Unexpected Heroes of Coronavirus Dissent: Tanzania President John Magufuli

When you are up against a psychological operation at the scale of the current coronavirus hoax, you end up finding friends in strange places. Case in point, the video below. This is a breathtaking speech from Tanzania President John Magufuli where he explains that he put the coronavirus narrative to the test by sending in samples of fruits, animals, car oil, and other random objects under assumed names to test the test itself. The result? “Elizabeth Ane” the Pawpaw fruit was positive for coronavirus, as were goats and other fruits.

Bravo, John Magufuli. Take a bow. You tested the test, and exposed it for the joke that it is.

Make no mistake, Magufuli details how the samples were not simply taken from the surface of the fruit. He knew that if the sample tested positive, it would be claimed that someone who was positive for coronavirus touched and contaminated the fruit. To be certain, they took precaution to sample the fruits, animals, and car oil in the correct way so that no claim of contamination could hold any weight. He also makes clear that the laboratory in question is their best and its results are widely accepted for other diseases. They are trained professionals.

It is also worth noting that John Magufuli was an industrial chemist prior to becoming President of Tanzania. His high position, background in chemistry, and distrust of (and geographical distance from) western medicine left him in a unique position to test whether the coronavirus test results could be trusted. In the end, his gambit provided some of the best and only evidence to prove what has been long suspected by coronavirus dissenters: the coronavirus test is worthless.

Magufuli’s idea was a brilliant one…submit samples to your national lab under assumed names to find out whether the test is actually worthwhile or not. The fact that so many positive results were received is hugely telling. It would be one thing if he got a single positive result. Instead, he got many. Recent reports that I have seen show that 7-8% of coronavirus tests have come back positive. It may very well be that we are looking at a test that has a 7-8% false positive rate, and nothing more. This would match what we have witnessed in the public.

In fact, nobody has shown that there is any association between a specific sickness and a positive test result. Quite to the contrary, the results seem to be coming back with confusing and contradictory results. Nearly 3,300 inmates in one prison system came back positive with 96% asymptomatic. These are figures that we could only see if the vast majority of positives are false positives. There has not been any serious study into the rate of false positives for this coronavirus test (assumed to be the PCR test) and how this should be factored into the reported case total.

The rate of false positives can dramatically exaggerate the prevalence of an illness. If the test has an 8% false positive rate, and the public results for coronavirus tests show 8% as positive, then there is no evidence that anyone is legitimately positive. Even if there were 8.1% testing positive and an 8.0% false positive rate, this would mean an 80-fold exaggeration of the prevalence of the illness. The coronavirus numbers are garbage, and this is not just conjecture.

This theory fits with the fact that the vast majority of people who test positive for coronavirus are baffled that they tested positive, and the astounding number of supposedly asymptomatic people. The best explanation for this by far is that we are seeing false positives and only false positives.

I encourage all readers to resist getting tested for coronavirus at all costs. There is no benefit to this, and a huge list of potential future drawbacks to you if you are documented as testing positive. Do not get tested unless you are absolutely forced to get tested.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I am a coronavirus survivor.

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  1. With thousands of tests being “pushed” through this plandemic (bllsht) scenario, there are bound to hundreds (if not thousands) of possible (purposely done) “false” positives.

    And here’s a thought can anyone think of a quicker way to get a sample of the populations DNA? hmmmm

    Real testing? hahahahahahaha


    1. It is indeed an underrated aspect of this whole thing to think that they are likely filling huge gaps in DNA databases and improving DNA research possibilities by a huge magnitude with such widespread DNA collection.


      1. You forget though that they’re not really doing that much testing. Testing sites are empty and obviously they are not even really testing anything. As the video shows.


        1. If I’m reading correctly, even the current “inadequate” testing in the US totals above 8 million. Even if they’re not testing those samples, it still means they possess the DNA. And it’s early. So many places will want to test people before they can re-open. It is already 8-9 million samples and it is only getting started.

          It’s a valid question to ask, the possibilies from having such a huge amount of new human DNA samples.

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    2. Don’t worry, NielFerguson and Jeremy Farrar are working on it. We’re gonna be so damned safe once they get their world serum bank setup…

      A 2016 research paper by Metcalf et al., amongst whom were Neil Ferguson and Jeremy Farrar, stated that serological surveys are often used by epidemiologists to determine the prevalence of a disease in a population. Such surveys are sometimes performed by random, anonymous sampling from samples taken for other medical tests or to assess the prevalence of antibodies of a specific organism or protective titre of antibodies in a population. Serological surveys are usually used to quantify the proportion of people or animals in a population positive for a specific antibody or the titre or concentrations of an antibody. These surveys are potentially the most direct and informative technique available to infer the dynamics of a population’s susceptibility and level of immunity. The authors proposed a World Serology Bank and foresaw “associated major methodological developments in serological testing, study design, and quantitative analysis, which could drive a step change in our understanding and optimum control of infectious diseases.”

      …I don’t assume they are fishing for dna cause I have no reason to believe to believe viruses are what we have been told and therefore neither is dna. I reckon all they need is isozymes.


      1. Not sure I am following. What’s the significance of this World Serum Bank? Why serum and not DNA? The stuff you quoted above at face value just seems like genuine “understanding…optimum control of infectious diseases”. I just want to make sure I understand what you are driving at with this. You reckon all they need is isozymes. Can you further explain what you’re saying there above?

        Are you basically saying that they’re testing our susceptibility for a FUTURE health event that is real, rather than this fake one?


        1. If the Tanzanian chap is correct and the pcr test is bullshit then I reckon they are still using the same ole bio markers. Moreover, if viruses aren’t the mosaic code carriers we have been told then the Hershey-chase experiment is bullshit too of course…

          “ In the 1970s and 1980s, electrophoresis of various biochemical markers became widely available. With this process, proteins from a person’s blood or other tissue were placed onto a gel, such as potato starch, agarose, or polyacrylamide. An electric current was then run through the gel, and different forms or isozymes of the proteins were separated by their electrical charge and/or size. Differences in isozymes relate to differences in the alleles that code for these proteins. Thus, the presence of certain identical isozymes in samples from both a child and his or her potential father could be used to reveal the existence of a genetic relationship between the two individuals (Figure 1). In fact, by 1974, Chakraborty et al. suggested that genetic testing via electrophoresis had advanced such that this method might be used to confirm paternity rather than merely exclude a man as a child’s father.
          Today, with the advent of numerous DNA sequencing, amplification, and testing techniques, paternity testing has evolved even further than predicted. Indeed, present-day genetic testing has an accuracy rate of up to 99.99% (i.e., 9,999 out of 10,000). Of course, the exact level of accuracy depends on the number and quality of the genetic markers being considered. (Here, it is important to emphasize that scientists consider only specific marker alleles, rather than entire genomes, when conducting paternity testing. Full genome analysis would add a great deal of time and expense to the process without significantly improving the accuracy of the results.) Thus, DNA-based forms of paternity testing have all but taken over earlier methods. In addition, higher throughput, better sensitivity, and automation have allowed DNA testing to be performed on ever-smaller and sometimes degraded DNA samples with greater speed and excellent accuracy.“



          1. The RT-PCR test only reacts to about 1% (or less) of the 30,000 base genome. And there’s no proof those sequences aren’t in human RNA, because although there’s a big database of DNA, there’s no such database for RNA.

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            1. Thank you Mr. Crowe! To build on this, my questioning the coronavirus PCR test’s false positive rate does not mean that I am saying the PCR test itself is totally invalid. If the SARS-CoV-2 was actually spreading and transmitted between people, we should be able to test and find positive PCR results reliably in patients with the same illness. The rate of positive tests should exceed a documented false positive rate. We have no clue how many of the current positive results for SARS-CoV-2 are false positives. I suggest that it is the vast majority of all positive results. There is a real chance that we are only seeing false positives.

              If SARS-CoV-2 is even a real virus, there is no evidence that it is spreading and no evidence that it causes any specific sickness.


            2. Per your links, 96% of 3,277 inmates who tested positive for the coronavirus were asymptomatic. 370 plant workers test positive, all are asymptomatic.

              This is what you would see if all the positives were false positives.




              1. Similar results at meat packing plants. Many positive, almost all asymptomatic. I think the test reacts to bad air quality. I’m guessing prisons have lousy air quality and prisoners are inside far too long. And meat packing plants have air filled with bone dust, blood droplets, some toxic chemicals and so on. Similarly higher levels of antibody tests and RT-PCR tests in places with bad air quality.

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      2. Ferguson is the imperial guy in the news and Farrar runs the wellcome trust(the church of Francis Galton of course).


  2. As a side note I’d like to address the notion of wearing masks.

    They don’t do shit. The CronaCold by Gates (TM) is a particle with a diameter of 0.125 microns. N95 masks (worn properly) only stop 95% of particles down to .300. anything smaller than .300 passes right thru.

    Wearing masks only means you’ve submitted to the lie.


    1. Right which is why I won’t take part in that element of the ritual, seems they just want everyone to participate. As if to say if you wear the mask by deduction you believe there is a virus floating around. On another note my employer is demanding mandatory “corona” testing this week, I dont want to participate. What “test” is used for this? The totalitarian beast is rearing its head for all to see.


    1. H. R. 6666
      “any other type of entity that is determined by the Secretary to be an eligible entity
      $100,000,000,000 for fiscal year 2020”
      “(2) such sums as may be necessary for each of fiscal year 2021 and any subsequent fiscal year during which the emergency period continues.”

      So they are expecting this to continue….especially with that huge grant.

      I’ve watched the markets very closely since March. The amount of injections at specific times thru the trading days, and how it popped up equities was impressive yet left me with a terrible feeling. The manipulation that was captured on the charts makes me sick at my stomach. I’ve never seen anything like that, yet am reminded that the Feds also did a Trillion dollar injection last September.

      Where is all this money coming from?
      Are debt swaps for nature or humans are on the way, unless they already own all of us and all the property?
      They are releasing prisoners. Rents are being postponed. Will people be let go of debts, wonder if it somehow connects to Deuteronomy 15:1


      1. The money does not “come from” anywhere per se. The government dictates the money supply, so to create another trillion dollars they simply make it so. They create a trillion new dollars out of thin air.


  3. In Italy if you say out loud in a public place that Covid-19 is a hoax and invite people to think with their own brain, you are currently taken to a psychiatric hospital for a mandatory medical treatment, which in Italy is requested &signed for by the local Mayor.
    I’m not joking. It happened last week in a small town in Sicily.
    A guy in his thirties, a local rapper, sat on his car alone without mask and with a megaphone invited his fellow citizens to take off the masks and protest against the illegal regulations still on because there is no pandemic. Some people thought he was just shooting a video or something, but after a few minutes a police car and an ambulance arrived, took him out of the car and pushed him down on the pavement. They sedated him and took him straight to a psychiatric ward where he had to stay for a week. He was discharged yesterday, after having been heavily drugged and tied to his bed like a schizophrenic patient or something. The guy filmed a short video with his smartphone before being dragged out of the car, and it shows a perfectly sound guy who certainly didn’t need the treatment he got for a whole week.
    He’s out now thanks to his brother who’s an attorney but his case divided my country. Msm media are not talking about it of course, but hundreds of websites and blogs are.

    So, when some relatives came for a quick visit days ago and asked what I think about this bullshit bug, I said I had to go to the supermarket and off I went for over an hour.
    People are so stupid and so brain dead I don’t trust anyone. Don’t wanna end up in a straight jacket, and don’t care what’s gonna happen to them, they deserve it anyway.

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    1. You are not joking, surely. But do that mean such “news” is anything but fearmongering? Remember Cucchi? You think that was real?

      So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. FDR, 1932

      FEAR NOTHING. 50 Cent, 2009


      1. How do you know about the Cucchi case?

        I’m not sure what really happened there, I still have my doubts, one thing I know for sure though: Never trust the police (and Carabinieri).


      1. I haven’t seen it on TV, as I said msm didn’t talk about it.
        Anyway, I asked around on blogs and it seems that the Mayor hates this rapper and his attorney brother cos they were exposing his involvement with the local mafia, so he probably took revenge on them the first chance he got.
        Also, the attorney brother run for local election as Mayor recently.
        In a word, there’s a sort of feud going on between the Mayor and the rapper’s family.


  4. and why exactly should we assume DNA is what they say it is (or exists at all), given that they’ve lied about everything else?


    1. Well, there’s no theory that I’m unwilling to listen to. DNA technology seems to have improved with technology as we would hope for with a legitimate technology. Crime scene DNA and whatnot. 23 and Me. Catching criminals via familial DNA. Then with coronavirus and studying PCR, we’re looking at the single-stranded RNA. As much as the PCR process has drawbacks, I do believe that it works in theory.

      If I heard a coherent theory about DNA not existing, I would absolutely listen. However, as of now I have seen no such theory, and DNA seems to fit in several ways that I am willing to believe it is more or less what we’re told unless I hear better.

      Never unwilling to hear about an alternate theory and never so certain as to believe that some idea must absolutely be fact.


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