Somatids, somadats

The following is new to me, though surely not to our astute readers, so please humor me. It is a long tract taken from the 1995 book Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, by Walene James. (Mine is the second edition.) Reading the following passages this morning, I finally came to understand Bechamp’s “microzymas.”

Enjoy, as I did. It was fascinating reading for me.

“Every creative act in science, art, or religion involves a new innocence the perception liberated from the cataract of accepted beliefs. (Arthur Koestler, The Sleepwalkers)

The “New Biology”

““You see,” the Rock Forest biologist told the journalist, “I’ve been able to establish a life-cycle of forms in the blood that add up to no less than a brand-new understanding for the very basis for life. What were talking about is an entirely new biology.” He went on to say that ultramicroscopic entities that he had discovered in the blood of animals and humans – as well as in the saps of plants – were “precursors of DNA.” This means that they supply “missing link” to our understanding of the molecule that has been considered the irreducible building block of the life process.

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What is shingles?

“Varicella viruses are examples of viruses that cause latent infections. The varicella-zoster virus remains in the body after causing the initial infection known as chicken pox. If it is reactivated, it travels through nerves to the skin where it causes the blister-like lesions of shingles. The virus then returns to its dormant state.”

The above words, taken from the Yale Medical website called All About Viruses, stand as official truth and are completely without supporting evidence. As Dr. Stefan Lanka has said, “In the course of my studies, I  and others have not been able to find proof of the disease-causing viruses anywhere.”

I am witness to two people I know suffering from shingles, which I know to be painful. I’ve never had the disease. I am not even sure I ever had chicken pox. I do remember a time when I was in perhaps first grade being kept in a tent at home for several days. I don’t remember any pain, but Mom was with me at all times. And, I remember the day I was finally allowed to return to school, happily leaving the house to get on the bus, which offered door service.

Did I have chicken pox? Measles? I do not know. And what, pray tell, is shingles, really? Germ theory is not able to prove the existence of the virus, and can only judge it to be real by surrogate, the presence of antibodies. That is not direct proof of anything. Under germ theory, and this is remarkable, after one week of infection, we make an antibody called IgM, not specific to anything. Thereafter, IgM goes away, and IgG appears, after another calendar week. This is the scientific justification for quarantines,  aka imprisonment without due process. After three weeks IgM is gone, and IgG assumes permanent residence in the body.***

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