It’s turtles all the way down

I offer the above video because it contains some of the most powerful language in favor of representative government and against “fascism” (which Costner later invokes in the courtroom setting), in cinematic history. It is a level 101 course in the depths of deception that our leaders are capable of.

In 1991, when this movie, JFK, was released, I was still in diapers, so to speak. I wondered how such a work could make it through the barriers, the powerful censors. I thought it a breakthrough. I imagined we might finally have some answers. I was also impressed by the list of actors (not to mention Oliver Stone) on ‘our side’, truth-seekers. Here are the big ones:

Kevin Costner
Ed Asner
Jack Lemmon
Gary Oldman
Sissy Spacek
Joe Pesci
Walter Mathau
Tommy Lee Jones
John Candy
Kevin Bacon
Jim Garrison
Donald Sutherland

Jim Garrison, not officially an actor, in real life played a lone nut district attorney in New Orleans, willing to defy the world to get to the truth. That’s why he is listed. In the movie he played Earl Warren, another real-life actor of that era, selected to head the “Warren Commission.”

I cannot also help but notice that the actor listed at IMDB chosen to play FBI agent “Frank” is named “Wayne Tippet.” Those of you unfamiliar with the Kennedy assassination might not know that part of the larger scam was the supposed murder of a Dallas police officer by the name “Tippet.” Hmmmm. .

Uneducated as I was in 1991, I thought there was an undercurrent of truth-seeking going on, and that the list above was comprised of men and women who were in an underground movement to find out who really shot JFK. It would not be until many years later, on reading this paper, that I came to realize the depths of deception that our leaders are capable of.

The Costner speech is well written. He is a brilliant actor, and I have always been attracted to his work. Notice how he mimics a southern accent, how he almost breaks in a state of emotional line-walking as he recites his lines. Most of us remember him as Ray Kinsella in Field of Dreams, where his character is a modest and unassuming man who, when confronted with his own (well-intended) lies, says “That’s a good point.” He has always been able to play the part of a likeable man.*

His character in JFK is intense, willing to sacrifice his family to get to the bottom of the crime. The real life Jim Garrison was said to have done the same. Not a chance. Off screen and on, these are all actors.

What I find so disconcerting is how, in the Costner speech, they hit all the right notes. Man, did they play me. Man, did they know how to play me. They know not just the words, but the music. They are not sincere about one letter in one word of one sentence.

I am overmatched.

So too with the scamdemic. They know that a certain segment of the population will see through it. They are prepared for us, and know our angles and forms of resistance. They will allow some of it, but not all of it. That which is allowed will be in the same manner as done with cattle being led to slaughter. The people behind this are the heirs of the JFK assassination scam. They are playing us on so many levels. I only seek refuge from them. The depth of their deceit, dishonesty and intelligence intimidates me. Where to hide?

At this point, I can only do a few things: One, my cell phone will be gone. That device is, and always has been, for tracking. Before now, it was merely an alluring piece of electronics that we all got hooked on. So many years ago, I came across a photo of the prototype of the original iPhone. It was not something put forth by the clown Steve Jobs, an actor, but by DARPA. It was a siren song. (I do wish I saved things like that photo. But then, maybe it was released on purpose, to mislead us.)

I want to go to places where there is no cellular and where I can turn WIFI on for maybe an hour a day to do this. Perhaps I could travel to a place to use WIFI or cellular once weekly, like Slough Creek Campground in Yellowstone, where the Mt. Washburn tower barely juts above the intervening hills to allow a signal. Something like that. I have a ringing in the back of my head that is not tinnitus, and which is shared, I read, by 80 million others in this country. It may be a background electronic resonance. It is, I read, the reason why I do not suffer so many insects on my windshield when driving 75 mph on a highway.

I cannot know these things to be true. After all, look above at the Costner speech, and see how many degrees of deceit are around us – 33? Why is this book allowed to be published? Maybe I have crossed a line into paranoia, but I have been fooled before. Just as I assumed that an underground movie could break through to the mainstream, so too do I assume books allowed to be published do not have to pass some official muster. They key to censorship, real censorship, is not to suspect it is there, but not to even know. If a book is never published, how can we know its contents?

There are other things that I cannot avoid. A vaccination is in the works, though it cannot possibly have anything to do with a virus. It is intended for some other purpose, and we will not be able to avoid it. I can only hope it does not kill us. I do not rule that out.

Also in the works, a rite of passage too – a “Covid-19” card or tattoo. It will allow us on aircraft, to attend concerts, perhaps even to enter a grocery store. We cannot avoid that either. The power behind this hoax is unfathomable.

Most difficult is to be surrounded by dunces. I was a dunce in 1991, and got played. I don’t look down on humanity. I am just an aging part of it. I stumbled on the paper written and mentioned that it explained how the JFK assassination was but a real-TV-news movie in which no one was harmed. That paper set me free. I took that opportunity to see through so many other public hoaxes and the way our country, our world is run. It is public mythology. Everything we know is false.

Like the movie JFK, my question is this: Was I allowed to read the paper as another immersion into the depths of deception? Was I played yet again? I’ll not soon forget that I was led to its author by a YouTube video on the Sharon Tate hoax. That video, even now as YouTube has removed the velvet gloves and censors everything imaginable, is still there.

I am not smart enough to see through everything. By any means.

*Costner’s latest offering, Yellowstone, not worth a link, is ugly and dishonest in its portrayal of ranching, Montana, and life. The characters are all overblown and defective, each suffering some sort of mania driving them to kill and be killed. If only he’d have stopped with Water World.

18 thoughts on “It’s turtles all the way down

  1. @28:00 minutes Camilla and Jeff C discuss “The Singularity” and masks with sensors for temperature, and other potential functionality like location (track and trace) and other tech-control-tools being piloted in the 2020 school re-openings.
    Researchers at MIT and Harvard are developing a light-up detection function for masks.

    Lots of patents to be fast-tracked and approved; lots of money to be made.

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  2. I dug down the MM rabbit hole years ago. That paper is outstanding. The 8mm footage of the event suddenly makes sense, when the whole thing is considered a show. All world is a stage. If you try to look behind the curtain, you will encounter contradictions. We are trapped in a labyrinth. Fear and guilt are holding us here, the only escape is to realize who we really are, to realize we are not (really) affected by the show. Like a drop of water in a small bottle, which will some day be back in the ocean. Death and earthly truth will not set us free. Meanwhile, the show has jumped the shark, maybe the “awakening” is real, and the magicians desperately try to prevent it. Fear and guilt, 2020. So far a Swiss guru I follow.
    When it’s like that, at least they will not kill us, they need us…

    Back to MM, I’m looking for the Pi=4 video, they are seen in a garden, letting bearing balls run through transparent hoses, a crappy made experiment. This has to be archived!


  3. Why have you resigned yourself to believe the vaccine is unavoidable?
    Aside from that I find your comments on this covid issue to be the only thing on the internet I’ve found that I can relate to.


      1. Yeah I suppose the prospect of possibly being allowed to attend socially distanced public events if you have your once or twice yearly vaccine makes it irresistible, or maybe everything will go back to normal if we all comply. Luckily for me the company I work for have sent all employees a voucher to get a free flu shot, its nice to know they care.


    1. I am curious as to why you might think it is avoidable. If the String Pullers have gone to this much trouble to convince the world to take a vaccine, then they are going to ramrod this agenda through whatever means necessary.

      Please note that this was decided at the Davos conference in January. The Moderna and Oxford vaccines went into development at that time, well before there was ever a hint of a “worldwide pandemic.” Bill Gates was personally involved in both of these vaccines…and lo and behold, of the hundred of vaccines supposedly being developed right now to combat COVID, these two are considered the leaders and will soon go into large-scale production. Funny how that worked out…don’t you think?

      I’m trying to find a way out. I do not want to take that vaccine.


      1. I wouldn’t give up hope and presume that such will be completely forced. I feel that there will be an “out” to any poison they can dream up to push on the population if they ever do “release” one. Remember, there was hype about the development of such vaccination during the AIDS scare days of the 80s and 90s, too, and it just kind of fizzled into nothingness after a long enough time-frame. Convenience might be hampered if they really do push it, but I note that often times, these purveyors of fiction don’t take part in the nonsense in their personal lives that they portray for us on the stage. Plenty of doctors and well-to-dos won’t do to their families what they pressure us into. Would they really make it completely mandatory without some loophole for themselves?

        And on the note of “convenience,” is it really necessary? I’ve gotten by just fine to-date, for instance, only ever having a cheap-as-dirt “dumb phone” for during working hours and sticking to landline service 100% for personal life (with rotary dial phones, at that). My personal contacts only know my home number, by my own design. The “controllers” may have made my lifestyle inconceivable to the masses by getting them hooked on the newest boondoggles and may have added inconveniences into my life for not “going with the flow,” by taking away pay phones, etc., but it’s still possible to live in today’s society without. The allure to conform is ever-present, but life keeps on going and I get to enjoy the personal peace and satisfaction of living in the past in my personal time.

        I, for one, will refuse any vaccine to my last day no matter what the cost. Not once in my life, nor my father before me in his, nor his father before him have had any of the vaccines or shots that they have pushed to-date and I do not intend to change that. I’ve never even been to an alopathic doctor once in my life for any reason, choosing to take responsibility for my own health over the slow deterioration of health while masking symptoms that I see that branch of “healthcare” offering. The common perception of the great masses that I have come into contact with has always been the thought that vaccination was “required” to get into school and to do the world traveling that I have done. That’s just it, though: perception. It’s induced by the show they put on the stage in front of us, but it was never reality if you didn’t let it be. All it took was my parents and I ignoring these things to get by.

        The same applies with today’s silly face covering nonsense so far in my life. I deliver to and enter stores every day that “require” face coverings (though I tend to boycott any that push too hard in my personal life). I just ignore it and go about my business. The most I’ve dealt with is a “tsk, tsk” type of confrontation that went nowhere (because I played dumb about what he was referring to) from an employee at one establishment–who, by the way, was sans mask himself until he walked up to make that remark–and a few initial “don’t come in”s at businesses that still aren’t generally allowing the public past a certain point, followed by a realization that what I was carrying was burdensome and then all rules were temporarily forgotten.


    2. Our “leaders” have no need for an actual vaccine. They only need the promise of a vaccine. Extended lockdowns are justified by the idea that we need to wait for the vaccine, otherwise we might as well just grit our teeth and go for natural herd immunity. The promise of a vaccine is the carrot they dangle in front of people to keep them from face-to-face interactions. The primary intended effect of the “social distancing” and masking measures is to make it loathsome, inconvenient, or impossible to work, play, and learn locally and in person, pushing more and more transactions to the internet and replacing more and more people’s jobs with apps and robots. All this can be and is being accomplished without any actual (or even fake) vaccine.

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      1. Undoctored,

        This is a great point, and one that I only recently thought of: What if there is no COVID vax coming? Obviously this event was planned years, if not decades in advance so any vaccine could be “ready” whenever they want it to be, but I wonder if you’re onto something. They could conceivably just keep this cycle of bullshit going for years really, masks, shutdowns, social engineering, etc. until people simply don’t know any different, and there is no “normal” to go back to. They obviously like us isolated, muzzled and afraid. No need to rush a vax in to “save” us.

        I still believe there will be a vaccine eventually, maybe after a couple of years, a lot of “virus mutations” and much talk of “shortages” to make more people want it. There is obviously going to be something very different about this “vaccine” if that’s even what it is. My biggest concern with the vax isn’t that it could kill me, but more along the lines of how much could it change me? Would I still be the same or even human after getting this vaccine? Seems a little crazy even typing it out, but I think that’s exactly what they have in mind.

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        1. Haley, if you scroll down to Paul Sagan’s bio (board member at Moderna), you may not think you’re so crazy after all. Some may recall Akamai and Daniel Lewin and 9/11? I probably don’t have to spell things out here at POM. In any case, one may want to consider why a cloud computing exec who focuses on security and threats (and is contracted by the Dept of Defense) is involved directly with vaccines . . .


  4. As long as we’re posting movie clips, here’s the one I keep thinking about–Agent Smith’s “humans are a virus” speech from The Matrix.

    I’ve long thought the elites who run Hollywood (not always the artists, but definitely the ones who greenlight film projects) have a flipped view of the cinematic stories they push on us. To them, the villains are the heroes. The ostensible heroes–like the one Costner plays in JFK–are ridiculously, hopelessly naive… and if we relate to them, identify with them, that’s just one of many ways to ensure that we will dumb down.

    But Agent Smith in The Matrix? I can easily imagine the Families cheering and guffawing with glee as they listen to this speech.


    1. By the way, I just thought of one exception to what I said above about Hollywood movies–“Incredibles 2,” written and directed by Brad Bird. Yeah, it looks like a kid’s movie, but even though it follows the usual gestures of a superhero movie, it actually makes humanity’s lazy delusion that heroes will save us from the bad guys a central plot element. For those who haven’t seen it, you might enjoy the speech by the film’s villain, called Screen Slaver, who speaks painful truths while justifying a plot to control humanity through total mind control.


  5. I’m on the side of any vaccine not being mandatory. I also agree that they will try to make it appear that way. You would be surprised how many parents I know think vaccines are necessary to enroll their kids in public or private school where I live. But all you have to do is get a waiver from the Department of Health. Can be Religious or Medical or Philosophical. We always choose Philosophical.


    1. The state of IL does not allow for personal or philosophical reasons.
      It allows a religious exemption, but is still up to the local school authority for exclusions.

      “No student is required to have an immunization/examination that is contrary to the religious beliefs of his/her parent or legal guardian. However, not following vaccination recommendations may endanger the health or life of the unvaccinated student, others with whom they come in contact, and individuals in the community. In a disease outbreak, or after exposure to any of the diseases for which immunization is required, schools may exclude children who are not vaccinated in order to protect all students.”

      So it appears that children whose parents that sign the religious exemption form may possibly not be able to attend public schools.


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