Checking the obits

I routinely check the obituaries for my home town of Billings, Montana. No doubt others do the same exercise for their past hometowns. I spent many years there, knew many people, and knew of many more people. Today I came across a man I did not know, but who was very prominent. His obituary can be found here. His name was Jack Rehberg. His obit is a very well written and interesting tribute to this accomplished, energetic, generous and optimistic man. I am not writing this to detract from his remarkable legacy in any way. I am especially impressed at how he met the love of his life, a neighbor girl, and determined that he would marry her someday. Prior to the marriage, he would park his car in front of her house so that potential rivals would think she was occupied. Well played, sir!

They were married for 68 years.

This is what caught my attention:

Throughout his life, Jack was an active member of the Freemasons where he served as Master for Ashlar Lodge #29, Grand Master of Montana (1980-1981), and Member of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council for 28 years, achieving the rank of 33rd degree. He was especially proud of his time spent as an Advisor to the Billings Chapter of DeMolay where, leading by example, he helped young boys develop into successful men by quietly instilling in them the ethics of hard work, accountability, and self-confidence.

It’s been said by many that the number ’33’ is used in spook operations as a signalling device to other Freemasons that what they are witnessing or reading is fake, and not what it appears to be on the surface. Once we see it, we cannot un-see it. Two examples:

  • Humans tend to be a cooperative species, and tend to be kindhearted and generous. In the entertainment world, we are portrayed as violent, hateful, bigoted, and deceitful. After the Civil War, when slaves were in early emancipation and slowly finding their way, there was an effort to create disharmony between them and the majority of citizens. It was called the Ku Klux Klan, or KKK. “K” is the 11th letter of the alphabet, so that KKK=33. It was an Intelligence front. The question I ask is why they felt the need to create hatred and disharmony? Could it be because without that, we would have learned early on to get along? Anyway, there it is, 33 writ large, an open signal that the closeted governing forces in the land want us to be divided against ourselves.
  • March 11, 2020, WHO declared a world-wide pandemic. It is, of course, fake, and the unstated goals do not bode well for us. Need I say more?

The thing that confuses me is that Freemasonry is a force that creates so much division and hatred, and yet the men I have known or know of who are Freemasons are like Jack Rehberg, outstanding citizens and good people. The oaths they take, in addition to secrecy of course, are probably to be upstanding and loyal citizens and family members. I doubt very much that within their rites are pledges to do great harm, as the two examples above define.

If the signalling is read correctly, the KKK and the fake pandemic are Freemason operations.

It is too deep for me.

PS: Rehberg was associated with the Order of Demolay, where “…he helped young boys develop into successful men by quietly instilling in them the ethics of hard work, accountability, and self-confidence.” You don’t often hear that word, “accountability,” but it is a principle of adulthood. Jack Nicholson’s character in As Good as it Gets, author Melvin Udall, was asked by a woman how he managed to write his female characters so well. He answered “I take a man, and remove reason and accountability.” Ouch. But the reason Demolay came to my mind was another man who apparently benefited greatly from it, Pete Rose. I have long wondered if his gambling scandal was not a Masonic shaming ritual. It certainly gave the public the (false) impression that baseball polices gambling.

28 thoughts on “Checking the obits

    1. At our fiftieth reunion, there was a ceremony of sorts for class members who have died. It was so poorly done! For music, they chose Lennon’s (?) In My Life, sung by a brother of a classmate who is not a very good singer. If it was up to me, I would have said no words and just had a silent ceremony showing their class photos and a piano version of Dvorak’s Largo, popularized as Goin’ Home. It is so moving! If you have a TV and have Amazon Prime, go to Bosch Season 3 Episode 5, the opening sequence where Crate and Barrel are informing a woman that her son is dead, and Bosch is looking at the body in the morgue. They are playing Goin’ Home in the background.

      That is how it is done. As I see it.


      1. Dvorak’s Largo is certainly a great piece for a memorial service. The piece I must choose for my own exit, however, is Eriks Esenvalds’ “Stars,” performed by Voces8:


  1. I have wondered if Freemasonry is like Catholicism in that members of the lower and mid-level ranks are meant to have a completely different understanding of what the organization is really about than those in the higher ranks. Actually, since the same could be said of many corporations, including the United States corporation, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be true of Freemasonry.

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  2. re: March 11, 2020, WHO…

    What “33” types DO TO US?

    Are we Dupe, Dupe, Dupe, Dupes of EARth?

    “As we walk…through this world…
    Nothing can stop, the Dupes of EARth…
    […] We’ll walk through our Dupe-dom,
    and a paradise we will share?”  from song here:

    After the final lockdown and the freedom bird
    flew away, the people chirped:

    “We didn’t know they meant ‘this!’…
    but, our doctors told us…
    we didn’t think ‘this’ would happen…
    our brother’s girlfriend, sister’s medical nephew said,
    it was the elephants/donkeys fault…
    we were lied to…
    it was the russians/chinese…
    it wasn’t our guy, it was their guy…
    our favorite corporate media talking head told us…

    In the end, our fate won’t be 
    decisions “33’s” made for us.
    It’ll be our eneregetic consent to big daddy,
    our choosing victimhood once again…

    IS ALWAYS TOO LATE (Rappaport’s latest)


  3. I don’t believe the masons are evil. There are several Members of my website who identify as masons. I’ve met two of them in real life, and spent a lot of time chatting with another two via technology, and so far as I can tell, they are all genuine, generous, decent men. Of course this is a tiny sample size so I can’t pretend to know about the masons in general. However, it is enough for me to make the inference that the ‘masons are evil’ meme — which pervades the ACT (alternative / conspiracy / truth) realm — is yet another load of red herring ooga booga bollocks.

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    1. Fair enough, but you’re only addressing one half of Mark’s paradox. How do you square the “good” masons with their evident involvement in fakery, deception and social engineering… Maybe one could speculate that at the higher levels, they believe they’re working to bring about some higher ideal, that the ends justify the means. But you don’t even address the difficult problem Mark raised in his post.

      ScottRC mentions an explanation (partial at least) that I have heard many times – rings within rings, where outer levels may be civic natured, but some inner members run shadier covert operations. Of course they interlink with positions in government and business etc – maybe freemasonry acts as a kind of unifying glue across these different realms. In any event to us outsiders it’s hard to square the circle between its dark and light sides…


      1. They might indeed imagine they serve a greater good, but more likely have fallen, as have I, into such low regard for humanity that they regard us as a herd that has to be managed. They have major changes in the way we live to make, and the idea that they would reason with us about it is regarded as absurd. They make up stories, this time about a virus. Should they instead concentrate on development of the species, with real education and training? Possibly. Maybe we have great potential. On the other hand, they control most of the resources and us as well. Why introduce competition?

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      2. How do you square the “good” masons with their evident involvement in fakery, deception and social engineering…

        Apart from the moon landing hoax (which seems to have overt tie-ins with masonry) I don’t know what fakery and deception the masons are responsible for.

        And the moon the landing hoax is one of the more amusing hoaxes of all time. They convinced the world they flew this piece of junk to the moon and back:

        That is some elite tier trolling imho. Well played.

        Even if were to be shown that the masons are responsible for some less-than-amusing hoaxes, I’m not sure if the guilt by association thing ought to be applied to all of their members around the world.

        As they say in the classics, ‘there’s levels to this sh*t’.


      3. There is no “The Freemasons”. There are numerous lodges around the world that are more or less independent from each other as they are inseparable. And then there is all the different levels (33 for the Scottish rite) with ‘different layers of truth’ as they say themselves with a big difference between the fist three levels, the blue lodge that makes up the majority of the Freemasons, and the rest. Stepping out of the blue lodge and into the fourth level is revered to as going out of the blue and into the black (don’t you know you can’t get back, N. Young. I really think it’s worth listening to the lyrics of My My, Hey Hey if you want to know more about these things)

        That’s where it gets sinister. You would probably not believe what they practice behind closed doors. That’s why the secrecy and oats. They are Gnostics and believe there are two sides to every human being. They let the bad side loose behind closed doors and let the good side shine publicly. they are also taught that empathy and love stand in the way of personal success, although they are also used as tools, like psychopaths do…

        These lodges are closely intertwined with societies like the Ordo Templi Orientis, Argenteum Astrum, the (very secretive) Order of Nine Angles, the Odd Fellows, the Jesuits, Memphis and Misraim lodges, Eastern Star lodge etc. And then there are offspring’s like Watchtower bible and tract society, Pentecostal church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and many more pseudo christian organizations.

        A worldwide intelligence network plays a big role in this. Remember, the military and police force are a fraternity in and of themselves also intertwined with freemasonry. The first police force is even claimed to have been created within freemasonry.

        Above this multitude of lodges, fraternities and societies you will find a club that was once created by Ignatius of Loyola, who is also the founder of the Jesuits, called Alumbrados. When much later the then Pope banned the Jesuits under pressure from various European countries, the eighteenth Superior General, Lorenzo Ricci, revived the Jesuits under the name Illuminati and used Adam Weishaupt as a front.

        These Illuminati are known as the masterminds of the NWO, but I suspect the story goes beyond that with a council or councils hidden from view of the world.

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        1. Yes you’re right, there is a much higher level.
          Someone calls it The Entity (they’re human though, nothing to do with reptilians or aliens ) but that’s not the real name.

          That is considered to be the highest level: the richest families who never appear on msm rule it. Families whose genealogy and history have been completely scrubbed from books and websites, but exist and live a very low key profile on purpose.
          Those are the most dangerous of the whole bunch as every single sacrifice to their gods comes from their specific orders.

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          1. Families do not give orders. It’s a fact that most of the ruling class is not known to the general public, but there must also be some sort of council that deliberates and makes decisions.

            Given the real history of how the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion came to light (not the one with the lightning struck messenger) and the fact that after the takeover of the Bolsheviks you could be shot on site if you had these protocols in your possession, I have the impression that they are indeed real.
            It is also still illegal to have them in your possession in Israel and South Africa. Which begs the question of who the Learned Elders of Zion are. I suspect a Sanhedrin still exists.

            Sacrifice to gods is a global phenomenon that is not under central government. Deaths in wars or in industry are also considered ritual sacrifices. This is illustrated in the movie Metropolis in a scene where factory workers walk into the fire from the opened mouth of the god Moloch. Every one and everything that dies in pursuit of your ambition is a sacrifice, to the Gods or in general.


            1. Yes the Protocols are real, and so is the council you talk about.
              Thing is, this council of families at the very top of the power pyramid I refer to is not jewish, never were.
              So I personally wouldn’t call it a Sanhedrin.
              Actually, they provided the most influent jewish families with money throughout the centuries, making sure they’d remain anonymous through constant blackmailing and bribes.

              So all other families are just a front.


              1. I highly doubt that. Zionism is based on the Talmud, developed by a subversive group within the Jewish community. Contemporary Jews are, for the most part, descendants of Jewish converts to talmudism, not even real Jews themselves. Talmudism itself has been a religious front for a political enterprise from the very beginning.

                The billionaire and trillionaire families are untouchable and unknown by the majority of the world’s population. How can they be a front when hardly anybody knows them. And if they are a front for a group that no one knows how would you know? And where did you get the notion they did not make/steel the money themselves. You should no better than that. Talmudists got a monopoly on finance because they were the only “religion” that allowed money to be made with money. I have a strong impression that you just parrot what sounds interesting to you.


      1. People won’t be waking up if they read the billings gazette. Nothing but Covid deaths and increasing positive cases. Similar to the news outlets in my town, and probably every town.
        After reading Jack Rehberg’s employment in his obit, i’m wondering when he found time to sleep. Looks like he had doors open for opportunities.


  4. MT – Have you checked out Jack’s son Denny? He works for the firm, Mercury.
    On their website: “Mercury is a high-stakes public strategy firm. We provide results for the world’s most successful companies, leading advocacy groups, governments, political parties, NGOs, and prominent public and political figures.” Among Mercury’s high-profile clients for which they do “crisis management” (among many other capabilities) are: Pfizer, United Nations Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gilead, Microsoft, and Gavi: The Vaccine Alliance. What are the odds? Denny, like his father, is a 33rd degree Freemason, and he is also a Rotarian. I have a list of the initial “victims” and spokespersons of this COVID event when the first reports were rolling in back in March, and I had found that nearly all of them were “Rotarians.”

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    1. Thank you for that link! I knew of Denny, a high profile politician like his Dad, who I think served in the US house, ran for US Senate and lost in 2012 to Jon Tester, see below. He was noted for being so dedicated while in the US House he slept in his office, which I took to mean that he’d rather be there than at home. I never got out of him the sense of honor and decency as from his dad, just privilege. He claimed to be a rancher, but I guarantee he did not know which end of a shovel to grab onto. I think he was a state senator too. But I did mot know him and am speculating, could be wrong.

      There is a lot of that in Montana, large landowners having unchecked power and dominating the legislature. That has to do with districting, where a senate disteict of several hundred residents is allotted one spot out of fifty in the State Senate. That is quite deliberate. It also explains Senator Jon Tester, whom I find particularly unsavory. I want to puke when, every six years he gets on a tractor for the photographers and pretends to be a farmer. No one calls him on it in that State, where the news media, once owned by Anaconda Copper (the “Copper Collar”), is still in bed with the wealthy landowners, and outside powers that come in to harvest resources. I’ll show you some photo work I did long ago unraveling a photoshoot of Tester “at work.” (I found it. See below.)

      Montana is and always has been what SK calls a “resource colony.” We have here in our house two copies of a wonderful book that during the reign of the Copper Collar was, perhaps only anecdotally, sold under the counter, called “Montana, High Wide and Handsome.” For me, it was an eye opener. You’re welcome to one of the copies.

      Found the Tester photos. Take a look at this short post. What I discovered was the the two photos of Tester were taken on the same day, part of the same photo shoot (there was a third with him and a hunting dog, same jacket, brand new), but note the condition of his jacket … by computer graphics, they made it look like it was being worn by a working man. What caught me most was the subtlety … Tester looks annoyed, like he was interrupted from his work by the photographers. That is high quality deceit!

      Tester beat Dennis Rehberg in his run for Senate in 2012 by means of a $2 million injection of dark money funneled through a fake environmental group. The object was to take votes away from Rehberg by moving them over to Dan Cox, the Libertarian candidate. It worked. So Denny was undone by smarter and more powerful people. I still didn’t get a nice scent from him but note that between him and Tester, I choose Denny as being a little nobler by just a tiny notch.


    2. By the way, checking, and this is an undocumented jump, but how exactly the Tester clan got hold of all that land was a mystery, as they didn’t save up collecting pop bottles for refund of deposits. Jon Tester’s mother is a Pearson … and scrubbed clean. His dad goes back to British peerage. Pearson … I think of Lester Pearson, former PM of Canada, and Drew Pearson, nationally syndicated columnist. Just idle speculation.


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