An open letter to Senator Tammy Story and Representative Lisa Cutter

Dear Readers:

I suggest that if you do this with your own representatives, you do so by certified mail and return receipt, and not electronically. I am of the opinion that emails to representatives, so easy to write and send, are also so voluminous on the receiving end that they are ignored. I am addressing this to Story and Cutter, as they are on the lowest rung of government above cities and counties. I don’t see much power below these two.

April 15, 2020

State Senator Tammy Story
State Representative Lisa Cutter
Colorado General Assembly
200 E Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Honorable Assembly Members:

My name is Mark Tokarski, and I am a citizen of the United States and of Colorado. I address the following matters to you by means of certified mail, as I sense that electronic communications with your offices go unnoticed, unread, often not even generating automatic electronic replies. Such is the state of representative government that modern communication has rendered the voice of the public mute.

Petition to the Government for Redress of Grievances

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution does not confer, but rather recognizes the existence of certain inalienable rights, among them the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Inherent is that government cannot simply ignore a citizen exercising that right, otherwise it is nullified, and the words of the First Amendment are a farce. I therefore assert that you as an elected representative must not only read and heed my words, but weigh their importance, and if in agreement must take action to address the grievance.

The First Amendment contains another clause, the right of free assembly. Actions of the state have prohibited public gatherings, sporting events, even church attendance. The justification, that an “emergency” exists is as old as totalitarianism itself, that those who seize power are really protecting us. To gin up this emergency, they have invoked the existence of a dangerous virus. We now see public pronouncements by unelected officials, such as Bill and Melinda Gates, whose credibility must be suspect as neither has studied medicine or stood for election. Their opinions should not matter. Why are they given a high perch?

“Stay-at-home” orders have been issued, though not mandatory or even enforceable without military force. “Quarantines,” backed by force of fines and imprisonment, are a much more serious offense against the public. People wearing masks are a common sight, and distancing at six feet, a comical sight were it not backed by medical quackery, is common as well. Fear is omnipresent, stoked by a dishonest news media feeding the public talk of overflowing hospitals and semi-trucks holding corpses. Such tales are fantastical, as people who have made trips to clinics and hospitals find them infested only with crickets. Members of the news media, bland and mindless teleprompter readers, are hardly a fourth estate, but rather agents of the hoaxers.

A coronavirus, an agent commonly found in our bodies when we have had some sort of respiratory infection (such as exposure, for instance, to nitrogen dioxide, a common part of the trail left behind by passenger jets) is an unimaginably small agent, not alive, not able even to exist except in a cell. It is 120 nanometers, that is, 120 billionths of a meter. 125,000,000 of them would fit on the head of a pin. If present in our bodies we are always both exhaling and inhaling them, and they are not harming us. The idea that we would be worried about them is base fear-mongering, the idea that we should wear masks high comedy, as no piece of fabric of any kind can stop the movement of something so small. That Governor Polis urges (the threat of mandate surely on his dictatorial mind) that we wear masks and stay six feet apart is an insult on the intelligence of the public. Such insults, sadly and due to the power of TV, are working. Governor Polis either knows this and is a dangerous man to have in office or is a man of low intelligence, in either case unfit for office.

Medical spokespersons are now spreading the idea that the Covid-19 virus is both new and monstrous, having a size of .0005 mm (millimeters, not nanometers). This would make it 4,167 times larger than an ordinary coronavirus. This is a lie. It is being told to justify face masks. They stop at nothing and are encumbered by no sense of morality.

We’ve been overrun now with a deliberate fear campaign that has crashed our economy, put millions out of work, and prevented us from enjoy basic constitutional freedoms such as attendance at church and baseball games. Given that unelected agents are dictating the terms for restoration of our freedoms, even threatening mandatory mass inoculation (itself a danger to public health), I think it a fair observation that we have undergone coup d’etat, and that fascism has taken hold. We will never be the same.

As always, the only cure is courage to stand tall the face of danger and resist. You as a public official are on call right now. We need a show of courage, the moral kind, even as those who have insulted us with this hoax surely have martial law in their back pocket. We need you to stand up for us. We need for you to make a call to order, to call out a hoax, and be part of a movement to restore representative government.

My question is this: Do you have it in you? Do you?

Mark Tokarski

50 thoughts on “An open letter to Senator Tammy Story and Representative Lisa Cutter

  1. There is a contradiction of sorts in the letter. You may want to adjust the wording a little.

    You say that Bill and Melinda Gates have not studied medicine, and thus their opinions should not matter.

    However, you have not studied medicine either, so you need to make the case as to why your opinions on medical issues should matter.


    1. I think the point is more that in a representative democracy, Mark Tokarski’s opinion should be equally weighted with Bill Gates’s opinion.

      Let’s be real, they’re not going to take action based on our conclusions. But it’s good to take an unequivocal stance so that they can’t hide behind the idea that we all consent to this.


      1. That’s right … my point is that the Gates are neither doctors nor elected public officials and therefore should have no role in making public policy. As a citizen, I am entitled to express my opinions to elected official with only the weight of my words carrying any import.


        1. Should not we all have a role in making public policy?

          Should not the Gates have the right to promulgate their opinions, like any other citizen?

          You appear to be saying that the Gateses did something wrong by being interviewed to express their thoughts on the matter.


          1. You and I both know that it was no coincidence that the Netflix documentary Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates was developed and timed to coincide with the “pandemic,” and that Bill would be given a high perch in making public policy.

            One of us knows that Microsoft is a product of DARPA, and that Bill never invented a thing. He is the public face behind which billions in taxpayer-funded research yielded some usable products. With Covid he is the public face fronting for people who want to seize and hold power and change our way of life, permanently. There too he is a man of no content or value, just a face. I think MM handled him quite properly.

            One of us knows the latter, hopefully both.


          2. These arguments are getting progressively silly and seem geared towards undermining. You seem to be suggesting that there is nothing wrong with our current oligarchy.


          3. Are you suggesting that there is nothing wrong with Bill Gates dictating public policy on account of his money and influence while the masses are stomped into silence? Because it feels like that’s what you’re suggesting.


            1. I suggest no such thing. There is plenty wrong with the oligarchy, and money should not buy influence. This I believe. That being said, it is wrong to suggest that rich and powerful people should not be afforded the same rights to free speech that we want for ourselves.

              Mark, to his credit, has come around in this letter to a point-of-view that I espouse: people who lack training in a specialized field should be careful about making pronouncements of a technical nature. Mark is correct in saying this about the Gateses. And others are correct in saying this about Mark. Or me. Or you. Especially when those pronouncements might induce people to act against the interests of themselves or society.

              “Let the cobbler stick to his last” is old wisdom, still true. Mark sees the sense of this when applied to Bill Gates. “O, wad some Power the giftie gie us …”

              Mark has every right to petition his political leaders for grievances. I support that. Absolutely, there is a legal argument to be made here. The letter should have focused on that.

              But for a reader who has not been following this blog for the last few weeks, much of Mark’s argument comes out of the blue. I guarantee you, the letter will seem like a shotgun blast of non sequiturs, dubious facts, and insults. It will seem like a paranoid rant.

              I sense that I am soon to be yeeted out of POM for not being in the Amen Corner on the Coronavirus. If I am no longer wanted, Mark should just say the word. Until then, I will try to assist our readers in making informed opinions about the world, which sometimes entails pointing out contradictions in logic that I see.


              1. I regard you as devil’s advocate, a useful purpose.

                Your idea that only those within professions are capable of understanding what is done in those professions is in insult to intelligent people. Dr. Andy Kaufman made the point in one of his videos that doctors are filled with useless information in training, saying that 50% of it will be seen to be wrong by the time they finish internship. I was urged to see a urologist by my PA after a high PSA, but I knew that the PSA is meaningless, and declined the offer. Going by your philosophy, I might now find myself impotent and incontinent, but trusting, as my brother was after they invaded his body. It pays to be your own advocate.

                Virologists, and there surely are good ones, like Peter Duesberg and Stefan Lanka, are also people who have to find not just viruses, but pathogens. Otherwise, they are doing something else for a living. Consequently, we’ve had one pandemic after another that did not pan out, from hantavirus to Zika. The only ones that become pandemic are the annual influenza and colds, which cull the herd, and of course AIDS and now Covid-19, which are hoaxes. Interesting on the former, influenza and colds, that nothing can be done, meaning that nothing will be done. I find myself wondering why we have an annual cold and flu season. Was there such a thing in the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries?

                Regarding the receptiveness of the readers on the receiving end of my letter, they will find it interesting as I do know how to turn a phrase. Will they be persuaded? Of course not. Will they awaken and begin to think? Of course not. Will they suffer a little cognitive dissonance? Maybe. I don’t care. I enjoyed writing it. I pecked it out on my iPad as I sat after reading this morning, and it flowed nicely, so I went with it.

                In the end, does it matter? Of course not. I interviewed my parents and transcribed the interview for every cousin whose address I had even as I know my cousins, for the most part, do not read*. I thought maybe down the road a descendant who is interested in his or her heritage might stumbled on them and be blessed with a rich oral history. I do stuff like that.

                *My cousin Tom called me after reading it, in shock. He did not know his dad quit school after 8th grade. Fortunately my dad in the interview quickly added “He would be successful no matter what he did or how much school he had.” And he was.


                1. “Your idea that only those within professions are capable of understanding what is done in those professions is in insult to intelligent people.”

                  No one—least of all, me—said that intelligent people cannot understand material outside of their professions. But there is a difference between understanding information and mastering a specialty. I understand Dutch, but I do not have the fluency to write legislation in Dutch. We leave the important work for those with a mastery and not merely a comprehension.

                  You said that that Gateses had not studied medicine and that their opinion should not matter (for the purposes of making public policy, that is). This is my sentiment, too. Precisely so.

                  What you say of the Gateses, I say for all. The exact same thing.

                  Mark, we agree on this point. You just don’t recognize that we agree.


                  1. I totally get that you think I lack self-awareness. Here’s my opening to my AIDS piece in January of 2019:

                    I am not a scientist, a molecular biologist, a virologist. This stuff is complicated, and I am in over my head. That does not mean I cannot grasp any of these fields or form conclusions based on the solid reasoning of others. But it does mean that I can be easily misled by someone who intends to mislead me. So the writing is difficult, understanding even more so. I can and must try to stick to the basics, and allow readers to explore on their own rather than relying on me to bring ‘the truth’ to their platters. If any of what follows troubles you, if you think me wrong, then by all means get going. There is a lot of material to cover.

                    It’s not that I don’t get what you are saying. I merely think that trust is missing with medicine, virology, climate science (who said “Any science that has the word science in its name is not a science.”?), evolutionary biology, and a host of other fields where even if they have “mastered” their profession, they are involved in and heavily policed by groupthink, and with climate, a criminal enterprise. So I don’t genuflect.


                    1. So, here’s the problem. It is impossible to have a meaningful discussion of our different points of view, because you are all over the place. I narrowed things down to a single point: what you wrote about how the Gates’ opinion should not matter for public policy, and how we agree on the principles behind that statement.

                      But now you throw climate science and AIDS and evolutionary theory into the discussion. If this weren’t your own blog, I would say that you are engaging in Topic Dilution! And it has been all along the way on our back-and-forth about Coronavirus.

                      Instead of sticking to the facts under discussion, you invoke the ghosts of hoaxes past at every turn. But these are non sequiturs. “AIDS is a non-existent disease, therefore Coronavirus is a non-existent disease.” It simply does not follow. It is for this very reason that testimony of prior bad acts by the accused are not allowed in court. It encourages the fallacy of overgeneralization. Your arguments for your views on the pandemic are largely based on overgeneralization.

                      You say that you are better read in the field of virology than me. For the sake of argument, I will stipulate to the notion. Even so, you have gone back-and-forth in recent weeks as to …
                      • whether viruses even exist;
                      • whether Coronaviruses exist (they are just exosomes, remember that one?);
                      • whether a new Coronavirus exists;
                      • whether viruses cause disease;
                      • whether viruses cause serious diseases (not even smallpox?);
                      • whether the new Coronavirus causes a serious disease (it’s just a cold);
                      … and so on.

                      And I am obliged to take this shilly-shallying as evidence that your mastery of virology is superior to mine? Or to a professional virologist?

                      If you don’t see this indecision as being a little bit flighty, then, yes, you lack self-awareness.


                    2. Something you do that chaps, put words in my mouth. ““AIDS is a non-existent disease, therefore Coronavirus is a non-existent disease.” I did not say that. I said that AIDS was a hoax, and that Coronavirus is a hoax. They do not depend on one another. In fact, AIDS is a real disease, only not caused by HIV. It is the virus that connects the two. Both hoaxes are based on that. AIDS could well have been the blueprint for Coronavirus, however.

                      On virology, if you read the introductions to the two pieces I wrote, one in which I did say that viruses are real, I added this:

                      Note to readers: I am officially backing away from this post until I have more and better information. There are people of sound mind and good reasoning skills on both sides of the “virus” issue. I have to get up to speed, and it may take weeks or months.

                      That is where I am at, in the process of reading and thinking and asking questions. There’s a very nice 41-minute video somewhere in the comments that gives a cogent explanation of the role of “toxins” in causing disease, something that finally made sense to me. There is the 800-page book. “David” made an interesting comment concerning high levels of nitrogen dioxide over northern Italy, and suddenly it made sense that people there were ingesting and excreting toxins, as in Wuhan.

                      But that’s where I am at.

                      whether viruses even exist; YES
                      • whether Coronaviruses exist (they are just exosomes, remember that one?);YES, THEY EXIST. KAUFMAN EXPOSED THAT AN EXOSOME HAD BEEN USED TO PORTRAY A VIRUS.
                      • whether a new Coronavirus exists; POSSIBLY, BUT NOT NEEDED. ANY VIRUS WILL DO IN A HOAX.
                      • whether viruses cause disease; LEANING TO NOT
                      • whether viruses cause serious diseases (not even smallpox?); LEANING TO NOT
                      • whether the new Coronavirus causes a serious disease (it’s just a cold); NAH.
                      … and so on.

                      I wonder sometimes if you get that a virus was used to create economic collapse. I wonder if you think that all that happened was natural.


                    3. You obviously missed my take on things under Faux’s polling post:

                      “The recent health crisis is real though greatly exaggerated in its severity, involves one or more [virus strains], and may also be combined with non-viral factors.”

                      Was the crisis created to collapse the economy? I can see a case for that. But why collapse the world economy? You say “the misanthropy of the elites.” But that is a one-size-fits-all explanation that can never be falsified for any application that it is put to. From the viewpoint of theory construction, it is a weak premise. So I remain unconvinced. But still open to the possibility.

                      I apologize for putting words into your mouth. You are not always precise in expressing yourself, and so it can be hard to pin down exactly what you mean.

                      I agree with you: COVID-19 is a hoax. But what kind of hoax? A Gulf of Tonkin hoax? Or a Pearl Harbor hoax? Two different things, really. In the one case nothing happened whatsoever; in the other, ships sank and people died.


                    4. Of course I cannot know the true intentions of those behind this hoax, but Rappoport has ideas on the subject, tearing down to rebuild in a different way. It’s in the two hour podcast I sent you. Find a room to paint, and you have time for such things.


                    5. Jumping in uninvited–not trying to offend.

                      Maarten, even though I’m moving further away from agreeing with you, I admire the way you argue, sticking to your problems with the other person’s argument and being blunt and direct, but never mean-spirited. This is definitely an area where I need to improve.

                      Forgive me if I’m oversimplifying, but it seems your argument is that we can’t persuasively call the Coronavirus a completely manufactured hoax if we don’t have professional training and experience as doctors. We may say the reaction to the pandemic is suspicious and that it’s being used to serve the agenda of TPTB. We can even speculate that the virus was created in or pulled from a lab and foisted on us. But we are coming from a place of ignorance if we say there’s no new virus–or no deadly illness resulting from a new virus–at all.

                      My problem is that people have similarly shut me down when I’ve talked about 9/11. “You’re not an engineer! How do you know buildings wouldn’t fall that way when hit by planes? Or that the planes wouldn’t instantly vanish into the buildings in a plume of smoke? What, do you have a degree in Physics?!”

                      Personally, my belief that there’s no virus is not based on the little bit I’ve read (and the even less I’ve absorbed) about virology. I lean toward the “no virus” theory for much the same reason I lean toward the “no planes” theory. It would be simpler for TPTB to not use planes and just use the power of propaganda to convince everyone–including people who were at the World Trade Center that day– that there were planes and say it over and over until everyone in the world except the tinfoil-hat fringe believes you. If you told me you were at the World Trade Center that day and you didn’t see the planes yourself, but six or seven people that you trust swear up and down they saw them, I wouldn’t necessarily think you or your acquaintances were lying. But so many other factors persuade me that there were no planes that I would suspect you and your acquaintances had been manipulated.

                      I begin with the perception (based on how coordinated the response to the pandemic has been throughout international governments and corporations, among other things) that this was planned in advance. If I were running this thing, I assume it would be simpler to get consensus and full cooperation among all the people I’d have to collaborate with if I could assure them the virus is as fake as the 9/11 planes, the mass shooters, the Boston Marathon bombing, etc. Yes, I have read and will continue to read about virology and try to wrap my head around it, and I know full well I’m in confirmation bias mode when I look at someone like Dr. Andy Kaufman. But my near-conviction that there’s no novel virus is not based on what little I know of medicine or virology. I don’t think it needs to be and, obviously, neither do Mark or Fauxlex. You don’t need specialized medical knowledge to make a case for the no-virus theory.

                      Sorry this is so long. I’m trying to learn how to discuss these things reasonably and dispassionately. How am I doing?


                    6. ScottRC, I regularly enjoy your input and appreciate especially your comment above. All the more so for the fact that you are in disagreement with me. This is how progress is made: the adversarial method brings together two sides to plead their case with all the passion and intelligence they can muster. Along the way, each fields questions they would not think to ask themselves, and so are forced to dig deeper into facts and interpretations. If we can manage this without insulting one another or questioning motives, we arrive at wisdom, if not at greater knowledge. Mark chafed when I misstated his views, and rightly so. I chafed when Mark suggested that I mentioned the death of my acquaintance to play an emotional trump card. We can do better.

                      You do not over-simplify my view by much. So let me offer a variation on your 9/11 analogy. I definitely hew to the “no planes” account of 9/11. But your take on the pandemic seems to me analogous to saying something more—not just that there were no planes taking down those building that day—but that there were no buildings to start with!

                      Consider this theory: There never were any skyscrapers at the World Trade Centers. Just shorter buildings made to seem higher through holographic projections or the power of suggestion, tricks of perspective or optical illusions. Those who claim to have gone up to the top floor observation room were duped: what they assumed were windows looking out on the City were simply high-definition video screens, showing what they would have expected to see. After all, how could three of the WTC buildings collapse into their footprint within hours of each other without cracking the Bathtub at the foundations? The mass of all those floors, all that structural steel, all that concrete, heading to earth at free-fall speed? It defies belief. No—the answer is plain. There were never any skyscrapers at that site to begin with.

                      After all, do you know anyone who worked on the higher floors of those buildings? Have you ever met anyone who did? Isn’t that proof enough none of us here, who collectively know so many, many people, have never met someone who worked in an office on the higher floors? Those who insist that there were skyscrapers on that site are either lying shills or bewitched by groupthink. Photographic evidence is doctored. Eyewitnesses are actors. The whole mainstream media narrative about actual tall buildings in the Financial District is one big conspiracy.

                      Don’t even ask me how so many people could be roped into agreeing with this obvious lie. There is no such thing as a conspiracy too big to be believable. Those New Yorkers all know which side their bread is buttered on. And experts? Hah! All those architects and engineers who talked about the construction of the buildings for documentaries; all those firemen who supposedly charged up a hundred floors in their full gear; all those airline passengers who claimed to see the Twin Towers from their cabin window: they’re in the tank for whatever financial rewards come with going along to get along.

                      How does that theory sit with you? Doesn’t it seem to be a little … insane?

                      But this is how the “no novel Coronavirus” theory seems to me. It is a plausibility “bridge too far.” In the end, it is not a question of expertise. It is a question of common sense and shared experience of how the world works. As a theory, it only works if you rule out of court all possible counter-evidence from the start.

                      “I know people who have the disease.”
                      They are misdiagnosed and sick with something else.

                      “They tested positive.”
                      The tests are fake.

                      “I personally know medical personnel—doctors, nurses, EMTs—who are dealing with COVID patients. I could give you names.”
                      They are duped by groupthink. Or are stupid. Or duplicitous.

                      “I have known these people for years, and they never seemed to be any of those things.”
                      You are exceptionally gullible and maybe don’t belong around these parts anymore.

                      I will say it again: our dialogue here at POM has gotten skewed by the crowd that chants “Everything is fake!” This mantra puts people into the mindset of starting at the assumption that any given event is a hoax until it can be proved otherwise. But the perennial problem is that you can’t prove a negative. And so the painstaking work of making a case for fakery gets lazy and mechanical. This is what you find now at the MMC, and this is what’s happening in our discussion of the pandemic.

                      No COVID-19. No WTC 1, 2, or 7. Same theory, really. If you want the simplest 9/11 theory, there can be none simpler for TPTB than to have no tall buildings to take down in the first place. Just use arts of persuasion and deception to impress that idea in the minds of the masses.


                    7. Let me add to my thoughts …

                      I think that Occam’s Razor favors my theory of COVID-19 as a bioweapon deployed by the government against other countries and it own people. Such programs exist, and the US has done it before, to its own citizens and to other nations. China dealt with just one strain. Here in the US there are at least five. This means the virus has been here longer than there.

                      The disease is said to be hitting blue states and minority groups the hardest. Coincidence? Or strategy?


                    8. I just want to add to yesterday’s exchange (I am taking a holiday from all of this today) that when I mentioned virology, urology, Darwinian evolution, etc., where you claimed I had lost my bearings and was not staying on point, my point was exactly this: that these are people who have mastered their fields and who have completely wandered off course due to the power of money and groupthink. Even outside and absent the years of study, I have better knowledge than them. My PA and the urologists she wanted me to see destroy lives, their work is quackery.

                      Occam says that your bioweapon fizzled. People are not suffering from it. We are at the end of cold and flu season. It has been a mild one injected with a hyper-agitprop campaign.


                    9. May I add a piece of evidence?
                      Whether for bio-weapon development or for the vaccine sweepstakes there appear to be contracts that indicate real, traceable programs that tie directly to Fauci and Redfield’s real connection at Fort Detrick — a bio-weapons lab of considerable note and controversy. I will continue with this unpopular hypothesis as others choose theirs. Oversimplification with such a huge scam, is, IMO an error that can mislead. As they say, “it’s complicated.”

                      This is not a new pursuit of mine, but a gut feeling that’s proven to be unpopular here at POM. No worries. Here’s where I began:


                    10. Maarten, your variation on my no-planes analogy is hilarious and thought-provoking. I sometimes lose sight of the fact that being in the “conspiracy” crowd necessarily means I must be comfortable knowing that I don’t know, and open to the possibility that my theory is wrong. Otherwise, I risk becoming exactly as closed-minded and deluded as the so-called “sheeple.” What you’re saying makes a lot more sense and is more persuasive to me now; my mind is open to it. I’m glad you took the time.


                    11. Having said what I said above, the “no towers” analogy becomes less compelling the more I think about it. The symptoms of COVID-19 are pretty much indistinguishable from the flu. There are so many different strains of the flu that, for all I know, the symptoms could be exactly the same as some strains. And the standards for diagnosing COVID-19 are–by the admission of TPTB and medical professionals–so lax that it would be much easier to dupe honest doctors and innocent patients into believing in a fake virus than it would be to dupe people in and around a small building into believing it was a skyscraper. So I’m not convinced, but my mind is not at all closed to what you and Steve are saying.


                    12. And, at the risk of growing tiresome, I’ll add why I don’t think it implausible that a vast number of intelligent, well-intentioned medical professionals could be duped by a fake virus.

                      I knew someone who worked as the Chief Marketing Officer for the One Foundation. I didn’t merely respect his intelligence–I envied it. He’s smarter and better-read than I am. Yet he truly believed he was helping to save lives and make the world a better place. To me, it’s obvious that the One Foundation is a front for governments and pharmaceutical companies to rape, pillage and decimate the people of South Africa. But my friend and the many professionals he worked with were true believers. He sometimes told me things Bono/Paul Hewson said to him that I’m certain were cynical manipulations. They met in a South African hotel room once, and Bono impressed my friend with the amazing fact that Nelson Mandela slept here. Being young and foolish and new to conspiracy awareness, I presented him with evidence of what I believe Bono and his handlers are really up to. My friend was gracious about it. We agreed to disagree and never spoke of it again. But throughout his tenure, he and everyone he worked with were true believers.

                      Duping sincere, competent, even brilliant professionals doesn’t seem to be any more challenging than duping the masses. I saw it in academia when I went back to school and see it in the profession I dabble in today. And if you have a lot of honest doctors believing your lies, their patients will believe it too.

                      None of this discounts the facts you and Steve have brought to the table regarding biowarfare. I think it’s possible. But I’m not as convinced Occam’s Razor supports this view as you are.


                    13. P.S. (Jesus, when am I going to shut up?), it seems more likely to me that the biowarfare stage begins when people voluntarily line up for those vaccinations. Bill Gates and his Big Pharma thugs got booted from India. They’ve run up against all kinds of problems while poisoning brown people in third-world countries and have no doubt learned from their mistakes. If fake planes served the purpose of getting us to let the government do monstrous things against our interests, there’s no reason a fake virus couldn’t do the same. Yes, depopulation is the obvious goal. But unleashing a real virus into the atmosphere isn’t necessary and–given how low the fatality rates for coronaviruses are–it seems like an awful lot of risk and trouble for such a small yield. It would be so much cleaner and efficient to dupe the masses into rolling up their sleeves and begging for poison. Okay, now seriously, I’m going to shut up.


        2. If your letter doesn’t get deep-sixed upon a quick glance by a staff member, be expecting a short pre written thank you reply letter. That’s better than State Troopers in your driveway.


  2. In a representative democracy, Mark’s vote should be equally weighted with everyone else’s. But no form of government gives equal weight to all opinions, informed and uninformed.


    1. What’s your point? Bill Gates doesn’t live in the jurisdiction of these elected officials, and Mark does. By that logic, what Gates thinks is totally irrelevant here. Mark is just making his position known. Nitpicking aside, the letter is fine.


      1. The Constitution guarantees only the right to speak freely for every citizen. It does not guarantee equal access and exposure.
        For which we thank the wisdom of the Founding Fathers!


        1. You’re right about that. How it works, in reality, is that we are free to speak freely as long as our words have no impact. That’s the “everyone is entitled to their opinion” sense of freedom of speech. That’s why I emphasized that if my petition for redress of grievances is simply ignored, which it surely will be, then the first amendment is null and void.


  3. Governor should be cc’d, at least, IMO. He is the top military official in the state, and his order is causing the lock-down and disruption of commerce and finance.


  4. Why would these parasites care what the public thinks? They represent only their owners, the moneychangers who control your state, your country, the money supply and everything else. They will dutifully follow the orders of the psychopaths who are running this psychological operation.
    Politicians Don’t Actually Care What Voters Want


  5. Mark et al., have you watched the latest TV interview Dr. Shiva Ayaddurai gave to a channel I don’t remember which?

    You should. He addresses the HIV controversy, mentions Peter Duegsberg and Bill Gates. He talks a lot about the immune system and what Covid really is.

    Maarten goes on and on with his assertions, which to be honest don’t deserve a reply.
    I’ve stopped trying to have reasonable discussions with people like him on and outside blogs because they’ll always find something wrong or keep splitting hairs to convince themselves more than anyone else that only what they think is right. One can’t talk to a wall, unless is totally nuts.

    Whoever thinks that a degree in medicine is needed to understand one’s own body and how it functions, and doesn’t trust their body ‘s natural healing process is not worth a second of my time.


  6. Under the pretense of contrived crisis they will slowly put the economy down. When the food runs out. When the drugs (both legal & otherwise) booze and what ever was keeping the herds somewhat tamer runs out. Then its Chaos. And that will allow the military to take over by consent. They always need to have your consent by free will. Hence false flags. Yes by devious, evil and lies they rule. They & their descendants (Fallen Ones) have been at this since day one.


  7. Everyone should go look at Bill Gates Instagram page:

    You will have to work real hard to find one positive comment out of the thousands of comments! Everyone hates him! It’s hilarious. People are accusing him of crimes against humanity because of the vaccines overseas, some are criticizing his father, and one woman says “His full time job now is to delete all these comments as fast as he can 😂😂😂” So maybe we should not give up on the general public yet.

    Quickly off topic: 1)This is one reason I still like visiting the Mathis site.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. –A “guest” writer wrote a paper saying the preacher in Florida being arrested was a hoax. But a side comment stated that the sheriff’s wife is Nicole DeBartolo, daughter of San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo. Edward’s mother is given as Marie Montani. Well Joe Montana was the 49ers most famous quarterback and his wiki page admits his family name was originally Montani! So here is another pampered nfl qb who was not as great as we’ve been led to believe.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Good for you, Dave. I am sure a whole lot will change because the general public hates on Bill’s Guts.
      In the past, let’s review, it was Nixon + Kissinger, Harding + Hoover, Kaiser + Rasputin, Napoleon + Trotsky or was it Matternicht, Attila + Genghis, Nero + Caligullible… enough.

      How about something real? This thread became a rehash of rehash. Bioweapons? How about WMDs while we are stretching credulity and readers cower in fear? And why give a warning, little by little infecting populations with COVID -1 9, instead of just one clean wipe by the all-powerful Oz, and the irksome folksy billions are gone, pooof!

      Bioweapons??? Wouldn’t it be easier to use mere chemicals? Agent Orange, Lysol Bleach? Perhaps none of you studied chemistry at all, or you have forgotten it? Just google chlorine for a start. And there are thousands of chemicals, all day, everywhere. Bioweapons? About as easy as to spread as effectively polluting all oceans and seas, or dirtying up space. Environmental pollution is real, but let’s hold our horses jumping to conclusions about Nicolas Cage unleashing the green monster microbe that eats the bad guys’ face in a second flat. You saw it in the cinemas. Now you believe it? Don’t you write about predictive programming all the time? Sci-fi apparently means science fiction.

      How about thinking specific and simple, like temperature and humidity differences affecting mucuous membranes and ponder the resulting hightened susceptibility to every known environmental toxin? How about your eyes? You think they are well protected against corrosive chemicals, or even irritants? How are they looking these days (when you aren’t walking in fresh mountain or beach air)? If they are pink, let alone red GOTCHA: it’s a symptom of COVID -1 9! Throat scratchy? Likewise! Can’t smell shit? You got it! Feel week and woozy? To the hospital! And don’t ever ignore your temperature. If it’s off a couple degrees, call the priest, because coronavirus will kill ya!

      You don’t need to get everyone “infected” with a “bioweaponized” “superbug” (sounds much like…M Ad Men) invented by scientist smarter than Wiley Coyote and Mojo Jojo combined three times over. All you need to know is good old odds: a large population will have many exhibiting similar/overlapping symptoms. That confirms the claim that some people are ill. OK, now what?

      Why do you need this DeadlyWormTM to get some people with weakened immune systems sick, then finish some off at hospitals, average age over…eighty? How about just making everyone queue outside grocery stores in winter cold for hours and hours, then immediately placing them into warm dry HVAC-air treated with god-knows-what while employees busily spray god-knows-what in the DeadlyWormKillerTM on all surfaces, while you stress about life, your family’s future, and your dry scratchy throat?

      So much is overstated about what is required for you to feel unwell. But this really isn’t rocket science. Since they admit they do not know how to “cure” the common cold (“Ty Warner” made a really cute plus RhinoVirus beany baby), putting faith in “expert virologists” is akin to listening to leech doctors or witchez centuries ago. Sure, back then many also deferred to those who claimed they knew. But WHAT did they know? WHAT do they know now?? Perhaps just that in the winter you may be malfunctioning due to common lifestyle choices forced on you by circumstance – and by evil midgets (inbred degenerates are running this).

      Do you think quadrillionaires sailing the high seas and living on monumental estates with miles of pristine land around them ever catch “influenza” from DeadlyWormTM? Do you think they stress? Or their hordes of “domestic help” use Lysol, leafblowers, and Listerine?

      Watch the dumb Rat Race, and you will recognize how they view you.

      Bonus: Did you know the Island of Haiti and Dominican Republic (half & half) have 41 / 3 and 3614 / 189 cases (confirmed/dead) respectively. So Haiti has roughly 100th of the Dominican Republic cases, both dead and alive. Very different climates, right? No, same subtropical island. Grossly different populations, right? No, Haiti actually is more populous. I get it! Their health system is vastly superior, because they more expert virologists and ventillators! Of course, dozens of such comparisons can be made to show how fun it is to throw darts in a board. You may even hit PlanktonTM as he hijacks SpongeBobTM’s brain and shaves with Occam’s Razor.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Your writing style is very snarky. I like it. With every hoax are a choice of misdirection candidates, bioweapons being one. They did as much with AIDS, saying “it” originated in an Army lab, when there was no “it.”


      2. Thanks for your comment Aflatoxin, a breath of fresh air! I totally agree with everything you said.

        As I said myself in a comment here weeks ago, bio weapons are just bullshit like everything else. And again, I no longer waste my time with anyone who believes the mainstream narrative about viruses and pandemics (or anything else found msm for that matter). Life’s too short for such a waste of precious energy.


      3. Superb skewering of every explanation of current events that insists on the existence of a novel coronavirus, deadly or not — unless of course by “novel” you mean “work of fiction.” Bravo!


    3. Bill Gates is all of a sudden a fascinating player on the world stage. When I realized that he looks (and acts) just like Kermit the Frog, it made me wonder: “Who is pulling his strings?”

      A few rhetorical questions regarding Billy Boy:
      1) Why is the “richest man in the world” (and his wife) working around the clock right now in order to usher in Dystopia?

      2) What was the nature of Bill’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein?

      3) If Bill is the Wizard of Oz, who is behind the curtain?

      Robert Kennedy, Jr. is now in active opposition of Bill Gates as he has been concerned about all of the recent vaccinations (which he says is completely different from being “anti-vaxx”). It appears that RFK, Jr. does not have any credibility with MSM (which seems odd given that he is a Kennedy). Kennedy vs. Gates…an interesting battle.


      1. I doubt Gates is as wealthy as they say. If he truly founded Microsoft, maybe a little wealthy, but if MS is just a child of DARPA, then Gates is the appointed public face and ribbon cutter, and just an (overpaid) employee.


  8. I like the blog, but I don’t quite get the name of the blog, what’s in the “pieceofmindful” name? Why the blog was named like that? Thank you.


    1. I created the blog in 2006, and in searching for a name (my son set it up for me and is still “Administrator”), we decided on a TV interview show I had once done in Billings, Montana, called Piece of Mind. It was cable access, don’t make too much of it.

      Years later when I decided I needed my own domain, we had a discussion among the then-writers, and we decided that Piece of Mind was too well used so that searching for it would yield too many links. So we added “ful,” as in Thich Nhat Hanh’s mindfulness stuff. Not that I truck there. It was just something to distinguish the address a little.


  9. #re-searchers? on “Superconducting Loops for Safe Life on Mars” (for loopy singularists) and “Inn of Quantum Dots” (not Quality Inn) and “Developing & Signaling Trust in Autonomous Agents” (autonomous agent sound like an oxy-moron…just like you Ach-mad (how’s Amal?)

    But looky Fad-king, what we real searchers can find on the web, on the cover of the 8oston G1obe, of all palaces!
    Apparently, they really call it COVID8 in Boston!

    We don’t give ourselves polyplexy awards. The truth will do.


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