Theft of Touch

World record group hug.

Physical touch is an essential element of being human. Quasi-legal lock-down, masking up, social distancing all contribute to stress and reduced levels of hormones and neurotransmitters that keep us from going crazy.

Social torture compromises our immune system.

The aristocracy obviously wants us to go mad from a lack of touch by breaking social bonds. Hug your friends and family often, it may be critical to our mental well-being.

Many thanks, again, to Camille.

So how can we cope with a lack of touch? Don’t let the satanic elite, techno-freaks rob you of our “social glue.”

Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND

Do not comply!

14 thoughts on “Theft of Touch

  1. Steve, thank you for this. One of the most important books I ever purchased (20 years ago) was The Vital Touch, by Sharon Heller, Ph.D. I share it with every new mom I know. Dr. Heller wrote (in 1997) about “Parenting in the Machine Age,” and was already warning about the disconnecting effect of parents placing babies in “containers” of all sorts (cribs, bassinets, cradles, bouncies, playpens, swings, walkers, strollers, etc). She aptly explained that the “overuse of these touch thieves dehumanizes parenting.” Tragically, the technocratic futurists are “touch thieves” and seek to replace authentic human touch with “synthetic touch.” This is only a hint of what is planned: And this is what we are already seeing – children in plastic “pods” devoid of all touch and social closeness: Tragic beyond words.


    1. Tragic? It’s child abuse. It’s criminal, insane and downright evil.

      Our leaders are insane inhuman sadists. Face masks can cause permanent brain damage even death, they are deliberately enforcing state injury/murder.


    2. The images from the Thai school story remind me of Ben Long’s series of frescoes at the Bank of America in Charlotte, NC:

      There’s an esoteric significance to the cube that I don’t fully understand and I sense that the Thai school story adds another symbolic dimension to the global COVID-19 ritual we’re living through.
      To roughly paraphrase Clint Richardson, the elites speak in verse while we, the masses, speak in prose. We have been raised to see the world through literalist eyes; it’s how we approach all narrative and it enables the elites are able to operate on another level without our awareness.

      More on the frescoes here:


      1. Cubes, especially the “black cube” (representing Saturn worship) is found worldwide, like the obelisk it supposedly has similar Masonic/Luciferian implications.


        1. Many years ago, a late friend and entrepreneuse told me that the town’s bigwigs used to meet in a hotel and a man with a German/Jewish? name from the capital would visit them with a suitcase that had a black box in it. She’d had a few, but never said anything further, and in those days, I didn’t know what a mixed-up, muddled up world it was. Now I would have asked more, but now it’s too late.


          1. I’ve just remembered about my above friend/enterpreneuse, when she went to the kitchen it sounded like she was crying, I asked was she all right, for she what they call in some films ‘a tough cookie’ so it was unusual for her to weep, but then her sister turned up, so that was it.


  2. Somatic Scenarios

    “Can’t you see,
    that I am not afraid…
    What was that promise that you made?”

    The desire to
    connect is strong, but a friend
    remains freaked out over the scam.

    Not wanting to be held liable if the
    friend becomes ill after a visit,
    some are resorting to “personalizing”
    a virus waiver form:


  3. Steve Kelly (and others), any thoughts on this madness?

    I suppose this guy could be genuine, though this far out on a limb, it’s hard not to suspect that there’s some high level form of trolling going on, or perhaps a test of public response. Or both.

    Another possibility: As some of the commenters say, this lends credence to the “paranoid” camp, and pushes them in that direction. Could this guy actually be designed to snap a few more people awake, and alert them to the headlong rush into madness?

    I suppose it’s heartening that most, or all, of the commenters, though true believers in covid, think this guy needs to have his OWN dose adjusted. At this point, it would not have surprised me if half of them had applauded him… Thank goodness we’re not quite to that point yet.


    1. Hard for me to take anyone seriously who equates state-enforced (govern-ment) rules with morality. Who needs man-gods dictating their laws over man? Sounds like a quack, or crack-head.


    2. Who on this planet is more morally depraved than the roughly 2,095 billionaires? That would make a perfect test group for trials to see if psychopathic behavior is even slightly positively influenced by “moral enhancement” drugs.


  4. TIMR – This is where I had read about Parker Crutchfield’s suggestion to “covertly” “morally enhance” society. Following is one of his treatises in support of transhumanism, positing that post-humans will be morally superior to current humans: So, one can see one of the end goals here. Sadly, I suspect he is in more company in academia (and within the military industrial medical complex) than we could imagine (and that they care to admit publicly).


    1. Could be… Pretty brazen to have even one of their own come out and say something like this. It discredits the entire academic enterprise, even in the eyes of the true believers, when someone like that is the product of advanced degrees, and holds a high status position.


  5. Spellcrasft sensors activated!
    Fascinating to proffer morality and
    no mention of Christians, Muslilms,
    Buddhists, Himdus, etc. And the
    perfunctory old saw WWII example?
    Echolalic nonsense.


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