Big Picture Conversation with Dean Henderson.

In less than an hour Dean explains a heck of a lot about what’s happening in our world today. I’ve known Dean since the 1980s and have a lot of respect for his personal integrity and research. I’m not asking for anyone to agree, or disagree, with his train of thought. Relax with an open mind and listen to one who cares about our collective future with love for all Creator’s lifeforms. I know how busy some of you are. Me too.

An offer to expand upon that which we already know.

11 thoughts on “Big Picture Conversation with Dean Henderson.

  1. The readership here seem not to embrace the ‘Nephilism”. This is greta post. I knew the IRAQ ‘war’ was over artifacts & stargate themes. FREEMASONARY I despised to this day….


  2. Great interview, i would like to have him on my channel and chat! The ending is so true, I woke about 2 years after I stopped working, had nothing but time! I really liked the interviewer too, thanks for posting!

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  3. Although I only recently started commenting here, I’ve been reading POM for years. I’ve been too busy with other things to comment. Anyway, I wanted to preface with that, and I also wanted to state that my gripe with Dean’s research has nothing to do with Dean personally. I have no reason to doubt his sincerity.

    Researchers “outside the mainstream” seem to accept historical accounts too readily. I like to consider recent “history”. Take school shootings, 9/11, and all the 2020 BS as examples. Historical records of these activities that survive will be taken as factual by future historians, both mainstream and “alternative” ones. So much of history is just the study of past psyops. When Dean began talking about the Annunaki, I couldn’t finish.

    Zecharia Sitchin (prominent Jew, likely freemason) and his projects are promoted to alternative researchers (us). The PTB know how to sell their shit to different demographics. When Wikipedia tells us that the establishment has rejected a researcher, that’s their way of selling the info to us. But it’s still in Wikipedia, so they want us chasing these stories, using them in our analysis. The Annunaki story was probably 100% created, or at best, corrupted for us.

    Maybe Dean has some valuable insights, but I’ll probably look for those elsewhere.

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    1. Ha thank you for this post and the name of the Annunaki “founder”. Never heard of him before.

      And I fully agree, I started listening to Dean Henderson’s podcast, but like you was put off by that point, especially the “authenticity” of the “Sumerian clay tablets”.

      The History Hoax is a crucial element of truth seeking (if the past is already so uncertain, what about present and future?) and especially Anatoly Fomenko’s excellent work on the historical fabrications and forgeries has opened my eyes even more.

      There indeed is a fallacy going around that as soon something is “alternative”, it is considered intrinsically more “true” and “trustworthy” than mainstream stories.

      That is how clowns as Sitchin, Wilhelm Reich and Velikovsky (like Sitchin two other “prominent” members of the Mental Disorder Tribe) get their following. Pushed by mainstream (in Velikovsky’s case Berty Onestone, arguably the biggest wizard of recent his-story), but not too much. I have seen the fallacious argument being waved around here too “he was haunted by the mainstream so that means something is right”. No, only science (real science; a philosophy of truth seeking, not the scientimist church disguising under the same name) and logic (following laws, like science) can make someone right or wrong, not what others say of the characters).

      Fomenko applies the scientific method against the scientimists and his voluminous work and proposed New Chronology are not of the armwaiving trust-me-I-am-different type as Immanuel, Wilhelm and Zecharia.

      Eye am Eye Radio member CTruth is doing highly important work; fact checking Fomenko’s claims.

      His website is a goldmine for historical revisionism, an idea for the Blog roll?

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  4. Thanks for posting Steve, I really miss Dean’s lefthook blog, and I told him so myself. I think people are getting a little bit hung up on the ET aspect here, and are missing out on his voluminous research in areas that are more current, such as in his book Big Oil and their Bankers. This interview seemed to run along different lines and was not fully representative of the breadth of his knowledge. That book, though it could stand a bit of editing, is an excellent reference for anyone wanting a primer on all the major players in our current inverted reality. It also serves as a good jumping off point when you are done reading, as you start to look into his sources via the bibliography. He mentioned in an interview one time, understandably a little embittered, that he thought all ET were evil. I don’t personally agree with that, but it is certainly no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. The man is an excellent researcher, and has certainly ruffled some feathers in all the right places, so we know by the flak he’s caught, he’s most certainly over the target. Glad to know he made it out of the state of ‘Misery” in one piece.

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  5. Thanks, Neil. I appreciate that you can overlook the imperfections and appreciate the “moral of the story.” Getting wrapped around the axle over a highly controversial topic seems all too often gives critics an opportunity to dismiss the body of work. I know there will always be critics who need an enemy to boost their own standing, but there’s always something to learn from a researcher/writer, warts and all, that help with that needed awareness to keep this headed in the right direction. Awareness of the Crown and its evil ways is Dean’s single greatest gift, which I can accept without reservation. The head of the snake is where I want to expend most of my energy as we gather energy and numbers and continue our long slog to end debt slavery after millennia of mind-control by the criminal, parasite (bloodlines) class.

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    1. Yes and yes.

      Henderson clearly appreciates that “the researcher community” comes to him by myriad paths, having trod many different cultural and scientific maps of our shared territory, each with its own nomenclature. I imagine that’s why near the start he identifies his catch-all term ‘Nephilim’ as just that and then lists many of the other equivalent names the community may be more familiar with to label that other worldly entity, whatever its origin and moral orientation. Like the “welcome” sign at the international terminal in 27 different languages, he’s sort of saying, “Welcome to Hendersonville, we may not speak your language of origin, but we’re all searching for truth of this place, and here’s the leading edge of what I think we know right now. Tie your shoes and buckle up.”

      I think most people here have learned by now that the Alt-Media sphere might be described as a “graduated Animal Farm,” a concept articulated by Matt over at Quantum of Conscience. Within each landscape, each concentric farm, is a free range of websites/channels promulgating a mixture of correct and tainted information. Some are limited hangouts, flat-out disinfo platforms hosted on servers owned by social engineering firms/agencies and operated by their agents. These intentionally mix truth with lies to garner credibility, with which to lead us off into the weeds; classic perfidious disinfo. Amateur researchers of goodwill mislead unknowlingly, working from zero access and with zero budget. On their spare time, they desperately try to dig through centuries of willful obfuscation and metric fuck-tons of red herrings strewn by The Bloodlines/The Crown and their soulless minions to cover their cloven tracks. But for the Windsors who persist, intentionally look forlorn, feckless and anachronistic, we began losing their bloodline-scent in the 1700s, through successive Freemason revolutions, ending with WWI, when the last royal houses finally went sub rosa to sit-out our “democratic,” “scientific” age for a couple generations until their total control could be reasserted by modern means now in our lifetimes; techno-medical neo-feudalism. Dean’s correct conclusion about the primacy of The Crown/Bloodlines is consonant with John Coleman’s, where you discover how heavily they are represented on the Committee of 300, of which Bilderberg and World Economic Forum are mere strategy and operational arms.

      But as the logo and organisational chart of their operation printed on the back of a Federal Reserve Note suggests, the identifiable Crown/Bloodlines are themselves only a predatory, hereditary management class of humans, a psychopathic c-suite, ruling on behalf of a capstone group hovering above them. Those are the ones that functionally own the Earth and whose identity and essence, while evil and other worldly, we can really only guess at. Hence Henderson’s catch-all, early-Book-Of-Genesis term for them and its many, spooky synonyms.

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  6. Thank you, PASO ROBLES. Nicely articulated. The hovering class needs to be exposed, somehow, someway. Nobody said it would be easy. Cheers!


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