The new state religion

Dr. Tim O’Shea is the guy who discovered that Santa Clara County, California (the Bay Area) was putting bogus “Covid-19” cases on its website, unable to test or verify anything. He then called fifty pulmonary doctors and clinics in San Francisco, finding that none of them possessed equipment that could distinguish between Covid and any other flu or cold virus. That is not a scientific sample, but that is pretty good evidence that a hoax was afoot.

I suggest that you take time to watch this video. If you are reading this, you are a free and independent thinker. You are a living, walking and non-masked human being. If we were in the same room, I would violate social distancing rules and shake your hand, maybe even giving a hug if you are the hugging type (even as I am not). We don’t rule the world, but we do keep one another in touch with reality. Thanks for being among the living.

PS: There is a sales pitch contained in the video. I ignored it, just as I do all advertising. I am not allergic to anything, and lean heavily towards organic food. Consequently, I have gone years without getting sick save the strange illness that I and others endured in January of this year.

PPS: Please note, I have added Dr. O’Shea’s website, The Doctor Within, to the links below (way below if you are on an iPad or iPhone).

17 thoughts on “The new state religion

  1. May 1st mandatory face covering and social distancing is in effect for my state. However the State Attorney and local city leaders which include Mayors, have said in press releases that their offices and police officers would not take any enforcement action regarding the phased reopenings that are against the governor’s orders, yet advise people to be responsible. Mayors are giving local businesses the option to reopen if they chose to. Interesting to see the political rank in file go against the Governor of the State.
    The local leaders are realizing that this hoax is hitting their pocket books and no benefit to them to go along with it beyond the agendas of social distancing, face covering, testing, and probable near future flu vaccinations. There are statements in the news that someone may have the virus with no symptoms and can still transmit it to others until a vaccine is made next year. A nice invisible enemy that continues indefinitely! But hey as long as you wear your mask, you may go out and spend your money.


  2. Excellent, Mark. One thing the video touched upon that’s well worth some extra consideration is proper hydration. @ the 42:50 to 43:10 mark it’s mentioned. What’s nice about this is how easy it is for someone, everyone, to do it yourself, with no help from our fearless president, or his trusted white-coats.

    Here are some daily recommendations: Women need 9 cups (76 fl oz; 2,250 ml) daily. Men need 12 cups (101 fl oz; 3,000 ml) daily. Of course, weight, fitness level, activity level all modify these rule of thumb daily estimates. Easy to see why so many are dehydrated.

    Stay hydrated, stay healthy, it’s simple and won’t cost you a penny.


    1. While I’ve noticed I feel much more alive when I drink plenty of (bottled) water, I hate buying it bottled as much as drinking from the tap, knowing there’s all kinds of nastiness in either option, and hating myself for letting corporate packaging convince me what I’m drinking is less noxious and brain-damaging than the fluoridated sludge from my tap.

      (Whew! Longest sentence I ever put in a comment.)

      Anyway, I finally solved the problem by ordering a $600 home water filter that includes fluoride removal. It’s on back order because demand is high, maybe because this company claims its product also filters out viruses. I don’t care about that. I just want my body hydrated and my brain as free of lead, arsenic, fluoride and other toxins as my brainwaves are bathed in 5G. Can’t hurt.


  3. Excellent video. I watched every minute, even through the ad for probiotics. 🙂

    Two Bakersfield California emergency room doctors held a press conference and talked about the covid show being just the flu. They were excellent and urged the California government to end the lockdown and reopen businesses. I saw the interview before YouTube banished it. There must have been great truth in what the doctors tried to get out there because why else would the tech and media establishment squash it.

    I have family members in water treatment and they highly recommend the Berkey filtration system for water purification and fluoride removal. Funny thing though, California only allows residents to get a small version of the Berkey.


    1. Those California doctors said some good things but they’re controlled op. They push for vaccines and testing and all that shit.


  4. I haven’t yet watched the video above (as I’m watching the two hour interview with Robert F. Kenndy, Jr. released today). Something that dawned on me about Santa Clara County and the Bay Area in general:

    The CDC acknowledges that COVID was floating around the Bay Area in mid-January…perhaps even earlier. If that were true, then why did no one notice until the media started its hysterical nonsense? How is a densely populated multi-ethnic urban area (with 8 million people) largely unaffected (less than 300 deaths)?

    The media and other Neil Ferguson lovers are trying to downplay the “Santa Clara Study” and others like it (Boston Homeless, Diamond Princess, etc.) which show that a good portion of the population had it…and no big deal. I absolutely believe that Mark had it in January. I believe that my son had it in February and that my wife and I got it in March. No big deal.

    Great article about “Professor Lockdown” who the media claims has saved “tens of thousands of lives.”


  5. Surprised at you Mark.
    That video is just another ‘spook’ video to convince us that pathogenic viruses exist. O’Shea says that Deepak Chopra writes about how an influenza virus was isolated . Not so. A pathogenic virus has NEVER been isolated …………..and purified. THAT is why the money hasn’t been claimed in reality.
    He goes along with the germ theory as promulgated by Pasteur as being a Big Pharma con and Bechamp’s ideas as being more holistic and correct but then spoils it all by saying something stupid like………….. viruses cause disease. He can’t have it both ways. Does disease come from without or within? Or do only viruses attack from outside?
    He just cannot resist the hard sell and judging by the priority of religions in his little list we get the reason why. It’s in their blood.
    Certainly doesn’t do it for me.
    No way, Jose.

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  6. I don’t know where to place O’Shea myself. He gives some good leads but I agree he undercuts the argument against germ theory by quoting gatekeeper Deepak Chopra’s reference to an experiment where an isolated virus “only” led to the flu in 12% of those exposed. If germs don’t cause disease there should have been no flu cases as a result. Also at 37:40 he unequivocally calls the antibiotic penicillin a “triumph” of medicine: “they really did find the drug, that killed the bug, in you, that saved your life.” Then he gives credence to the idea of disease-causing superbugs evolving into existence as a result of its overuse, quoting Alexander Fleming. These “germs are only the result, never the cause of the disease” people never seem to get their arguments straight.


  7. Mark, what do you think of the mandatory mask wearing rule that will be imposed in Denver Wednesday? I’m not worried about being arrested, but rather the sheeple I have to deal with you yell at you for not wearing one.


    1. I am not aware of any such rule. Would not surprise me, however, as they keep doubling down on their fake virus. I have a neck band … if I must wear it to enter a store, I will, and then lower it. What is the point of having confrontations with morons? [Just looked it up … it applies to Denver. I never go there. The closest i get is Lakewood or Littleton. $999 fine. Large enough to contest … make them prove the existence of the virus. They cannot.]

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      1. Thank you for your response. I was just so pissed when I heard that yesterday. I have a lot going on in my personal life too. I just want this to end, but they keep imposing more and more restrictions. It’s really hurting my soul.

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  8. Oh. I guess the word ‘religion’ is something different here than it is in my mind. Please excuse me for not understanding right away.


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