Fallout from the fake virus: Empowering dweebs and twirps

Someone somewhere wrote that most state governors are limited in their ability to declare emergencies and issue directives. Said directives are limited to 30 days and subject to ratification by the legislature. So stated this source.

PolisI went to the Colorado Code Annotated, the section on emergencies and the duties and powers of the governor. They are sweeping and unfettered. Nowhere is the legislature mentioned. The source I cite above was wrong, at least about Colorado. Jared Polis, who strikes me as the kind of dweeb who has to beg his wife to have sex with him, has virtually unlimited power, and of course, no one is standing up to him. Someone should demand that he prove the existence of the virus, which has not been done, or back down.

I also went to the Montana Code Annotated and found similar language. However, the language for that state was not as clear to me as that of Colorado, and I don’t live there anyway. We just visited there, and the atmosphere is oppressive with clerks refusing to sell merchandise to anyone without masks. The governor has empowered these little twirps behind cash registers, and man do they like bossing people around. It’s not unusual to see the arm-on-hip, body language saying “I am the boss of you.”**

Colorado is equally oppressive. We just did a hike to the top of a nearby mountain this morning. Often the trail is very busy, but only moderately so today. Still, people were ducking out of the way and covering their faces, just as they did several months ago. For a time (we do that hike a couple of times a month) masks were a rarity. The fear is back, and as omnipresent as ever. These people are freaky scared of something they cannot see, taste, touch or smell. What a propaganda accomplishment!

I haven’t watched news in a long time, and on our recent two-week trip through Montana and Wyoming, I did not do any electronic communication. It was a practice run, as I intend to get rid of my cell phone in the near future, contract tracing and all already installed on it without my permission. But I do know about the second wave, hard to imagine as there was no first wave. I do know about positive tests popping up everywhere, no one aware that the PCR has an accuracy rate of … let me look for it here – I just wrote it down yesterday, somewhere under this stack of papers … oh yeah, here it is, zero.

My take from the behavior around me is that the fear is now as intense as ever, and being focused on those of us who have not drank the Kool-Aid*, and who do not wear masks. The repression I feel is heavy as fog.

One bright spot – Wyoming. Stores that we stopped in there showed no signs of fear, no Covid-19 notices, no footsteps and lines on the floors. Masks were a rarity. The exception was the Holiday Express in Riverton, where we stayed. The town of Riverton was free of the nonsense, but Holiday played it up big, all employees in masks, barriers, no sit-down dining. They emailed me this morning and asked me to rate our stay. I normally ignore such things, but I gave them a review. Boy did I give them one.

*My apologies for use of the hackneyed phrase. It seems to fit, however.

**The headline for the Bozeman (Montana) Daily Chronicle on the day we left was “116 construction workers test positive for Covid-19.” I thought about the number, and realized that the story, false anyway based on bogus testing, was also a spook marker:

11 is out in the open, 6 is 3+3, or 33, and 1+1+6 =8 – a triple whammy! The story is fake, in my view.

I am amending my remarks above regarding Jared Polis. I live among Colorado residents, but am not a part of them. I first discovered Polis was our governor only this year. Who cares? I have now learned that he is gay and has a partner and two adopted children. Therefore my remarks about him, that he appears to be a dweeb who has to beg his wife to have sex with him, need amending. Substitute “husband” for wife.

14 thoughts on “Fallout from the fake virus: Empowering dweebs and twirps

  1. “Someone should demand that he prove the existence of the virus, which has not been done”

    I feel like we should be careful with these kinds of statements. Not that I entirely disagree, only that I think we can be more specific and compelling.

    Modify it to:
    “Someone should demand that he prove the existence of the [pathogenic nature of this particular] virus, which has not been done”

    To me, the more incisive way is to state that no credible correlation has been shown between a positive PCR test and a specific illness. A huge proportion of people get a positive PCR result and they are hard-pressed to name any symptoms (even if they are trying to confirm backwards after the positive result!). I think the PCR might be indeed identifying some irrelevant virus or exosome in the body…meaning I don’t think they’re all false positives. Some people really do consistently test positive. This implies that the PCR is indeed detecting something in them. Saying blankly that “it doesn’t exist” is not an ideal framing.

    Where people actually go astray is in thinking this detection is concrete proof that the particle is the cause of a specific illness. It is total nonsense. It’d be like me saying, “I know the cause of left-handedness, let me test you for the BRCA gene!”, then making excuses for all the BRCA positive people who were right handed. There would be some left handed people with the BRCA gene. But it’s a bogus correlation. This is where the correlation here is also bogus.

    Until the particles they are detecting are actually shown to be the sole cause of a specific illness, it’s all bad conjecture. Voodoo medicine.


    1. I am going to do a separate post on the nature of the work that has been done to make it appear that there is a new and novel virus. Dr. Andy Kaufman, who does excellent work, nonetheless was a bit vague in describing the nature of the process of isolation. He laid out several steps, the first of which was “isolation,” which is confusing. It is the one thing that has not been done.

      The steps are collection of a sample, preparation of the sample for processing, centrifuge, filtration and purification. The last two steps are confusing too, as the filtering has to be done repeatedly until all that is left is the virus. It is tedious, expensive, and requires expertise and elaborate equipment. What is left when this is done properly is called the “gold standard.” For SARS-CoV-2, there is no gold standard. They stopped work after centrifuge, drew a gene sequence from the chicken noodle soup that they had, said that it was 80% identical to the 2003 SARS-CoV-1 virus (not nearly close enough to call it even near to close).

      At this point, they stopped work. The reason, as I see it, is obvious: There was no new and novel virus, and the people in Wuhan were ordered to produce something, anything as part of a rollout of a fake pandemic.

      Anyway, I’ve done most of the work of the post and will put it up tomorrow if nothing else pops up.

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      1. My point is though…even if you isolated something, where has it been shown that that is the “something” causing a specific kind of contagious illness in people? Isolation seems pointless without proof the isolated agent is actually the cause of a specific illness.


        1. You are correct, as I see it. But this is true of virology in general over time, the connection between the virus and the disease never proven, according to Kaufman anyway. We all know about AIDS, but what about the common cold. If our cells produce billions of rhinoviruses to fight the common cold, and the virologists say that the viruses caused the cold, who is right?

          The idea that a virus, which is not alive or mobile, enters a cell in order to reproduce is a stretch. More likely, the virus was produced and sent by the cell on a mission.


          1. an isolated virus always occurs as millions of particles of the same type and size. You cannot isolate one singular virus. A picture of one virus therefore has to be fake. They now claim to make a delta between good DNA (of a healthy person) and bad DNA o(of a infected person) and this has to be the DNA of the virus. they don’t explain though how they get the good DNA. It has to be from the same person, no? Otherwise how do they distinguish the differences between humans in the DNA from that virus DNA? The Corona tests look for this delta-DNA and somehow can be done immediately. Usual DNA fingerprint test takes days because the gel electrophoresis which is the final part of EVERY DNA method, be it testing or sequencing, needs time. The claim there is, the microsatellites (parts of parts of the actual DNA) can be somehow ordered in an electrostatic field due to their size, the size represents certain chromosome groups and that way they build a strip pattern which looks different every time the same probe is being analyzed yet still this smart people somehow can tell the difference or the lack of it and express it as probability. Vaccines on the other side are tested if they create similar symptoms to the sickness they claim to prevent and if the side effects are not to big. They are and were never tested if they actually help in anyway.


  2. I’m very fortunate to have reconnected with an old friend who has done quite well as an internal communications executive in the corporate world. Her mother was a prim and proper God-fearing Christian, her father was an unconventional pot-smoking conspiracy theorist musician (they wisely divorced), and my friend inherited the best qualities of both. She’s as conventional as they come and wears a mask like everyone else, but she actually likes the fact that people have different points of view and discusses issues with curiosity, generosity, humor and humility. Honestly, until I reconnected with her, I didn’t think that was possible anymore. How liberating to enjoy the company and conversation of a mask-wearer on the subject of mask wearing, with neither side needing, wanting or expecting the other side to change his or her mind. It feels downright subversive.

    Here in my redneck Indiana state, the pressure to mask up has intensified, with some stores posing really ominous-looking dark red signs declaring MASK REQUIRED FOR ENTRY. As I continue to go maskless, I am making an effort to keep my disposition bright and cheerful. There are still a few stores where masks aren’t enforced, but I’ve encountered quite a few begrudging hands-on-hips cashiers who would love to refuse me service, and probably will in the coming weeks when they are empowered to do so. Nevertheless, I’m appreciating how much this situation has focused my attention on how I comport myself in the world. I’m not sure I’d be doing as well, emotionally or psychologically, if not for my communications exec friend. I wish everybody in our little outsider’s club had someone like her.


  3. Inverted reality dictates that the “button pushers” get to pretend to be cops for a while. Can’t harm dweebs for abuse of power. It is the principle of man-made law, in opposition to (fundamental) nature’s law. It is, and has for millennia, been the upside-down world of illusion created by hierarchy/oligarchy.


  4. “Someone should demand that he prove the existence of the virus, which has not been done”.

    I agree with this Mark, and will say that this is key for any possible reversal of this whole psyop. This event is constructed solely on the foundation of VIRUS, with its necessary mechanisms of infection and contagion. In my view, no wiggling with words or semantics or arguing re numbers of deaths will work as long as the viral lie stands. Without attacking any other claimed historical virus in the moment, and after 120 years of their promotion of the viral paradigm, the evidence for this current virus’s existence is zilch, and the flagrant dishonesty of the ‘evidence’ presented for it is itself proof of the lie.

    I made the following comment somewhere else two days ago:

    “Sorry for your friends’ illness, but he did not suffer from coronavirus, even though he was told he did. The pcr test can not honestly be used for diagnostic purposes, as acknowledged by the manufacturers of it, and by the words of the tests’ inventor himself. It can only detect fragments of rna/dna (which have no known specific origin), and it can then “amplify” the amount of those fragments. Nothing in this process allows for the identification of any particle with a complete genome, whether endogenous or exogenous. The “amplified” particles can then be used for research; that is what pcr was designed for.

    When this research tool is dishonestly used as a test to diagnose disease (supposedly caused by a specific virus), then you can of course create your own false narrative. That has been done, and the story is unchallenged by the public. Other inherent absurdities crop up here with the ‘test’, i.e. false positives, false negatives, indeterminate….which is of course the result of not having properly identified (via isolation, purification) the ‘viral’ entity being blamed in the first place. Now, in order to force a result from the ‘test’, our rna/dna fragment (claimed without proof to be the virus) is cycled (amplified) many times until it becomes more ‘visible’, and at some arbitrary point the cycling is stopped, and the result is said to be positive or negative or indeterminate…fewer cycles, more negatives. More cycles, more positives. It can be said here that the test ‘result’ is simply whatever the tester wants it to be, and it becomes obvious that how many ‘cases’ of coronavirus exist is literally the result of how many tests are administered. The test IS the virus.

    Ditto antibody testing. When hiv antibody testing was first developed, EVERYONE tested positive. How to solve this ‘little’ problem? Dilute your sample 400 times, allowing yourself to say that the intensity (color gradation) would tell whether one was pos or neg. The antibody test was testing for proteins, and some proteins were said to be specific for hiv, but the mechanics of the test itself prove that this was false, and as time went on it had to be acknowledged that many proteins (or the amount of them in the sample) would result in a ‘positive’ result. Yet the perception remained(s), and was encouraged to remain, that an hiv-positive test result is proof of hiv infection, and all the fear and devastation was also encouraged to remain in one’s life from that point….in each case, that of pcr or antibody testing, there is clear intent to create infection by virus when the ‘virus’ cannot be demonstrated to exist in the first place.

    You will say that the virus has been isolated and its genome mapped, but on investigation you will find that this has been done by the frankenstein method of computer modeling, not by isolating, purifying, or characterizing it in reality. We might compare this computer modeling to that done by the venerable Neil Ferguson. Modeling that tells us what we are supposed to hear and believe, modeling that tells a lie.

    We are being faked, and herded, and the intent of this lie should be obvious by what we are experiencing in real time. Some of those among the controllers of this psyop are surely laughing (with malice) as they see their subjects donning the masks (beginning an immediate degradation of their health due to improper oxygen/carbon dioxide uptake), anonymizing themselves, distancing themselves from others, ALL of which factors have a clear negative impact on physical AND mental health. This is the notion of humans as walking biohazards, presented to you through an ‘event’ that is not about health or valid science, by a consortium of forces that are not interested in your welfare.”

    (all credit to Mark for the phrase “the test IS the virus”.)


    1. thanks … very well thought out comment. When I use parts of it, as I will, I will give you due credit. I am familiar with all that you write, but do not have the recall to put it all down as done here.


    2. The statement could be: “Everyone should always require the seminal proof of the virus’ existence, to bring an end to otherwise irrelevant topics.”

      Do not argue with proofs against virus existence, as claimers will defensively go off-topic with the handles you supply.

      Do not honor the tech of fake science. It is off-topic awe-inspiring.

      That is…

      Keep the burden of proof on the claimers by simply asking one question and two followups:

      1) What seminal study claims to have discovered said virus? (Ensure that this is a seminal study.)

      a) What text in the study describes isolation of the virus?

      b) What text in the study discounts toxicological factors?

      They should balk. If they continue, then deconstruct on the basis of a) and b).

      Usually they have only read the title, and only think they have a supporting document. Don’t let them force you into reading the complicated trash, but ask them to paste the crucial text. If the study costs, and you need the study, then have them send the study for research.

      Maintain civility and simplicity, and burden of proof at all times. Personal attacks are an admission of defeat with the logical fallacy, ad hominem.

      Enemies can be your useful friends, helping you both towards better understanding. Yet virus claimers tend to be cancel-culture.

      Here is my research on COVID-19. Setting the virus aside outright, enables a clean focus on environmental factors:



      1. I live in Colorado as well.Polis is gay and married and they have 2 adopted kids. I think things in Colorado are gonna keep getting worse. The powers that be are not gonna let up from their goals of world depopulation.


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