What is shingles?

“Varicella viruses are examples of viruses that cause latent infections. The varicella-zoster virus remains in the body after causing the initial infection known as chicken pox. If it is reactivated, it travels through nerves to the skin where it causes the blister-like lesions of shingles. The virus then returns to its dormant state.”

The above words, taken from the Yale Medical website called All About Viruses, stand as official truth and are completely without supporting evidence. As Dr. Stefan Lanka has said, “In the course of my studies, I  and others have not been able to find proof of the disease-causing viruses anywhere.”

I am witness to two people I know suffering from shingles, which I know to be painful. I’ve never had the disease. I am not even sure I ever had chicken pox. I do remember a time when I was in perhaps first grade being kept in a tent at home for several days. I don’t remember any pain, but Mom was with me at all times. And, I remember the day I was finally allowed to return to school, happily leaving the house to get on the bus, which offered door service.

Did I have chicken pox? Measles? I do not know. And what, pray tell, is shingles, really? Germ theory is not able to prove the existence of the virus, and can only judge it to be real by surrogate, the presence of antibodies. That is not direct proof of anything. Under germ theory, and this is remarkable, after one week of infection, we make an antibody called IgM, not specific to anything. Thereafter, IgM goes away, and IgG appears, after another calendar week. This is the scientific justification for quarantines,  aka imprisonment without due process. After three weeks IgM is gone, and IgG assumes permanent residence in the body.***

The above is a recitation of gospel, official truth in the medical community. Here’s the remarkable aspect – it’s nonsense, just professional jargon, gobbledygook. These people are deeply involved in groupthink, but have not proven anything to satisfaction of skeptics. But they don’t have to deal with skeptics. That is the whole point of groupthink – insulation from reality, immunity from criticism. It leads to the modern cloak behind which hide doctors, virologists, climate scientists, astrophysicists … argumentum ad lapidem, the ability when surrounded by a protective group to dismiss all critics as wrong, per se, without evidence and without even considering their arguments.

So what causes shingles? The body is obviously detoxing, but from what? The two people I witnesses suffering from shingles had one thing in common, stress. That would be a good starting point.

I have spent the better part of my life free of diseases of any kind. I have not vomited since I was in grade school. (I vividly remember having been given Pepto Bismal beforehand. I won’t finish that thought.)  I started my professional career in 1974, and remember a major change to another company in, I think, 1983, and in those preceding nine years I had but one sick day.

Last January I had a cold that lasted three weeks, and others I know experienced the same disease over the same time period. I am very suspicious about that. Maybe I am paranoid, but it seems something was administered that our bodies rejected. Only certain members of the household got the disease, others, even in close proximity had not a hint of it. My explanation? I do not know. It just doesn’t smell right. At this point I am quite sure it was not a virus. Back in January I still believed.

I have seen it written that the Covid-19 matter is the “biggest scientific hoax in human history.” I bought into that without thinking much about it. If Covid-19 is the biggest, then its template was another hoax called AIDS. But then I realized that there is a granddaddy hoax, an omnipresent monster that has sprung countless offspring and occupies every mind on the planet. One cannot avoid this monster unless living in an aluminum-clad box. It is called “germ theory.”

It is widely written now and understood that Louis Pasteur was a fraud. This is from the book by Cowan and Morell, The Contagion Myth, page 6 et seq:

[Louis] Pasteur passed his laboratory notebooks along to his heirs with the provision that they never made the notebooks public. However, his grandson, Louis Pasteur Vallery-Radot, who apparently didn’t care for Pasteur much, donated the notebooks to the French national library, which published them. In 1914 [sic], Prof. Gerard Geison of Princeton University published an analysis of these notebooks, which revealed that Pasteur had committed massive fraud in all his studies. For instance, when he said that he injected virulent anthrax spores into vaccinated and unvaccinated animals, he could trumpet the fact that the unvaccinated animals died, but that was because he also injected the unvaccinated animals with poisons.

In the notebooks Pasteur states unequivocally that he was unable to transfer disease with a pure culture of bacteria (he obviously wasn’t able to purify viruses at the time). In fact, the only way he could transfer disease was to either insert the whole infected tissue into another animal (he would sometimes inject ground-up brains of an animal into the brain of another animal to “prove” contagion) or resort to adding poisons to his culture, which he knew would cause symptoms in the recipients. [Footnote 5: Gerard L. Geison, The Private Science of Louis Pasteur (Princeton, NJ, Princeton University press, 2014.]

To me, this is a huge tell, that Pasteur was knowingly deceitful and yet at the same time highly secretive. It screams puppetry, that others behind him were manipulating him and his work to a desired end. Who were these people? Do we need to know? I don’t imagine so.

Who is behind Covid-19, really? Hard to know. All we can do is judge by their actions what their goals might be. They obviously want to change the way we do schooling, and I have no problem with that. They want small businesses (and the independent-minded people who run them) to go away. They also want to eliminate currency. That is disturbing, as currency, even controlled as it is, is also a form of freedom. They want to make it harder to mate, as six feet and masks sort of take the fun out of having sex, if it can even be managed. Everyone is suspicious of everyone else anyway. And that ties in with the obvious overarching goal, population reduction. How much? Asperger’s poster boy Bill Gates wants a billion fewer, but I would add “for starts.” Georgia Guidestones** say down to five hundred million. That is going to take time. Surely the supposed Covid vaccine is a critical element.

That is speculation without knowing who, which seems less important. With Pasteur, the goal was obviously what we now call allopathic medicine, drugs and vaccines and scalpels, and the mighty pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex around us today. Do I imagine they had such foresight in Pasteur’s time? Absolutely.

**That GG link is to Wikipedia, the primary source of LOOT, Lies of Our Times. Wiki is begging readers for money now to stay afloat. But I have a difficult time imagining that a massive Intelligence front like that ever hurts of cash. I’ll pass.

*** It is remarkable that our bodies know about our calendar week. I wonder if IgM and IgG have Sundays off?

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  1. I had shingles. At the time I was living in a new apartment, and was unaware of EMF hazards from fluorescent and other switchmode lights, installed in the adjacent apartment, on my bedroom wall. That plus much computer monitor exposure.

    It was painful and lasted six weeks, blisters all over chest and upper arms.

    Shielding (foil) these EMF sources, was the solution.

    REF: http://www.bioinitiative.org

    Let me introduce my latest EMF article:

    Utility earth currents, known as “stray voltage”.



    1. Thanks Jim – for the links and information. I am not sensitive to EMFs as far as I know. But I’ve read Firstenberger’s book and he talks about it at length. I think this is his own affliction that led him down that path of research, and yours?


      1. Mark, If you have any symptoms (for any attributed reason), you might try reinterpreting them as EMF-caused, and see if that could lead you to some amelioration of those. For example, many people disregard EMF phenomena, yet are hobbling with arthritis, etc, and they have an Internet router nearby, 24/7.

        The easiest way to measure a wide variety of EMF sources is to map your living areas and devices with a portable AM radio set between channels. (The auto-tuning radios don’t do well for this.)


          1. TIMR, basically, if you have (for example), restless sleep or a dry cough, look around for obvious EMF sources and map your area with the AM radio to find them. Turn them off or throw the breakers off on your house/apartment.

            There is a good chance that you will find calm and health improvements immediately though gradually over the next hours and days.

            Industrial EMF competes and conflicts with natural EMF that life (us) uses for hormonal and cellular systems.

            Science: http://www.bioinitiative.org

            PS: Another common environmental stressor to watch out for, is a badly vented stove or boiler. Yet, EMF is nowadays becoming a more prevalent suspect, in my observations.


            1. Thanks, I guess I’m not entirely clear how the mapping w AM works… What sort of feedback or signals am I looking for and what do they indicate. But I’ll try the experiment, see if I can make anything out of it.


              1. AM, set in between stations, low noise. Increase and change in static noise identifies emf’s. Try it in proximity to your cell phone, go from there.


              2. Oops, yea, I better describe that!

                You listen for the “static” from the AM radio speakers. That represents ambient EMF radiation, e.g., radio waves and random circuitry EMF and power cable EMF, etc., much of everything impinging on its antenna. Put near your monitor screen, LED bulbs, power cables etc, the floor and walls, and map your area.


        1. Jim, my only afflictions, minor, are Dupuytren’s Contraction, affecting three fingers and not getting any worse (middle fingers on both hands, making driving in downtown Denver quite difficult), and a slight ringing in my ears, not tinnitus, that is surely EMF related. A couple of months ago, I visited a doctor about an inguinal hernia, and (thankfully) he required a Covid-19 test, which I knew to be bogus, so I balked. I am now pursuing an osteopathic treatment, of which I am skeptical, but I am also prepared to live with it. I consider myself at age 70 in excellent health, knock knock. Part of the doctor’s appointment was a questionnaire that asked if I suffered from a wide range of afflictions, and I was able to draw a large X across the entire section. Not suffering anything, not taking drugs for anything, very much free of Dark Ages allopathic medicine. When I die, I hope it is like my mother (96) and an aunt, her sister, who just passed three days ago (99), just goin’ home.


          1. To me, those three symptoms are classic EMF symptoms.

            For your personal verification, the next time you experience an increase in symptom severity, pause — and investigate your surroundings. I know a few people with hernias and they both are buried in EMF devices. It is apparently the result of muscle dysfunction, similar to your hand contraction. “Ringing” and tinnitus are similar.

            Automobile dashboards are high EMF, for example. A portable AM radio tuned between the stations is a great way to track a wide range of EMF radiation, by listening to the static. If you find these investigations useful, you might buy a high frequency meter.

            When you do the “pause”, look for adjacency to any electrical devices, power cables, wall-embedded cables, smart meter, antennae, monitors, electric motors, transformers, micro-transformer circuitry in LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, TV, etc.

            Look for the obvious and that which is buried or hidden on the other side of a wall. AM radio will help detect these.

            There is also ubiquitous utility earth current (aka “stray voltage”).



          2. I’m 74 almost, and several times over the last decade, I’ve thought, “This is it. I’m getting old. No longer can I stave off the inevitability of aging.”

            But I keep looking, and every time, I delightedly find an environmental stressor, that is prematurely advancing the stress of aging. We seniors are Miners’ Canaries. And so able to warn the rest. All the more reason for the Medicos to attack us and our vision.


            1. I went to my fiftieth a couple of years ago (mistake!), and there were three or four of us guys still in excellent shape … the women, post-menopausal and all, had gained a whole lotta weight. A couple of gals that I used to date … I thought “Phew!, dodged a bullet there!” Most had aged significantly. One guy, obese, stepping off a platform, about eight inches, fell, and scared the crap out of everyone. We all came running to help. I wonder if there was a defibrillator in the room. Anyway, like you, I do not feel old. I don’t have aches and pains, just some inconveniences.

              I will try that with the car radio. We live on three wooded acres but that doesn’t mean anything, right?


              1. I had cramped hands and feet and tinnitus. On the other side of my bedroom wall was a hallway of LED and fluorescent lights.

                I convinced management to turn lights off at night and they did, and that solved the problem. But it was difficult to consistently deal with that scenario so I eventually I moved.


              2. “Three wooded acres” but matrixed into a house of 15 amp cables all acting as antennae, possibly embedded in the wall next to your bed.

                LED lights with switch-mode transformers running at 22k hertz. These are in the base of the bulb, as mini step-down transformers. These transformers are in all modern devices.

                Radio or cell towers near? Radar, communication relays beaming through your ‘remote’ area (why not there is nobody there)?

                Computer monitors should be shielded with something like RadioClear. “Skin cancer” or “pro-cancer lesions” on the forearms is just that exposure. I worked on computers for decades and learned this the hard way.

                Internet router? Internet cables are huge antennae, even without wireless.

                The AM radio can reveal everything except the high frequency scenarios.


                1. We do adapt, no? I’ve got no health problems, not even an occasional headache. Just the ones mentioned, and the hernia, heaving trees down the hillside played a role. We are rather isolated here, only three houses on our road, none close. We can only get Internet via phone lines,shrouded. The meter is 300 feet away from the house. Yes, we have internal wiring.My time in front of the computer is limited, maybe ten hours a week. I spend a lot of time in my workshop. Making. bird houses. That’s what it has come to.


                  1. Thanks for your patience. I usually get a Bingo, but you’re a tough case 🙂

                    So the “meter” 300 ft away is a utility meter? A smartmeter?


                    1. No solar here, would make no sense even if solar in general made sense. We get little sunlight. The first shaft will come in our living room mid-January. We live on a steep hillside, and the smart meter is down on the road, 300 or more feet away and down the hill. This is a recent development, just in the last month, and I balked, confusing it with the natural gas meter at the base of the front steps. They charge an up front fee and an extra $25 or so a month to read the meter. Since it was so far away from the house, I went along with it.

                      Reminds me … meter readers used to have free access to houses, as you may remember since we are of similar age. Ann Landers printed a letter one time from a gal who liked to do her housework in the nude, a recurring Landers topic. One day she was doing laundry in the basement and the pilot light was out on the furnace, and since she had to crawl underneath stuff to get to it, she put on her son’s football helmet. At that point the meter reader walked in, and saw her there and said “I hope your team wins.”


                    2. Artful humor in our early era. George Goble was another.

                      The smart meter or the upstream generators or transformers could be inducing “dirty electricity” into your power.


                      Does your workshop use fluorescent or LED lighting. I knew a building supervisor whose bench had that overhead and he “fell apart”. Same with a dentist I knew who had a bank of fluorescents over his work area.

                      Safe lighting is DC powered LEDs or simple halogen bulbs.

                      Dimming devices are bad, being similar to switch-mode transformers, aforesaid


                    3. I think what there is to gather here is that exosomes are useful in that they are the means by which we communicate among each other information of existing threats. And then we adapt. A threat, as with radio waves in the Spanish Flu epidemic, is internalized among us. A lot of other things going on, of course. It is usually older people, and randomly younger, who fall victim. Then we adapt.


                    1. just doing some unscientific research into an ethernet household with wired connections and shielded cables … we cannot have cables running along floors or under carpets. I would have to route everything through the attic and down the walls, a huge project and prohibitively expensive to hire out. Just the meter to measure emf fields is $300 plus. The device I am using now, an iPad, is solely wifi, no place for a wired connection. I rarely use my iPhone, but would have to rely on towers for a signal, and we don’t get much if that here. Just a few hurdles.


                    2. The best meter is a $20 AM radio, tuned between stations.

                      Conduit pipe is 40 cents/foot at Home Depot.


                    3. Similarly, my wife had melanoma and routine surgeries. I had backaches, dental problems, rashes and a small budding tumor.

                      We found Con Ed mains under our floor (looking like water pipes with no labels). We rearranged the furniture and all diseases diminished 95%.


    2. My daughter had shingles (mild case) when she was a freshman in college. It started within a week of living on campus. She lived in a large dormitory – all completely outfitted with WiFi, with routers in every dorm room. Every room was retrofitted (it was a very old building) with overhead fluorescent lights as well. It should be noted, the act of moving and beginning college can be stressful. Although in her case, I would say it was “eustress” as opposed to a bad stress. But stress is stress according to the body. In any case, it would seem to me that the intense, sudden increase of exposure (24/7 – as the WiFi and fluorescent lighting was in all classrooms and public spaces) to EMFs (coupled with stress) could have been a likely trigger. I would like to add that I am electromagnetically sensitive, and when I visited her for long periods of time, I came home with horrific headaches. I am not prone to headaches otherwise.

      Jim – I will go check out your most recent article. As always, thank you for the work you do!


          1. The sensible MattOregon requires references for the topic of blistering agents, shingles etc. and toxic cause. YES.

            Blister diseases: Herpes, smallpox, chickenpox, varicella, shingles

            Toxicological parallel:



            It is not generally realized that some so-called virus diseases may result from the effects of poisons on the human body, thus, herpes zoster may follow exposure to carbon monoxide or the administration of arsenic, bismuth, lipiodol, gold, mercury, tuberculin, alcohol, etc. An epidemic of herpes zoster and peripheral neuritis, similar to the “jake” paralysis epidemic in this country, followed the ingestion of arsenic in beer in Manchester, England in 1900.76-78 The toxic agent was determined to be arsenic arising from dextrose made from starch by the use of crude sulfuric acid containing this poisonous substance.

            Herpes simplex, another so-called virus disease, has followed the ingestion of alcohol, benzol, arsenobenzol, mercury, and the inhalation of either, among other poisons. Van Rooyen79 noted its appearance after sulfapyridine therapy. Herpes simplex has followed the injection of vaccines, milk and colloidal metals.

            Note that vesicant means blister causing agent.



  2. Stress hypothesis certainly fits the case I had one cold winter, probably also lonely and on thin ice financially. However – after a week I saw a doc and I have to admit the pill he gave me – steroid or antibiotic or what – cleared it up overnight like a miracle. Maybe placebo effect in part but I tip my hat to them on that one.

    On their foresight – do you think then that they intentionally made the 20th C one of high population growth, for industrial buildup? Intending all along to reverse course later?


    1. TMR, not necessarily a “placebo effect”, but rather the “cure” could have been the hormesis effect. This is the true dose/response curve in toxicology, a concept censored from science. It is an S-curve, rather than what we assume, a straight-line linear curve. The common method for faking toxicology studies is to ignore hormesis.

      This is also known as “the pharmaceutical effect”, a trick of Medicine, to get you to happily pay before you get out the door. Pharmaceutical delayed negative reactions (payback) can be years, if skillfully designed.


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    2. I don’t know if I even believe the population is what it’s said to be. I’ve done some research on it. One thing that I look at and might not have any kind of validity to my point is youtube views. There are supposedly 7 billion people on the planet. The amount of people that have access to the internet is astounding. Some people view videos over and over and over again yet the highest viewed videos are in the hundreds of millions. It might not mean anything but its interesting to me and makes no sense.


      1. I thought that also!! The view #’s should be off the charts! The tons of food waste give it away also…and the world wide plandemic official count!
        w/ regard to emf, I wrapped my electric meter in copper. The ‘smart’ water meter that was installed in the basement, per the town, I covered completely with 3 big sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil. One day I was doing yard work and a town truck pulled into my drive way, he sat there for like 10 minutes so I went over and said ‘can I help you’? He said he was there to read the water meter and couldn’t access it w/ his electronic reading device. I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to planting my garden, smiling and laughing. I’m assuming my water bill is now ‘estimated’ LOL


  3. Mark wrote: “Last January I had a cold that lasted three weeks, and others I know experienced the same disease over the same time period.”

    I had the same experience, lung inflammation, and noticed this in others, both in NYC and in Tucson. I think they elevated air pollution to trigger the fake pandemic, as you’ve might have read on my own blog. I always interview ill people to understand their environment.

    This pandemic trigger pollution, however, compounded the effects of existing pollution, thereby revealing existing pollution, so you might review your EMF habits and the ventilation of fired devices in your home.

    Another way to determine cough, cold or flu causation is to review the weather history for your area. If you became sick during a low wind speed period (such as overnight, waking up sick in the am) that is obviously an indoor (or possibly outdoor) air pollution issue, as low wind speed is the #1 weather correlate for air pollution. Usual suspects are stoves, boilers or construction solvents, with with EMF stress.


    1. Interesting … we live in the foothills, surrounded by forest but not immune. We drink well water, eat organic food when available. Not so stupid as to trust “organic” labels. What can we do? We’ve been here ten years, and I have had one other bout of illness, again, cold like symptoms, a flight to Florida to visit relatives (Fort Myers) where I was experiencing runny nose, coughs and sneezing, my relatives not wanting to get close to me. On the return flight, everything went away, that is, I did not have to recover. I was ill, and then was better. Quickly. That seemed odd. It seemed that a cold should take a few weeks to shake, but this was instantaneous.

      None of this remotely describes a viral infection. I’ve wondered about it since. I did an experiment … we have a planter that needed a coat of paint, and I decided to use a spray gun without benefit of a mask as it was a small project, oil based lacquer. Sure enough, the following day, sneezes, runny nose, all disappearing after twelve hours or so.

      My suspicion, Fort Myers, I was detoxing, but had an inflammation due to proximity to an airport, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide and other pollutants. After I got away from the airport, symptoms abated.


  4. Quote: “These people are deeply involved in groupthink, but have not proven anything to satisfaction of skeptics.”
    There is another concept explaining the insanity, fiction! This is a legal thing, main feature being, a fiction can not be rebutted, not even in court.
    This is a key concept to understand our situation. Legal status, medicine, climate science.
    Legal fiction is seen as a great advance in law, in fact there are applications.
    On the other hand, by this courts can do whatever they want.


  5. I’m finding it hard to understand the goal of population reduction when looking at the western world.

    Consider this article, “Killing The Future: COVID Madness Will Lead To Half A Million Fewer US Births In 2021”:

    “The US birthrate is already at its lowest level on record, and according to clinics, there has been a 50% jump in requests for birth control since the beginning of the pandemic, and a 40% increase in requests for Plan B.

    “CDC research notes that the birth rate in the US has been below replacement level since 1971. It is now a problem across all major racial groups including Hispanics, non-Hispanic whites, non-Hispanic blacks, and non-Hispanic Asians. All have below replacement birth levels.

    “Analysts say this will have a long and profound impact on the economy for many years to come, as the US could be falling into a so called ‘Fertility trap’ where there are fewer women around to have babies, resulting in smaller families, and low population growth reducing economic growth…

    “Indeed, by 2034 Americans over age 65 are expected to outnumber those under 18 for the first time in the history of the nation.”


    Some time ago, when the European “refugee crisis” was in full swing, I learned that Germany had the lowest birthrate in Europe. It then made sense to me why Angela Merkel was opening her country’s arms to refugees.

    Here’s one source for total fertility rate by country in 2020. The top 100 countries:


    The top eleven countries are all located in Africa. The following western countries aren’t even in the top 100:

    North America:
    United States

    United Kingdom:
    Northern Ireland

    European Union (all 27 member States):
    Czech Republic

    Sub-replacement Fertility:

    “As of 2010, about 48% (3.3 billion people) of the world population lives in nations with sub-replacement fertility. Nonetheless most of these countries still have growing populations due to immigration, population momentum and increase of the life expectancy. This includes most nations of Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Iran, Tunisia, China, the United States and many others. In 2016, all European Union countries had a sub-replacement fertility rate, ranging from a low of 1.3 in Portugal, Poland, Greece, Spain and Cyprus to a high of 2.0 in France. The countries or areas that have the lowest fertility are in developed parts of East and Southeast Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. Only a few countries have had, for the time being, sufficiently sustained sub-replacement fertility (sometimes combined with other population factors like higher emigration than immigration) to have population decline, such as Japan, Germany, Lithuania, and Ukraine. As of 2019, the total fertility rate varied from 0.92 in South Korea to 7.03 in Niger.”


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    1. I suspect that obesity (your URL topic) is usually due to dysfunctional regulatory systems (input/output/energy storage), caused by prenatal diagnostic imaging (ultrasound, x-rays). You can’t just tell those people to stop eating. There is an epidemic of obesity happening, and macrocephaly (large and misshapen heads).


      1. JW, from personal experience, I am wondering if posture and breathing habits contribute to obesity. For most of my adult life, I have been at least a little over 200 lbs. Over the past year, I have been working with a voice coach. My posture has improved and my breathing has become much more efficient, thoroughly oxygenating my entire body, creating increased energy and alertness (as well as another reason to be appalled by face masks). My weight has also dropped to about 180 lbs with no significant change to diet or exercise habits.

        Oxygen is medicinal. My father uses to suffer horrific cluster migraines once or twice a year. A young doctor who wasn’t (yet) a total Pharma drone suggested he buy an oxygen tank and take a big hit of oxygen the next time he felt a migraine coming on. He did. The migraine vanished and he hasn’t had another one in over 40 years


          1. Someone here (maybe you) pointed me to him a long time ago and I never really looked into his technique. But I just tried his breathing method and wowza! Yeah, I do believe he’s the real deal.

            Try strapping a mask on THAT dude. He’ll puff his chest and blow you all the way across the room through the wall! And when you wake up, you’ll never be sick again.


      2. I used to think it was mostly diet related (carbohydrate addiction) but I’ve become more convinced of an intentionally hidden factor: vaccination. Obviously it’s not one single thing, but I suspect that for the vast majority of obese people they have a history of vaccination and / or antibiotics. I read a paper a long time ago that described the side effect of fat cells doubling in number during each course of antibiotics, which I did not understand at the time. Now that I’m more clear on the true functions of the body and nature of disease, it actually makes perfect sense because the body will protect itself from a toxin (if it can) that it cannot easily expel by completely surrounding it with protective fat. This is where genetics come in: most people have better detoxing pathways and won’t experience as much obesity despite being vaccinated with the same toxic components, others will experience obesity and other related symptoms as a protective mechanism, and those genetically without either of those fail-safes end up autistic, paralyzed or dead (SIDS). Mercury and aluminum are incredibly difficult for the body to deal with, neither should be present in food, yet we inject that stuff directly into the bodies of babies and children! It’s no wonder there is soooooooooooooooo much modern medical science just declares unknown, and virtually unknowable.


        1. Yes, disease causation is multifactorial, however, some stressors are more fundamental. For example, anti-vaxers tend to dismiss ultrasound causation for child disease.

          That dismissal is improper because the destructive power of antibiotics (such as contained in vaccines), are potentiated tremendously by prior exposure to ultrasound. Ultrasound destroys cellular abilities to defend against poisons such as antibiotics.


          This view of autism causation could be generalized to understand the cause behind other “genetic predispositions” towards, for example, obesity.


          1. I was a bit suspicious of the amount of ultrasound used during pregnancy, it seemed like they were hoping to find something (always focusing on the heart) but perhaps in reality they cause the problem (apparently 1 in 4 in the area) by “taking measurements” so dang often. I would not at all be surprised to find out that there’s an unhealthy synergy between vaccines and ultrasound – everything medical appears to have two purposes – the public facing explanation and the elite’s private knowledge of the harmful nature of the technology. Well, thank goodness they panicked with COVID19 and now so many more people are becoming aware of the allopathic medical sham.


  6. Not convinced that EMF causes “shingles” though I couldn’t rule it out. Mark wrote that he was sick for 3 weeks in January. I was sick for 3 weeks in December and day one of that sickness was exactly 14 days after being sprayed with some vapor while sitting in a plane (SUN COUNTRY?) in Orlando Airport. Flew down from MSP and our departure was delayed because of an issue with the plane, so they flew a brand new plane into MSP from (Washington State?). After the taxi through the runways, we came to a stop with the CAPTAIN stating that their was a safety issue at the gate so we just had to wait. About then a vapor sprayed down all along both sides of the cabin and we sat there waiting for about 45 minutes before we could pull up to the gate to disembark the plane. It is my firm belief that we were a “test group” for whatever toxin is causing this latest round of “flu like simptoms”. Remember that they have those nasal spray flu vaccines out for a while now, so it is the most likely scenario that that are taking advantage of people when people are in close quarters. They could do the same in the retail stores, restaurants, buses, trains, etc.

    Now back to “shingles”. My Grandfather was extremely ill at about age 90. He had a terrible respiratory infection and shingles and he thought that he would surely die. I visited him shortly after he came down with these symptoms and asked him if he had had any shots lately. His response is typical of people who rarely think about what they did this morning or yesterday, let alone 2 weeks ago. He said “I had my flu shot 2 weeks ago but that doesn’t have anything to do with this!” He had a really great primary doctor who saved his life more than once from shit like this, though I couldn’t say whether or not that particular doctor recommended “flu shots” to my Grandfather.

    In the days that followed (wish i could remember the year, maybe 2009) i found dozens of people online experiencing “shingles” and a multitude of them were MILITARY, who are forced to take the shots even if they try to refuse. You may recall all of the hype about Saddam’s Chemical Weopans leading up to the “Gulf War” (1990-91) and the soldiers all got a bunch of strange new shots “to protect them from chemical attack” but THE SHOTS WERE THE CHEMICAL ATTACK! Most of those soldiers are dead now and have been for a while. I have a cousin who was overe there and when I saw him at his Mom’s funeral he said that he had no memories from before the war. I thin he was about 21-22 years old when he went to Iraq.

    I also have a Great Uncle who died in 1918 (age 27) a week after getting a flu shot after surviving the killing fields of WORLD WAR I and my Dads eldest brother died (age 22) in 1959 after getting the poison shot that causes hepatitis while in the ARMY.

    A cousin of mine put 20 years in the ARMY and died full of cancer within a couple years of getting out.

    Life expectancy in the united States was rising for many years right up until 2008, then after THE 2008 CRASH we had the coldest year ever (2009) and that began a trend whereby life expectancy in the US began to methodically and consistantly drop each year and 2020 will most certainly continue that trend. 2020 will be year 12 of that decline.

    Now chlorine (a solvent) was used as a weopan in WW1 to kill Germans and has since been dumped in drinking water under the guise that it “kills Germ(an)s”. Now consider that the majority of the soldiers fighting for the US in WW1 and WW2 were also of German descent.

    Why is that? When the Powers that Bee wanted to turn Rural America into a Farming Plantation, they recruited thousands of German Farmers who were the 2nd, 3rd, 4th sons of German Families as the eldest son always inherited the Farm. His brothers could choose to work for him or go elsewhere. many of these German sons with their strong work ethic and knowledge of how to clear land and operate a successful farm were brought to America and given 160 acres of land. These farmers typically had large Families using no birth control and needing many hands to operate the business of farmimg. This led to a majority of people of German descent in America and always watchful and schemimg, the Powers that be needing to invent a way to kill off lots of Germanic Peoples on both sides of the pond. This war against Germania goes back to the days of Julius Caesar.

    The Romans called it “Germania” but most do not know what that means. The old German word for “spear” is “gar” and in battle these tribes were masters of “the spear” and would typically have dozens per man and could throw them with deadly accuracy as fast as they could pick another one up. Raining spears instead of raining arrows. As a result, the Romans simply called these tribesmen “many spears” or as they said it “Garmania” which became “Germania” which could also translate as “spear crazy”.

    In the new classic western film “OPEN RANGE” (2003) Robert Duvall plays “Boss Spearman” and goes to WAR with an IRISHMAN named Denton Baxter (Michael Gambon). Mose (Abraham Benrubi) gets killed by Baxter (Kim Coates). One of the fun little tidbits in this movie is that Kevin Costner gets to kill Kim Coates “again” just as he did in WATERWORLD.

    What is lost to most moviegoers is the significance of CHARLES TRAVIS POSTALWAITE “Charley Waite” romancing “SUE BARLOW” (i.e. SUSAN) just as Lieutenant John J. Dunbar “Sunkmanitu Tanka Ob Waci” (Kevin Costner) was romancing SIOUX in Dances with Wolves, just as BENJAMIN MARTIN (Mel Gibson) was romancing his youngest daughter SUSAN in THE PATRIOT. It is entirely possible that the ACTORS do not see the significance butt the writers/riders surely doo.

    If yoo are halving trouble to Holy See what word is plainly scene in SUSAN, it may help to halve a visual reference. Look up the the JESUIT LOGO and realize that it is NOT THE SUN butt is in fact…well the word SHIt is written in it so that’s a big clue and well, yule figure out the rest! SUSAN is a coded way of writing JESUS and both words are PLURAL.

    Now there are 32 RAYSeminating from the hole of the JESUIT LOGO witch means you can beat around the bush for 32 degrees butt at the 33rd (dirty turd) degree KING RICHARD is going all DIRTY HARRY in SAN FranciscO or is is “san FANSO crisc”?

    BTW, in the current ERECTION for PrESIdeNt (PENIS terd) THEY gave US (American Nation of United States) ANUS, JOE BIDEN as “JESUS” (IRELAND) and KAMALA HAiRRISen as “KRISHNA/CHRIST” (INDIA). This all goes back to ROMAN EMPEROR CONSTANTINE and the 1st Council of Nicaea 325 Anno Domini, witch was called by CONSTANTINE to name “ONE GOD” to unite the EMPIRE from WEST to EAST. The most important God of Ireland was “IASUS” and the most important God of India was “KRISHNA” witch became “JESUS CHRIST”. Now the declaration of this new “TWIN GOD” (A PISCES) was about 330 AD and forcing this new GOD on all the WORLD would require a lot of WARFARE that eventually led to THE DARK AGES (450 – 1550 AD?). They can’t seem to really settle on when the DARK AGES began or when it ended because it hasn’t ended, in case you haven’t noticed.


    1. Yes, shingles, smallpox, chickenpox, etc, consist of blisters, and “blistering agents” are compounds of chlorine, arsenic, mercury, etc. Used in medicine and trench warfare. So these would be cofactors with EMF.


    1. Yep … with a 6 x 6 (SIX by SIX) inch piece of dirty t-shirt “cloth” or whatever covering up our disgusting faces and our “infected” noses and mouths.


  7. I don’t see much evidence of there being a goal to reduce the population. If it is a goal, those trying to achieve it aren’t very good and clearly not up for the task. I have no idea how many people live on Earth, but I don’t see much to indicate a reduction. Judging by the smaller family sizes, there has most definitely been a reduction in the GROWTH of the population, but no actual reduction as far as I know and see. Either those in charge of this task really suck at it, or population reduction isn’t really a goal of anyone that should be taken seriously.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I see plenty of evidence, not just with the scamdemic where people ahve learned to distrust one another and keep their distance, but also with reports of decline in birthrate with the GenX and followers, thought to be related to diet. AIDS, if looked at in the proper perspective, was an attempt to bend the curve, to get people to stop having “unprotected” sex.

      I have read, however, when immersed in climate change pseudoscience, that the population of the earth was going to level off at around 9 billion, naturally. This in part is due to children being an expensive burden in developed countries, while an economic necessity in poorer ones.

      And this makes me think of my Grandpa, a dry land farmer in Eastern Montana in the 1920s and 30s. He had seven children, and they were all girls. He had to be pulling his hair out! He needed boys!


    2. I don’t see why they want population control. They don’t care about all the waste that people create. They live off the efforts of the masses.


  8. Sorry for the brief OT:

    Had a lucid dream last night: I saw the great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that- I found out weeks ago- will occur on December 21st, 2020. That is 17 days from now. They’ll be visible in Italy at sunset. Dunno in the States.
    In my dream it was dawn.
    In my dream though, there was Venus as well, and the Moon.
    I found out their proximity to one another that day will be…I let you guess…yes: 6′.6”.6

    I don’t even wanna know what it’s gonna happen with these numbers.
    Motorhead, what do you think? You still around?

    In the meantime, the black monolith has been removed from the Utah desert, a pyramid made of stones in its place now.
    A similar monolith has appeared in Romania days ago, in a very evocative place.

    Dunno what to think guys, they’re playing mind games with us, it’s more than evident at this stage.


    1. I once bought a six pack of beer, it cost exactly €6.66. I kept the receipt. Maybe I should put it on a shrine, pray to it, burn it I don’t know. Maybe beer is a devils brew after all…


  9. Back to the topic:

    I never had shingles, my mom had it over 10 years ago, on the left side of her face and she nearly lost an eye, she never had blisters on the face but redness, lots of redness and burning pain, it took her 2-3 months to recover from it.

    I had varicella or chickenpox when I was only 6 months old, my whole body covered in blisters and I still bear the characteristic scars on my face (they look like a mini volcano craters) as I’d cry in pain and scratch where it hurt the most I suppose.

    To this day I don’t know how I caught varicella at such tender age, at the time we didn’t get visits from other moms with kids as my young parents had just moved to my then hometown only months before due to my dad’s job and didn’t know many people back then.
    It seems I had other similar diseases when I was small: measles, and the such.

    I talked to a naturopathic doctor years ago who follows and practices the american health science by Dr. Shelton and others, he said I inherited my parents’ and previous generations’ body intoxication due to a unhealthy, acid diet and meds and that would explain why I was always sick with something till my teens, then it all stopped to start again with period problems and others, that eventually led to cancer.

    One thing I know for sure, once I changed my diet and my attitude towards life my health improved big time, especially when I quit the meds for my Hashimoto condition and stopped taking meds in general.
    Now I’m facing some little problems as menopause is around the corner, but nothing compared to years ago.
    So, I’ve come to the conclusion that most diseases are in our mind first, and that pollution of all kinds is also involved at a deep frequency level, TPTB know that very well, that’s why they only eat meat and veggies coming from parts of land that have been treated for years to not be contaminated by metals and stuff like that. That explains also why they reach the 100 years of age and don’t seem to be affected by all the diseases we suffer from.
    They have a knowledge of disease transmission and treatment that they keep from us of course, and it has to do with their rituals.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. SCOTTRC- I wanted to pick up on your comment from a previous post… Talking about degradation of the world through slick sales pitches delivered to a gullible and trusting public…

    I’ve thought about modern architecture in this vein for a while. The aesthetic crappification of architecture is such a brilliant sales job – You lionize and hold up as gods a few “genius” architects, whose particular works may or may not have some nice qualities. But whose “principles” all have to do with stripping away the craft and handiwork of the past, and a kind of brutalist minimalism. And the students educated on their principles don’t get to make “special” buildings – they just turn out simplistic, comically childlike designs that are supposedly “modern.” Compare an old church or library to a modern one – the old one shows incredible craft skill and architectural knowledge – the new one often looks like it was composed from a child’s building block set – the “forms” employed are literally just simple blocks, balls and pyramidal forms, with no special arrangement or building up of forms or subtly. Literally they look like a child could have stacked up some simply blocks and shapes from a playset.

    And yet because “experts” and “authorities” canonize all this, the public, and the architecture students, buy into it all and try to go along with its “brilliance.” It’s masterful “salesmanship,” building up these icons of whatever field – and then the ambitious (but clueless) young people look up to them, and try to imitate their “achievements.” Also a farce on a grand scale…


    1. Are you familiar with Sagrada Familia in Barcelona? It is a building like no other constructed, scheduled to be completed in 2026, and now on hold due to the fake pandemic. The architect, Gaudi, was run over by a streetcar in 2026, and it has taken this long for the project to move forward. We visited the WIP in 2007 … unlike anything I’ve seen, and we have seen a whole lotta churches …


      1. Thank you Mark for the introduction to the architect Gaudy and the cathedral referenced. This has to be one of the single most phenomenal structures I have ever seen and I could only wish to have seen it in person. Here is a 5 minute video showcasing it if anyone is interested:
        Of course it is chock FULL of symbolism down to the checkerboard floor, but nonetheless, one of most beautiful works of art I have ever laid my eye 👁 on. Thank you again.


    2. TimR, funny you should mention this in relation to architecture. It isn’t something I think about much, but just last night I was sitting in someone else’s home noticing that everything around me was squares and rectangles… and realized practically everything in every room of my own home was squares and rectangles. Years ago, I read something by Chomsky, I think, where he talked about the deliberate homogenization of suburban architecture, and the psychological effects of making everyone’s house look more or less the same.

      Of course, everything you say about architecture could also be said of music, fine art, and literature. True artistic originality is a threat to the PTB. I’ve seen several articles that warn against singing because, you know, singing molecules spread COVID more than regular old speaking molecules, or something. Artistic expression is natural, and these psychos are in an all-out war against nature.


      1. ScottRC,

        Exactly. In its most simplistic translation “Satan” means “The Opposer” and it seems for certain that millennia ago, as defective people were kicked out of the Clans by the Clan Mothers (banned, never to return), they soon began finding each other “In the Wilderness” and formed gangs known in todays terms as “banneds/bands” or “bandits”. They chose all too often to resort to schemes and criminality to get by as they were often too lazy to settle and be normal whiches why they were banned from the Clan Settlements to begin with. These Bandits would generally follow the strongest most ruthless among the group, who became know as the “Banned King” which eventually lead to BANKING. Remember that the KINGS were always demanding tribute from the Clan Settlements to avoid war or to make war. The Clan Mother was always the natural enemy of the “banned kings” and during raids of Clan Settlements, the raping of people was always a factor and the Gang Rape and often Murder of the Clan Mother was a Grand Prize so to speak. Some of you may know that during the last days of WW2, the Mongol hordes (Red Army) lead by the predominantly Jewish Kommissars, were raping everyone left alive (men, women, children, old people, EVERYONE) as they made their way toward Berlin. The White Russian Army were engaged in the Hard Front Line Fighting (Think about that) and were warning all persons to flee towards the west (follow us to Berlin) because of what was coming behind. Many chose to stay and paid a heavy price. That is why so many Germanic peoples born circa 1945 had slanted eyes and mongoloid features. The Principal of my Grade School was one such person, having blond hair, slanted eyes, a pigeon toe walk, diabetes and a violent temper. Remember the Biblical Story of how the Jews were kicked out of Egypt? Yes, they were “banned” and forced to “Wander in the Wilderness”. For the record, there are at least 3 groups of people who have been routinely kicked out of Countries: Jews, Jesuits & The Gates Foundation. Now to understand how this really works we have to understand how power is transferred in a “homosexual society”. The de facto BAN-King forms a CORPORATION and takes a “boy” under his wing as a Lover, Bodyguard, and eventual successor. This is depicted in the story of King Phillip of Macedon, killed by one jealous loverboy and his “son” Alexander became “King” but Alexander was not a biological offspring, he was “the chosen one” whiches why the Gay Writers always depict such men as Heros and Conquerors. The true story of “The 300″ was 150 pairs of Gay Lovers who were the Elite Fighting Force of the Theban (The Banned) Army conquered by Phillip of Macedon (No honor among theives/Thebes)”. These Kings have always sacrificed a multitude of heterosexuals in these types of WARS. Now that brings us back to William Henry Gates III (how many Kings named Henry have there been??) Who lives in KING COUNTY and is what, the 2nd richest “King” on the Planet? You are lead to believe he is a biological “son” known to his family as “Tre'” but if you saw him chatting up some dude in a gay bar, would he seem out of place? Now consider that J. Edgar Hoover was a lifelong homosexual born of incest in Washington D.C. He was a “hairlip homesexual” which is caused by an incestuous conception, natures way of ending the defective genes. He was known to the inner circle as “Bonnie” liking to wear “bonnets” and dresses at Gay Parties. His boyfriend was “Clyde Tolson” (remember “son” means “initiate”) John Edgar Hoover and his lover Clyde Tolson (the real Bonnie & Clyde) were put in charge of the most powerful domestic POLICE Organization that became known as The FBI. The FBI played a critical role in the transition to “fiat currency” as well as the elimination of all small “alcohol/ethanol” manufacturers to make way for modern Fiat BANKING and for STANDARD OIL to rule the energy industry by forcing out ethanol and making gasoline the de facto choice for consumer vehicles. Some of “Henry” Fords first vehicles ran on hemp diesel/biodiesel and ethanol/gasoline. In fact, cars back then were engineered to run on Gasoline or ethanol. The movie Lawless gave a hint of this when Cricket forgets to fill of the truck with gasoline for a bootleg run and comes up with the “novel” idea of pouring some “moonshine” in the fuel tank and the truck starts right up and away they go. The Gay Writers couldn’t help themselves, having to throw that little fact in your face, that Prohibition was always about eliminating any and all competition to STANDARD OIL. BTW, remember that Henry Ford had but “one son” Edsel and hell George Washington never had any children at all but was a 33rd degree Mason. Now you understand what is required to become a 33rd degree Mason yes? The JESUITS? All male and swear an oath to never have sex with a woman or have any biological children. This is not rocket science (which is just another mon-u-mental fraud)! Among the Jews, at least 10% of all males are homosexual, far and away the highest occurring percentage of any group of people. They also typically “hide from the sun” because the “sun” has a tendency to kill anything that is a defect. BTW, were all the Roman Emperors homosexual? Answer” YES! How many children did Hitler have? Answer: none! But children can be manufactured in the media control matrix to make a gay man seem heterosexual, which is what they do with all of the PRESIDENTS. They also like to pair a crossdresser or transsexual with a prominent male public figure to give the illusion of normalcy while still throwing the homohierarchy power in your face. There are also boys raised as girls and girls raised as boys to eventually occupy positions of influence, which circles us back to “Satanism” which is the “Opposition to all things Natural”. Why? Once upon a time, a psychopathic gay man looked at the Natural World and realized nature was his enemy (he was correct). He set out to rearrange (recreate) the entirety of the Natural World to suit his twisted mental state. This is the never-ending War we find ourselves in, to this day. This War has been raging for thousands of years. There is nothing new under the Sun/Son. BTW, Queen Elizabeth I was a crossdressing gay man who ruled the Kingdom for 44 years and another gay man, James I, became King after that. He commissioned the writers to put together the KJV 1611 BIBLE which coincidentally has 44 letters in the very first verse, GENESIS 1:1 with those 44 letters divided into segments of 33 letters and 11 letters by a comma that is grammatically misplaced.


        1. The Jews were not kicked out of Egypt, they themselves wanted to leave because the yoke of slave labor was too heavy for them, but the Egyptians would not let them go. Hence the ten plagues. When they were finally allowed to leave, the Egyptians immediately went after them to get them back.

          Most modern day Jews are descendants of converts to Talmudism/Judaism and have little or nothing to do with old testament Jews. The Talmud is developed by the pharisees, A subversive group within Jewish society of the old testament.

          They wandered in the desert for 40 years not because they left Egypt but because they had turned their backs on the God who would bring them to the promised land. That is why this God waited one generation for them to enter the promised land.

          It is a mystery to me what English words have to do with developments far before the English language.

          The word bank came from Middle English from the Middle French banque, from the Spanish banca, from the old Italian banca, meaning “table”, from the Old High German bank (counter).

          The books that talk about the son that you are talking about and claim to mean the sun because it sounds the same in English are written in Hebrew and Greek. long before the existence of the English language.

          Son in Hebrew is “ben” (Hebrew: בן) – and from that: my son is Bni (בני), your son is Binkha (בנך) and our son is Bnenu (בננו). In Aramaic, Son is Bar (בר).

          Sun in Hebrew is “she-mesh” Does that sound the same to you?

          The son in greek is “giós”

          The sun in greek is “i̱liázo̱” Does that sound the same to you?

          Where do you get all the claims you make from? Have you ever verified these?

          Are you a Michael Tsarion fan?


          1. Seems like yoo got it all figured out. Thanks for edjewcating poor me on all things past n present. I will now rethink every thing that i currently think to coincide with what you just wrote. Once again, THANKS. Did yoo notice the ‘ank”? BTW, how many Jews were allowed to “enter the promised land”? Well that would be (2 MEN) no women, no children, no old folks, just 2 men, Caleb and Joshua. Huh? How were they going to rebuild the “tribal family” with no women? Some thing to ponder for sure rite ?


            1. Edjewcating? For pointing out modern day Jews that are plundering the world and turning it into a open sewer are not the same as the old testament Jews?

              Exodus. Chapter 12 verse 37:
              “The Israelites went on foot from Rameses to Succoth; their number was about six hundred thousand, not including women and children.”

              Not including women and children = not included in the census. That doesn’t mean there were no women and children.

              Joshua replaced Moses as leader of the Hebrews and led the people of Israel into the Promised Land.

              Let me ask you again: where do you get all the claims you make from? Have you ever verified these?

              You sound as if you are only parroting what you have taken for granted from someone else. I think you can do better than that, i really do.


      2. we live in ‘angles of sorrow’ certainly by design. Try to incorporate arched, curved, round, oval decor in your home whenever possible. I find the art of Feng Shui to be quite reliable.


    3. timr , if you want to get a much deeper perspective on architecture, i would like to point you to a group of thinkers who, you will probably reject in most ways, due to their religious perspective, but they do go deep deep into architecture in some of their work; you can start with Titus Burckhardt and he will lead you to many writers who have spent a lifetime thinking and studying architecture


  11. I had shingles. It sucked dick. I was highly stressed and detoxing from opiates. So idk the real cause. What i do know is it affected my brain. Weird shit


  12. I had shingles in my late 20’s — it was just a patch though — VERY painful. I did have a mild case of chicken pox in elementary school. The dr. asked if I had had a bad cold. I had just returned from a ski trip where I had a VERY bad allergic reaction to the place we stayed. Since then, I’ve tried to keep my immune system strong.

    Have you noticed how they have been pushing shingles the last few years? Selling a vaccine for that …


    1. It is beyond my ability to comprehend. But to lay shingles on a virus laying in wait requires extraordinary evidence, and I have not seen any such evidence. This disease may be a byproduct of vaccines. We need to know if there is any historical evidence of the disease before the vaxxers,


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