Happy Sunday!

We had to go to the store this morning for milk … out into the hinterlands to walk with the common folks, the masked masses. I don’t know why, but this scene played in my head. Cleavon Little’s laughter almost looks like an outtake, but Mel Brooks left it in. Gene Wilder is a superb comedic talent.

8 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

  1. Last week, our “clever” Prime Minister has divided Italy into yellow, orange and red zones basing on the Rt 1 bullshit as per advise by virologists.
    For now we are yellow zone and can move within the island but shopping centers are closed the whole weekend. Not that I care anyway. Never go there.
    Orange and red zones have a stronger lockdown in place: moving from one province or region to another is forbidden, whoever is caught doing that gets fined.
    Also who doesnt respect the 10 pm curfew gets fined. Nobody pays their fines anyway.
    Another big BS.

    People here don’t give a flying fig anymore (not that they actually did last March, nobody really respected the lockdown, we’re not that stupid) and nobody will ever prevent us from spending Christmas with our loved ones as those psychopaths in the Parliament would like (they even proposed a Christmas lunch in video conference, haha).

    I’d like to see more mass protests around besides the ones in Naples, Rome and other cities, we’ll get there hopefully.
    In the meantime, no mask for me as usual, no big deal for anyone so far.

    Have a great, unmasked week guys!

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  2. Mark, since you seem to like good stories, here’s one that made me chuckle.

    It’s just something interesting I found out about the inventor of PCR, the Nobel laureate scientist, Dr. Kary Mullis.

    According to his Wikipedia* page:

    “Mullis reported an encounter with a “standard extraterrestrial raccoon” at his cabin in the woods of northern California around midnight one night in 1985; he denied being on psychedelic drugs at the time.”

    Now why would people think he was tripping? Maybe because he was quoted as saying:

    “Back in the 1960s and early 1970s I took plenty of LSD. A lot of people were doing that in Berkeley back then. And I found it to be a mind-opening experience. It was certainly much more important than any courses I ever took.”

    Very interesting.

    This review* quotes from a book called ‘The Myth and Mystery of UFOs’ that mentions Mullis’ bizarre experience:

    “Once he turned on the lights and left sacks of groceries on the floor, he lighted his path to the outhouse with a flashlight. On the way, he saw something glowing under a fir tree. Shining the flashlight on this glow, it seemed to be a raccoon with little black eyes. The raccoon spoke, saying, ‘Good evening, doctor,’ and he replied with a hello”.

    From the review:

    “Mullis himself later came across Whitley Strieber’s huge-selling book about his own alien abduction, Communion, and recognised the time he lost that night, but as a chemist couldn’t quite bring himself to accept that he’d been abducted by aliens.”

    So he must have also reported missing time, a core component of typical alien abduction experiences. Could the raccoon have been a projection, or some sort of disguise?

    To conclude:

    “Mullis, in his autobiography ‘Dancing Naked in the Mind Field’, insisted: ‘To say it was aliens is to assume a lot. But to say it was weird is to understate it […] It’s what science calls anecdotal, because it only happened in a way that you can’t reproduce. But it happened!”



  3. There’s one more story I’m linking to…with love, from Faux 🙂


    He called you out, Mark, saying something along the line you should assist him in face chop of Miles’s mother. This may sound ludicrous coming from me, but I’d be more than interested in such analysis – those two woman from linked article above, both shown as Miles’mother, are not the same person in my opinion. What if you offered both of those pics here, for readers to judge for themselves? And your analysis along with it?


    1. I remember looking at those photos long ago, and deciding they were the same person. I did the chops, as I recall. It can be deceiving, which is why I like the technique so much, as it can clarify doubts. Faux is not one to let go of things, however.


    2. By the way, Faux’s repeated attacks on my character have finally gone public. Before leaving here he sent me some crude and insulting emails. Even then, I thought he was just on a high and would come down, so I left the door open for him. I had to remove him as ADMIN, as that position has the power to take the blog and all content down with a stroke of the hand, and he was obviously very angry at me, so I had to protect the blog (now in its home stretch anyway, I fear). But I informed him that he was welcome back as an editor. But his suspicions got the best of him.

      The photos of MM in high school are easily seen to be the current MM. His mother’s photos are seen, with some effort, to be the same woman. I am as curious as anyone how MM came to be who he is, and where he gets his information. Why does he avoid certain topics? Too many, can’t do everything, I would guess. I avoided Epstein too, a sinkhole I suspected, waste of time. Is MM a Mason? Could well be. Does his recorded lineage go back to others in Masonic lines? Could well be. So is he hiding as much as exposing? Could well be. I opted to take him at face, and judge each work on its merits. My suspicion was and is that he has permission to release hitherto forbidden knowledge. I have satisfied myself with my own work that he was right about JFK and Lennon’s deaths being faked. That is important – independent confirmation. He suggested in his ELvis paper that McCartney might be twins. I verified that for myself.

      I avoid genealogy. Even doing my own I found multiple marriages and names. I found by accident that the name Tokarski is actually in the Jewish registry, but there is no hint of Jewishness in anyone on Dad’s side, all devout Catholics anyway. No money either, everyone dirt poor. I decided that the field requires expertise and training and years of experience to be valid. A quick trip down Geni lane does not get it done. Anyway, it was very boring to me as well. There is something going on with ‘the families,’ but its closely guarded. I’ll never crack that mystery.

      While here Faux was like a firecracker with a short fuse, rude to commenters, suspicious of me and others, enamored of his own talents (our best writer, he says), and unable to see, in fact getting very angry, when his obvious mistakes were pointed out. I do not miss him. If he wants to publicly attack me, he’ll get it in return. As the old saying goes, if he stops lying about me, I will stops telling the truth about him.


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