude with which one event after the other, one billion dollar sports league after the other, have suspended or outright cancelled huge events. March Madness? Cancelled, not even rescheduled. NBA season? Suspended 30 days, at the behest of the owners! NHL season? Suspended. In Europe, most sports leagues suspended, including the Champions League and Europa League in soccer and the Euroleague in basketball, plus almost all domestic leagues in most sports. The Euro 2020 soccer tournament (basically the European continental version of the World Cup) likely postponed to 2021. SXSW, that huge convention in Austin? Cancelled. Broadway shows? Shut down for a month. And that’s before we begin to get into the travel industry, airlines, etc., yet other than the “market panic” prior to today’s “bounceback,” I notice a very cavalier, almost casual attitude amongst these industries and their major businesspeople. It’s almost as if they, you know, expected this or something, or got a memo, or have been told they’ll be compensated in other ways. The owners themselves proposed shutting down the NBA for at least 30 days — they’re the ones that ultimately make the most money of all and who presumably have the most to lose. I doubt it’s out of some sort of concern for public health. Anyone remember when Magic Johnson played the 1992 all star game and then had a comeback in 1996? No concerns then?

    I close with a quote from Brazil (the film): “Now they’ve got the whole country sectioned off. You can’t make a move without a form.”

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    1. Thank you for this, Constantine. Please note if you make future comments that if you supply more than two links, the comment automatically goes to moderation. This is not a problem as I am at home and able to release it. Just be patient. (The policy is by WordPress, not me.)


    2. Would like this comment a million times if I could. Everything you said is interesting and relevant. I am particularly sickened by the media using the 3% fatality rate when they initially went wide with the panic. This is what the average idiot ultimately heard and why they are so afraid. It is a complete lie. Even in a country where they are “testing” like crazy, they get 0.6%. Even this estimate could only possibly be testing maybe one-tenth of actual sick people. If this really is some distinct pathogen, it is no more fatal than the common cold (<0.1%). I have come to believe that this is the common cold and flu and that we are just looking at a gigantic case of mass hysteria surrounding regular cold and flu season.

      The test that they are putting out is not testing for some kind of distinct virus, but is measuring an arbitrary number of Cycles to detect RNA sequences. These RNA sequences do not seem directly related with sickness. They could test the entire global population and it would have nothing to do with whether you had some close contact with Wuhan, a few percentage points would test positive according to these RNA sequence levels.

      I also noticed Bill Gates resigning from the board of directors and was not sure what to make of it. I also do not understand why these sports leagues would shut down and forego gigantic profits. As you said, those at the top must have gotten the memo. Trillions were just dished out by the US government quietly covered up by the crisis. Then we have to imagine those who knew the crash was coming and were able to plan a way to profit from it. I am sure that tremendous profits were to be made if they were willing to shut down entire sports leagues to help sell the panic. Those at the top simply gain more money and control, and those at the bottom continue to be overrun by fear (making them more easy to control).

      Amazing amazing comment. Thank you so much. Corona Mania 2020 has become such an absurdity. It is an all-time event for me. We need to be fervent in communicating with those around us that they have nothing to be afraid of. Tell them that the fatality rates provided are complete garbage. Tell them that they are freaking out about a common cold. Make them feel ridiculous and maybe they will see the light.


    3. Hi Constantine! Nice to meet a fellow mediterranean here 🙂
      (Side note: the italian version of your name and Helena are very common on Sardinia Island).

      Yours is a very long comment, so I’ll latch on to the things you reported about Italy trying to be as concise as possible (forgive me if I’m not):

      1) As of now there are 17.666 reported Covid-19 positive cases, dead are 1266. Hmmm. Will not comment about that 666 and I’ll move on, but make of that what you will.
      Italian doctors are testing the dead saying they died of Covid-19, so adding them to the total of cases, which are therefore quickly skyrocketing. But it’s all FAKE of course. Those people were elderlies and people with a damaged immune system who died of pneumonia or other immune deficiency related illnesses, not OF Covid-19. That’s why it kinda looks like we are all sick.

      2) So many positive and dead, but I ‘ve yet to find a single person across the country who knows anyone positive to the virus or killed by it. I went to the most famous italian blogs and forums that talk about conspiracies and I’ve asked around and read hundreds and hundreds of comments. Couldn’t find anyone who’s directly involved in this. Hmmm.

      3) “The Italian healthcare system is excellent but with this Covid-19 emergency all ICU’s are overflowing and hospitals are exploding.”
      Bullshit. Bollocks. Crap. Stronzate. Pick the one you prefer in your favourite language.
      Italian NHS used to be excellent until the late ’80s, now it’s mostly average in public hospitals with some exceptions of course, good in private clinics, but ICU’s have been overflowing since the 90s, as the number of ICU’s across the country has been cut down due to corrupt politicians who preferred to economize on health and education, as per usual.
      When a couple of years ago my mom had open heart surgery in a private clinic in Bologna that provided ICU, she had to stay herself in ICU for over two weeks as she nearly died after surgery, and I remember very well that they were already having trouble with ICU overflow, to the point they had to move a few of their patients to major hospitals with of the region or even to other regions that could provide beds in ICU’s. So…

      4) As for the British woman living in Bergamo and the guy who spoke directly from his hospital bed. I’ve seen them, read their words. Very, very suspicious. A guy in a bed in a hospital doesn’t mean squat, not to me at least. He was told he had Covid-19 by doctors, he trusted them, now he’s recovering and “please tell Italian people to calm down and respect all regulations if they don’t wanna end up in jail”.
      The British woman…M16? Am I being too MMish here? 🙂 Don’t believe her anyway, it’s all b ending with t.

      5) About doctors and nurses from northern Italy hospitals describing an apocalyptic situation. I’m starting to think some independent italian thinkers are right: all freaking crisis actors.
      Where were these doctors and nurses when over 18.000 people died from hospital related pneumonia and other infections due to poor hygiene in the last two years? It was all ok back then, was it?

      I’m done for now, will continue later on.


      1. Anna’s comment: “2) So many positive and dead, but I ‘ve yet to find a single person across the country who knows anyone positive to the virus or killed by it. I went to the most famous italian blogs and forums that talk about conspiracies and I’ve asked around and read hundreds and hundreds of comments. Couldn’t find anyone who’s directly involved in this. Hmmm.”

        Thank you for making this point as I believe it to be an important one in this age of disinformation in which we live. In all of the suspected hoaxes that have occurred in recent times, it’s interesting how often there is no direct confirmation of the story being conveyed, but rather a “Ferris Bueller” hearsay that rules the day.

        The flip side of this is…if any of you with credibility directly knows someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please share what you know. Until then, we will remain skeptical.


    4. Oh, and about the so called “celebrities” being positive to the “virus”, we’re having a few soccer players yes, a politician from the Demo Party and Governor of the region where Rome is (a moron anyway, I’m sure he was picked because he’s a complete joke: a guy with no degree, no culture whatsoever and a stupid face, besides he talks with a lisp, ridiculous in any possible way), an actress or two and some other jerks nobody really knows why they’re famous. Apparently they couldn’t find a real VIP interested in getting involved in this scam.
      P.S. Italian msm don’t talk about what’s going on in Greece. For that matter, they’re no longer talking about what’s going on in Italy either (other news I mean). They just talk about their EU overlords, France and Germany.

      I’ll take this opportunity to thank Fauxlex for welcoming me the other day and Constantine for his long and very well articulated comment that reinforces what many europeans (but not enough italians so far, it seems) have been thinking about this hoax for over a month. Thank you!


    5. Constantine, what you described in Greece is almost exactly the way it seems to be playing out where I am in north Florida.

      First they cancelled the major annual golf tournament in my area (TPC). Shortly after that they announced they were closing all of the schools (indefinitely?). No extracurriculars or sports either. Then yesterday, came the news that all libraries, parks, museums and the zoo are closing until at least the end of March. Churches are almost all closed from what I can tell. Many are now live-streaming services tomorrow.

      As of now, most restaurants, stores and some office buildings are still open, although many have cut back their hours, and I think some of the fast-food places have gone to drive-thru only.

      The weather here is gorgeous right now, and all that is left is the beach. I hear it’s been packed with people today, and now the rumor is all public beaches will be shut down next.

      Oh, and Desantis announced yesterday that he is sending the National Guard to “offer assistance” where needed. Whatever that means.

      You can’t make this stuff up. At this point I feel bad for my kids because they’re still little, and I can’t imagine what all the PTB has in store during their lifetime.


      1. Yep. That’s exactly it. It was the warmest day of the year so far here in Greece today, close to 80F in Athens. People took to the beach, and I can tell you, the government did not like that one bit. Now they’ve put up the mayors to shut down the public beaches in their municipalities and the prime minister (another Harvard alum, best and the brightest as always) issued an order essentially shutting down the beaches.

        In the meantime, the Greek media, which even during “normality” is rife with articles about how stupid, lazy, backwards, corrupt and inferior Greeks are (fueling a national inferiority complex, which in turn many Greeks swallow and end up believing, creating total inaction and paralysis as they end up believing that all of the country’s ills are their fault and not those of TPTB), spent the day today trashing Greeks for not obeying the authorities and for being “uber Greek” (that is, careless, inconsiderate, selfish, etc.). Social conditioning at its finest.

        And on the topic of social conditioning, here we go: https://twitter.com/TheSolariReport/status/1238899993974640640. Denmark passes a law allowing it to proceed with forced vaccinations.


  15. Thank you guys. Some more food for thought:

    It’s amazing how fast the new jargon travels among TPTB and their puppets. Phrases such as “social distancing” and “flatten the curve” that no one had heard of a week or so ago. Also, isn’t it odd that no one wanted to “flatten the curve” for “SARS” and “swine flu” and everything else?

    Another one is “self isolation” and that brings me to the point I made in my previous post about the celebrities and public figures who all amazingly seem to be catching this “virus.” Has any of them actually exhibited any signs of actually being sick? Of course, if they are supposedly in “self-isolation” we wouldn’t know one way or the other, would we? And wouldn’t “self-isolation” also be a great opportunity for some fake deaths, if they saw the need? Would sure ramp up the panic factor too, if someone’s beloved Hollywood star or some big politician “died,” wouldn’t it?

    In addition, if you follow this database daily (https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html) you will notice some strange things, like how the number of cases seems to suddenly “explode” in certain countries and stops entirely in others. For instance, Spain is now the country that’s exploding, much more than Italy. China has slowed to a trickle. Norway has been at 996 cases for at least two days now. Total difference between yesterday is about 2-3k cases, worldwide. Real pandemics don’t work this way. They don’t explode one country at a time.

    In fact, if you look at that database above, all of Canada, a vast land, has 198 “cases” as of this moment. 198 cases and one of them is the prime minister’s wife? What are the odds of that? Talk about being in “the wrong place at the wrong time”! Amazing. And doesn’t some other Canadian politician also claim to have the virus? Some odds those are.

    Re: Italy… maybe Anna can help us here. A posting I saw on FB from an Italian page showed Italian police yesterday in Greece, in the mainland border region next to Turkey, helping Greek police there with the migrant influx at the border (another fake issue, I believe, and a diversion… Greece’s sea routes remain wide open now as they have been for 20 years now, for anyone to come in no questions asked). In any case, whether it is a real or a fake issue, what are Italian police doing in Greece right now when their country is supposedly entirely on lockdown and they have police at every major intersection making sure no one is violating the quarantine? How does that work? Shouldn’t they require maximum manpower for that and then some? Until today, flights between Italy and Greece were operating normally. Shouldn’t they have been recalled? It makes no sense at all.

    Could Anna also tell us what is really going on in northern Italy as far as the quarantine? I read that even with the nationwide lockdown, the measures are strictest in the northern regions and that everything is shut, even supermarkets. Is that true? If so, umm, how are people getting food? Does the government go door to door distributing rations? Funny how all those FB posters that went “viral” on social media with their descriptions about how serious things are in Italy and how we all need to do the same thing and lock everything down don’t give us this info.

    Prediction: in a few weeks or months we’ll hear data about the drop in emissions & what a positive “green” effect this all had.


    1. Constantine,

      What are italian police really doing in Greece, I haven’t the slightest clue. Like yourself, I guess they’re trying to divert people’s attention from something bigger.
      Even some mainstream journalists blamed the government for sending the police to Greece in such a dramatic moment (well, ok).

      In the meantime, English Boris Johnson has made the decision to let all people living in the Uk catch the virus so that they can reach the “herd immunity”. No shops, business, nothing will be closed down, life must go on as usual. “Be prepared to lose your loved ones”, said Johnson a couple of days ago. Wow. That can mean only one thing : The guy knows this is all just s pathetic farse. Or he really prefers to pay the price of a few hundreds dead citizens rather than approving nazi restrictions to people’s life like Italy and now Greece have done.
      October 2019 was a perfect timing for Brexit, wasn’t it?


    1. The most obvious pieces of propaganda from this event have all walked this same line. It’s OK to panic. Listen to what you are being told. Obey.


  16. The panic porn is relentless. I love the CAPS in the headline just to drive the point home: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8112063/America-braces-coronvirus-collapse-100-00-ICU-beds-10-MILLION-hospitalized.html

    America’s hospitals will be overrun with coronavirus in just EIGHT DAYS: Obama’s Medicare boss issues dire warning as doctors say as many as 500,000 are already infected and 10 MILLION will need care

    Take note of the following:

    “Obama’s Medicare boss”

    “Dr. Makary urged people to be more vigilant said ‘we’re about to experience the worst epidemic since polio'”

    “He says the true number is likely far more and that as many as half a million people already have it.”

    And finally:

    “Doctors and nurses fear the hospital system, which is already overrun by the flu season, may buckle.”

    Already overrun by the flu season. Hmmmm. Why hasn’t that made headlines? And if half a million people already have it why aren’t more of them dropping dead?


  17. I should have a couple of comments in moderation, but I would like to announce that every flight and ferry service to and from Sardinia has been suspended today, just read it in the news. We are even more isolated now, and my elderly mother lives alone in continental Italy. That means that if something happens to her I can’t get out of here, or I have to ask the police for a special permission to fly, not even knowing if they’d grant it.



    1. Anna, I asked this question somewhere else in this thread but you may not have seen it. What is going on in the northern regions that, from what I’ve read at least, have the most severe restrictions in place? I read that even supermarkets are closed in the north? If so, how do people eat? Does the government go around providing everyone with rations?


  18. Hi Constantine,

    I wrote a couple of comments to answer some of your questions this afternoon but they’ve gone to moderation, they’ll be visible soon hopefully.
    All Italy is locked down and only supermarkets and pharmacies are open. Is the government providing food supplies? Are you kidding me? Italian politicians don’t give a shit about the citizens, we have to go out to shop for food but only without symptoms, if an elderly is sick and alone I have no idea how they can survive, it’s a total nightmare!
    If they catch you hanging around and you have temperature they bring you to the local police station and you get fined.
    Nazi restrictions are in place everywhere, and you know what for? Only 2, TWO people dead of Covid-19. Yes, only two people really officially died of…well something across the country. All other numbers are just garbage. But still, they keep on feeding this mass psychosis and God knows when it’ll be over.


  19. It’s been almost 20 years since 9/11 which has been long enough to condition us to invasion of privacy which is what we have at the airports. Each manipulated “crises” is used to enslave more drastically, permanently. The crumbling and disappearing act of certain institutions as well as people slowly before our eyes, I think #metoo was manufactured for such disappearing acts, all steps closer to that newer order they could never stop referencing.


  20. Maybe this is the way the elites and their Entertainment Industry puppets exit the stage and head off for their homes on islands or in the Southern hemisphere—by “dying” from the China flu. Some greater civil disturbance is slated soon, and they will hunker down in peace while the rest of the world burns.
    Just a shot in the dark …


  21. Constantine, I agree with Faulex and Mark and others….GREAT COMMENT!!! Thank you.

    “It’s okay to panic, do what you’re told, obey.”

    The script writers are always ham-handed and overly didactic. You can just HEAR the writers’ voices there, not the actors. The LAST thing an American trapped in an overcrowded Italian hospital in the middle of a dangerous epidemic, would be talking about is how great “authorities” are!

    At MOST, such a person might say, “I hope this doesn’t happen back home in America,” or “hey, people, take your vitamins, get some sleep, wash your hands.” But they would NEVER say, “I beg you all to panic, listen closely to politicians, do whatever they tell you, and eagerly embrace the new concept of social isolation.” LOL.

    This is exactly like the fake parents of child victims of school shootings. Instead of justifiably hating the “shooter” or mourning their kids, they almost IMMEDIATELY start going on TV demanding “common sense gun legislation” targeted at semi-automatic weapons and “long guns” even though MOST gun deaths are caused by handguns. The pushy writing and acting always gives the game away–these are not grieving parents and they don’t care about REAL gun violence (gangs, handguns); these are shills propagandizing fear to promote the disarmament of law-abiding citizens.

    This also reminds me of the Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax, where “authorities” tested the concept of ORDERING an entire city to go on “lockdown” and “shelter in place.” And even though there was NO precedent for that, the city eagerly complied and a new precedent was set.

    This whole concept of social distancing makes no sense. Getting rest, staying hydrated, eating right, and washing hands are 10 TIMES more helpful than…avoiding sporting events. Has ANYONE caught this from….being sneezed on?! From 6 feet away? At a sporting event? No!

    They are, among other things, testing the ability to ORDER people to go into “lockdown” NOW based on….news media reports…regarding potential FUTURE respiratory infections! And the fact that the SICK are dutifully echoing the government line on the merits of “social distancing” gives the game away.

    It’s like “while I was intensive care, a new concept was rolled out….”social distancing.” I didn’t hear about it because I was sedated, but….it’s here in my script, so, let me just say, it’s AMAZING and ESSENTIAL and everyone just HAS to do it! Take it from me–a real live “coronavirus” patient!


    1. Why did Tom Hanks make the “statement” he did about having the virus? Rather than just inform his fans that he had tested positive, he also had to fit in a subtle call to action for everyone to “do the right thing.” Just more fodder supporting your primary point.


  22. Some facts about the “viruses”:

    So-called viruses do not eat or drink, have no metabolism with which to change anything or generate energy, no secretions, no defecation, no activities, no nerves, sensors or (electrical) nerve energy, no reproductive faculties nor, in fact, any qualities of life whatsoever. Thusly, what are called viruses are indeed dead organic matter consisting of genetic and chromosomal RNA and DNA encased in a protein capsid, those capsids being identical to the capsids of the genomes within the many thousands of life units called mitochondria or organelles that populate every human cell from a few hundred up to 30,000 or more.
    As genomes, so-called viruses are merely the genetic patterns for entitative organisms with all the qualities of life as in bacteria, mitochondria, (organelles) fungi and human cells!
    These genomes from cellular nuclei and mitochondria are, in fact, the genetic patterns for mitosis (cellular and mitochondrial division and replication), for mitochondrial protein synthesis, for mitochondrial sugar use (glucose combustion or conversion through oxidation) and conversion into body energy through the medium of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and a myriad of other life processes.
    When Koch’s postulates shot down the bacterial explanation for disease, the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, with a vested interest in disease, as opposed to health, erected new scapegoats called viruses to be fought with drugs, thus selling their nefarious products. Just as readily as they shot down the germ theory, so too, do Koch’s postulates impale and discredit the viral theory of disease causation.
    No research or experiments have ever been reported where so-called viruses were tested according to the criteria of Koch’s postulates.
    Lifeless genomes do not and cannot invade cells as reported and photographed. What has been photographed are cells conducting eating processes called pinocytosis or phagocytosis wherein they absorb for recycling breakdown debris from disintegrated neighboring cells that have expired.
    Statements that so-called viruses, without any life qualities, or any ability to move or maneuver, attack cells, seize positions, inject themselves into a cell, command a cell, infect a cell, program a cell, wreak tremendous damage or in any manner perform any act or in any way cause any result are inherently absurd. The living organism always acts and causes results favorable to itself. Only pure chemical unions from chemicals (poisons) pose a serious threat. Dead materials are always acted upon! Only the living organism does the acting. The very statement that „viruses” attack when they do not have any faculties for movement, propulsion, assault or offensive action, and have no energy or capability for any activity at all and have no equipment for damaging anything at all, is sheer fiction.
    So-called viruses are in fact, genomic cellular debris, the cytomegalovirus having been the genomic nucleus from an expired cell. Most so-called viruses are the genomes from the several hundred up to 30,000 or more mitochondria inhabiting a cell, the population of the cell being determined by it’s specialization and function.

    By far the preponderance in number of so-called viruses have been genomes in the trillions upon trillions of mitochondria or organelles which comprised the living units of the hundreds of billions of cells which expire daily in the human body. Some so-called viruses are called cytomegaloviruses, meaning they are „big cell viruses.” In fact, these monstrous sized viruses, comparatively, are from the nucleus of a cell which is larger in itself than several thousand mitochondria combined. Other „viruses” may enter the portal blood from the intestines where bacteria die by the trillions each day! They too, have genomes.

    “Viruses” which are extraneous to the human body, are mostly from bacteria and fungi.
    “Viruses” by the trillions are consumed daily by human body cells that recycle the contents of body cells that die. By processes called pinocytosis and phagocytosis, cells in contact with food invaginate, form an impromptu stomach, secrete lysosomes as digestants and thusly break „viruses” and other materials down into amino acids, simple fatty acids and glucose for purposes of reuse. Minerals and vitamins associated therewith are also reused. The photographs of these processes always show action on behalf of the cell, never the so-called virus.
    It’s a lie that a dead bit of organic material, a genome called a virus, can „command” anything to reproduce it. It does not, in fact, get reproduced, but is recycled–it is only further reduced by cellular digestive processes into it’s basic nutrients. Should a genome be reproduced, it would ONLY be as part of an organism (a cell, bacterium, fungus, mitochondrion, or organelle, etc.) for which it is merely a genetic pattern. Such obligate reproduction by a cell of an alien genome as stated and implied by apologists and propagandists for the medical system, is contrary to all the principles of biology.
    “Viruses” do not incubate! Incubation is, in fact, the development of a fertilized ovum into a multi-cellular creature. No other processes can be called „incubation” without doing violence to the word and the language. Neither are viruses dormant, inasmuch as only living things estivate, hibernate or in any way suspend activities. Repeat: Genomes or „viruses” are dead cellular debris in the first place, and are incapable of any activities in the first place. Therefore, they cannot suspend activity, and cannot be said to be „dormant.”
    The statement that „viruses,” really genomic debris without limbs, flagella, teeth, mouths, and other faculties, can attack and disable a large and self-sufficient cell millions of times larger is irrational, illogical, ridiculous, and in fact, stupid.
    The word „virus” originally meant and still means merely a poison despite all the new definitions accommodating this 100-year old myth. The word virulent does not mean contagious, but merely poisonous.
    Cells naturally resist and, with their multitude of defensive faculties, speedily dispatch or destroy „attackers”, especially lifeless materials that are contrary to their interests.
    Upon cellular death, (several hundred billion cells die daily within the human body) sacs within each cell containing lysosomes rupture and disintegrate the cell into debris. That debris includes the remains of around 20 to 30 thousand mitochondria or organelles in most cells other than those of the blood. Because of their extraordinary protection by capsids, lysosomes do not disintegrate the integument of the genomes thoroughly, trillions of them daily remaining relatively intact through the process. These genomes do not, however, remain intact through the recycling process. They are digested and recycled by a very provident body.
    Physiologists teach that cells are disintegrated upon their death by their own lysosomes. What, pray tell, enables presumed „viruses” to survive the onslaught of powerful digestive enzymes, while mitochondrial genomes die? Especially as there is not and cannot be any differentiation between them, both being identical? How can chemicals discern the difference between its mitochondrial genomes and „alien viruses” presumably created by a cell through a fictional modus operandi which, if true, would STILL be composed of domestic materials created by the cell’s processes. There is an axiom/postulate that says that things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. In physiology this is equivalent to saying that the genomes of cells and mitochondria are the real so-called viruses.


    1. Thank you, Alex. You were stopped at the door here by a policy that requires all first-time comments to be moderated. Upon first approval, you should have no further issues. Sometimes comments are moderated for reasons I do not understand, so if that happens be patient. If I am not near a computer, it can take hours. Our friend Fauxlex can also free quarantined comments as well.


  23. Scope of this drill demonstrates to us, and the perps, progress toward simultaneous national and global coordination. National and global interdisciplinary agencies are training for bigger and better future “emergencies.”


    1. Nothing new here, Steve. The system of world governance is fait accomli, has been with us all of our lives and laying … not dormant, but rather just hidden. There was no Cold War, North Korea possesses no weapons, Iran is governed by the same forces that govern us. It is a system of herd management that appears to have grown less violent over time, though I gulp when I say that. It uses fear as its primary tool. I am more and more convinced, given the conference in New York, that this is a world-wide drill to test preparedness. Since our very wise commenters here are clear that Coronavirus presents no threat, why are they running this drill? Is it just to maintain a state of fear? Is there some menace that we are not aware of? I don’t know. I am just hoping baseball starts up again soon, as that was a real slap in the face.


      1. So right you are, Mark. Some say world governance has been with us for 8,000 years. No less comforting. Some of the “secrets” are not that difficult to expose. Here’s a little known major player directly connected to the recent drill.

        From Wikipedia:
        The National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI; formerly known as the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center) is a component of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The role of NCMI is described in DoD Instruction 6420.01.[1] Headquartered at Fort Detrick, Maryland, NCMI’s mission is to monitor, track and assess a full range of global health events that could negatively impact the health of U.S. military and civilian populations.[2]

        Good article on how DoD/DIA/NCMI plans fit into the current situation. https://www.mintpressnews.com/us-intelligence-unsettling-role-classified-9-11-like-coronavirus-response/265687/

        There are always (classified) plans. It is what agencies do, and redo, ad nauseam.


    2. Bigger and “better” than this, Steve?

      Now that is a terrifying thought. I’ve been thinking of ejecting from social media for a while now, and this event may just be the push I needed to do it.

      There are a few thinking, skeptical people out there, but they are the exception, and they are relentlessly pestered by the herd, pressuring them to “socially distance,” because if you don’t you’re “killing people.”

      I now have mom friends who normally pride themselves on being “free Americans,” basically saying, “Well, it looks like we will be following China and Italy soon so I stocked up at the store and ordered a bunch on board games on Amazon.”

      As if these healthy people have completely resigned themselves to happily giving up all freedoms and shutting down their lives indefinitely for a virus that neither they nor anyone they know actually has.

      I wonder how long this can go on. Obviously, people will put up with this nonsense for weeks. What about months?

      I feel like I’m trapped in an insane asylum. Trying to reach out to the few people out there who aren’t infected with the corona mania.

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      1. The irony of it all is that I’ve seen that mentality from many supposed “small government” conservatives and libertarians, who are suddenly clamoring for more government and more regulation for our own good of course, and from many in the so-called “alt” crowd, including the likes of people who for years now have been all Syria all the time and the injustice of the western world and so forth but suddenly swallow what the western world has to tell them about this “virus.” They’ve all managed to become more system than the system.


      2. It’s sad because the desire to conform is so deep in people that they will use any rationalization to support the herd mentality. No matter how absurd the situation is (and this one is), they can still quote that phony 3% fatality rate the media used to justify their support of the herd position. It’s remarkable, the extent to which humans are easy to manage. This is why I say that this event is proof positive we will never win. We will always be a fringe seen lunatic, even if the data actually supports our position and people are generally skeptical. They are still programmed to obey foremost and ignore people like us.


  24. https://www.globalresearch.ca/coronavirus-causes-effects-real-danger-agenda-id2020/5706153?fbclid=IwAR1a7gXZgno8j47uGSSizneVJEADn7yDdmKB1ZQjJIScwzeb9EgLZgsmSlM

    Today WHO declared the coronavirus COVID-19 a “pandemic” – when there is not the slightest trace of a pandemic.

    The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


  25. It’s amazing how many partially awake people resist waking all the way up.

    EVERYONE thinks that politicians and news media sometimes lie and spin.

    MOST people think politicians and news media lied us into the Iraq War.

    MANY people think politicians and news media lied about 9/11.

    But FEW people are willing to even CONSIDER the fact that politicians and news media might not be telling the truth about “Novel Coronavirus 2019”

    This is illogical, and suggests that: a) fear cripples logic; b) many people foolishly revere the medical establishment; and c) many people buy in to two logical fallacies:
    i) “they would never lie about something like THIS;”
    ii) “too many people would have to be in on it.”

    The correct logic is: It is foolish to trust known liars.

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  26. “Too many people would have to be in on it”. How can all these doctors nurses health care workers around the world be in on it? Thoughts?

    Not according to Weisbecker


  27. “The story of a deadly new virus MUST be true since there are too many people involved to keep it a secret.”

    Why is this logic faulty? Here are some reasons:

    1) Most of the people “involved” aren’t involved in the SECRET part of it. Health care workers treat symptoms, they don’t evaluate the veracity of new virus discovery claims. Politicians make speeches, they don’t evaluate the veracity of new virus discovery claims. Journalists incite panic, they don’t evaluate the veracity of new virus discovery claims.

    2) People CAN keep secrets, it’s quite easy. Especially in hierarchical, tribal, or secretive organizations like Intelligence Agencies, Secret Societies, Blood Relatives, Military Groups, Globalist Planning Groups, etc. The Manhattan Project stayed secret.

    2b) People also know when not to ask too many questions. Mayors get the message when all the governors start saying the same thing. Doctors get the message when all the “public health authorities” start saying the same thing. So even when the hierarchy issues no orders, the rank and file does what’s expected. They don’t even HAVE secrets to keep, they’re just uncurious at the right times.

    3) Whistleblowers never get any airtime. Most secrets DON’T stay completely secret, but the mainstream narrative isn’t affected by a few dissenters.

    4) As Miles Mathis says, most people are liars and pussies. They are easily scared, easily bribed, and often enjoy lying. Most of us don’t want to admit how common lying is. But it is common. It would be VERY easy to keep the vast majority of health care workers on the reservation. Indeed, they are already there. 95% of them have NO interest in the healing benefits of good sleep, nutrition, vitamin C, mindfulness, etc., but SWEAR by toxic chemotherapy. Some are true believers, others suppress their doubts, but all are influenced by their own career, financial, and social incentives.

    5) And regular people are gullible, conventional, conformist. When the news tells them there’s a new virus, they not only believe it, they start amplifying it! And a chorus rose up, a billion strong, singing the praises of hand-washing and social distancing!

    6) And even WE truth-seeking types are liars and pussies. Most of us on here know that the “novel coronavirus” scare is a psyop. But most of us are willing to play along with our friends and neighbors, nodding sagely about “transmission rates” and Purell shortages, just because we want the conversation to go smoothly. We COULD tell them what we really think, but we often DON’T. Just to avoid awkwardness. Imagine how much MORE dishonest people are when their careers are on the line!

    7) Everyone realizes that something very very weird is happening. But everyone is pretending it’s “the discovery of a brand new virus which has caused the first large deadly global pandemic in more than 100 years.” When in fact it’s just a scary plotline on the soap opera of cable TV news combined with weird political and financial machinations. But if you were a doctor, or a researcher, or a mayor, or a teacher, would YOU go on TV and point out that we haven’t seen sufficient proof of a deadly new virus infecting and killing the world? No. No you wouldn’t. Neither would most people.

    We’re ALL “in on it.”


    1. Well said. What we’re seeing is something years in the works, and even if a handful could see it coming, how could they stem the tide?

      What’s most important now is figuring out where it’s going and how to navigate the sea change that’s happening.

      My best guess at present is a planned drop in standard of living for most of the western world. Similar to the destruction of Asian economies several years back, wiping out their savings so they will keep gluing the Air Jordan’s together.

      With the mass immigration and aging of the European stock, it would happen eventually on its own, but maybe the managers saw an opportunity to shortcut the timeline.

      Perhaps this is a tiered rollout, a test to see how far they can push things before pulling back and consolidating before marching on. If it keeps going this easily maybe they go for the full “win.”

      Why maintain all these expensive frills for the tattooed, brain dead mongrelized mass of dregs they see coming down the line, product of their own making? (Trying to see it from their perspective, not mine)

      Clint Richardson has nailed the philosophical underpinnings of this, we’re on such an artificial house of cards or Tower of Babel that it’s bound to fall. Maybe there is no master guiding hand, just a beehive of Rex Motrems (if I can make an obscure “Brideshead Revisited” reference) following the logic of this monstrosity of mammon.

      We’ll have to keep our wits and bearings about us in the rubble to come.

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      1. I like your comment, a lot, Facebook talk, that is. What I find disagreeable is the Armageddon attitude, that this event is the big event going forward. It is just an adjustment, something that happens when businesses (including the Post Office) find that they are at the bottom rung in terms of hiring … they are down to the pot and meth heads. I suppose I should have seen this coming … our mail service (we are rural) has been spotty. I called our post office, and I was polite and respectful, and the gal answering said that they cannot find good help. Others in our area were more vocal, and so there was a public meeting, which I did not attend. The PO rep said bluntly that if they could hire 20 good people, they would. (There are several rural Post Offices in our area).

        When we come close to full employment, low-end businesses cannot find good help. We then endure some sort of crisis, an adjustment, and enough people are thrown out of work that the market again functions. I cannot imagine the number of workers out of work now. I went to an ATM on our recent ski trip, and the person ahead of me had left the receipt. He/she had withdrawn $80, and had $22 left in the account. It made me so sad, to be so broke. I have been there. I was young once, and now am sitting pretty, but have not forgotten what it was like to have $22 in an account. My problems, compared to that, are miniscule.


        1. The length they drag this out will be the big tell. I hope you’re right that it’s just a bit of a forced market correction but I feel like there’s more to it.

          Not sure what would be worse – that this is a “legitimate” panic caused by too many snowflakes in positions of influence or that it’s been engineered by the “hidden hand.” At best it seems like every 6 months everyone will be on pins and needles waiting for the next big shutdown.


          1. This is what it feels like to me, as well.

            With the mass shooting program seemingly on hold or expired, it’s starting to look like the new psy-op is we are being conditioned to fear social gatherings because of all the scary germs and pandemics.

            I hope I’m just needlessly worrying, but my fear is this may eventually lead to a mandatory vaccine in order to do things like fly on an airplane or attend a concert.

            Also, a nightmare scenario in my opinion, is that these regular prolonged shutdowns and house arrests are going to be ‘’needed’’ at regular intervals now, every few months or years or so to keep some ‘’virus’’ from spreading.

            It feels like they are getting away with this so easily. So few people questioning all of these ridiculous rules and orders, even with so many jobs on the line.


            1. Almost everyone, save one or two, that I have spoken with is, on some level, in your state of awareness. It is very close to the surface. When I say I had a cold in January that took three weeks to shake, they either had it themselves of knew someone who did. I say “I already had Covid-19” and there is either puzzlement (cognitive dissonance) or silence, but not the usual anger we get. It is interesting, an awareness that is submerged.


              1. Mark,

                That’s encouraging to hear.

                I’m either one of the youngest Gen-Xers or the oldest millennials, depending on the cut-off dates I’ve seen, and most of the 30 and 40-something moms I know are scared shitless. Scared of “germs,” and believe letting their kids out in public will somehow kill old people.

                Now they should be scared of what’s going to happen to their and/or their husband’s jobs, but right now it’s just sheer panic over what we are told will be millions of people dying due to a lack of ventilators.

                I realized the thing that really got all the middle-aged moms to fall in line was the picture of the “curve.” That’s all it took.

                They will do whatever the controllers tell them to do if it will “flatten the curve.”


    2. Charlie Marr: Related to Johnny Marr? I bet so. Mathisean genealogy relates you instantly to anybody past of present (and anywhere) having the same last name or same-ish lastname, just one letter or two changed/removed… Anyway, I have a question for you: who are you quoting at the start of your comment? “The story of a deadly new virus MUST be true since there are too many people involved to keep it a secret.”


      1. “past or present” sorry for the typo. I am asking who said/wrote that since that quote should come out of someone described in your point 5).. a “normie” using JLB lingo. Either comes from a normie or an agent.


  28. Thank you for posting this blog, and you are right we don’t know what we will get sick from.But, have you ever thought about the question” How do we know that our suffering is not punishment from God”?


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