Playing with the numbers

“A man with an internet connection” (MWIC) wrote a piece called Covid-19: What they Don’t Tell You at the Miles Mathis blog. I am not writing this to criticize it, as it is a worthy effort and I am glad he did the legwork he did.

However, in the piece he inserted two tables, a comparison of death rates in countries with and without lockdowns. He got the information at a site called Worldometers, and the information on lockdowns from a BBC report that is now over a month old. The tables are shown below the fold.

Countries with no lockdown:

No lockdown

Countries locked down:


A couple of questions came to mind – for one, given what we know about the reliability of tests, what do these numbers mean? The only ones I feel are reliable are deaths, and that’s does not mean they are “Covid-19 Deaths.” Given what we know about the nature of the virus, probably not new or novel, probably misidentified anyway, what are we to imagine these people died of? And given  the unreliability and corruption evident at WHO and CDC, can we really rely on anyone for anything?

Then a bigger question came to mind. MWIC said in his piece that limited his tables to countries having more than 9 million people, or one per region. That’s fair enough, as he only wanted a representative sample, but I wondered … where’s China? The US? Russia? Brazil? Egypt? I decided to make a bigger table, and did. Click on the link below, and it should appear in a new window.

Health Stats

I added over thirty countries to his lists, bringing the total population represented on the table to over 80% of the world’s population. I then had to decide on the nature of lockdowns. In the US and Canada, for instance, there have been a severe violations of civil liberties. In Australia and Brazil, much less so, having only “localized” lockdowns. So on my table I highlighted in yellow those countries that are being most abusive to their citizens.

After I did that, I realized that my work was done. The “Covid-19” numbers are lies, and the more stringent the lockdown, the more lying is going on. The US, for instance, is said to have 80,546 Covid-19 deaths, but as we learned from Andrew Kaufman (I have tried but have not been able to duplicate his work at the CDC website), total deaths in the US this year are down 6% from the average of the last three years. That means that there has been whole lot of re-categorizing going on here in the home of the brave and land of the free. Goodness me but what a bunch of liars!

I will share some information gleaned from my work, taken with a sandbar of salt:

  • The US has by far more Covid-19 cases than any other place, 1,363,126. The UK comes in second with 219,183, or less than one-sixth. That might just be a factor or relative population, but does not explain India, with 1.38 billion people, over four times the US, having only 67,161 cases. And China? 82,901 cases … that country apparently dropped out of the game early. The US numbers are fake, of course, the real number being more like … zero.
  • The percentage of people dying who tested positive varies from 16.3% (Belgium) all the way down to .4% (Hong Kong). That makes no sense, none. It might be that Belgium has an aging population relative to all other places, but it is far more likely that like France (14.9%), UK (14.5%), Italy (13.9%) and others, mostly European by the way, they are cooking the books to justify the Nazi-like oppression of their populations.
  • Sweden is interesting. In her piece on Covid-19 being a new superimposed reality, Stephers suggested that Sweden was being used as a control group. Sweden has had, we are told, 3,225 Covid deaths, or 319 per million, placing it tenth in the world in that category. Belarus, which has also treated its population with dignity and respect, has experienced 14 deaths per million. What is going on here? Most likely, Sweden, if a control group, is in on the game and cooking its books so that it does not look too good to the rest of the world. (If you look at my second, shorter list on the link, you’ll see that countries not under lockdown are doing quite well, except Sweden [and Hungary], the outliers.)

Haiti DR

  • Finally, I was curious about Haiti and the Dominican Republic, since they share an island. Haiti (population 11.4 million) has 182 infections and 15 deaths. The DR (10.9 million) has 10,634 infections and 393 deaths. Haiti is in severe lockdown, DR less so, having only localized lockdowns. I think it a fair guess that these two countries, having much in common, should experience a global pandemic in the same manner, but nothing about Covid makes sense or rings true. This much can be said: DR has experienced 36 deaths per million, Haiti one. Even if it does not make sense, it is also so small as to be trivial. For this they lock them down?

We all know, at least on this website, that if a pathogenic virus were on the loose, no piece of cloth or social distance would stop it from spreading. We know that those measures along with lockdowns are meant to be our new normal. This fake pandemic has introduced a draconian new form of government, medical Nazis.

19 thoughts on “Playing with the numbers

  1. Everyone is encouraged to check out this commencement speech from Tom Hanks to Wright State grads. As we all know, Hanx is a major propaganda piece for those who operate the system. We should take everything he says as especially important, and in this speech he uses some very interesting descriptions. He calls it “The Great Reboot” and “the restructuring of time and of science”.

    As for the data analysis above, I think it is agreed that the coronavirus data is gobbledygook. There is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is anything more than a media-hyped harmless string of code. No evidence it is the cause of any specific sickness and no evidence it is spreading from person to person. The testing numbers can be accounted for by a high degree of false positives and sloppy healthcare data reporting, unrelated deaths being called COVID-19 deaths without any testing. You combine false positives, reporting of deaths as COVID-19 without testing, and a media-driven hysteria and you’ve got the situation we’re looking at. Nothing more. There might really be a virus matching SARS-CoV-2, but it’s really irrelevant to the greater picture of the psychological operation underway.


    1. Well, you have got more, because total deaths in some countries or areas of countries [e.g. NYC] are running way higher than if every expected suicide/car crash/heart attack/flu/pneumonia death [and these average figures don’t change very much] were recorded as Covid-19. One conclusion is that government statisticians are also making up numbers of the deceased from any cause, perhaps in a co-ordinated manner around the world, to create the pandemic death spike.


      1. Source? You are saying there are whole countries and/or areas running higher rates of COVID-19 deaths than suicide, car crash heart attack, flu, pneumonia deaths COMBINED. That’s a heck of a statement. Can you source that or show your work on that?


  2. We trust government numbers? Unemployment? Elections? Homeless? Census? I am not sure why I should trust any government numbers, or anything they say for that matter. How many lies does it take? Trust yourself.


    1. It’s a choice. I see no reason for lying about the fact of deaths in public statistics, though not the cause. I say this knowing no one died on 9/11. There’s never an all or never.


  3. This is the best interview I’ve seen on the whole Corona situation to date. It’s long but worth watching. It avoids falling into “conspiracy” stuff while showing that the course taken has been wrong.

    Key points are that this corona virus is weak, and if bio-engineered they did a poor job. Respiratory issues are closest to cyanide poisoning which has a well established protocol and the respirators are the wrong choice. Closest correlation to cause of these issues is the amount of air pollution (which contains some cyanide among many other toxins.)

    Dr Bush says that if they wanted to limit these hemoglobin related issues they should have pulled people off of statin drugs and a couple of others that contribute to it. He also makes an impassioned talk at the end about the severe cruelty of leaving the elderly to die alone.


    1. Not sure what point you’re trying to make without watching it. My brief highlights don’t do it justice. It’s largely about the microbiome and terrain and how viruses are part of that process. That this virus isn’t anything special and how it will naturally run its course.

      If you’re saying these respiratory complications are completely fabricated that’s another matter. I don’t think they are related to the virus and happen every year and are being highlighted to create scare. It’s likely they are getting more prevalent with the confluence of pollution and 5G and vaping. He shows how certain drugs like statins contribute as well.


      1. We can agree on all of that, though I know nothing of 5G and vaping. I am merely saying that all that goes on usually goes on and is being spotlighted by the current scare. Death rates are down, hospitals are empty, news readers are lying.

        I have known for well over ten years that statins are quackery. A source I read long ago once spoke to a large group of seniors, and told them the facts: Of any selected 100 of them, three will die of heart complications. If all are given statins, that number will drop to two. However, we have no idea which person will be “saved.” On saying that, a large number of them got up and left the room, feeling safer.

        It is on that basis that PhRMA claims that statins reduce heart attacks by one-third. That is the power of advertising. It is professional lying, nothing more.


        1. Statins are even worse than quackery, they are harmful. I don’t recall the details, but Dr. Bush says they lead to problems in how hemoglobin attaches to oxygen which can lead to the respiratory condition being described. People turn blue then develop pneumonia. Turning blue before the lungs fill up with fluid which shows the issue with the blood assimilating oxygen.

          The intubation is only making things worse. So either the respirator use is idiocy or purposefully being done and adding to the death count to bump it up.

          The field hospitals are empty and travel nurses being ordered and not used, with their agencies being stiffed by the governments.

          The fact that they keep stringing this out and have doubled the death projections from a couple of weeks ago shows they are not ready to back off.


          1. I have now watched the Zach Bush video almost three times. The first time I thought it was okay. The second time I thought it was good. Now this third time I have a hard time not agreeing with just about everything Dr. Bush is saying. Interestingly enough, my dad met him at a conference in California last year. At that same conference, my dad overheard one of the speakers (Joseph Mercola) tell someone in a private conversation that Zach Bush is the most brilliant doctor he (Mercola) has ever met.


  4. “The percentage of people dying who tested positive varies from 16.3% (Belgium) all the way down to .4% (Hong Kong). That makes no sense, none. It might be that Belgium has an aging population relative to all other places . . .”

    Even if that’s true, remember that Japan has a big aging population I think, and they did not go on lockdown. The death numbers are far below Belgium. MWIC also said that is a good argument against “herd immunity” because we would expect a larger percentage of Japanese to get the virus, even if few of them died. But this has not happened.


    1. I am inserting the table of non-lockdown countries here for those who did not click on the link. You will see what an outlier Sweden is, and that Japan has endured only 5 “Covid” deaths per million compared to Sweden’s bullshit numbers.


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