Corbett strikes at “the root” of evil.

“We are being asked to accept this abrogation of our most precious freedoms, including our freedom to travel, our freedom of association and assembly, our freedom from arbitrary detention within the walls of our own home, our freedom of privacy in transaction and interaction, and other hard-fought freedoms that were purchased at the price of our forefathers’ blood, on the basis of a novel coronavirus that is presenting a novel, existential threat to humanity that has never before existed.

But that, of course, is a lie. Because every single flu season for your entire life there have been such hypothetical chains of infection that have taken place. And I have no doubt—let’s put it on the table—I have no doubt that there is someone listening to my words right now who has been involved in some chain of infection that has ended up in some immune-compromised person dying.

Never before has that person had to think of themselves as a murderer, let alone lock themselves within the confines of their own home to prevent such a murder from ever taking place again. But that is what we are being asked to accept right now.

And I want this out on the table.”

Remember, silence is consent. So, if you are one, like I am, who is not willing to give up God-given (“negative rights”) rights for some fake virus and new, digital slave system totally dependent on government orders, however idiotic and evil, draw your line in the sand and do not cross it. Speak out now. Speak truth to power. Just say no.

12 thoughts on “Corbett strikes at “the root” of evil.

  1. Illinois Kane County just went into more lockdowns but we have restaurants who are staying open for indoor dining regardless. I went to breakfast today at one, and will go to lunch at another one tomorrow. This is beyond frustrating. I will not be silenced.


    1. Dr. Ngozi Ezike had to wipe her fake crocodile tears from her eyes and nose after givng the latest numbers of covid cases in IL. They are really amping up the theater in IL. About the same time new articles showing the amount of IL pension debt and new bonds being issued in a few weeks. I think once Illinois Governor JB Pritzker gets that money the Covid cases will quickly go down. More than obvious what this Corona event is really about.

      Also I don’t listen to the sad weepy stories of bars or eating places temporary closing since the owners are getting more grant money than they would make in a year. A link was posted in another thread showing how much local businesses are getting in every county in IL. The PUA assistance for furloughed employees has been reduced, but they are still getting more than most would make in hourly wages. And with the stimulus approved they will be getting bumped back up so they won’t have to get another job right away.

      It’s like one big payoff at every level of social status, keep quiet, wear your mask and wait for the money to be deposited your banking account.


  2. Adding my 2 cents…

    I support this idea – striking at the root of evil, and I find fighting for personal freedom an act of dignity. However, drawing a line in the sand will not bring anybody closer to the root of eviil deeds. If one can ackonwledge that we’re being robbed of our most basic freedoms, then it seems logical to find out exactly WHO is pushing such actions. People are at the root of evil, more specifically – certain, small group of people with very specific MO is behind it. This “evil” has its own promoters, men behind the curtain. At least that’s what they think about themselves, that they’re invisible as we’re to stupid or disturbed to recognize the pattern they’re leaving behind. So chasing the evil doers, naming them and bringing them to be trialed according to the laws of humanity is the only way to fight evil at its roots. It demands personal courage to name names and publicly speak about everything noticed, which I never had a chance to notice with Corbett. Although he always puts a lot on the table, but he never touches on the root of millenia-long trail of our overlords. If you are aware of this fact, then good. If not, you will not be able to access close enough to the roots of evil to remove it. Drawing a line in the sand may help stopping evil momentarily, but don’t forget our cunning overlords were always one step ahead of us and were always able to hijack any “revolutionary” sentiment or movement that was compromizing their hegemony. If we had any chance to look into the archive of ages, we’d certainly find many corbett-like people, put there to control the course of societal transformation and derail any free-thinkers off track. It’s clear by now, the history is yet again repeating itself. But I do give credit to James Corbett for one thing – drawing a line in the sand and defending it MIGHT get you closer to realizing that there are MEN behind the curtain, sitting there for millenia already.


    1. of course Corbet is control opposition; he is rather disgustingly obvious and off all the things i could say to back this up one only need to look at his videos “is self sufficiency possible?” Talk about utter misdirection…Or see his interview with Larkin rose…where he says basically nothing, which is revealing, and when he does it rings so hollow. Lets give this one to MM: Colbert is a gay Jewish actor, and yes, as minime says, he is not really saying anything or naming real names.
      Cutting through the fog is too rigid; really a bunch of sheep in wolves clothing
      (reversal intentional) and piece of mind is too loose; you folks keep embracing the controlled opposition.


      1. Is there anything in the content of the Corbet piece in THIS article you dispute? What do you claim is lacking except the names, which BTW, you do not provide us either. Maybe you and Corbet are tag-team controlled opposition. If you’re position is superior to Corbet’s on THIS (hacking the roots) rather narrow topic, please bring it. Ad hominem attacks bore the crap out of me.


        1. No, there is nothing in THIS article i can dispute, and no, my position on THIS issue is not superior. But one has to look at the whole man and the whole body of work; even though he is saying nothing wrong in THIS article, i reject him and do not put stock in anything he says because i KNOW he is a fake, a mere talking head. But this is just me and i do admit one might be able to learn something important even from little fake shitheads like him….just as i might learn something a man says about women, who is a wife beater.
          So i guess i am saying that in some cases an ad hominem attack is not necessarily wrong.
          lastly your subtitle perplexes me, “what no one is saying…”
          but i fail to see that what he is saying is anything new…


          1. p.s. more to the point: I might learn something of a woman’s nature by this wifebeater, but i would not post an essay about him and call him an ally or a truther; I would “incorporate” what he has taught me and probably keep his name silent since, despite the truth he sometimes spouts, he is still a bully and a woman beater, and he is probably not using his knowledge of womankind in the best way.


            1. Chill out, lighten up, self controlled opposition.

              True news (not noize) well known Ace Corbett NAILED 911 Dancing ZioNazis, but good.

              While unknowns like G-Fly are so clean, let them cast the first Roger Stone ?

              Bwah! Hahahahahahahaha. LMFAO.


    2. Steve, by reading your posts and comments, I reckon you’re more than aware of the trickery in this world. This trickery and its proven presence is not coincidental. In my opinion everybody should be into discovering and removing it from the reality at its source/roots. It’s the same principle which you’d apply to cleaning your garden when it’s in danger to be overtaken by some ferocious weed species, and you’re not willing to use herbicide thus poisoning the soil. If left ignored, this species will take over your garden and you will be left hungry. So you need to dig deep around and beneath it in order to be 100% sure you’ve completely removed it at its roots. If you fail in removing every single piece of its root system, this species will resurface again. Anybody who keeps telling you there’s nothing to worry about or there’s no weed in your garden is either ignorant or doing it on purpose. So if one claims to have noticed this agressive weed, then you’d expect he would be suggesting a proper solution to a definite hunger threat – drawing a line in sand in front of weed is not going to stop it from taking over your garden. It will just climb over that little trench or grow over it, continuing on its way until the last inch of your garden is taken over.

      The list of names and people that took part in hoaxery and trickery is already long and expanding. Corbett is a peerage name (hints can be found here , which is a red flag since the hegemony of peerage imperialists wasn’t disrupted for ages already. There’s a serious motive any Corbett would have in deceiving you, so said hegemony continues undisrupted. In my opinion, James IS obfuscating, is very likely peerage member and promoted, so anything he says or writes ought to be considered with few grains of salt. Or even better, not considered at all. So maybe writing a short caveat while posting links to such authors can help your readers clearly understand your position. Just a thought…


  3. Lil bug/BIG PANIC fer Ratings PROFIT Power & Control plus MASKS Mafia GREED.

    Until good cops finally say “Nuff shit! Go ahead ohn good folks cos we don’t believe the Daily Crap FAKE stating U$ is WORST. When our own John Hopkins Uni FAIRLY states that U$ is ELEVENTH worst with just 0.22 Million dead from 330 Million ALIVE equals a 100,000 BIG Stadium with 99,990 Alive & just 10 Dead – DOH!”

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