I’m in!

We have not been harmed by Coronahoax. As retired people we stay at home mostly anyway, though I’ve been deliberately going out on unnecessary trips just as a matter of principle (yesterday: Green Giant frozen corn). We’ve lost money on investments, but I knew people who were devastated in 2008, and so will not complain. We all take it in the shorts at times, and we are very fortunate to have investments that we do not have to rely on for monthly income. So yes, we count our blessings daily.

Then I learn, just today (I really do not pay attention to news), that the government is going to be placing $2,400 in our account soon.

And I think … yeah, Coronahoax. It’s real. I’m stimulated! I’m in!

5 thoughts on “I’m in!

    1. I’m sure that is true, and not sure. In 2008 we all up north dealt with a blogger who retired from a high-powered Wall Street job and moved to Missoula, Montana, simpler life and all of that. He was short-tempered and sure he was right about everything, and really sure that the stimulus package back then, which did not go to ordinary people, would generate hyperinflation. He was wrong. It did not. I think he quit blogging before that, but the point is that he is very smart, understood Randian economics, the Austrian School, and was just wrong. About everything. Our economy took off again. We are people, we generate wealth. We cannot help ourselves.

      What this means is that the mechanisms by which our economic life is managed are not what was preached by Rand and Friedman and all the icons of the right wing, that it is not a simple matter of currency and low taxes. It is a vast operation that measures people and ingenuity and buying power and sees when things heat up and too many people are doing too well, and calls a halt. In 2008 they used housing, probably as fake as Coronavirus, though I have personally witnessed excesses. We are managed … too much wealth among ordinary people scares them. People around here could not get reliable mail delivery … full employment meant that only potheads were applying for jobs. Now the Post Office can pick and choose. We are getting back to normal, very able people working below their ability. I do not think this is accidental. It is how we are managed.


      1. Yes of course.

        My comment above (however) was meant two fold. First; that any stimulus check we may receive will probably have to be added as taxable income during a future tax season – and second; we all die – in the end.
        I won’t rush it, but I know it’s coming.
        Don’t Fear The Reaper

        Don’t Panic!
        So Long And Thanks For All The Fish


  1. Can I post this here? It was a fb post, but then I worried it might be too “ranty” and provoke tense exchanges, so I took it down. It’s an attempt to share some of my annoyances about this thing with a general audience—

    “Here is a tip for small businesses for how you can stay open during this “scare” (if you want to not be wiped out and lay off all your employees). And really I should be charging for this because it’s a pretty big tip. (You can send money if you want, pm me for PayPal info.) Okay here it is, here is the tip: just include a small grocery section on one side of your store. See? Just like Walmart does. That way, they get to keep all their other depts open— even though, as individual stores, those things would be shut down!! It’s really brilliant. “No, look, we have groceries. Pay no attention to those shoppers over there…”

    So many inconsistencies to this thing. Lowes is hopping with people doing home improvement projects now that they’re home from work. Great, but then why did we have to cancel all events? If there’s some super contagious virus, it can just hang out at Lowes I guess. And all the other big box stores that are still booming.

    And I’m not complaining! I need that stuff too. But we’re selectively, inconsistently, picking winners and losers. And most of the losers just happen to be mom and pops and small businesses, and their millions of employees, that may never come back from this.

    Some people will probably say, right! We need to be more hardcore on everybody! Which, I guess, we should be consistent at least. I would prefer letting businesses open, and just bombard people with dystopian, creepy buzz words. At least that’s just jedi mind tricks that people can disregard or not as they choose. But selectively forcing certain sectors to close… Like events and event entertainment, for example, which is really no more “virusy” than mingling with the unwashed at Lowes… Makes no sense, unless there are economic warfare agendas in play, and it’s not purely disinterested science guiding policy.


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