Who will save us from those who want to save us?

Have you ever known someone so arrogant, dismissive and smug as to be intolerable company? We all have. I could name two here but it would be a cheap shot, and each would say they never come near this website, even as one is known to do so. (The link there is, I suppose, a cheap shot. This guy is intolerable.) The other, long retired from a high perch in Montana broadcasting, is not Mathis. Don’t go there.

The reason I bring this up is that the attitude, the mask they wear for the world, hides deep insecurity. These people are extremely unsure of themselves, and so use dismissive arrogance as a defense mechanism. Their group of friends usually consists of admirers, and in the case of the one I am thinking of who is also a Montana blogger, a fellow writer so deeply stupid as to be immune from any criticism. He’s textbook Dunning-Krueger, beyond reach. That is the kind of support they bring, and detractors there are quickly banned or dismissed.

This subject, hardly worth the bother, came to mind yesterday as I was reviewing the 102 pieces of Evidence the Covid-19 Epidemic is False.  Item 51 is an open letter from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi to Chancellor Angela Merkel. My link is to the printed version, but the video, German with subtitles, is calm, dispassionate and well-reasoned. In it, late in the presentation, Bhakdi suggests that his case is made stronger by the fact that Stanford Professor John C. Ioannidis also supports his claims. Of course, I’ve never heard of Ioannidis, but a name like that will trigger a memory if I run across it again, and I did in item 64 of the list.

There Ioannidis criticizes the “harms of exaggerated information and non-evidence measures” of the Covid campaign. The link is to a five-page paper published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation, non-downloadable and non-printable unless some sleuthy criminal, not me of course, were to merely screen-cap it. In the opening paragraph, Ioannidis says

Based on Altmetric scores, the most discussed and most visible scientific paper across all 20+ million papers published in the last 8 years across all science is a preprint claiming that the new coronavirus’ spike protein bears “uncanny similarity” with HIV‐1 proteins.2 The Altmetric score of this work has reached an astronomical level of 13,725 points as of 5 March 2020. The paper was rapidly criticized as highly flawed, and the authors withdrew it within days. Regardless, major harm was already done. The preprint-fuelled conspiracy theories of scientists manufacturing dangerous viruses and offered ammunition to vaccine deniers. Refutation will probably not stop dispersion of weird inferences.

And there is is – smug condescension and arrogance contained in the words “vaccine deniers” making “weird inferences.” The Climate Change alarmism crowd also uses this tactic, which restated is simply as follows:

We nailed it and will not entertain anyone who disagrees with us. We are so sure, we are so good, that we no longer have to endure criticism.”

That tells me they are selling snake oil. Otherwise, calm and mutually respectful discussion and analysis would be allowed. The business of science is to state an hypothesis and then attempt to disprove it. Hardly any in the field of climate or virology adhere to the scientific method, making them pseudoscientists, and with vaccines, dangerous quacks.

Ioannidis knows on some deep level that he is dealing in false science, but also that his livelihood and position at Stanford are threatened if he comes clean. So he erects a castle complete with moats and fortification, including barrels of hot oil he pours over the side at any who attempt to attack him.

He’s a charlatan. That one word tells me as much.

I’ve been on the fence regarding the nature of viruses, but I certainly avoid any and all vaccinations, as a healthy immune system does not need them. I regard them as an insult to both my body and intelligence. That we are all going to have to endure a vaccination in order to travel somewhat freely (we will never again enjoy the level of freedom we had before this hoax) is a concern. I fear no virus, but I do fear the concoction that President Gates and the monsters behind his pretty face are brewing up. They are now sitting around a cauldron, chanting as they stir,

“Covid 19 is our brew, fascism is our stew.”

Who will save us from those who want to save us?

15 thoughts on “Who will save us from those who want to save us?

  1. I don’t wish to sound mystical, I’m an engineer by trade, but I come to you after a journey that is too bizarre to explain. But I will say, it began for me while I was in a coma, after suffering a brain haemorrhage. Yeah, I can’t figure it out either.
    My 9/11 story, has materialised because my brain is now wired quite differently. I believed the official story at first, Loose Change opened my eyes. But in recent years, with my “new” brain, I see things quite differently now.
    Using what I feel, is now an enhanced logic centre, I can see, quite clearly, that it was “a magic trick”.
    I’ve made what I hope is fairly professional looking documentary. I’d love it if you could review this. It’s just under an hour long. I think it proves, that 9/11, was a huge fraud. As bizarre as this might sound, a hoax.

    Yours Sincerely
    A friend.


  2. One of the things that has been the most eye-opening for me in all of this is realizing how many people truly and honestly believe that the government is looking out for their best interests. They believe everything that our government officials say. They believe that the government cares about their health and finances. I just took it somewhat for granted that NO ONE truly thought that way.

    As for Ioannidis, he has written quite a bit of good stuff regarding the pandemic as far as I am concerned. You correctly point out that being at Stanford, he’s in a tough spot. Here is something he wrote a month ago and was a voice of reason then (and especially now): https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/17/a-fiasco-in-the-making-as-the-coronavirus-pandemic-takes-hold-we-are-making-decisions-without-reliable-data/


    1. I am a\in agreement that he has taken a principled stand regarding action without evidence, part and parcel in a manufactured hoax. But he is also a vaxxer, like Gates, and so needs to be kept apart and watched closely.


    2. I know what you mean. We need to have some kind of PSA: “People of the world- Santa Claus does NOT exist. You are adults now. You will have to watch your own asses. Sorry, not sorry.”


  3. The protectors I loathe are the regular people, joes and janes craft brew, who gladly give up their own rights, but then yell and cuss at anyone else who isn’t so inclined. All the little fascist enablers, who are indeed smug, and self-righteous, and are only too happy to lend their voice in support of tyranny. These are the people who were first on board with all the worst dictators and regimes of history (whatever the full truth of those stories.)


  4. “One of the things that has been the most eye-opening for me in all of this is realizing how many people truly and honestly believe that the government is looking out for their best interests.”

    It’s truly amazing. It reminds me of this quote from Nietzsche: “A state, is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.”

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  5. And as you point out, Lofcaudio, “they believe everything that our government officials say.”

    This too is truly amazing.

    Basic logic says is foolish to trust known liars.

    Amazingly, most normies KNOW that government officials lie about many things.

    But they tell themselves “SURELY the government would never lie about THIS!”


  6. The big lie from the State, “I, the State, am the people.”

    It’s incredible to watch people illogically accept this preposterous lie.

    The State says, “Get fired, stay home, wear masks, talk to no-one.”

    And the compliant, abused people pat themselves on the back, proudly proclaiming, “‘We’ are coming together to fight this virus.”


  7. Final comment. People are even WORSE than cattle in this situation, because they are eagerly AMPLIFYING the propaganda directed against them, eagerly participating in the psyop, eagerly virtue-signalling their compliance with social distancing orders. It reminds me of this great quote:

    “Self-destructive propaganda is a weapon made precisely for use against the moderately intelligent.  High IQs either create it or dismiss it, while dullards haven’t the imagination to be moved by it.  But find an eager bloat of semi-bright suburbanites….and they are doomed.”

    Look around us at all the people spouting statistics, opining on case growth, death rates, curve-flattening, etc. etc. No-one is sick, but everyone is an expert on the sickness they heard about in the news.

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  8. Speaking of cattle. they installed ‘cattle shoots’ at the entrance & exit door ways at Wal-Mart here. And look up at the skylights at Wally World. They are bared on the inside. Unreal surveillance systems in each and every store. Rumored to be tied into Uncle Scams data bank via facial recognition. Processing Centers. Planned long ago.


    1. For the life of me I don’t know why they would be surveilling us. The American people, as seen by their compliance with the Coronavirus regime, present no problem.

      This is not new … FDR is said to have said that a politician would never go broke betting on the gullibility of the American public.


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