De-linking from total immersion news

There is no news. It is important to grasp this aspect of the Covid-2020 hoax. I’ve called it, in the past, TIC, or total information control. I now search for something catchy and clever to embrace what we have seen with this the turn of the calendar … total immersion is neither, but will have to do. All those pretty and annoying teleprompter readers are incessant, and all speak the same message no matter where we turn, local, national or international.

It’s impressive. Government agencies are on board, as are UN agencies, local hospitals and police, and the corporate sphere. If this is not 1984, then it is very much like that except they have not bashed our mouths in. They have only bashed our minds, a display of raw power and propaganda I’ve not experienced since being subjected to air raid drills in grade school.

It is important to understand that is is merely a de-cloaking going on. The power we see has always been there. This campaign has an overarching objective, but I am not inside so don’t know. Is it intimidation of opposition? Are we being shown how little we matter? Is it mass inoculation? Is it merely to give a booster shot to re-up the ante on the fear that came out of 911? I do not know. Maybe one or all or something else. I do know, having participated in those air raid drills, that we are governed by fear. Thus has it always been. (I’ve not read or heard about any fake mass shootings during this “live exercise,” as Secretary of State Pompeo called it. Perhaps that would be ‘off-message.’)

This much is certain: At the center of this hoax is the vaccination regime. I’ve read quite a bit about it, even written about Jenny McCartney as Controlled Opposition. I never gave it much sway, thinking it only to be a PhRMA profit center. Maarten took me to a website,, that is (he advised) religious in orientation but useful. I do not mind the religious world view, and so easily read through those passages. What I found was a 23-page paper called Vaccines Are The Perfect Vector for Mass Infection. Read and judge for yourself, but throughout is repeated the following:

One in Six

“Recent estimates in the United States show that about one in six,or about 17%, of children aged 3 through 17 years have one or more developmental disabilities.Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning,language, or behavior areas. These conditions begin during the developmental period, may impact day-to-day functioning, and usually last throughout a person’s lifetime.”– CDC official website, 2019

On page 14 of this paper is the following graph:


Are they using the vaccination regime to destroy minds? That appears to have been the intent when they were pushing LSD back in the 60s and 70s, an outright assault on the human brain.

Again, read and judge for yourself. I am no guru.

So all news is corrupt, and there is no safe outlet that allows us to just turn off our minds and absorb, as the general public does. At the local level where the players are small, there is little monkey business. They merely select stupid people to run the small news outlets, and discipline any that run astray.

There is nowhere to turn for real news. It is all orchestrated from a common source, with each outlet designed to reach a different audience with the same message. The only real alternative is to turn it all off, but then what? How do we stay abreast? We have to turn on our brains.

For instance, I knew instantly that  Covid-2020 was a hoax. Why? Because I don’t watch news. That’s how I stay somewhat informed. Everything reaches us by one means or another. We can be fooled, so it is important to backtrack and jettison the ego when we make mistakes. Once knowing a hoax was in progress, it became a simple matter of seeking information, and evaluating that information using my own resources. Others do the same, and we form a small interdependent community.

Many comments have gone in and out the back door here. I have been called a censor when I do that, but a small and privately owned blog does not censor. It moderates. Much of what you don’t see is misdirection or disinfo, in my judgement. Some of it might come from hired agents, but more likely it is from people who simply cannot tread water in our total immersion environment. They grab on to this or that item of idiocy.

And if you’ve read this far, you are among us, smart and sane people trying to stay on top of things while living in Zombieland. Your job is to bring it all together here and in the other places doing the same kind of work. But please understand the nature of blogs. People are moving about on a daily drive by. If you think dropping a link is useful, think again. No one will take time to follow it, as they are on their way somewhere else. By dropping a link, you are usually asking for a half-hour of their time, and you will not get it. Instead of dropping the link, write. Please. Catch the eye with words, not links. Most importantly, try to be short and concise.

Do as I say, not as I do.

37 thoughts on “De-linking from total immersion news

  1. Great post Mark.
    You know what? I don’t believe in viruses and therefore I don’t believe in bioengineering labs around the world.
    As you’ve said and reiterated over the years, it’s all based on fear. That’s how those people keep us in slavery. Fear is the most powerful bioweapon, as it breaks our mind and spirit and ultimately our body.
    And even if there was a possibility to reproduce lethal viruses (an oxymoron, as a virus wouldn’t harm its hosting cell, the only thing that allows it to live and reproduce) where are they? Is this bullshit bug the best they could do? With less dead people than a normal flu?

    I’ve heard this talking of a reduction of the world population almost all my life but there you go, we’re still here talking about that.
    So when are they gonna kill us all with a nasty bug so that we shrink to 500 million people?
    Why do I smell shit all the way?

    Because it’s all a lie, that’s why.
    But as Goebbels used to say “if you repeat a lie 100 times it becomes the truth”.

    Understanding that I live in a Matrix has literally saved my life. From useless shit from toxic people, from dangerous illusions, from false promises. It gave me the strength to rely on my gut feelings and do and live as I please.

    I chose to live far from the chaotic world 10 years ago, when I moved on to this beautiful island, so this quarantine hasn’t broken me in the least. On the contrary, I’m more lucid than ever. And determined in my own convictions.
    Oh, and they’ll have to shoot me to be able to..give me a shot.


    1. What am I going to do, Anna, if in September when we are scheduled to fly to Italy, that I must have a vaccination certificate to board a plane? I’ll grin and bear it and hope it does not make me sick.


      1. Are you serious, Mark?

        I’d stop travelling altogether. I already did, actually, because of vaccine obligation to enter certain countries.


        1. Anna,

          I must agree. No vaccines. Blood is protected by all of our internal systems. Interesting tidbit, blood ph (7.35 – 7.45) takes precedent over other parts of the body when neglected and the chips are down. It’s unwise, often deadly, to fuck with Mother Nature.


  2. Full disclosure:
    The website that I put Mark on to is full of interesting takes on a variety of topics. It is a little MM-like, in that it is hard to believe that one person could have the time and insight to produce so much material on his own. Also, he purports to be an Irishman living in Ireland, but his English is pretty American. And he has a detailed knowledge of American politics and news, more than one could expect from a European. His papers date back to 2009, the time when MM first seems to have become active on the Internet as an alt-truth analyst. Parallel team projects, possibly?

    He (Jeremy James) writes as a fervent Young- and Flat-Earther as well as a fundamentalist Evangelical. Normally around these parts, we view FE bloggers as agents on someone’s payroll. That casts a shadow of suspicion on some of his other analyses that I want to like.

    He also attacks the transgender agenda, and he sees transsexuals all around us in the realms of politics, sports, and entertainment. We don’t touch that subject here at POM. (But, between you and me, I find some of his work on this subject altogether cogent.) Likewise, his presentations on occult symbolism and pedophilia tropes in modern culture are compelling, I think.

    That being said, there is a lot to take in over there. Enjoy.


    1. Jeremy James?
      Hmmmm. Smells fishy, as you guys say.

      I lived 6 years in Dublin, used to hang out with many Irish people for work and leisure, never met or heard of anyone called Jeremy.
      It’s an unusual name for an Irish guy I have to say. Most people in Ireland bear Celtic names to this day, they’re very proud of their origins and very few bear names taken from the Bible (Mark, Joseph, Thomas, John, Mary etc).
      Sounds more american or British to me than Irish, but I’ll check it out anyway.

      So here we have a Texan guy residing in Taos who writes like a Brit and a supposed Irish guy who sounds totally american.
      Cool! Could all this be any more thrilling? 😄


      1. ‘Most popular boys’ names in 1965 –
        Nigel ‘

        Mary is top of the heap for girl’s name.

        Source —


        1. So, no Jeremy in sight.
          Only Jeremiah which again, never heard while in Dublin.
          The name Ian is spelled Iain or Eoin in Ireland. Ian is the british version.

          The guy’s definitely not Irish.


          1. Ireland, as I recall, is a haven for writers and artists … found it – a 1969 law that exempts writers, painters, playwrights, sculptors and composers of any nationality from paying income tax as long as they are “resident within the State” of Ireland.


    2. One more observation about the site. The author seems unaware of the work of any other researchers, and in particular, the MMC, with whom he would have many affinities. Is this really possible in the era of the Internet?

      This marks so many of the truther sites out there … not showing cognizance of the others. (Or, like MM, stating outright that “he” does not look at the research of others … when in fact “he” poaches freely from them without due credit.)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s VERY like mm. Oddly. But I like some of the HIV papers. It’s mind bending the level to which the average person put there swallows all the mass media propaganda wholesale.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Mark, you will recall that early on in my time here at POM, I noticed the intentional doubling of letters by suspect commentators. After that was pointed out, it stopped here at POM. But I still notice it out there in the trutherverse. So, yes, the double J initials raise the eyebrow a millimeter higher.


            1. Maarten, yeah I’ve noticed that myself but can’t get my head around it. What are the double letters supposed to mean?
              The only thing that comes to mind is the two masonic pillars within their temples, think of Twin Towers, TT.
              Is that it?


    3. Read much from zephaniah. What stands out is his focus on homosexuality.
      Once I shot him an e-mail on the obelisk paper, and got a kind reply. At least this guy can be reached, MM not.
      He rejects anything off scripture, like the book of Enoch, spooks usually embrace it…


  3. Total information control links back to my critique of that one silly paper claiming all conspiracies are doomed to collapse. What nonsense! Even if by some miracle we were able to show with certainty that this panic were fake/manufactured, we would not be able to take down the monstrous machine (mm) that exists above us. There is at the top a grotesque behemoth that cannot be killed simply by providing the truth.


  4. Today’s Mathis paper is so good in how it effortlessly undermines our analysis. Sadly, we have just taught them how to be better.


    1. It’s more of the same cult-leaderish “I see through them therefore they are failing/don’t know what they’re doing/are at war with each other and I’m so much smarter than they are” nonsense he’s been spouting for a long time. I no longer trust the judgment or intentions of anyone in our little community who pretends that TPTB don’t know exactly what they’re doing. The fact that MM takes Trump’s hoax comments about Coronavirus at face value is laughable.

      Gotta say, though, I’m feeling good about my prediction that he’s preparing to exit the scene in the next year or two. He starts the paper by soliciting donations and ends it by telling us about nefarious forces that are fucking with him. He’s following the structure of Dave McGowan’s final act–just changing the details. McGowan foreshadowed his demise with photos of mysterious SUVs parked outside his house. Mathis has nefarious forces trying to make him think he’s crazy. It’s entertaining, at least.

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      1. Right? The part about traveling for a new location and his being screwed with. Wait, seriously…someone forged a rent check? Yeah, OK.


        1. He turns down $3,000 in ad revenue per month. He’s being gaslighted by spooks.

          Santa Catarina, here he comes?

          (Advertisers, in my experience, on the Internet pay only for clicks, and that but maybe a dime or fifteen cents, though it may vary by demographics. No one would take a chance on a website based on pure exposure, as we are all adept at avoiding ads. Advertisers want results, and do not just hope for them. So let’s do some math: folks of our makeup are rare commodities, so his traffic, even worldwide, is not going to be really high. But let’s give him credit, say he does four times our traffic, which is high lately, so give him 10,000 hits a day. Of those ten thousand, how many will click on an ad? Admittedly I don’t know, so let’s be generous. Let’s say, to keep the math simple, 10%. So now we have 1,000 people per day clicking on an ad, at, say, 10 cents per click. That will yield him the $3,000 per month in ad revenue.

          Maybe it can happen. That is how it would work. I think in the real world, 10% is more like 1%, and $3,000 is more like $300. That’s what I think an offbeat political site with limited revenue could generate, at best. To make money on the Internet you really have to generate very high numbers in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of followers and clicks. I just don’t see it.)


      2. Latest paper very lazily written not so much in length, but rather depth. He suggests that world “leaders” have actual power which is a contrast from the overall ideology he proposes.


  5. Anyone seen the movie “Inferno” (2016) starring, who else, Tom Hanks? Scary virus almost gets loose, but the hero agency, who else, WHO takes it to safety. Looks like loads of symbolism and a creepy prelude to the “modeled” 65 million deaths predicted in the 2019 “Event 201” simulation. I haven’t watched it. Poor reviews.

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        1. One thing to take to the bank from the latest Mathis piece … indifference. This is what I see here with one added feature … I do not see police, anywhere. Here in Jefferson County, home of Columbine, the middle of spook and military presence, they are a big deal. Right mow, they are, it appears to me, invisible. With so many people just ignoring the stay at home command, maybe they don’t want to be seen to be ignoring an unenforceable order.


    1. For those with doubts about Dylan, I recommend this video clip. He says clearly that he made a “bargain” with “The Chief Commander.” “…in this earth and in the world we can’t see…”

      And I don’t think he’s referring to Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen.


      1. Years ago I read somewhere that Leonard Cohen wrote most of Dylan’s songs, and I can believe that no problem.
        Now the guy’s dead the only thing Zimmerman could come up with is this 17 minute (!!) long crap.

        Time to go, Robert.


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