Jon Rappoport nails it

I’ve been following Jon Rappoport for years. His work on the scamdemic has been outstanding, and today he offered up a post that neatly summarized what I (and Stephers) have thought from the beginning – there is not now nor has there ever been … a virus. They made the whole thing up, and are using the PCR machine as a testing device because it can be depended on to turn up false positives.

I urge readers to follow the link above and read today’s post. It is brief and dense-packed with hard facts, all referenced.

Oddly, though I have been following Jon for years, I had never included him in the links on this blog. That mistake is fixed.

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  1. Good short summary.

    The choice of a new coronavirus was made for a simple reason. The diagnostic test would turn up huge numbers of false positives, thus jacking up case numbers and providing the rationale for the lockdowns and the economic devastation. Which were, all along, the real aims of the operation.

    Indeed, that is how I see it too. And they have done another thing. The symptoms of so-called Covid are so common and general that they can pass this off. Any normal “flu” or cold can be ascribed to Corona.

    I just was talking with a virus believer and even vaccination proponent in my Discord. He is not aggressive and open minded, but tends to believe what the CDC says more than alternative medical researchers as Kaufman, Lanka, etc. I explained to him that my views don’t come from just “some YT video” but that these people are experts in their fields, not some douchebag on the internet.

    We talked about several so-called viruses and unfortunately I am still not at a level that I can speak with much confidence about these things, but it was an interesting chat to see what his arguments were.

    I used my “lack of mask mandate” argument (and me going out with a sock around my face) for the non-existence of the pandemic and was happy to see it caught attention.

    It would be good if Stephers or another expert here can summarize a list of common “viruses” and provide alternative explanations for them. In the chat we talked about polio, measles and smallpox as common ones, but what they actually are if they’re not contagious viri, I don’t know and I don’t know if others have that information ready. I only have my own HIV-AIDS test experience but didn’t share that today, will elaborate in a Mollycast about it, would be great if Stephers or someone else can join to have a higher level of information than what I can come up with. Thus far there are no medical experts in Eye Am Eye Radio.

    On Fakeopedia a while back I posted a list of questions someone at Discord came up with and added a few answers, but it is far from complete, you can find it here.

    I think we all would profit from these kind of “cheatsheets” both for vaccines and for viruses with alternative explanations for their causes, spread and disappearance (apparently smallpox “has been eradicated”, but what that actually means in terms of alternative viewpoints I don’t know and I couldn’t explain that to him).

    With the current climate in which non-vaccinated people or animals (Molly in my case) are seen as “silent assassins” I think it is very important to have these short summarized pieces of the style Jon has published today, and especially pointing out the alternative explanations of contagion (bacteria, fungi, other parasites) and mitigation (better hygiene or other factors vs vaccinations).

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    1. Polio is the easiest / most obvious. Here is the seminal paper re the “great” polio epidemic in the USA in the middle of the twentieth century. During that epidemic, I was growing up on a dairy farm in Ohio, participating in some of these DDT rituals.
      Comments I made re polio history on another forum recently:

      tiki said,
      “I remember polio…I had childhood friends who contracted the disease prior to the vaccine.. I saw the broken body …the results of the disease. We stood in line in the school gym and got the polio vaccine. We were protected from the horrid ravages of the disease.”

      [my reply]
      you have been grossly misled about the nature of polio. Starting about 1945 DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), a nervous system toxin, began being widely used everywhere. Housewives sprayed it in the house, sprinkled it on sandwiches. On our dairy farm we sprayed it on the cows as they stood in the milking parlor. Children at the local swimming pool were fogged by a ddt truck. What happens when both the animal and human population is repeatedly doused with a nervous system toxin? You guessed it. Polio.

      There were scientists with integrity who were sounding the warning about these practices. For example: “In 1945, against the advice of investigators who had studied the pharmacology of the compound and found it dangerous for all forms of life, DDT (chlorophenoethane, dichlorodiphenyl-trichloroethane) was released in the United States and other countries for general use by the public as an insecticide. “

      Nevertheless, and as usual, interests of the chemical and medical industries shut down any dissent over the use of DDT.

      Read the story in depth at the following link.

      Shepherdless said:
      “Well Matt, you probably won’t want to peer out under your tin-foil hat to read this, but DDT was not around when, just before WW2, polio swept through and infected the kids in a country town in Australia.
      My dad was one of the kids, and was the only one of those kids that survived. He actually never fully recovered; certain muscles around his waist has withered and stayed that way. You should do a little cross checking before you circulate other people’s crackpot conspiracy theories, and not take them at face value.”

      [my reply to Shepherdless]

      “Polio is a highly contagious virus that can result in spinal cord and brainstem paralysis. It most commonly affects children under 5 years old.” from
      ….compare that quote to this: “studies by Lillie and his collaborators of the National Institutes of Health, published in 1944 and 1947 respectively, which showed that DDT may produce degeneration of the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord in animals.” Dr. Morton S. Biskind
      ….he also said “When the population is exposed to a chemical agent known to produce in animals lesions in the spinal cord resembling those in human polio, and thereafter the latter disease increases sharply in incidence and maintains its epidemic character year after year, is it unreasonable to suspect an etiologic relationship?”

      Ralph R. Scobey, M.D. points to the historical manifestation of polio: “Paralysis, resulting from poisoning, has probably been known since the time of Hippocrates (460-437 B.C.), Boerhaave,3 Germany, (1765) stated: “We frequently find persons rendered paralytic by exposing themselves imprudently to quicksilver, dispersed into vapors by the fire, as gilders, chemists, miners, etc., and perhaps there are other poisons, which may produce the same disease, even externally applied.” In 1824, Cooke,4 England, stated: “Among the exciting causes of the partial palsies we may reckon the poison of certain mineral substances, particularly of quick silver, arsenic, and lead. The fumes of these metals or the receptance of them in solution into the stomach, have often caused paralysis.”

      More common sense from Scobey: “In the spring of 1930, there occurred in Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and other states an epidemic of paralysis.16,17 The patients gave a history of drinking commercial extract of ginger. It is estimated that at the height of the epidemic there were 500 cases in Cincinnati district alone. The cause of the paralysis was subsequently shown to be triorthocresyl phosphate in a spurious Jamaica ginger. Death resulted not infrequently from respiratory paralysis similar to the bulbar paralysis deaths in poliomyelitis. On pathological examination, the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord in these cases showed lesions similar to those of poliomyelitis.”
      ….following up on the phosphorous connection, “During an epidemic of poliomyelitis in Australia in 1897, Altman9 pointed out that phosphorus had been widely used by farmers for fertilizing that year. This observation may be of significance since in recent years organic phosphorus insecticides, such as parathion, have been suspected as possible causes of poliomyelitis.”

      Scobey continues: “There are two abnormal findings in cases of poliomyelitis that point strongly to poisoning as the cause of this disease. One consists in the appearance of increased amounts of porphyrin in the urine; the other is the presence of increased amounts of guanidine in the blood. It is a well-known fact that porphyria can follow poisoning by a number of chemicals. Guanidine has been found in increased amounts in the blood in arsenic, chloroform, and carbon tetrachloride poisonings.”

      If you’ve read this far, you have seen arsenic (among other toxins) mentioned twice. DDT, as you mentioned, followed the time of your father’s polio experience, but arsenic based pesticides were in widespread use starting in the latter 19th century, continuing up to and paralleling the use of DDT. Massive applications of arsenic based and other pesticides result in food being one main vector as illustrated by these observations…
      …Chenault65 (1941) noted that the history of poliomyelitis points to a “suggested parallelism between a number of epidemics and the appearance of fresh fruits and vegetables.” [With regard to these numerous statements regarding fruit and milk, note the high production of pesticides in the form of lead and arsenic compounds during this pre-DDT period.
      Goldstein et al66 (1946) reported an epidemic of polioencephalitis at a naval training school among the cadets. The epidemic was explosive in character and involved over 100 persons. Epidemiological evidence suggested that some food served in the mess hall was the cause of the disease.”
      Scobey also pointed out: “In 1936, during a campaign to eliminate yaws in Western Samoa by the injection of arsenicals, an epidemic of poliomyelitis appeared simultaneously.23 In one community all of the patients developed paralysis in the same lower limbs and buttocks in which they had received the injections and this pattern was repeated in 37 other villages, whereas there was no paralysis in uninoculated districts. The natives accused the injections as the cause of the epidemic of poliomyelitis. Most of the cases of paralysis occurred one to two weeks after the injection of the arsenic.”…how’s that for another feather in the cap of vaccination?…Inducement of polio by injection of arsenicals.

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        1. lofcaudio

          I haven’t read the book. Three years ago, however, I listened carefully to his 6 youtube videos detailing some of his research and thinking. Also, he has here a long list of bullet points outlining his arguments.

          Forrest Maready collates a lot of good info re poison causation of polio, some that I had not come across. He makes a convincing case re toxic cause, then goes completely off the rails in support of a viral cause. The story should end at his mention of Landsteiner and Poppers 1908 ‘isolation’ of polio. In point 23 from the above link he says:

          “At this time, viruses were still very difficult to work with. They couldn’t see them, only deduce their presence by the symptoms they might cause. In 1908, a virus was found to be able to cause paralysis in monkeys.” – Suffice it to say, a ‘sterile’ solution containing material from the spinal cord of a dead nine-year-old boy, injected into the brains of two monkeys, making them sick, does not demonstrate that a virus has been found. The dishonesty of the virologists in pulling this stunt stands out, and also raises the question (which is of course not addressed or answered): What materials or chemicals, when injected into the brain of a monkey, will make it sick? There are thousands of choices, and obviously many would do the trick.

          Forrest slides right on by this virological trickery and uses this mythical virus (and other ones) to prop up a convoluted story of “poison” damaging the body, which then creates space for the ‘virus’ to migrate from its usual hangout in the gut, finally reaching its spinal cord target.


    2. Zika. Zika is a good one because the story of the ‘discovery’ and ‘isolation’ of it is so preposterous that it’s comical.

      ‘Discovery’ of Zika virus. “” This paper is behind paywalls online, but was kindly made available to us by the late David Crowe.

      (Warning, a little sarcasm included) Once upon a time (1947), deep in the Zika forest near Lake Victoria, captive monkeys lived in cages up in the forest canopy, closely watched by a gang of ‘virus’ hunters, who were taking the monkeys’ temperatures (probably 6 monkeys) daily. ONE monkey (#766) developed a slight fever, but showed no other signs of illness. Blood was drawn from poor 766, and a serum (probably containing antibiotics and other things) was prepared. This serum was injected into two groups of mice, one group intraperitoneally, the other group intracerebrally. One group got sick, the other did not. Will you, dear reader, be willing to hazard a guess as to which group remained unaffected?…Yes, to the surprise of all, the mice who had “serum” injected into their brains fell ill, and the virus hunters declared the discovery AND isolation of the new / novel zika virus based on this monkey / mouse business. Hard to believe? Just read the paper.

      In 1908, Landsteiner and Popper injected a spinal cord emulsion taken from a dead alleged polio victim into two monkeys, making them ill, thereby ‘proving’ the passage of polio ‘virus’!

      Not much has changed in 112 years, except that now monkey kidney cells have replaced the whole monkeys in this fake virology, which brings us fast-forward to 2020 and…

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      1. Thanks for this paper. I don’t know if I have ever read a publication as ridiculous as this. This is not science, even at a school project you could not get away with this. No wonder the “Discussion” section has no discussion because there is nothing to elaborate on. Injecting mouse brains with stuff from 1 monkey and than crushing the mouse brains and “testing” them against other so-called vaccinations (I assume “neutralization” means that?).

        Zika’s MMM comedy. Mouse-Monkey-Mosquito. A no brainer….

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      2. Good one. MMM comedy.

        Taking zika to the next level, i.e. the modern-day version, see this: This is a must read to see some of the terminology propping up the blatant fake science. Thanks to Cowan and Rappoport for highlighting this.

        Notice the language (my emphasis):

        “The Broad Viral Genomics Group and MIT, together with partners at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) in Brazil; National Autonomous University of Honduras, and Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), are releasing 33 near-complete Zika virus (ZIKV) genomes sequenced from patient samples and mosquito pools collected in Brazil, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Florida between March and September 2016.

        “We are* releasing the assemblies* as consensus genomes and are in the process of depositing assemblies and* read data, as well as sample metadata* (generously shared by partners and including: place and date of collection, age, sex, and date of symptom onset), on NCBI GenBank.

        “The 33 ZIKV consensus sequences can be downloaded here

        “The samples were not cultured or passaged prior to sequencing. We experimented with different unbiased library preparation methods, and/or used amplicon-based sequencing, followed by Illumina sequencing on MiSeq and HiSeq platforms at the Broad Institute. Genomes were assembled using the Sabeti lab’s viral-ngs pipeline 4, which creates a de novo assembly from cleaned reads and performs additional refinement in a reference-assisted scaffolding process.

        “We assembled 17 Zika genomes after enriching libraries for Zika content by the Sabeti lab’s* hybrid capture 1 protocol*. 13 have median coverage >25x and 4 have median coverage >250x. The other 16 were sequenced with amplicon-based sequencing using a* protocol 2 developed by the ZiBRA project* and modified by the Andersen lab. We are still optimizing our pre-sequencing sample protocols, and will document our full process in a future update.”

        Paper update: It has come to our attention that, due to diminished reading comprehension in the general public, clarification of some of the terminology in this paper is warranted. In addition, since We are committed to the basic principles of Monkey-Mouse-Mosquito comedy, a basic restatement of the material in this paper follows.

        We do not isolate viruses. We sequence them. Isolation is impossible (though we have to give it some lip-service), for reasons we’d rather not say. Sequencing, however, is very real, and is the backbone and future of virology, and reveals reams of new viral information daily, which data is used by our armies of virological underlings in laboratories and computer centers all over the world. To date, those armies have produced, let’s see, at least 3 million viruses, all done by computer-model sequencing, and all validated by robust consensus.

        Genetic sequences are cool things. We never know exactly what we’re looking at, and they’re almost always different, like snowflakes. And yet they’re similar, after all there are only four bases in DNA, and only so many ways they can be strung up together, and only so many ways those sequences can be mated to form a genome. That’s what we do, and that’s also where the fun is. You can appreciate that we (almost all of us) grew up as masters of lego and computer games.

        When we first started with this scam, it was not easy. For example, sequences not being the same when we wanted them to be. Mutations saved us. Mutations were the key to understanding that in virology we can say whatever we want, and make up the story as we ‘progress’ in knowledge. As an example, a virus not acting like a virus can be called latent, or dormant. The key is in the creation of the virus, the rules of its behavior are ours to add as needed.

        We have all we need. We have data, and metadata. We have hybrid capture. We have Blast. We have unbiased library preparation methods. We have trees, and reference-assisted scaffolding processes. We have enriching libraries. We optimize. We do not isolate. We sequence. We’re good at it.

        Who are we?….that’s not a pun. We’re not trying to say that We are WHO. But, in asking the question again, who are We, We will simply say that you will never know. It’s classified, if you will, as in ‘not yet isolated, characterized, sequenced, or published’. Get it? Got it? Good! Stay home, stay safe!

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        1. Thanks, OM. That very nicely sums up what I have been unable to put in coherent words, as I want a parallel example. The best I could do is Lysenko, who, according to WIKI (LOOT), “…used his political influence and power to suppress dissenting opinions and discredit, marginalize, and imprison his critics, elevating his anti-Mendelian theories to state-sanctioned doctrine.” As a result of his corrupt and misguided science, millions upon millions died. Virology is a scam, where Lysenko might just have suffered supreme stupidity. Virologists follow the money like a pack of dogs. That’s all it takes to control their output.

          The object of this scam is an excuse for a reboot, shutting down economies, overthrowing (faux) governments, humiliating us with social distancing, masks, and disappearance of toilet paper, putting everyone into a state of fear and keeping them in that state, corroding what little ability they had for cohesive thought.

          I find myself in a state of fear now, not due to illness or a virus, and having to do with Joe Biden, not that he is an important person. He is an obvious psychopath. What seems to be building up is similar to Lysenko, the elimination of millions, if not billions of people. To oversee that in this country requires a man with an insincere grin and who lacks appropriate social skills due to his lack of human empathy. He’s the logical choice. I think back to his Super Tuesday grand slam, and remember thinking at the time that it was Biden all the way, and since he was a lousy campaigner and not that likeable, they decided just to give it to him and get it over with, as with Trump in 2016.

          He’s not the man with any real power, but he will be the TV face as events unfold. Think I am going to puke.

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    3. I think socratic method could also be valuable, many/most/all of these so called experts have their entire explanation system based off of vague assumptions/lies. Seems to be the case across many different subjects.


    4. GS – Thank you for that Fakeopedia link on vaccines. It’s detailed and extremely helpful, and I can see why you would want to generate a similar type of cheatsheet for alternative explanations for each “virus.” This in-depth and extensive resource (continually updated) is the closest I have found in this regard: “Covid-19 and Germ Theory Study Guide” Granted, it’s not a cheatsheet, as it requires some heavy lifting on the part of each of us to take a deep dive into bio-terrain theory, and to explore all the references. I would hope that once one digs in to germ theory, one can clearly see through the illusion. Even then, I caution that terrain theory may not be a complete alternative answer in every single case. In fact, at times, I can see that both camps tend to be highly materialistic/reductionist (although terrain being much less, and more fluid/flexible), paying very little attention to concepts and fields of study such as psychoneuroimmunology, radionics, cymatics, biophotons, piezoelectrics, geopathic stress, etc. Additionally, as Rappoport has repeatedly stated in his presentations and writing, we have been so brainwashed into thinking that every illness/disease has ONE cause – the one disease/one cause mindset. So, a cheatsheet that presents this type of linear thinking may prove to be impractical, or at the very least, imprecise and incomplete. That said, OregonMatt, MiniMe and Rastus R. have already provided a great head start here in terms of aggregating alternative explanations to “seemingly contagious” conditions. Hopefully, you will find the Germ Theory Study Guide that I linked to be of use. It does include POM and Fakeologist as resources.

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      1. Thank you very much, that is a lot of information!
        What I also struggle with is the jargon. Basic terms I understand, but it would be good to have a glossary of most used jargon.

        I started another page for viruses on FP, where I linked the pages linked here by the authors who have contributed, will add your link of course.

        And yes, I think there are many factors contributing to dis-eases, so I will try to compile those in a table, with multiple factors contra the 1 ‘germ’ that the mainstream presents.

        Thanks again!

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  2. @Gaia

    I find your quest for reasonable answers genuine, so here’s my advice: get a firm grasp on the fundamentals of terrain theory as it is discussesed here and elsewhere. It may be better to take time and pinpoint the reason for differing opinions. If you want to progress, that is mandatory.

    “I for now subscribe to the idea that viruses are what their original meaning is, poisons, produced by the body.”

    I’m using one of your comments as an introduction, hope you won’t mind. Virus = poison. Where does that belief come from? I know, from the definition of the word itself. And I suppose you already know who chose, promoted and abused this idea while turning it into the money-making industry.

    Any reasonable commenter here, who doubts and argues the germ theory from the point of contagion, does acknowledge the evidence. If ya take a microscope, ya can suddenly see that germs are not fairytale creatures and are factually omnipresent. Nothing is truly sterile, i.e. void of presence of microbes, at least here on the face of spherical Earth (like there is no true vacuum, since photon field is omnipresent). So if you ever used a microscope, you can’t deny the existence of microbial presence. Period.

    What I just wrote above about microbes is an idea put forward by Antoine Bechamp cca 170 years ago. He tried to explain or figure out a mechanism leading to what we define as getting sick. First he experimented and figured out the exact mechanism of fermentation, which was later literally stolen from him and attributed to Pasteur. Based on obsevations, Bechamp posed a hypothesis about the most fundamental microbial entities and named them microzyma. In time, only a handful of people followed this line of thought, leading to many other discoveries. Most important discovery is pleomorphism, which reads as some frightening scientific word beyond comprehension. It is actually simple to understand pleomorphism – microzyma can evolve into viri→ can further evolve into bacteriae → can evolve into funghi. This process is bi-directional, meaning more complex microbial forms can also revert back to less complex forms and eventually into microzyma. It is groundbreaking knowledge, which was experimented with and which led to discovering at least two possible mechanisms of influencing the direction of such pleomorphic process – mechanical (by using specific sound frequencies) or chemical (by adapting bodily ph value). What I just wrote here has two-fold meaning: for one, all this knowledge clearly confirms “terrain is everything” hypothesis and second, it clearly shows fundamental mistake in claiming virus=poison. This also answers any dilemma about good vs bad microbes. There is no such classification possible, all microbes’ functions are always the same.

    For instance, E.coli is a specimen of bacteria. It benefits yr system as long as it functions inside yr intestines. If it enters yr bloodstream, its function will not change but ya may suffer from it. But only if your bodily system can’t prevent it from happening, i.e. when the terrain is ripe for it. Since we know about the possibilities of pleomorphism, E.coli is susceptible to it too. Did it enter its host’s environment or was it created there because the terrain was right and nothing is sterile in the first place? Remember, Nature takes care of the “recycling” process since the inception of life. When something organic dies, it starts to disintegrate into the most basic contituents. I find it completely logical as observations confirm it. Our intestines are a perfect example of such complex recycling process. We consume food items, which are disolved in acid, neutralised with base, and further processed by encymes and bacteria in absence of light. And this process supplies energy and “building parts” for our system. If we observe such process under ordinary microscope while it is functional, it becomes visible. Maybe important to note here is that all progress in this area was achieved by using lens-based microscope technology as opposed to electron microscopy. The latter is able to show only a static picture of otherwise dynamic pleomorphic process and uses very invasive procedures while preparing a sample for observation thus compromising it.

    What is contrary to observation is claiming poison in the form of a virus is causing (mal)function and consequently symptoms which define a disease. This is simply not true and such hypothesis was never proven with experimental findings. What was actually proven was that one can influence body’s environment to start producing microbial life forms from the omnipresent basic ingredients. Acknowledging microbial life forms and their presence in what we describe as sickness does NOT explain the cause of such sickness per se. But once ya ackonwledge that microbes have life-forming functions, naming them poison is a non sequitur for starters. Also, once ya accept that microzyma are everywhere and most fundamental part of any organic life form, virus=poison idea falls apart with no ground to stand on. As you will progress, one fact will stand out among everything learned – progress in the field of virology was deliberately stalled for unknown reasons except for profit and desire to keep ordinary people in the dark about scientific progress.

    In virology, we were all taught half-truths at best and outright fallacies in average. It takes some time to jettison it all out of your synapses for good. I felt liberated as this happened to me, freeing me of yet another dark-age dogma.

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  3. Thanks for posting Mark. Jon’s style of articulation really helps clarify what they say they are doing, but shows they are clearly not doing it. The following quote is from his previous article from Oct 22:

    ““And notice one other very important thing. In the lab, we are actually piecing and cobbling together the pattern—the code—of a virus. We don’t have to deal with actual genes. What we do is all on the level of IDEATIONAL construction. We’re hooking up DATA. So that’s another level of the trick. We’re not stringing together pieces of material. We’re stringing together pieces of data from genetic databases. This would be like standing on stage in front of an audience and doing a very clever card trick without having a deck of cards in the first place. Now THAT’S a trick for the ages.”

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    1. Climate change fear is based on something we cannot see, touch, taste or feel, quite a trick. Similarly, we cannot taste, touch or feel the supposed virus. It is made to seem real by three (or more) methods … pronouncements by authoritative sources, such as WHO and CDC; dishonest and inflammatory news reporting, and the PCR test.

      The latter, PCR, was surely brought in to be the virus, as it is a useless machine when it is looking for something that does not exist. It can, however, find tiny fragments of RNA, and so the genius behind this hoax may well be that virologists, corrupted by money in the form of grants, loaded PCR with primers knowing that they would appear in some people, and that PCR would be able to increase the number of these finds by increasing its amplification.

      In this manner, the people collecting the samples and the labs performing the tests are out of the loop, unaware they are involved in fake science. Just like the Manhattan Project or Moon Landings, the people involved in these hoaxes were compartmentalized. Only the few at the vital center needed to know what was true.

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      1. Thanks, OREGONMATT and Mark.

        The money quote: “We’re not stringing together pieces of material. We’re stringing together pieces of data from genetic databases.”

        This may deserve its own post, I think. Opening minds to a multi-dimensional hoax as complex and broad as this will require this kind of down-to-earth synthesis. Exposing and hacking at the he root of the problem(s) is how this “thing” will die. Corbett has recently directed his energy where it may cause the greatest impact. We are all capable of picking up a sharp tool to begin our own campaign to end the (virtual) life of this man-made “monster.”

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        1. SK – Agreed. Dr. Kaufman said he is working on a full presentation focused solely on this aspect – the next gen sequencing, and precisely how the frankenvirus is digitally strung together.

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  4. Off-topic reply to Gaia, originally meant to appear on another page where comments had been closed when I posted this:

    Gaia, I think you’re throwing out the baby with the bathwater. If you do, in good faith, believe that satellites do not exist, then you are simply mistaken.

    I doubt and question a lot of things – nukes, 9/11, Corona, Titanic, certain WW2 details, terror attacks, pilot suicides, you name it – but satellites are definitely real.

    And I do believe in space probes going to Mars and Venus. Yes, I could be wrong. Has happened before.

    It seems frivolous to me to question the existence and reliable function of satellites when so much everyday consumer technology depends on it. Pointing your dish at a satellite (azimuth and elevation) will teach you how the signal is coming from a point source, or rather a relatively small area in the sky. DVB-S2 (in Europe) is in the 11 GHz range and is not “bounced off” the ionosphere. Neither is FM radio (UKW in German, 88-108 MHzz). What is refracted in the ionosphere is shortwave radio (KW, 3-30 MHz), and that’s a thousand times longer wavelength than DVB satellite signals.

    As for the Van Allen Belts, they don’t seem to interfere with the operation of TV satellites.

    Temperature and pressure: Practically no ambient pressure in space, why should that be a problem for material structures? Temperature 3K or -270°C, that must be the temperature when there is nothing, but a satellite is bathing in sunlight most or all of the time and so is heated.

    Grapefruit satellite, Vanguard 1, a tiny satellite launched in 1958 by NASA. Never heard about it before. It’s not doing anything, stopped working long before I was born. Just going round in orbit. Nothing spectacular about it. Why should it not be true?

    Do I know of any technology that works without maintenance? Yes. Semiconductors do. Integrated circuits do. Solar panels? Why not when there is no dust and no humidity? We have a lot of stuff in our houses that works without maintenance. Most things to do with providing electricity work for decades with no maintenance or cleaning whatsoever. They have to be reliable for safety reasons.

    Space probes travelling to Venus and Mars, I think, are real. Mars and Venus are much closer than the outer planets. Less solar gravity to overcome. That is not to say that everything about these space probes is real, but I do think that it is technologically feasable. I am not sure, though, because I don’t have any first-hand insight or industry expertise.

    Terrestrean telescopes have made enormous progress, but can they provide the surface details of Mars that we are shown? Or are these artificial embellishments, created with poetic licence? Or actually taken from orbit with true accuracy?

    Soviet Venera program and the lander. I’m skeptical about the possibility of landing anything on a planet (as opposed to crashing) because of the deceleration problem. But yes, I think they’re trying to achieve success in that area, too.

    I followed your link to the Fakeologist page and then on to a discussion with BarbM124 and I agree with her rather than with you. Not everything we learn in school is wrong.


    1. Thanks Michael, Mark can you move this post to the “ISS” thread by Fauxlex, I think that is the best place to discuss the existence or not of man-made satellites? Let’s continue there or wherever you decide to move it.


      1. We can continue discussing this the next time the space travel hoax is put on stage. You raised a number of points that I didn’t want to leave without an answer. For the moment, I don’t have more to say. I’m not a satellite expert, just a layman with a satellite dish.


  5. Lil bug/BIG PANIC fer Ratings PROFIT Power & Control plus MASKS Mafia GREED.

    Until good cops finally say “Nuff shit! Go ahead ohn good folks cos we don’t believe the Daily Crap FAKE stating U$ is WORST. When our own John Hopkins Uni FAIRLY states that U$ is ELEVENTH worst with just 0.22 Million dead from 330 Million ALIVE equals a 100,000 BIG Stadium with 99,990 Alive & just 10 Dead – DOH!”


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