Humanitarian barbed wire

Obfuscation in bureaucratic writing is the norm, and we see no shortage of it in this document from CDC called Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings.

Just that title alone contains the following euphemisms:

  • Interim (Permanent)
  • Shielding Approach (imprisonment)
  • COVID-19 infections (false positives from a non-functioning testing regime)
  • Humanitarian Settings (Prisons)

Locking us down in our homes earlier this year (still going on in many jurisdictions) was imprisonment done without due process. We were under no obligation to comply, as any order by any governor does not take precedence over the US or State Constitutions, or State Codes (annotated, thereby having numbers for each law) and county and city codes (ditto). The entire regime of masking, distancing, quarantining is illegal and can be ignored.

Why is it not? Fear of authority figures. Here is the key, which I gathered from watching a 2-1/2 hour video by Peggy Hall of The Healthy American. I cannot replay it, and note that I paid $29 for it (worth it!), and would violate her on-your-honor request that we do not distribute it for free. She is making her living. It is my intention to watch the video again over the weekend, perhaps in the time slot I once used to watch NFL football. I will take notes and print them here.

Back to the CDC’s plans for us … this is an iron fist with velvet glove wording. They intend to lock sick people down in compounds, isolate them, and allow them only to be attended by other sick people. This includes private homes where some members might be sick and others not – by some unstated enforcement, they will prevent family members from seeing each other. (The Plexiglas industry is thriving!) The idea that they are susceptible to “Covid-19” is at the center of this massive hoax, and rests on the notions that 1) they’ve identified and isolated a dangerous virus, and 2) they have a test that accurately detects it. Neither is true.

I am not going to rehash here, as our readers know that no virus has been isolated, and that the field of virology is corrupt beyond recovery. We also know that the Centers for Disease Control deliberately contrived a regime whereby the means by which we track deaths was derailed. Substituted for it were the forbiddance of autopsies, instructions to doctors to list “Covid-19” as cause of death when any patient “tested positive” using the RT-PCR, and listing of “Covid-19” as cause of death when a doctor merely suspected it to be present.

By this means, CDC was able to list (as of today) 219,372 Covid-19 deaths when the actual number is closer to zero. Is zero. This monstrous deceit was merely a cover story, and behind that lurks fascism. It is fascists now, like Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Montana Governor Steve Bullock, California Governor Gavin Newsom (who has … yawn … been ordered by a court to stop issuing edicts that do not comply with state law … yawn), and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer  (who is ignoring a court order to cease and desist) who are fronting for our hidden government in this massive attack on civil liberty.

In addiction to misreporting of deaths, hospitals, fearing presence of a never-proven-to-exist virus in aerosol from coughing and sneezing, implemented procedures to automatically intubate new patients testing positive, placing them on ventilators and thereby necessitating inducement of coma, and administering dangerous “anti-viral” drugs, thereby ending their lives. Legally, the initial intubation is a medical procedure and so shielded from prosecution, but sheriffs offices throughout the land need to investigate this practice, as I regard it as manslaughter. Ultimately, it is our sheriffs who are our primary law enforcement personnel. Where are they? Also, where is the ACLU? (I gave up my membership perhaps twenty years ago. I still get their mailings.)

Back to Peggy Hall, she is doing yeoman’s labor in researching state laws, having come up with a long list of existing statutes and regulations, legally implemented, that local jurisdictions violate by forcing restaurants and stores to shut down, make employees wear masks, and other nonsensical measures. She is urging business to open for business at full capacity, and when confronted by health Nazis, force an administrative hearing before a judge. In that setting, the judge would be asked that, if the business is forced to comply with county health regulations and gubernatorial mandates, which of nearly a score of other laws and regulations must it violate?

It takes courage, and we don’t have that commodity in large supply here in the home of the brave and land of the free. But we need more.

By the way, a gubernatorial edict that we wear masks has no standing. We can ignore it and social distancing as well. Quarantines are another matter, and I am not qualified to say anything there. But the deal with masks and distancing is this: If you walk into a store without one, you are not violating any law. If the store confronts you and demands a mask, you are free to say no. If the store then asks you to leave the premises, you must comply, otherwise you are trespassing. But note that you are only trespassing if you stay AFTER the store asks you to leave.

Finally, and this is critical: Your governor has no authority over you. He can order you to jump, to stay home, to dance while he fires bullets at your feet, and you can legally flip him off*. I urge we all do so. His only authority is to enforce existing laws, and oversee state agencies. All compliance with their fascist barkings are implemented by county health departments. They too have no authority over us, only licensed businesses.

*Shortly after we moved to Colorado, a Denver driver passing a police officer flipped him the bird. The policeman gave chase, pulled him over and issued a citation. A judge later ruled that it is perfectly OK to flip off a police officer, an exercise in freedom of speech. (I have Dupuytren’s Contracture, affecting three fingers including my two middles. That diseases forces those fingers into a clenched state, and I am no longer able to flip anyone the bird. It makes driving in downtown Denver very difficult, if not impossible.)

17 thoughts on “Humanitarian barbed wire

  1. Mark

    There should be many mannequins available these days, due to store closings. I actually have one standing beside me, acquired from a store going out of business in a prior era. Get one with the correct architecture, cut off the arm at the correct spot, cut off the three useless digits, leaving the useful one in place and pointing the right direction. Keep this “tool” by your side while driving, this will make driving in downtown Denver easier.

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  2. This CDC paper is one of those papers that has been hanging in plain sight (since July), but lost in the continual mayhem. On Nov 15, 2019, the CDC put out a job posting for “Quarantine Officers”, targeting many regions of the country, $90,000 per year. Perfect match.

    From the paper Mark links to:

    “Current evidence indicates that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.3 In most humanitarian settings, older population groups make up a small percentage of the total population.4,5 For this reason, the shielding approach suggests physically separating high-risk individuals from the general population to prioritize the use of the limited available resources and avoid implementing long-term containment measures among the general population.”

    “In theory, shielding may serve its objective to protect high-risk populations from disease and death. However, implementation of the approach necessitates strict adherence1,6,7, to protocol. Inadvertent introduction of the virus into a green zone may result in rapid transmission among the most vulnerable populations the approach is trying to protect.”


  3. For $29 you can learn how to get yourself summoned to court! What a bargain. Sorry but she smiles WAY too much for me, reminds me of nasa videos. As long as we go grovel to their satanic freemason kangaroo courts they win. Actually pretty sure they always win until jesus arrives.


    1. Heh. Fair point.

      On a side note, I saw tons of free youtube videos, no ads for a paid video… But I’m interested to see Mark’s write-up on it.


  4. WHO’s Director of Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness said it was “unexpected & very surprising” that the flu virtually disappeared in the Southern Hemisphere.


  5. I have some questions on the “elections are rigged” position; not denying it necessarily, just have some questions on the logistics. I’m typing on a phone so can’t really get into specifics, but just wanted to invite comment. Who agrees or disagrees with that position, and why? How do you see the mechanics of it working? This is prompted largely by MM’s latest piece, if you haven’t read it (or his 2016 election paper.)


    1. Just digging into the MM paper. He’s good at this stuff.

      Key element: What we individual citizens think does not matter. Public opinion is just something to be managed. But it is important that we think our opinion matters. That is why we have elections.

      The mechanics behind the scenes involve many sincere people involved in the vote counting process. Undermining that vote counting process is critical, and used to be quite difficult, stuffing ballot boxes and the like. With HAVA, it was computerized, and vote counting, still done, ceased to matter as the results reported on TV screens became the real “vote.” They control it all, top to bottom, but election workers are not aware of this. Citizen votes travel through the Moon Door in Game of Thrones.

      Interesting however, that if people ever realized that their opinions did not matter, suddenly, their opinions would matter. It is quite a management challenge.


      1. Thanks. I guess I just need to read up on HAVA to see the details for myself and how it would work. It seems like each precinct would be able to see its own numbers on the “big board,” and many(?) still have paper backups. At least that would be common sense; but maybe it’s a total black box, and nobody balks or questions it.

        Another issue is the multiple polling groups. Yes they’re probably all owned by the same few entities. But it seems like the entire industry, with lots of low level poll takers, would be aware of the disconnect. If as MM estimates Republicans have only 20% of voters or something. How far can “shy Trump voters” go to cover that? How does one make that a black box for all but a few at the top.


        1. HAVA came out of the 2000 Bush Gore Dade County debacle, which appears in retrospect to have been a staged event. It was used to highlight the inadequacies of paper ballot voting. Much of that, I assume, was the result of deliberately tinkering with the ballots and machines. Dade County was well on its way to fixing that situation when the Supreme Court stepped in and stopped the recount process. No accident, that.

          Congress then stepped in with HAVA, the Help America Vote Act, which introduced electronic voting machines. I was paying close attention back then, before I came to realize that selection has always preceded election. But I remember seeing exit polls in 2004 clearly showing that Bush had been given states he did not win. The exit pollsters thereafter adjusted their results to the official outcome, and the data was lost. It’s preserved in a few books here and there. Mark Crispen Miller did commendable work on the subject.

          Tests of electronic voting machines highlighted how easily altered they were, how easily back door programming could be inserted to affect the outcomes, tilting them towards the desired candidates. Because there were no paper trails, the big board results seen on TV could not be independently verified. Later they offered paper trails, but those amounted to mere receipts that left the voting booth with the voter, and could never be tied to actual vote count. They offered confirmation to the voter of how he voted, but not whether his vote was actually tallied that way.

          It does vary from state to state. Something to note – Ireland during that time converted to electronic voting machines, and after a short time with them, physically scrapped them, intending that they never be used again by anyone.

          Election fraud cost John Kerry the 2004 election, no great loss. However, at that time, the fraud was favoring Republicans, and Democrats did not seem to care. This told me that election fraud was bipartisan. By 2008 I had quit caring.


    2. The footnotes in MM’s paper lay out pretty clearly how easy it would be to fake the votes. That along with the virtual dead heat two times in a row should be enough evidence.


    3. Rigged. Entire system is controlled. Like a rigged poker game, you not gonna somehow beat it. Sounds like a fun read on mm site thanks for heads up.


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