A silent film for your enjoyment

Hat tip to Alexie for supplying this video, which I have downloaded in case YouTube censors it for violation of community standards (the “community” in question probably Langley, Virginia). In it Stefan Scoglio, an Italian researcher and Nobel nominee, describes the nitty gritty of virology and how they “isolate” … a word gutted of any real meaning in that profession. It is subtitled, so turn off the sound. I think we on this blog and elsewhere have come a long way in understanding the nuts and bolts of the pandemic, and this simply adds to our body of knowledge. Fortunately, Oregon Matt supplied an English version of the paper that Scoglio refers to here. (While the body of the paper has been translated, all of the references are in Italian.)
I also watched Dr. Andy Kaufman give an address at the Red Pill forum on Jekyll Island, Georgia recently. It is titled The Pandemic Fraud Runs Deeper Than You Think. (I don’t think that title applies to me.) He and Scoglio are on the same page.

I wonder, however, how much time we need to divert to study of the virus fraud that underlies the pandemic. It is all way above the heads of 98% of our fellow citizens, who are unreachable. This includes educated and uneducated alike, including scientists, doctors and other elites.
Jon Rappoport repeats something I’ve come to understand only lately – anyone reading this blog should come to terms with the PCR machine, used to diagnose “cases” of COVID-19. More so than the virus, PCR is the beating heart of the hoax. Of course there is no virus, but PCR does test positive and people really are unjustly imprisoned in their own homes (without due process) after testing positive. DO NOT GET TESTED! The PCR test is the means by which they choreograph the pandemic. The machine is used to amplify a sample from our sinuses, which is then compared to gene sequences called “primers” of unknown origins. Dr. Kary Mullis, who invented the machine and won the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry for it, claimed it should not be used for diagnosis of disease. He explains its use and purpose in this four-minute video.
PCR relies on amplification of minute sequences of DNA to bring them to life, so to speak, to allow people to analyze them in detail. But that process is not informative in terms of disease, where viral load would matter more, and which PCR cannot measure. We all have in us trillions of particles of this and that – bacteria, spores, fungi, endosomes, perhaps even “viruses,” and a host of other stuff that is part of our chicken noodle soup. Suppose you are looking for actual an chicken gene sequence in a person, and so pull out the soup from the sinuses. If used on a PCR, it might be searching for noodles, salt, broth, preservatives or artificial flavor molecules. A “positive test” would mean nothing.
So too with SARS-CoV-2, a “virus” that has never been isolated, for which there is no gold standard. Since it is supposedly new and novel, there is nothing to compare it to in other viral studies. So virologists have grabbed a genome from a number of sources, and actual scientists are working with this genome thinking it is real.
For PCR they take a swab, which gives them chicken noodle soup. They do not isolate anything. Testing positive means nothing. And don’t kid yourself, the powers behind this pandemic know this. They designed the pandemic this way. The key to positive PCR tests is the number of amplifications done on the chicken noodle soup. The sample is tested against primers, uncertain in origin and varying from country to country.  If they keep the number of amplifications at thirty or less (2 to the 30th power, an unimaginably large number), they can say with some reliability that a positive result means that the primer sequence, whatever it might be, is there in the human. Anything above 30, at least according to Mullis, begins to lose reliability, as other contaminants are amplified too. If they go above 35, the test is meaningless.
The keys to the pandemic are two: “Testing positive” (and becoming a “case”), and the concept of the “asymptomatic carrier, an artificial construct that does not exist. This is how they are running the supposed pandemic, by manipulating the number of amplifications on the PCR test. Some labs use forty or more! More amplifications means more positives tests, and this is all that is going on around us at present. (I have read that sixty amplifications results in 100% of us testing positive.) They have rigged the machines so that news can report more “cases,” giving the illusion of a virus that is spreading. They thereby scare the bejesus out of the scientifically challenged public. They are clamping down again, masks, distancing, quarantines, and soon to come, more lockdowns. Britain now is in full-bloom fascism, surely to follow here. Soon will follow a vaccine based on a virus never shown to exist, and that vaccine, probably loaded with ungodly ingredients and which is intended to harm or even kill us or change us, will be our ticket back to a normal life.
Bill Gates, a eugenicist, has stated that he wants to see a 15% reduction in the planet’s population. The vaccine might be a step in that direction, either killing vulnerable people (which would be blamed on the virus), or affecting the ability of young people to reproduce. Gates presumes he should be part of the 85% left behind. I do not. He is a defective human being, and needs to go by his own means, allowing himself to be vaccinated. (Don’t kid yourself – vaccines are not consumed by elites.)
Testing positive, by the way, even if the virus was real, would be meaningless. If you are healthy, you don’t have a disease, and are not contagious, the idea of contagion itself a mere artifact of a medical system long corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry.  We are in the Dark Ages of medicine.

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  1. There is a video from Reiner Füllmich where he talks with a Prof.Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer, it’s in German unfortunately and this lady explains how sensitive this PCR method is. If used not for mass testing but for single research it often contaminates itself, because the genes they are looking for spread through the air and they suddenly get positive results in neutral control probes because they of course make control probes when they carefully do scientific research. If they are contaminated, they close the lab, burn all samples, clean and sterilize everything and it takes weeks to do that. And they have to do it quite often. Just doing their single scientific research. Now imagine how contaminated must all be when doing mass testing, when personal just takes one swab after another, when nobody looks for mistakes, when they do no control testing at all. They simply cannot know what they test. And this high cycle number additionally produces positive tests every time. According to the official science one can have the virus and not get sick if the immune system is strong enough. But in this case the virus cannot spread and it is not alive. There is no spreading without symptoms. PCR cannot distinguish between dead and living virus, it looks for single proteins, which are part of one gene of many genes the virus is supposedly build of. Of course they don’t know all the genes because they never isolate a virus. They make this all up. Officially they look for a least 3 genes and then assume they found the virus. All Corona tests look for parts of just one of the 10 genes the fake Dr. Drosten defined as Corona genes. He defined them based on information from social media (I kid you not) and from what he found about the previous Corona viruses. He writes all that in his Corona paper WHO used to base their pandemic classification on. PCR makes copies of copies of proteins. Every copy gets more contaminated and less usefull. That’s why they consider everything made out of more than 25 cycles as useless but still use more than 40 cycles for Corona testing and do so in contaminated labs without any controls. And they do so on purpose and knowing which is a crime in itself.

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    1. American “astrophysicist” Neil DeGrasse Tyson appeared on a major US late night TV show at the beginning of this hoax, and his message was simple … trust scientists.

      The interview makes me want to puke, as Tyson was called out to tell Americans that a huge pack of lies was about to be given to us, and that they should be believed. “Trust,” my ass. Once you offer trust, you substitute someone else’s brain for your own. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say that they “trust science.” If only they ever learned to trust their own resources, they could spot a hoax. The first sign: some charlatan seeks your trust.

      I have never trusted Tyson. He is too glib. He reminds me more of an actor, perhaps a comedian who, because he was glib and black, was chosen to play an astrophysicist on TV. His constant references to his professional credentials tell me those credentials are fake or overblown. Some professional writers have given him a fake back story where as a youth he went to Cornell to visit Carl Sagan, and that later that evening he was standing in the rain at a bus stop waiting to return home when Sagan found him and offered to have him spend the night at his home. I suspected instantly this story to be apocryphal, part of his mystique, and fake. The man is as fake as the pandemic.

      [PS: You do not stand in the rain waiting for a bus. You wait in the terminal for the bus to be announced, then you go out and get on it. Even in my small home town in Montana, buses went through an indoor boarding area. Most have at least large sheltered areas so people don’t have to stand in the rain. Tyson’s story is bullshit.]

      [PPS: It’s a little more convoluted than this … Tyson was 17, he says, and met Sagan, who took him through the lab at Cornell, gave him an autographed copy of one of his books, and told him that if due to snow the bus did not make it through that night, that he could come and stay at his house. There are photos of the autographed book, and of a letter written by Sagan to Tyson. There are no photos of Tyson and Sagan together. One would think that given all of the hoopla surrounding his visit that day, that they would have taken a photo of the two of them together, if only for Tyson’s benefit, a memento. I just don’t buy this story, in which a cartoon version I know I saw (probably shown on Cosmos – the newer version) has him standing in the rain. But Tyson being black confers immunity on him, as one cannot criticize his supposed credentials without being accused of racism. But there is no shortage of black physicists, cosmologists and astrophysicists, I do not buy into Tyson. I think he is fake.] http://www.math.buffalo.edu/mad/physics/astronomy-peeps.html

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      1. from Mark’s link at bottom: “Today, Neil has a full and varied life. He is married, collects fine wines, continues to wrestle, and to study the stars.”

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  2. Excellent post and summary of our current predicament. Let me add one more factor that has caught my eye lately in conversations with fear-stricken friends trying to escape the grip of this “beast.” I’m talking about “asymptomatic” carriers/transmitters, you know, the “irresponsible,” “inconsiderate,” “selfish” minority the media so likes to guilt-trip with the new undefined term of “super-spreader.”

    “Despite the absence of a standard definition of asymptomatic parasitaemia, most researchers regard this state as detection of asexual or sexual parasites in the blood with absence of symptoms [18] . The method employed to diagnose malaria (microscopy vs. antigenemia vs. PCR), and the varying sensitivities of each method will ultimately determine the rate of asymptomatic infection. Lindblade and colleagues [19] rightly regarded asymptomatic parasitaemia in malaria as the silent threat. They argue that since treatment is usually provided to care-seeking patients, while a large proportion of malaria infections are asymptomatic, the global malaria epidemic is self-perpetuating.” – Asymptomatic Infections: The Hidden Epidemic; International Journal of Clinical Research & Trials Volume 2 (2017), Article ID 2:IJCRT, 05 pages

    PCR, PCR, PCR. I’m betting it’s the thread that ties many of these dis-eases that prescribe treatment by vaccines developed by Gates’s WTO stooges into a nice, neat, package. What if the vaccine IS the “super-spreader?” Food for thought.

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  3. Speaking of silent films: I don’t recall whether this digital agitprop from World Economic Forum, the infamous “You’ll own nothing and be happy,” has ever been posted here. In its predictions for humanity by 2030, it seems to alternate between direct orders, slippery vague musings, Nanny’s Maxims For a Good Life, cryptic reminders, and Sci-Fi metaphors for something else, unstated.

    [a minute and a half]

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    1. Thanks for posting. If I’ve had trouble, up to now, getting someone else to see the relevance of these world players (World Eco Forum, Gates Found., WHO, Johns Hopkins U., CDC, etc., etc.) in the ongoing psyop, the PTB pull it all together in this cheerful video. Compliance and slavery with a smiley face.


  4. An excellent interview. Stefano Scoglio was one of the very first scientists to openly call out this engineered event. He also pointed out how the two provinces of Bergamo and Brescia (where 2/3 of initial Italian deaths were) were subject to a massive vaccination campaign administering 185,000 flu shots and more than 35,000 meningococcal vaccines during the month of December 2019. Surely just a coincidence, right?
    The above Scoglio video is reposted below in a short collection of PCR video critiques:


  5. meanwhile in Germany, Reiner Füllmich is posting a new video every day made out of his meetings with international experts and streamed uncut, others re-post it on Youtube. Videos seem to stay so far, comments occasionally get deleted. He is openly calling Dr. Drosten (the German Fauchi) and other German protagonists names, calling them frauds, ignorants, puppets, fake doctors, fake professors and such. Really heavy and a great fun. His strategy seems to provoke this people to sue him. Then he only needs to prove his accusations in a trial, which he can. Mainstream still ignores him totally, not mentioning him anywhere. He gets more important people from upper management level on his side, even some politicians. Looks like there are many people just waiting to open their mouths, if somebody gives them a solid background, which Füllmich provides. He focuses on the PCR test which is the most efficient way to do it. Once the test fails, everything else will become unimportant.


    1. Yes, Reiner Füllmich’s output has been amazing, and he is certainly right that PCR is the beating heart of the hoax. However, it would be naive to think that publicly debunking PCR would get us out of the woods. They can always move the testing goalposts (by attempting to rely upon antigen tests. etc) but they also have far more dramatic tools in their toolbox. Klaus Schwab’s ramblings indicate that a takedown of the power grids is in the works. Perhaps that is what our “Dark Winter” will actually turn out to be.
      Ice Age Farmer sums it up:


      1. Antigen tests need blood samples and take time and can’t be done for masses. Of course no such tests can be done for masses, but that is not what I mean. Also antigens need symptoms, which are rare even in the cold time of the year. As for now everything is based on the fake PCR tests, which make everybody a source of Corona no matter if sick or healthy and if they can prove judicially this test are not reliable, all the measures can be stopped until new numbers will be invented. Also Füllmich expects more people to come out, once there is someone serious taking against the Coronists. It’s a good opportunity for opportunists to become famous. And likeable. Nobody likes the Coronists, right? We will see then how many people really don’t like Corona. Because many do like it. The main problem there is that media don’t have conscience and can’t be ashamed. Media people will tell anything to blackwash Füllmich and make him look bad. That’s why Füllmich has to make Drosten look bad in the first place. It is still beyond my mind how easy it was to change the entire world into a Batman movie. In Weeks.


        1. Rapid antigen tests certainly ARE for mass use. In the UK, SureScreen is meant to be producing a million per weeek. Also, they do not “take time”. 15 minutes is all that is required. Obviously, anyone with measurable brainwave activity can see that these tests are meaningless (the type used recently by Elon musk gave him two positives and two negatives all in the same day), but – just as with PCR – the majority of people won’t question these discrepancies, not until a broad swath of “experts” do so – just as you point out.


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