The Ghost in the PCR Machine: Plugged into the COVID Nightmare

In memory of David Crowe of who passed away July 12, 2020.

When are we going to awaken from this nightmare? It gets more surreal by the day. 

To add to the situation, I am throwing a wrench in the gears. On August 10, 2020, Jon Rappoport posted, “COVID: is the virus real?” — an expanded perspective, referring to SARS-CoV-2 as the “woo woo virus.” I suspect even Rappoport may not quite grasp the “woo woo” factor that could potentially be implicated in this event. Prepare your mind to stretch to seemingly impossibilities. Grab a hot mug of coffee or herbal tea. Then have at this. Happy sipping and reading . . . 

First, the bad news

Since the structure of Water is the essence of all Life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world. 

~ Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel Prize, Physiology or Medicine

If it were not for the work of David Crowe, I may not have learned as much as I have about the PCR and RT-PCR testing within the COVID context. Foremost, my main takeaway from his work was that the PCR is NOT a diagnostic test, but rather a manufacturing tool. In its most accessible explanation, PCR uses an amplification technique to replicate more material from what is present in the sample. One step further would be to view the PCR machine as a cloning tool, and even further still to claim it is a process used to create synthetic biology.

There is one aspect of the PCR process that, to my knowledge, was not covered by Crowe, nor any other researcher. I will refer to this aspect as “the ghost in the PCR machine.” I believe it is not only pertinent to the issue of “the test,” but also to the enigmatic “virus” (or absence, thereof). To best grasp this “ghost,” I recommend that you first watch this documentary, “Water Memory” (2014), about Luc Montagnier and his experiment demonstrating memory in water, utilizing the PCR process. If you don’t have time to watch this video (51 minutes) before proceeding, then read on as I briefly discuss my main takeaways from the documentary (see Endnote 1).

The video provides a glimpse into Montagnier’s study verifying that the PCR process successfully amplified DNA from a fluid sample containing ONLY an electromagnetic image of the DNA. He diluted samples through a method called succussion to attain final samples that no longer contained any physical remnant of a virus that he was attempting to detect and reconstitute. According to Montagnier, the Taq polymerase recognized and “read” the electromagnetic signals that emitted from the sample.

Montagnier created a fluid (allegedly containing the HIV virus) that was essentially “homeopathic.” Although one could argue that this was not done according to strict homeopathic protocol, we can at least accept that the target substance (to be replicated by the PCR process) was structurally encoded into the water-based fluid sample. Nevertheless, he demonstrated (and has repeatedly shown in similar studies — see References at the end of this post) that the diluted/homeopathic solution had NO physical remnant of any molecule of virus (only it’s energetic imprint). Yet, the PCR machine detected the virus (again, in this case, it was HIV). The water was like a tape recorder that preserved the information. This has HUGE implications, particularly in light of the RT-PCR “testing” during this CV narrative. Montagnier established there is no need for ANY virus particle to be present — only a memory or imprint of it — in order to produce a “positive.”

As per Montagnier’s experiment, the PCR machine can replicate material even when NO physical material (DNA or RNA) is present. So how can that be? Well, to explain this in depth, we would have to dig into a rabbit hole of epic proportions and explore esoteric science that is NOT understood by mainstream scientists. For now, I will apply a preliminary explanation as set forth by James L. Oschman in his book, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, “One plausible mechanism for water memory storage . . . is that hydrogen bonds hold water molecules together in a helical structure that acts like a coil. The magnetic components of fields emitted by the vibrating molecules induce current flows through the water helix. These currents reverberate within the water structure, much like the ringing of a tuning fork. Even when the sample has been diluted to the point that the original molecule is gone, the signals stored in the water continue to vibrate for a long time. Upon further dilution and succussion, the reverberating signals transfer to other water molecules used to dilute the sample.”

According to E.M. Elsheikh in his book, Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle: In Search of the Fundamental Laws of Life, another way to explain this replication behavior from an electromagnetic imprint — albeit much more complex — falls within the realm of quantum field theory. The theory suggests that the nature of life residing in DNA is a quantum information fractal field (QIFF) that generates, in addition to electromagnetic waves, bioinformation oscillations over successive generations. As E.M. Elsheikh postulated, the induced electromagnetic signals (EMS) of bioinformation create “golden ratio optimized fractal dodecas” in the water, which actually create DNA quantum information fractal field templates. “The template is therefore capable of emitting the same EMS of bioinformation due to water dodeca fractal field phase conjugation; then given the same essential DNA ingredients, the templates can reassemble the whole DNA sequence.” Elsheikh continued, “In sum, the quantum information fractal field generates two types of oscillations: bioinformation oscillations that contain the dynamical essence of a living system and EMS, or waves, that encode the bioinformation.” I acknowledge that’s a mouthful! Let’s just say that DNA has encoded geometry that enables it to emit electromagnetic properties that then generate repeating patterns. 

I am suggesting that it is entirely possible that this obscure “ghost-like phenomenon may have been reverse-engineered in the case of this confounding CV virus. So, as MT has repeatedly stated here at POM, not only may we reason that “the test IS the virus,” but as demonstrated in the documentary, the test can essentially produce a virus out of NOTHING. There need be not even a speck of virus present.

If it is the case that we have all been thrust into this horror movie (with its masked freak show) because of a test that may be detecting an electromagnetic imprint of material that was potentially once existing, but no longer — then “Houston, we’ve got a problem.” Indeed, consider that if there ever was a virus that was present in our bodies, and then eradicated long ago, and the controllers know this, then they know that the “memory” of this virus lies dormant within us, and that the PCR machine can create a “homunculus” from the energetic imprint (see Endnote 2). For now, I also want to emphasize that this may pertain to ANY genetic material, and does not have to imply a virus being detected and “grown” in the machinery. We simply do not have confirmatory evidence as to precisely what is being detected and manufactured via the PCR amplification process (see Endnote 3).

Is it possible that all “positives” resulting from RT-PCR testing are “false positives?”

Given the current PCR testing scenario, which can be perceived as convoluted at best, and potentially spurious at worst, this process should NOT be relied upon to prove the existence of a novel virus. Again, I want to reiterate, the “memory” of a virus, seems insufficient to prove that the alleged virus exists, let alone it being potentially harmful, or the direct cause of any illness or dis-ease. If it is the case that no molecular evidence of a virus is present in a sample PRIOR to being placed in the PCR machine, then could it be likely that the PCR machine is manufacturing material from a dormant virus — one that could be centuries, if not millennia old? Consider that it may be like producing a dinosaur from one tiny fossilized vertebrae — what was once extinct or a “ghost” — can be resurrected through modern technology. What if the “novel” virus is simply an artifact (a residual imprint) from our ancestors? A similar situation was reported in a mainstream article from 2014, “30,000-year-old giant virus ‘comes back to life’.” Again, we don’t have to be talking about a “virus,” as this applies to any genetic imprint. The point being, this COVID agenda that has turned our entire world upside down and inside out, seems to be built on the shakiest of foundations, and could not have occurred without the PCR component. We need to topple this poorly constructed “Jenga” tower once and for all.

Just to add fuel to the fire, the PCR process was central to the backbone of the Human Genome Project. Since the beginning of this COVID operation, I have suspected links between the two initiatives. It is possible that the devisers of the Human Genome Project knew very well about the electromagnetic capabilities within our DNA, as evidenced by the fact that one of the main funders of the project was the Department of Energy. While I won’t delve deep at this time, Leonard Horowitz, in his book, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, espoused that those involved with the Human Genome Project were “human genome pirates,pursuing dual-use: one being use, and the other being abuse of our genomic data. 

To further support my opinion that this COVID model may rest on a “phantom” virus — and now more emphatically stated, a “ghost” virus that may have been technologically “raised from the dead” — I submit this video entitled, “Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel on the Race for a Covid-19 Vaccine,” in which Bancel of Moderna (AKA ModeRNA) explains that they never used any physical molecules of the alleged virus to create a vaccine, as the sequence was sent to the company over the internet. The sequence was placed in their digital platform to produce a digital vaccine. As he depicted proudly, the entire production is digital biology from cradle to grave.

In the video, (beginning at the 5:17 timestamp), Bancel explains: “Basically, we are a technology company doing biology. [bold emphasis added] And so, our investors understood from early days that it made no scientific sense this would be a one-drug company . . . Because it’s a platform . . . All of biology is written in the code of four letters . . . Around January 10, the sequence of a new coronavirus was put online, and from that point on we decided to just raise this virus and get it to a clinic with a vaccine against it . . . What they did was with the NIAID [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] team they spent a few days looking at the genetic sequence of a virus online. They read some 3D modeling to understand the structure of a protein of a virus, and then we jointly decided with NIAID what vaccine we were going to design. That took three days, and we never had access to the virus physically. It was all information on computers.” [bold emphasis added] Moderna appears to have constructed their vaccine completely in accord with a digital modus operandi, possibly skipping over confirming the accuracy or even existence of this presumed virus. Given the evidence I have presented, could we contemplate that Bancel is describing a digital method of necromancy? 


Here is where you may want to pause and take a moment to refresh your mug of coffee or tea, as we dive deeper into the “woo” . . . 

And now, for the good news

Life is Water, dancing to the tune of molecules.

~ Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel Prize, Physiology or Medicine

I want to emphasize the positive implications of Montagnier’s experiment on the memory of water, and there are many; and they may impel you to think twice about what water you are drinking on a daily basis, and where it comes from — as there may be electromagnetic imprints that you do not want in your body. There are considerations, too, as to how your thoughts may be affecting your body. Thoughts are energy, and our biological bodies are composed mainly of water, that may be absorbing such influences. 

One element of Montagnier’s study, also aptly presented in an April 30, 2020, article, “Big Pharma Beware: Dr. Montagnier Shines New Light on COVID-19 and The Future of Medicine,” is that once Montagnier recorded the frequencies of wave emissions within the test tubes in his French laboratory, and then e-mailed the harmonic recordings to Italy, his Italian colleagues infused the frequencies into their test tubes of non-emitting water, and the fluid began emitting signals (as detected and indicated by their computer software). These DNA frequencies were then able to structure the fluid and create a matching resonance (98% accurate) in the test tubes from the “parent source” a thousand miles away.

Thus, another implication is that Montagnier’s experiment and supporting studies may serve as vindication of the practice of homeopathy, as well as long distance healing. I am a self-educated lay homeopath and a certified energy healer, often utilizing remote healing. I have been using homeopathy as a primary mode of healing and self-healing for nearly 30 years. While I don’t need mainstream scientists to prove to me what I already know and experience to be true, studies such as Montagnier’s are nonetheless affirming.

Furthermore, if we can come to understand the power of water, and more specifically, structured water, then we can utilize our symbiotic and harmonious relationship with water to our advantage. Water is a medium, an antenna, through which life manipulates electromagnetic energy on various wavelengths to change the state of substances and draw them together. Water has a memory and it forms an icosahedral structure that traps the vibrations of whatever wavelengths it contacts.

In a previous post, I made brief mention to “junk” DNA, and it potentially being a fractal antenna. I would like to expand on this, as I think it has never been more important to acknowledge and apply what may be infinite potential residing within each of us. From here on out, I will refer to “junk” DNA as “potential” DNA, as borrowed from Sol Luckman, creator of the Regenetics Method. Foremost, researchers have discovered that DNA functions as a gateway to information fields, which may also be called morphogenetic fields. Accordingly, genetic information may be stored in morphic fields in the fabric of space-time. While we have been taught historically that DNA serves as a carrier of genetic information in order to reproduce, research has demonstrated a much more expansive purpose — that of serving as a super quantum bio-holographic computer that may enable instantaneous communication with others, even non-locally (at a distance). For more detailed information, please listen here (10 minutes) to Dr. Peter Gariaev, Russian scientist known as the Father of ‘Wave-Genetics,” as he discussed his alternative and more advanced perspective on the DNA matrix, and its applications.

Years ago, I traveled on a school service trip with my family to Guatemala City. I offered to teach a health class to elementary and middle schoolers for a week. Since I am a holistic healing practitioner, and I incorporate energy medicine and energy psychology principles into my work, I focused on teaching the healing properties of water, and why it is so important to maintain mental, emotional and physical wellness, as we are sending “messages” to the water in our bodies. Accordingly, I explained who Masaru Emoto was, and I showed the students the iconic photographs of Emoto’s water crystals. A friend of mine translated Emoto’s children’s picture book, The Message from Water, into Spanish. I was surprised how amazed the children were, and they seemed to take the information I presented to heart. 

I have provided resources in the References section at the end of this post if anyone desires to learn more. For the time being, I will focus on the relationship between DNA (including “potential” DNA) and water. As Dr. Carly Nuday, PhD, explains in her book, Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness & Enlightenment, “ . . . healthy DNA is surrounded by water in a crystalline matrix (i.e. structured water) . . . the structure of our bio-water — the water within our bodies — is highly organized and crystalline in nature, and . . . this intelligent organization is critical to every single bio-chemical-electro reaction in the body.” Dr. Nuday noted that our ancestors knew the truth about water, as “they recognized water . . . as a reflection or image of the Soul.” She aptly stated, “We Are Our Water . . . Our consciousness, what we term our Soul, or Spirit, our thoughts, memories, experiences, and perceptions of those experiences, emotions, beliefs, hopes and regrets are all reflected and encoded within the structure of our water . . . our bio-water . . . I encourage you to watch Dr. Carly Nuday here, as she talks about structured water and health, and presents a new paradigm that is well-informed and compassionately expressed.

Dr. Robin Kelly, in his book, The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells, explained that only 10 percent of our DNA is directly involved with coding the genetic structure of our bodies, and that the remaining 90 per cent has been “unfairly labelled” “junk” DNA. He noted, back in 2010, that the Human Genome Project would help in understanding not only the 90 percent, but also help to unpack the role of junk DNA (again, what I would refer to as potential DNA). Dr. Kelly echoed the conclusions of Dr. Nuday in stating that DNA behaves as a superconductor. He even asked the question, “Could its double-helix shape in any way be behaving as a balancer of opposing magnetic forces, like the caduceus, allowing another dimension of energy to enter into its midst?” To elaborate, Horowitz revealed in DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, that “less than three percent of DNA’s function involves protein manufacture; more than ninety percent functions in the realm of bioacoustics and bioelectric signaling.” 

According to Jeremy Narby, in his book, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, DNA is “an aperiodic crystal that traps and transports electrons with efficiency and that emits photons (in other words, electromagnetic waves) at ultra weak levels currently at the limits of measurement — and all this more than any other living matter.” From Narby’s experience, “the crystalline and biospheric network of DNA-based life” encompasses what he called the “cosmic serpent.” Narby continued, “Researchers . . . mainly consider biophoton emission as a ‘cellular language’ or a form of ‘nonsubstantal biocommunication between cells and organisms’ . . . What if DNA activates not only its emission of photons . . . but also its capacity to pick up the photons emitted by the global network of DNA-based life? This would mean that the biosphere itself . . . can be considered as a more or less fully interlinked unit.” Even further, Narby concluded, “. . . my investigation had led me to consider that DNA and its cellular machinery truly were an extremely sophisticated technology of cosmic origin.”

At this point, I could easily digress into sacred geometry, cymatics, torsion fields, and bio-holographic projections. These are fields of study that I “play” in often. But I shall finish here, as I may already be in overload territory. Admittedly, these topics excite me. In the future, if there is interest from POM readers, I will gladly write more on how we can heal, evolve, and expand our minds and spirits through the healing powers of synthesizing our own consciousness with water, and through re-programming/re-patterning our bio-water of which we are comprised. I am currently seeking collaborative opportunities to devise ways in which we can apply these concepts in transmuting our current situation amidst increasing totalitarianism and tyranny. 

Mainstream science, being highly reductionistic and markedly limited, has become separate from philosophy and spirituality, thereby potentially leading society down a dark and dangerous (and digitalized) path — fated by gaping blind spots and ignorance. Those who aimlessly follow may become entrapped in a bubble of despair, paranoia, and inertia that can not be popped. Is it possible that we can come together to forge a different path — one that may be fringe and uncertain, but led by self-worth, co-creative enterprise, and the integrity of our individual spirits (and potential DNA)? Guided by informed dissent, it may be that our independence and critical thinking skills are encoded within our very DNA. What if we are sending non-local signals emitted by our DNA across thousands of miles that link us together, of which we are not fully conscious and aware? And, if that is the case, then the potential for one of us to affect others who share energetic resonance — this resonance bond, if you will — may be untapped. Can you imagine the exponential possibilities that could occur if many sympathetically resonant peaceful visionaries linked together across the world? Perhaps such intention could shift the entire concept of an echo chamber — one that truly benefits humanity.



1) For the purpose of this exposition and to save time, I did not address issues with regard to Luc Montagnier and his claim to fame — that of identifying the HIV virus — in addition to his more recent claim that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a bioweapon. While pertinent to the entire COVID scenario, it is not germane, per sé, to this paper at present. However, if anyone wishes to bring it up in the comments, feel free to do so.

2) In order to help “express” a dormant virus (which may actually exist as “phantom DNA”), it also seems that electromagnetic pulses could help it “come to life,” and that may be a sequel to this story for another blog post.

3) In other respects, but no less significant, has anyone asked what the scientists are doing with the replicated CV material that they have manufactured from millions and millions of people? Who owns that material? Is this reconstituted material considered to be synthetic biology?

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38 thoughts on “The Ghost in the PCR Machine: Plugged into the COVID Nightmare

  1. Overload indeed! I do not think that there is anything genuine or scientific going on with the RT-PCR testing regime, although PCR genuinely justified Dr. Mullis’ Nobel Prize in chemistry for other uses. I have to think that those who designed this pandemic knew full well that the PCR would substitute for and replace any need for a real virus.

    I hold Luc Montagnier as a witting accomplice in the AIDS hoax (novice readers: AIDS is real, but not contagious and not caused by HIV). AIDS now seems to have been a practice run for this hoax. As such, I hold all of his work (and that of the Pasteur Institute) at arm’s length.

    And good post. Between you and Maarten the other day, you’ve brought science to the forefront here in undressing major hoaxes, something I’m not terribly good at.

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  2. Thanks Stephers for this article. David Crowe I knew somewhat. He and I had co-authored several authors.

    Montagnier plays the game and he is a humorous wit. Though a Nobel Laureate for ‘isolating’ HIV, he was attacked and forced to move to China to continue research, because of his water memory experiment, which (as I see it) reveals the fraud of virology’s use of PCR.

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      1. Excellent read. The Covid Virus scamdemic doesn’t even have to be real, to have the effect it did.
        I still haven’t met anyone that had it. I’ve talked to many people and a few nursing home admins , but there’s no actual proof that it’s not just hyped up flu season. For me it’s all in the mainstream news media. The amount of money created by the Federal Reserve since March, and how the bulk of it is distributed, should be an insult to everyone.


        1. Yike, the synthetic generation of digital fake life. Yet this might be self-replicating drone-bots that do real work 🙂

          “They” are probably using trillions saved from the various popping bubbles like the 2008 scam.


  3. Would want to know more about the “98% match” that I saw in the doc. My impression of what that meant was slightly different than what I read above. Also, it didn’t make much sense from what I know about the PCR process. In PCR, certain probes and primers create vast duplicates of a certain exact stretch of DNA. I am somewhat troubled by the claim of a 98% match, as I think you could extrapolate that in the same way humans are a 98% match with orangutans (or whatever other species). Him saying that the substances were a 98% match felt like he was glossing it over. The primers and probes should be resulting in identical matches, so saying that the two sample substances are a 98% material match does not feel compelling at all. I see a lot of potential for problems there.

    All in all, it is interesting conceptually, but this AIDS scientist strikes me as the kind of guy who will do just about anything to make his research seem groundbreaking when it is far from certain that anything groundbreaking was found. This is exactly what he did with the AIDS situation and there were moments in the doc where I felt we were seeing the same thing. A scientist willing to do anything to promote his research as groundbreaking.

    Certainly an interesting subject though. I see many possible issues and many areas I wish I had more information. Part of the fundamental point of PCR is that it is able to make trillions of copies if even just one single DNA strand is present. I would also need to know a heck of a lot more about the dilutions they are performing and how the original samples were derived. How can I be certain that there is not a single strand of the sample DNA left in the dilutions? Because we are talking about the atomic level here and theoretically PCR should be able to make copies in the presence of even just one strand of sample DNA.

    Another question I had when watching: they did a double blind example where the 10 diluted samples were separated from 10 control samples. When analyzing, the guy only claimed to have separated two samples out of 20 as having some kind of signature. Shouldn’t he have been able to perfectly separate the 10 control samples from the 10 dilutions? Why did he only identify two of them?

    In a nutshell, I am seeing lots of potential areas where a lack of control could lead to a misleading result, and I am certainly seeing a rush in claiming this as a groundbreaking discovery…from the scientist who has a history of making such rushes to judgment for his own glory.


    1. I am not seeing a problem with a 98% match, given that the SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA was claimed to be a match with SARS-CoV-1 based on an 80% match. But beyond that, the science, while comprehensible, has to be viewed by me from the outside looking in, so that trust is not given and further work would be in order. That’s all above my pay grade here. I am more attune to the psychology of hoaxes and hoaxers.

      Montagnier and Richard Gallo came under the sway of the forces behind the AIDS hoax back in the 1980s, forces that look to be perhaps 10% as strong as those behind Covid-19. Sadly, both men were corruptible. Most people in the field of virology are either corrupt, corruptible, or driving Ubers. As Étienne de La Boétie said in his 16th century book the Politics of Obedience, “…one must realize the extent to which the foundation of tyranny lies in the vast networks of corrupted people with an interest in maintaining tyranny.” That is all we are looking at, a vast network of corruption and tyranny.

      I wondered while watching the video if Montagnier had that ‘not so fresh’ feeling from his AIDS experience, and wanted to be remembered for genuine scientific work rather than fraud. The following quote, which is rather long, is taken from Kary Mullis’s book Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, page 171, and in my view is incriminating of Montagnier, offering strong evidence of his willing participation in a hoax. I have Stepher’s permission to use this quote under her post, as I did not feel right doing what is in essence another post under her work.

      “Four years later … I was working as a consultant at Specialty Labs in Santa Monica. Specialty was trying to develop a means of using PCR to detect retroviruses in the thousands of blood donations received per day by the Red Cross. I was writing a report on our progress for the project sponsor, and I began by stating, “HIV is the probable cause of AIDS.
      I asked a virologist at Specialty where I could find the reference for HIV being the cause of AIDS.
      “You don’t need a reference,” he told me. “Everybody knows it.”
      “I’d like to quote a reference.” I felt a little funny about not knowing the source of such an important discovery. Everyone else seemed to.
      “Why don’t you just cite the CDC report?” he suggested, giving me a copy of the Centers for Disease Control’s periodic report on morbidity and mortality. I read it. It wasn’t a scientific article. It simply said that an organism had been identified – it did not say how. It requested that doctors report any patients showing certain symptoms and test them for antibodies to this organism. The report did not identify the original scientific work, but that didn’t surprise me. It was intended for physicians, who didn’t need to know the source of the information. Physicians assume that if the CDC was convinced, there must exist real proof somewhere that HIV was the cause of AIDS.
      A proper scientific reference usually a published article in a reliable scientific magazine. These days the magazines are slick glossy paper with pictures on the front and lots of advertisements, a lot of editorial material by people who are professional journalists, and a few pictures of girls selling you things you might want to buy for your lab. The advertisers are the companies who make the things for scientists to buy and the companies who make the drugs for doctors to sell. There are no major journals without advertisements. Therefore there are no major journals without corporate connections.
      Scientists submit the articles in order to report their work. Preparing articles describing their work and having them published is crucial to a scientist’s career. Without articles in major journals they will lose their rank. The articles may not be submitted until experiments supported the conclusions drawn are finished and analyzed. In primary journals, every single experimental detail has to be there either directly or by reference, so that somebody else could repeat exactly what was done and find out whether he comes out the same way in their hands. If it doesn’t somebody will report that in the conflict eventually has to be resolved so that when we go on from here, we will know where “here” is. Most reliable primary journals are refereed. After you send your article, the editor sent copies of it to several of your colleagues for review. They become the referees. The editors are paid for their work on the journal, the referees are not. But what they do gives them power, which most of them like.
      I did computer searches. Neither (French virologist Luc] Montagnier, [Robert] Gallo, or anyone else had published papers describing experiments which led to the conclusion that HIV probably causes AIDS. I read the papers in Science for which they had become well known as the AIDS doctors, but all they had done was that they had found evidence of a past infection by something which was probably HIV in some AIDS patients. They found antibodies. Antibodies to viruses had always been considered evidence of past disease, not present disease. Antibodies signaled that the virus had been defeated. Patient had saved himself. There was no indication in these papers that this virus caused the disease. They didn’t show that everybody with the antibodies had the disease. In fact they found some healthy people with antibodies.
      If Montagnier and Gallo hadn’t really found this evidence, why was their work published, and why had they been fighting so hard to get credit for the discovery? There had been an international incident wherein Robert Gallo of the NIH had claimed that a sample of HIV which had been sent to him by Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute in Paris had not grown and Gallo’s lab. Other samples collected by Gallo and his collaborators, from potential AIDS patients, had grown. Gallo had patented the AIDS test based on these samples, and the Pasteur Institute had sued. Pasteur eventually won, but back in 1989 it was a standoff and they were sharing the profits.
      I was hesitant to write “HIV is the probable cause of AIDS” until I found published evidence that would support it. Mine was the most minimal statement possible. My grant request I wasn’t trying to stay that it absolutely did cause AIDS, I was just trying to say it was likely to cause it for some known reasons. Tens of thousands of scientists and researchers were spending millions of dollars a year doing research based on this idea. The reason had to be there somewhere, otherwise these people would not have allowed the research to settle into one narrow channel investigation.
      I lectured about PCR at innumerable meetings. Always there were people there talking about HIV. I asked them how it was that we knew that HIV was the cause of AIDS. Everyone said something. Everyone had the answer at home in the office or in some drawer. The all knew and would send some of the papers as soon as they got back. But I never got any papers. Nobody ever sent me news about how AIDS was caused by HIV.
      I finally had the opportunity to ask Dr. Montagnier about the reference when he lectured in San Diego in a grand opening of the UCSD AIDS Research Center, which is still run by Bob Gallo’s former consort, Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal. This would be the last time I would ask my question without showing anger. In response Dr. Montagnier suggested, “Why don’t you reference the CDC report?”
      “I read it,” I said, “that doesn’t really address the issue of whether or not HIV is the probable cause of AIDS, does it?”
      He agreed with me it was damned irritating. If Montagnier did not know the answer, who the hell did?”

      The dispute between Gallo and Montagnier over who discovered the HIV virus was misdirection, nothing more. It got people to ask the wrong question, who discovered the virus, when the proper question was “Can either of you prove the existence of HIV and the means by which is causes AIDS?” Neither could, then or now. Montagnier was involved in science fraud.


      1. No, no, no…the 80% was supposed to establish a “relationship” between the two SARS viruses. Perhaps equally ridiculous, yes, but the concept is apples and oranges from what I was describing. In the case of the documentary, he was not seeking to establish a relationship. He was seeking to establish an exact match. This is why I say the 98% is a problem.

        The comparison you made doesn’t work. He is talking about why 98% is acceptable proof of an exact match. This is where I felt he just tried to gloss it over. 98% is no exact match in the field of genetics and especially not for PCR copies, which are exact copies.

        I am a 98% material match with a big pile of carbon, calcium, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen…but that obviously does not mean that I am an exact, identical match with that pile of materials.

        My comment was only to point out some possible causes for scientific error, as I have some background in viewing things this way. If there is one thing we agree on, it is the French scientist being a fraud and the experiment being unreliable as it uses PCR for a very core process. This whole experiment contained numerous areas where I wonder if it is a contrived result. Finding ways to find what they wanted to find.



        It appears this website speaks to a lot of the scientific problems that I noticed when watching the documentary. Specifically, beyond the trouble of the 98% match being considered a perfect match there is the problem of the dilutions. Because PCR is supposed to be incredibly sensitive to the point that it can succeed even in the presence of a single particle, this is strikes me as a gigantic source of potential error. The link above describes how dilution tends to not operate perfectly as we might expect. Even if theoretically you dilute 1/10th and 1/10th over and over, the actual dilution tends to not come out so perfectly. A graph is given for gold particles where the dilution did not behave anything like we would expect from thermodynamics. This strikes me as a tremendous source of experimental error.

        Sorry folks, but I just don’t buy this one. The scientist promoting it has a history of shenanigans for his own gain, and the experiments have a huge amount of possible experimental error inherent. Unless this experiment could be readily reproducible, I think we need to consider that Montagnier is up to his old hocus pocus.


    1. Swede, it is on you: 1) Supply proof that the virus exists, and 2) that the RT-PCR can find it. Serious, otherwise STFU.

      [“Proof” means pointing us to a scientific paper, not some authority figure, and then sticking around while we discuss the paper.]


    2. Swede? Swede? Where are you? Are you hiding in the basement behind that sauerkraut barrel? You just got called out. Put up evidence to support your barely-thought-out impressions. Get moving.


    1. But in all seriousness, after all the lies, all the conspiracies, all the fake remedies, all the flawed computer modeling, all the silence regarding the actual death rate do you still want our government running our health care system?


      1. What I don’t get is how you can look at the enormous cost burden for everyone, the gross inefficiency (there is a debate between those who say iatrogenic (doctor-caused) deaths are the third or leading cause in the US), the inability of the medical profession to deal with disease (they are pretty good with injury), the enormous numbers of people who are shut out, and think that you offer a viable alternative. As I have told you for years, every other country does it better, including Cuba, but I cannot get you to even look at other countries. All you’ve ever done is to fall for these fake stories about Canadians flocking here.


          1. That is a classic false choice argument, that we must suffer inefficient and corrupt government or inefficient and corrupt insurance companies. Maybe that is why the spam filter grabbed it.

            In the wake of WWII, many countries opted for government involvement in their health care, not because they were weak and stupid, but rather just because, from a rational standpoint, it made sense to treat health care as a utility. It kept costs down and allowed more services to more people, usually the entire population.

            I don’t think you grasp that the “insurance” concept only really works in situations (as with automobiles and homes) where claims are rare (compared to everyone routinely using health care and filing claims). In the health care situation, insurance companies are not fulfilling the insurance function, but rather economic encirclement and gatekeeping. They have closed off the health care system and keep out anyone who cannot/will not pay their price. They and health care providers are in a cozy relationship and have agreed to exorbitant costs, which is the driver behind health care cost inflation. They have also agreed not to provide care to those who usually need it most, seniors, and those who cannot afford it, leaving us with Medicare and Medicaid.

            You then stand back and scoff at M and M, claiming they are inefficient (they are forced to work in the overpriced system, and so are indeed that) without realizing that those programs only exist to fill the vast inefficiencies of the private system, offering care to those locked out of the private system.

            I am mot sure you realize that the health insurance companies wrote Obamacare, Obama (and Baucus) just a dancing puppet. It was supposed to fix the problems that health insurance itself created, classic racketeering.

            Things should be made as simple as possible, but not more so.


  4. They are stockpiling food for the elite. The cold/flu season (Oct.) will trigger another, more intense lockdown. The cities that are being turned into war zones will grow larger in number. The scam-19 is just a diversion & a means to an end. Our end. See the fields of cages (CA) over at the intelhub web site?


    1. Thorleif – Thank you so much for this excellent question. My short answer: I perceive 5G as one of many tools in the controllers’ technocratic tool belt, and as potentially highly disruptive and destructive to the human body, mind and spirit. In terms of mitochondria, there is evidence of millimeter waves influencing mitochondria, and thus, it is conceivable to consider 5G could adversely affect mitochondria.
      My longer answer is forthcoming, as I am addressing the issue of 5G in an upcoming post in the next couple days, within a much larger context of weaponized electromagnetic, biological and nano technologies. Hopefully, you will read it, and it will be more helpful to you.


      1. Thank you stephers! Looking forward to read your latest post on this matter (biohacking).

        Got interested in 5G when learning that several established researchers found evidence the SARS-COV-2 probably have been manipulated to fit human genes (transmitt).

        Also there was one early “covid mass-death” in one US elderly care home situated next to a new 5G antenna installation.

        MD Kaufman got reports during the early lockdowns that the only activity going on was city-installments of 5G equipment. Very strange indeed.

        Heard talks about Wuhan city doing 5G tests in October 2019 during Military Games. Later when US personell returned home many fell ill in some kind of flu that spread without CDC taking on any public measure etc.

        Never smoke without a fire they say. Many years of military research on bats-virus in Fort Detrick and the Obama/Fauci research-movement on the same to Wuhan is of cource very suspect. Indeed many pharma-companies are involved in Wuhan, even swedish ones. Why are we not yet informed about these studies, i.e virus-dna/rna data from their testing. Both the WHO and CCP promised to investigate in April! Where is the beef!


  5. For more PCR obfuscation-information, a nicely edited video about the chromosome 8 controversy: “Dr. Kaufman discusses the SARS-COV2 PCR test and the possibility that Human Chromosome 8 could trigger a false positive/match for the virus in some cases of the use of some protocols.”


  6. Darn! I just lost my response to your comment, Steffers.

    In short, take a look at this Russian woman’s work that takes Garaiev’s work on a bit of a different walk.

    The theory behind her wearable tech.—105810451054105610481071.html

    Let’s put heads together with so many good minds here and create an approachable, necessarily multi-layered solution for the times at hand relating to all that is being shared here. There’s no time to waste, aye?


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